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  1. Firefly is a tier VI British medium tank with the highest standard and premium ammo penetration. 171mm on tier VI sounds great, right? On medium tank platform even better? Nope. It's British.

    Historical background

    Brits were bad at flanking (royal noobs) so they added 17-pounder gun to Sherman tank. Who needs maneuver when you may simply penetrate German HTs from front?


    17-pounder gun. Do not even bother playing with another gun. You are here for gud pen, gud alpha (for that caliber), mediocre gun handling and amazing 6 degrees of gun depression making you (or at least me) feel really bad on hills or a bit bigger bumps. Forget about hill poking. Take a good long range sniping spot and pray to SerB for dumb enemies standing still to let you devour their HP. In close combat Firefly feels pretty bad - 4 seconds reload for 150 damage doesn't allow to spam an enemy.

    Standard AP and premium APCR are simply amazing. Double tap “2” and even tier VIII super heavies lose their will to push - under one condition: gun has to hit and penetrate. This is the main flaw of Firefly. Despite 0,38 base accuracy (0,36 real) it struggles to hit a barn from 50 meters. I have pathetic 65% accuracy despite shooting fully aimed and with limited amount of blind shots. On vbaddict it's on 42 position on tier VI. Like what the royal hell? It's supposed to be sniper, not a derp.

    Sherman Firefly carries 77 shells which is really good thing (much better than Achilles). It allows to fore some blind shots or keep a big guy on detrack till real help arrives. 


    Traverse speed is ok, I can't say a bad word. Turns like Sherman should but why it reaches max 36km/h? The only slower Sherman is Jumbo but in return it gets armor. What kind of logic is that? Firefly is like a runner with a backpack full of stones - it wants to go faster but it can't. Most of typical medium tank spots are unavailable for Firefly so a player is forced to play in second line (or first if flank falls and an escape is a good idea).


    Be serious, it's Sherman.


    Firefly has the worst camo among all MT VI - 12 base stationary. For me it doesn't matter. Without a BFG I prefer double bush or 445m+ sniping. 370 view range is workable, especially with binos.


    It's easy - avoid non-flat areas, stay hidden, do not rely on maneuver and focus on heavily armored tanks beacuse 17-pounder makes a difference.


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    If I should ever end up making a return to this game as a regular player (not likely), I will have to give serious consideration to rerolling on the EU server.  I came to this conclusion after looking at WoTReplays again tonight to see if anyone had managed to get an Ace Medal on a tier 1 tank this update cycle.  Of course, nobody had, or at least nobody who had done so had put a replay up on that site.  So I switched over to tier 2 to see what I could find, and I found a replay of someone with an M2 LT who managed to get 13 kills (youtube link, WoTReplays link).  I'll just give you the quick skinny on the game: it was a reroll, they played like absolute shit, but they mopped the floor.  Business as usual, but because I was a little more interested in seeing how good of a reroll this guy was, I went searching for his account, and I tried to find him on every other server before I tried EU and found him there.  What I found there was unremarkable, but what I realized is that this may be my own future with this game.

    This line of thinking has its origins in this thread.  When I saw someone having trouble getting an ace medal for a tier 1 tank, I was beside myself and thought, "There's absolutely no way this turns out to not be a cakewalk."  Almost 900 games later, I'm left to face the stark reality of the new tier 2 meta: it's fucking dead, Jim.  At least, it's dead on the dying NA server.  On EU, there seems to be little to no issue.  It's not just this last M2 replay I saw where the featured player was from EU server either.  I think out of the last dozen replays I've looked at of tier 1 or tier 2 games came from an EU player.  You can tell immediately when you get a replay from NA too, because the teams aren't full.  This is something I went into more when I reflected upon my experience of playing the Koloho.  I also felt for the longest time that I was the best Koloho player out there because I ended up surpassing everyone I saw on dpgwhores, but once that site started to show EU accounts, I no longer had a huge average damage or frag lead over all the other competition (I'm still on top for winning by a fair margin, but this could be higher than the EU numbers for similar reasons that my damage and kills are low by comparison).  This drove the nail in for me that my performance on NA servers was no longer an accurate reflection of my ability.  Being down 1-8 players every match left me short time after time on damage and kills that could otherwise go towards showing better play.

    This idea of inaccurate representation of ability is something I've had in mind for a while when approaching this game.  It's the reason why I don't play with premium account, because it messes with the average and top XP numbers and makes it impossible to distinguish between performance while having the perk and while not.  It's why I don't play in platoons, because the influence of partnering with other players I can rely upon can have extreme impacts on overall stats (AutismSpeaks isn't nearly as good a Cruiser III player as I am, but if you looked our winrates alone, you might think differently).  At one point, I got tired of these restrictions and started up a reroll on NA server where I could play with some other people, but even then, I only played Japanese tanks on that account, and I never play Japanese tanks on this one, because if I start playing the same tank across two different accounts, I feel it creates a situation where on neither account is there an accurate representation of what I can do with that tank.

    Herein lies my ultimate dilemma, one for which I only need to find the solution if I actually find myself desperate enough to get back into this game.  If I continue to play on NA server, I am going to be stuck going with and up against partial teams, denying me damage and kills, tanking my performance ratings and accounts stats to where they'll never be able to compete with only somewhat above-average performances elsewhere.  If I move to playing on EU, I am going to have to play something on that server, but seeing how I've touched just about every tank now on the NA server for tiers 1 and 2, I don't really have much choice unless I want to play something I've used before, creating the stats split I would have liked to avoid.  Now, one might ask, "But the game has changed several times before, so your stats are the accumulation of how you performed across several different metas and are never going to be truly representative of how you perform in the current or next ones."  Sure, and there's the learning and growing process of the game, I'm not the same as I was back then, no longer accurate to my ability, blah blah blah.  I guess the difference I see in this case is that the potential to perform as well as ever has always been there as long as the population has been healthy.  Maybe I wasn't good at one point, but there were still 15 people on each side, and I could have killed as many of them as I like.  I go into games today, kill five people, let the rest of my team mop up the other four, and am left going, "That's it?"  I can't say to myself that I am any worse a player now than at any other point in the game's lifespan, but the population drop is taking such a toll on my stats that I can't really tell.  The accurate representation of my stats was not only a rule to play by, but also a motivator.  If I knew my stats reflected what I could do, then improving myself would be reflected in the stats.  However, there's no amount of skill that can make up for the stripped opportunities of incomplete teams.

    Perhaps I'll toss this idea around in my head a little bit more in the future.  For now, this only serves as a reminder to myself that if I choose to face this problem, the solution I come to is probably not going to be one I like.

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    Hello there!

    For some time I've been wanting to get more out of the game. I just didn't know how or what to do. I have over 20.000 battles fought now and I consider myself as "average" player. In quest of getting better mighty google pointed me to this direction so here I am. I have general knowledge about game mechanics and such but no idea how to get most out of them in my favor. So I set a goal to myself. Learn and get better! This story will tell about my journey, what I plan to do and what to achieve. This text will bounce from subject to subject and serve as my own collection of notes and hindsights as well. Do not take this as a guide since I will certainly make huge mistakes and stupid decisions on my journey.

    Like said, I have many battles fought and several T10 tanks in my garage. I suck playing with them. Admitting that was my original reason where this whole project started. I don't wanna be that dude who get raged in chat for doing 1000 dmg in a T57 heavy... So how I plan to get better? Please note that I don't set goal like " I wanna have unicum stats before 30.000 games", instead I look for deeper wisdom to master the game to the level I feel satisfield. Stats will come later... Maybe.

    So, first step for me was to really get some knowledge how I perform in battles and then make notes how to improve. To mesure this I will use Wn8 ratings. Becuse of my "random" history my current Wn8 is low and inaccurate. Atleast I hope that's the reason. So I decided to play and get a base lvl where I stand now.

    So, that phase is now done. I played 301 battles with T6-10 tanks, all nations, all types. Solo and platoons. I did it all to get knowledge about my performance. At this point I also made simple pen and paper notes for all mistakes I made and paid. After some studying I started to find a pattern.
    - If I survided from first 2-3 minutes I usually did good.
    - I have a bad habit of trying to squeese that "one more shot" before backing up.
    - I don't use informtion I get from minimap well enough.
    - I'm stubborn. I rather lose HP than relocate to safer place.
    - I don't know when to let go. I might chase that half dead T37 behind a corner, just to find out there's AMX 50 100 waiting for me.




    So, now I had some "data" to work, all I need is a plan! After some more thinking I noticed that playing with medium tanks gave me my most satisfying moments so that's gonna be my way of doing this. Luckily I have a perfect vehicle to this task in my garage, the Chinese Type 59.
    This was chosen because:
    - I have good crew on it, 4th skills at 70ish. Should minimize RNG, hopefully.
    - Preferred MM
    - Playstyle will be easily transferred to T54 and T10 russian meds. ( I hope...)
    - Will make some profit, even with full consumables.

    So, off I go! Now I've played 100 games after starting this project, mostly solo with Type but also some platooning with other tanks, limited to tier 8. I was paying particular attention to points I've done in phase one and noticed some improvement on my own survivability! I'm learning! Points that I need to focus more are:
    - Positioning in the beginning of the game, need to learn maps better. Few free shots in first mins are valuable but don't lose HP.
    - Be patient in midgame. Take your time and relocate if you're outside the action but still save HP if possible.
    - At ending phase of the battle try to get few more hits. Difference between 1500 Wn8 and 2200 Wn8 is just few shots!
    - Keep an eye on that minimap!




    So, this is what I have so far, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future.


    So, the project continues. I now have 700 games played since I "officially" started this project. My Type is soon needing new tracks for all that action she sees... About the subject, have I improved? Hard to tell but one thing that has risen while playing these games is self critism. I used to have bad games where I did absolutely nothing and then just "Back to hangar, pick new tank and press Battle". I still have bad battles but now I have learned one of the biggest sources of improvement. I've learned to ask "Why?". This may not sound like a big deal but the spending some time analyzing own games gave me instant boost on my performance. Another boost came when I encouraged myself to ask some help on "Tape study" section, Thanks Marine! So here is where I stand now, 3rd of Nov.



    I plan to get my battle count up to 1000 with Type and then hop on to T-54 to press my limits more.

    Stay tuned! 




  3. First off, props and a big thank you to my brother in arms, ShakeNBake, for doing the number engineering on this and making me look like I know what I'm talking about. And another thank you to @8_Hussars (again) for proof reading this and double checking my work in case I go full retard.

    So, this post is going to talk about Crew Experience and how to manage it to your benefit. What this post is NOT going to talk about is skill builds/selection, the equipment you can put on your tanks, and the %'s you see next to their names in the garage.

    ***************"Major Qualification Training and Retraining**********************

    The Primary Qualification (i.e. Commander, Driver) works separately from the rest of the skills. Changing the tank assignment has no* effect on crew skills. All numbers, except where noted, represent the amount of Crew XP that is lost when retraining for Credits (not the Free) rather than Gold. Retraining for Gold is always 0 XP lost.
    One of the few occasionally I'll actually cite the wiki:

    • Tank Academy - At the cost of 200 Gold, the player's selection of the Tank Academy option will cause the new recruit to immediately obtain a 100% Training Level in his Major Qualification, and thereby automatically unlock and make available the further selection of a first Skill or Perk.
    • Regimental School - At the cost of 20,000 credits, the player's selection of the Regimental School option will cause the new crew member to immediately obtain a 75% Training Level in his Major Qualification. In such case no Skill or Perk selection will become available until the crew member's Training Level in his Major Qualification reaches 100% through experience earned in battle.
    • Rapid Courses - For free, the player's selection of the Rapid Courses option will cause the new recruit to obtain the default of a 50% Training Level in his Major Qualification. In such case no Skill or Perk selection will become available until the crew member's Training Level in his Major Qualification reaches 100% through experience earned in battle.

    -The Initial Grind, 75% -> 100% Primary = 72543 (73K) Crew XP
    -Cross Class Retrain, 80% -> 100% = 63856 (64K) Crew XP
    -Same Class Retrain, 90% -> 100% = 39152 (39K) Crew XP
    Note: Same Class Retraining for free rather than for Credits (80% rather than 90%) loses you an extra 25K Crew XP. 20K credits or 25k XP.

    Retraining for Silver is entirely doable (especially within classes). The losses are extremely small AND(!!!) you can cheat the system a few ways as well.

    • Unlock the new tank, and retrain the crew to that new tank but keep them in the old tank to grind the stock off the crew. (not the best way but it works)
    • Girl crew! / Keep the crew in that tank
    • The Kustom Krew method: Requires a premium tank of that nation and a decent crew from somewhere else. Put the good crew into the Premium, then send (to start with) the Cdr to the barracks and put a new 75% cdr in the premium. With ACT running, the Cdr gets double exp for a long as you keep him in there so you can knock out 1 or 2 skills fairly quickly. Once at the desired level, remove the premium Cdr, put the old one back in and work down the major qual list (gunner then driver then RO then loader) as needed for the new tank. Put original crew back together, and you have a 1 or 2 skill crew trained on the premium ready to be retrained to your new tank of whatever class. Profit
    • Put the crew into a premium tank of that nation, (same class is best but any will do. just takes longer) retrain the crew to the new tank for silver, and then grind the crew to 100% while in the Premium tank.

    If you have a US TD crew (say a 25/2) but don't own a US premium TD (and I don't blame you. I hate the scorp.) but you have a US premium Heavy, say a T34, you can retrain the crew to the new US TD (28 proto) and then grind the primary exp in the T34. You lose out on some of the accelerated benefits for being in the same class/type but not all of it and your crew exp continues to build at half rate in the premium, plus you get to pull in a few creds as well! and scroll down a bit:

    • If a crew member is in a vehicle of a different Type as that in which he has his Vehicle Competence, and the vehicle is a premium vehicle, he would also take a 25% Penalty to his current Training Level.
    • In a vehicle of a different Type as that in which he has his Vehicle Competence, the crew member would earn 50% less experience per battle if the new vehicle is a premium vehicle.

    The thing to remember is that you have to have the new tank unlocked to retrain the crew to it, but you do not need to buy it (unless you really want to)

    ***************************Skill/Perk Training and Retraining******************************

    Skills count from a different pool of XP than Primary Qualifications. This pool can get huge at 3x+ crew levels. On your third skill, getting from 87% to 88% takes almost 22k XP*. Resetting skills for Credits loses a flat 10% off of the total XP (not just that skill, in total) in the crew exp pool. At (3)87%, the total skill exp pool is 1088K XP. A skill reset for credits of your 3 skill crew loses 109K XP. (218 games worth of exp @ 500exp/battle)

    Reference points for silver retrain:
    -21K crew XP lost from 100% on first skill (42 battles. meh. )
    -23K crew XP lost from 36% on second skill (first skill remains at 100%)
    -39K crew XP lost from 82% on second skill (equivalent to same class retrain)
    -63K crew XP lost from 100% on second skill (126 games worth of exp. poof.)
    -64K crew XP lost from 17% on third skill (equivalent to cross class retrain) (128 battles worth btw.)
    -70K crew XP lost from 49% on third skill (second skill remains at 100%) (or 140 battles )
    -73K crew XP lost from 55% on third skill (equivalent to initial primary grind from 75%)
    -147K crew XP lost from 100% on third skill  (294 games worth!)
    -164K crew XP lost from 52% on fourth skill (third skill remains at 100%)
    -315K crew XP lost from 100% on fourth skill ( 630 games that never happened!! Y U DO DIS!?!?):nmad:

    Remember, you lose a crapton of exp per silver retrain. How much is 21k exp? about 42 battles worth. (averaging 500 exp/battle) or an average of 5 hours of playing that tank only. (7 mins a game averaged)
    If you notice, that's the LOW number for silver skill retrains. 42 battles is barely tolerable to get back to where you were. After that, the losses are simply staggering. Into the hundreds or maybe thousand(s) of battles.

    How much XP is worth 200 gold is a question everyone will have to answer on their own. Personally, I do the first skill resets (I actually train 2 skills, then reset  to what's needed. Except the commander for 6th asap.) and same class retrains for credits. Everything else is gold.

    ****************************Accelerated Crew Training (ACT)*******************************

    Either on a Premium Tank, or a normal tank that you have completely researched (Elited!!!), There is a small check box above the crew members that will allow you to double the exp that 1 crewman gets. It automatically goes to the person with the LOWEST TOTAL EXP, not the lowest Major Qualification or even crew skill. This lucky person gets double the amount of Crew exp than he normally would INCLUDING (and this is cool) any modifiers like personal reserves. ACT does this by taking the exp that the 'tank' gets (its how you unlock modules and the next tank etc) and giving that exp to 1 crewman.

    How much crew exp does he normally get?
    The amount of Exp it shows you on either the 'detailed results' breakdown, or the "personal achievements" on the after battle screen(s). 

    However, Checking the ACT box will prevent you from stockpiling exp on that tank to convert later to free exp with gold (if you like to do that, me not so much.)

    Which Brings us to...

    *****************************Bonus Math and Personal Reserves*********************************
                                                             (Now with ACT!)
    **Warning! Math ahead!**

    If you ever played D&D then this makes total sense to you. If you didn't, then welcome to Weird Math 101.

    All the Bonuses are Additive, not Multiplicative. <--------- Remember this.
    So you would think that with your 2x daily multiplier and a 200% (2x) experience personal reserve and a 200% (2x) crew exp personal reserve running that you would get (2x2x2)= 8x Experience from your first win? 
    You get 4x.
    Here's why. The bonuses don't stack. Each one individually sees the base Exp (from the personal results or details screen remember?) and does their own action to it. So the daily double does its thing and the personal reserves do their thing. But they never see each other and the base exp only counts once and then they all get added together.
    The short version:
    TotalCrewmanXP = [earnedXP*(crewXPMod+(firstWinMod-1))]*[1+Accel]

    ok, lets expand it a little:

    base exp+ daily double + 2x personal reserve + 2x personal crew exp reserve + 10% clan reserve and accelerate crew training 
    (       1      +     (2-1)       +               (2-1)           +                  (2-1)                   +      (base exp x .1) ) = 4.1 x base crew exp

    and if you have ACT on you get 4.1 x 2 = 8.2 for that 1 crewman

    Or in long hand for the same example:
    base exp    +       daily double         +        2x personal reserve         +    2x personal crew exp reserve + 10% clan reserve and accelerate crew training 
    (Base exp + (2x base exp - base exp) + (2x base exp - base exp)   +  (2x base exp - base exp)          +   (base exp x .1) ) = 4.1 x base crew exp X 2 (for ACT)

    No? ok, the long way then.
    500 (base exp) (it counts here!)
    500 (base exp) x2 (daily double) = 500 exp. (because the base exp doesnt count here)
    500 (base exp) x2 (exp personal reserve ) = 500 exp.  (and it doesnt count here either!)
    500 (base exp) x2 (crew exp personal reserve) = 500 exp.    which gives you:
    500exp (base exp) + 500exp (from the daily double) + 500exp (from exp personal reserve) + 500 (crew exp personal reserve) = 2000exp because the base exp is only included once. or "4x" instead of the 8x you were expecting.

    Clear as mud? yeah I thought so.

    To make it easier, subtract 1 from the bonus and add it to the other bonuses to get what you are actually seeing.

    So if you run everything possible, you could have a 2x daily double, a 200% crew exp multiplier from personal reserves, a 200% exp multiplier from personal reserves + your Clan popped a clan reserve of +10% more exp. Got all that? Lets break it down:

    Base exp +  base exp +  base exp    +    base exp + (base exp x .1)    = 4.1 x base exp. If your base exp is 500 then your crewman gets 2050 exp 
          ^                   ^                 ^                      ^                   ^   
    base exp       2x daily     2x Per. Res.    2x Per. Res.   clan reserve

    Let's make it a BIT more obvious.
    WG is doing a 5x month and is running a 3x crew exp weekend and you pop a 2x personal reserve. you get 8x exp for that 1 fight.

    (     1         +     (5-1)       +         (3-1)        +        (2-1)          ) = 8x base crew exp
          ^                  ^                        ^                        ^                 
    Base Exp   +  4x base exp + 2x base exp + base exp = 8x or
      500         +       (4x 500)   +    (2x 500)     +      500     = 4000 exp per crewman or 8000 exp for 1 guy and 4000 for the rest with ACT running

    Neat! Hope that cleared some of the mud out. If it didn't please ask questions below!

    *(Both stars) After retraining the Primary Qualification, the XP that would have been between the 87% and 88% skill mark, some amount less than 22k, gets dropped to the primary qualification. Your third skill will remain at 87% and your primary skill will increase.
    You had 18K (90%) of 22K(100%) and retrained in-class. Your primary qualification would now be 94%; 39K XP lost to the silver retrain, 18K gained in Primary Qualification from the skill reset. Please note that you have to retrain the skills to get the exp in a skill to funnel back into the Major Qualification crew exp pool, even if you have a bunch of exp in a skill slot that you haven't chosen yet.

    But, But if you are going to do that, then you might as well gold retrain him to major qual and be done with it instead of silver retraining his major qual then silver retraining his skills to get it to backfill and eating a significant exp penalty that's worse than the major qual exp loss.
    Or just throw them in a Premium tank?

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For The Math Phobic------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To say it avoiding math: Primary Qualification is a small pail with some water. Skills are a huge bucket of water. They aren't connected at all, but if you get a cup and scoop some out of the bucket into the pail, it will fill up. The cup is what kind of retrain you are going and how many holes/leaks it has. (lots of holes for Free, a few holes and cracks for Silver and no leaks at all for Gold)

    Graphs for the number shy:
    Exp required for each skill level:


    or, for the whole thing:

    Do yourself a favor and retrain for gold after skill 2. Wait for sales if you must. Play in weekend/weekday warrior tournys if you need some quick small gold.
    If gold retrain isn't an option at all for you, Please ask anyone (make a thread, google search the wotlabs forums, status update, post here, anything.) about the way to grind the skill order without retraining (it can suck, esp with perks, but it's doable and more exp effective than silver retrain in the long run)

  4. The first 100 battle comes down to a lot of frustration, learning and defeats. There are many very bad players in lower tier. I see players with WN8 less than 100 many times.
    There is also a frequency of bad players talking "Another bad time", it makes me furious. Very very players are worse than bot.
    Let's talk about my work: My first game was spectacular, I killed 5 tanks and won over 2500 xp. But it was only an illusion. As I went up the tier, I thought all extremely terrible tanks. I was going to search and how to play certain tank. When we arrived at T-34 I spent many games complaining that it couldn't play with this tank. But I saw players replays angling tanks and i started doing. It was very good, my enjoyment increased considerably.
    I'm seeing all my replays. Sometimes it's pretty boring but I do religiously.
    I have a great fault to control trading damage. I'm getting better but i still too error.
    However, my biggest problem is with FCM 50t. A great tank but I get lost in matches. My problem is not weak spot but lack of tactics. I'm trying to fix this problem to continue playing with him. Another problem is my WN8, it's around 709. I'm trying to improve my performace to achieve greater WN8.
    I researched the T-34-85. I need a little money to buy it but I want to improve my performace with 50t to continue.
    My stats by now:




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    Breeze, blowing that blonde curling hair,
    stirring it, and being softly stirred in turn,
    scattering that sweet gold about, then
    gathering it, in a lovely knot of curls again,

    you linger around bright eyes whose loving sting
    pierces me so, till I feel it and weep,
    and I wander searching for my treasure,
    like a creature that often shies and kicks:

    now I seem to find her, now I realise
    she’s far away, now I’m comforted, now despair,
    now longing for her, now truly seeing her.

    Happy air, remain here with your
    living rays: and you, clear running stream,
    why can’t I exchange my path for yours?

    Petrarch Sonnet 227

  5. First post on a new blog, yaye.

    In case you haven't figured out: CSI stands for Chinese Server Insanity, which is obvious. Consider that I already have a WoT blog written in Chinese, guess I should make this blog like, what, introducing what it's like to play at Chinese server for you the curious ones.

    So here we go: time-limited premium tanks. This feature is lanched with patch 0.9.4. You can rent a premium tank for 30 days with roughly 1/4 of the full price. But in practice I believe there aren't many tanks actually rented w/ gold. Since you can actually buy premium tanks at a much lower price than the in-game price. Take 112 for example: in-game it sells 12250 gold, which equals roughly 300 CNY (1 CNY = 40 WoT Gold at Chinese server, but there are +10~20% bonus events for purchasing gold regularly.) A 30-day rental of 112 costs 3070 gold. But here's the catch: the official web store offers the 112 bundle for only 99 CNY, including 100% trained crew, 1 garage slot, 200 premium shells, vstab + GLD + rammer and 30 prem consumables. Whoever spends gold on premium tanks in-game, either purchasing a permanent one or renting, would be seen as a total noob.

    But let's not talk about this hard failing business plan since most players are not that stupid. Let's talk about how KDW(nickname of the operator of Chinese server) continues to make use of the time-limited premium tank feature: they give out lots of time-limited tanks as various kinds of event rewards / bonuses:

    • For the first time you ever purchase any amount of gold: 7 days of Panther 8.8
    • A recent 2-week event for Chinese New Year gives out time-limited Churchill L, Rheinmetall Skorpion, Steyr Waffentrager and AMX M4. 49 at different stages, as long as you keep checking in at the event's webpage.
    • A month-long event in October 2015 gives out various time-limited tier 6-10 premium tanks. Covering all MM tier you're likely to play at.

    If you've seen rented Panzer 58 Mutz flooding NA server, the situation is a lot more common at Chinese server. Sure, it's an easy way of trying out new premiums (you can't log in into public test server w/ a Chinese server account), but the insanity is serious. Pubbies yoloing in Object 907 only w/ 50% crew and binocs + camonet + toolbox (hopefully), just imagine.

    On the bright side, you can target at a specific vehicle class to complete individual missions a lot easier. Killing 3 TDs? Wait for a Rheinmetall Skorpion apocalypse. The Skorpion is like Borsig without having to grind. And pubbies who drive these are more likely to camp till death.

    Oh, I just got 3 MoE on my Rudy last month. Guess who should I give credit for.

    Until next time.

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    It's been a loong time coming, but somewhere in the middle of a 16 hour session last night, I finally started to get meds, and perhaps higher-level play in general

    Before, whether due to not enough map knowledge or my own mental habit of trying to find patterns in everything - probably both - I was never able to allow myself the flexibility to play meds to their potential. For each med, I'd either treat it like a (lightly armored) TD, or a heavy tank. Naturally, neither quite worked. However, I've been playing a lot of T-34-85 recently, and perhaps due to it being a bit more forgiving, have started to learn the balance playing meds requires.

    In reality, however, I think the changes are twofold. Yes, I'm learning when to expose myself, advance or retreat as a med, but I'm also getting more flexible in general: watching for opportunities, being willing to fall back even if I want to just take "one more shot", etc. This heightened awareness/flexibility is paying off, and fast: I had my fair share of derps as usual last night, but my average WN8 jump three hundred points over 100 games (i.e. 5% of my total games in WoT, decent sample size) - from an average of 1k, to 1300+. For most of the night it was actually hovering closer to 1500, but I kept playing when I should have stopped, unfortunately.

    Still plenty of ground to cover, but considering that my minimum mental "that game was acceptable" standard has gone from 1250 to 1900 in the space of one session, I'm pretty happy with my progress this month.

    tl;dr Better map awareness + better tactical mechanics + forcing myself to play smart => Profit (Higher WN8 and personal standards)

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    It’s a gun, with some sort of building attached to it.

    If you’re thinking of getting the SU-100Y for any reason other than the gun, forget it. This tank is a gun and nothing else. It performs poorly in literally every single aspect that is not the massive gun. It has mediocre view range, radio range, speed, mobility and armor.

    Excuse me, did I say armor? The SU-100Y is made entirely out of bubble gum wrapper held together by positive thoughts from the crew. With a 60mm all around armor, you’ll be lucky to get even a single bounce. The mantlet is pretty strong, but as you have so much SU-100Y around it, getting hit there is a rare event. Depending on the distance, the upper frontal plate can also bounce a few shots, which will leave your enemies yelling in disbelief at their monitor. Still, since this lumbering suburban housing unit doesn't have preferential matchmaking, you will often find tier 8 tanks more than willing to take some HP off your hands.

    At 350m view range, you won’t do any passive scouting, not that it would matter, since you have about the same camo rating as a 2 story house (and about the same size too). You are one big, fat, easy target. Drive with support at all times. You won’t be able to turn fast enough if someone decides to circle you, and pretty much any tier 4 tanks (and tiers 3 and 2 if using gold rounds) can penetrate your armor. If you decide to try your hand at some assaulting, you will find that the horrible gun arc means you often feel like someone with a stiff neck having to turn around to greet an old friend. Except instead of "hi", you greet them with pain.

    And since we're talking about pain, let’s talk about the pro, as in, the only pro and the thing that single-handedly made this tank worth buying: The gun.

    You won’t find a gun like this in any other tank at tier 6. You simply won’t. This thing has a massive tier 8 130mm pipe sticking out the front, capable of dealing death before the enemy knows what hit them. It has an average of 196mm of penetration and an earth-shattering 440 average damage, with an accuracy that is not that bad at all, at 0.38 m. The one thing stopping you from going full Rambo and blowing up the entire battlefield is the glacial reload time. This gun has a rate of fire of only 3.75 rounds / minute, putting it nearly on par with the BL-10 on the ISU-152. In fact, the SU-100Y is the ISU-152 of the tier 6: Massively overpowered gun for its tier and pretty much crap in everything else.

    Is it worth my hard-earned cash?

    Well, unfortunately I can’t give you a straightforward answer. If you’re used to playing with tanks that can’t take a hit but can hit like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll be right at home (literally) on the SU-100Y. I’ve had tons of fun punching off 3/4 of the HP of most tanks I meet that I’ve had nearly uncontrollable giggling. However if you like things that can survive a few hits, then I suggest you leave it in the store, despite what the salesman with the massive smile says.

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    So today, I spent all of my time working on my game!

    So far, I have added a line with an if statement in it!

    I wonder what I will accomplish tomorrow!

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    please subscribe to my blog :tank:

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    I'm gonna keep that as my badge to show off for a while. :^)
  8. NXqxn7h.gif

    In other news the wz-132 is amazing


  9. blog-0403972001434677185.pngFor the Crapaign we decided to not to follow up on rule 2.2.3. This rule stats that the Landing zones on Swabia the team that is attacking gets a draw against the land owners they automatically win the Lz. Granted it was the fault of the leadership to not follow up on the rule, but in reality the point of this entry was not for that reason. The reason was for some of our players that defended WG's retarded rule of attackers can turtle strat, and defenders have to attack or lose their Lz. Some of our players logic could almost send them working in WGs development team.
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    As you go into lower tiers, punishments for corner pokers are both easier to do and greater in impact, it becomes easier for others to retaliate against you, and the loss in potential DPM for ducking or being pressured into cover with a reloaded gun is greater. Look at the ratio of DPM to health between the tiers. It doesn't get any lower than what it is at tier 10, and when you factor in the impact of armor and shell RNG either missing or hitting angled/high-armored spots on top of that, the pace deteriorates. High alpha and high burst tanks also exist in the low tiers. The high alpha ones reload faster than their high tier counterparts, and if you're going to complain about being the target of a burst tank, then you're either fucking up hard to sit where someone can put a whole clip into you or the victim of a risky rush play that you can't defend against because your tank is too slow at moving and reloading because it isn't a low tier. In either case, low tiers will burst down same-tier targets faster than high tier counterparts.

    I've got no experience to refute your 3-4 minute number, but if this is something that only happens in cases where arty exists, and nobody seems to want arty to exist, then it follows that people would rather have their long, superheavy corner-humping matches in the high tiers, which doesn't lead to faster gameplay than what is found in the lower tiers.

    Seeing as you only grinded up a line that is mean't for hull down corner poking with low dpm its easy to see why you're complaining pointlessly about high tiers. If you like yolo dpm CHAI sniping like you said in your blog; play the tier 10 RU meds. You cannot pretend to have ANY professional opinions when you just padded in a hellcat and T2. You havent even grinded out a tier 10 and picked a terrible starter line. Dont be surprised if people smack you down when you try to talk shit about high tiers.

    Source: How would you improve World of Tanks?

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    I have been reading a few blogs on this forum and I decided that I should join the crowd.

    Earlier today I was playing in the glorious Chaffee, trying to free xp grind to the Hellcat. Yes, I am aware it's down a different line. I had about 6 games in a row where I died early on (which normally I am okay with) but these were instantly. I feel like if you are a decent player on WoT, you become a target, especially to those running XVM. Okay, okay, I get it. BUT TEAM KILLING?! What possible benefits does that bring? o.O Geeze... So I finally rage quitted when a Black prince decided to shoot at me from all the way across the map, rather than defending his base from one of the three attackers on my team. And THAT, is why I rage quitted today. Now that I think about it, I don't think "quitted" is a word.

    So what did I do while I was offline? I moved 100lbs of treadmill from my upstairs to my downstairs! Oh boy was that a birch to handle. I consider myself a fit dude; the weight I could handle. But actually moving it, trying to fit it through doorways, and then down the stairs... no. I'm going to be downsizing pretty soon to something more affordable so I cringed every time I heard a 'thud' against a wall or railing. Taaaaaaaaaangent: To help with saving money I am hoping to trade in my Infinity EX35 for a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Why do you ask? Because I'm a huge Jurassic Park fan and I plan on recreating one of the Jeeps from the original movie.

    Well I think that's all the steam I need to release for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this, I'll see you on the battlefield!

    Good luck and have fun,


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    Warning, here be spoilers.

    Game of Thrones is based on the formula "The bad guys win". This, at least in the first seasons, kept messing with people's expectations of what's going to happen because the vast majority of the media is all about the good guys winning. However that formula has now been overused to the point where GoT became predictable because of it. We know anyone who's good is gonna get fucked, we only don't know how.

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm pretty tired of caring for a character and then having them die. I imagine that, if the show was to have a downfall, this would be it. You can't just crush every attachment that everyone has for your characters and expect them to still like the show. At some point, everyone we care about will be dead and then who cares what happens at the end. If all the showrunners go for is shock value, then I'm really afraid for what this show will become.

    And so we have "Valar Morghulis", all men must die. Problem is, you can't write a story like that. Someone can't die, otherwise the story has no meaning. If the end of the story is not relevant to major characters who died, then their story was completely pointless, an utter waste of space.

    This entire season was a long series of events in which the fans said "Well, it couldn't possibly end that badly", only to watch it end exactly as badly as they thought it would. Seriously, at this point the series is just turning into emotional abuse for the sake of "subverting tropes" and "showing how the hero story would play out in the real world".

    And now, to stop speaking so broadly, if Jon Snow is really, actually dead, and won't appear anymore in neither the books nor the show, then this is the worst piece of shit storytelling I have ever seen. What would be the point of his story then? Was his just a tragic story within the bigger story? What about his real mother, the one Ned promised he would tell him? Should we just forget that ever happened?

    For the sake of my love for something I should, by all logic, hate, I will remain strong in my belief that Jon will return. Melisandre returned to Castle Black for a reason. She clearly realized that Stannis is not Azor Ahai, and she now has a big role to play.

    The night is hype and full of tinfoil.

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    That's right bois, I actually got off my arse and went out with this hot Dutch girl who's three years my senior. Here's how this went down, my thoughts in hindsight etc etc...

    So I matched this girl on Tinder about three weeks ago, I found out she's a pilot and her motivation to get there but other than that she's a mystery to me. I feel weakness in that, to this point I haven't gotten her to really open up & build a deeper connection - you know the type when you just "click" with a person instantly and it's all easy. I want that consistently with everyone I meet.

    So all of the daily life talk and getting to know each other and stories over text message out of the way. I picked her up at 1PM from her house, drove to the local forest //Areas where you can't do something are intense, conversational skills to a massive hit here, I feel as if first dates are so much easier when you know next to nothing about the person OR have something to do where we made small talk in the car, couldn't concentrate much as needed to focus on remembering the route and not crashing.

    I said something about women multitasking being better multi-taskers than men, she responded with some fact about how that's not true which I almost blew off with a "oh really?" that didn't go anywhere. //I should've asked her where she saw that or something instead. This immediately made it a little awkward as soon as we got out of the car. I shook it off and made a joke about it, grabbed her hip and smiled. Good, so at least I can get out of fucking awkward situations by touching. >___>

    We got in, started walking, made a little bit of small talk (nothing exceptional comes to mind), but I want to note how I never actually "got" to her, like a lasting connection. That kinda sucks. So we walk & talk some more, arrive at the café in the middle of the forest and I'm feeling like shit //Have some basic common sense and get a good night sleep/food before you go... Conversation will probably die out in the queue waiting for food, so I suggest we go and sit on a bench and talk for a little while...

    This turns out to be quite a bad idea, conversation is flagging and I outright say to her "what do you want to talk about" - facepalming in hindsight, I mean, just cos you can't think of anything to say, doesn't mean she has to know that. Being tired really fucks your ability to make conversation and I just wanted bed at this time. On top of this, I wanted to try this 36 question experiment on her - build connection and all dat, but no phone signal or screenshot. Poor fucking planning. This marks the low point in conversation I think.

    Anyway, we went to get lunch, I paid, it was shit, we laughed about a film we saw, I had a cup of tea (fucking miracle that I did).

    We start walking again, I literally feel like I just want to stop talking, cuddle up in bed and fall asleep... Sadly I'm in a fucking nature reserve. We're walking clockwise around this place, small talking, maybe even middle talking (I'm coining that phrase right now) & flirting a little. It's hard to be charismatic in this state. At one point I even suggest we leave early. Though I did get a free massage out of her too, I think she thought "WTF" when I asked her to do it. Just lol.

    We get to a map that shows the way out and I immediately U-Turn this, tea has kicked in, I want adventure. We walk back in the complete opposite direction, I'm feeling a little more energetic, leading her around (still making shit conversation but yknow.. whatevs, it's not what you say but how you say it). Come across a tree, she says I can't climb it... Nice bait, I do. I put her arm around my back and my arm around her waist and we walk. I suggest she climbs a tree, she's like "nah cba m8" until she spots a little twig that stands her maybe 30cm off the ground, she's grinning like she's a comedian when she climbs it. Conversation is good now, though can't remember the topics...

    We get to a point around a lake, I grab her hand, spin her around and we make some deep eye contact, I remember this 36 question thing that ends up with four minutes of staring into each others eyes and yes, we did just that. She set the alarm. At this point I so should've kissed her. ragrets m8. I also picked her up a couple of times to get to this point, she thinks that I think that she's light. She likes this.

    I should note this girl has a banging ass as we walk through the forest, like 8/8. I NEED to grab this at some point. We got onto the topic of her dancing, I spun her around once by the hand & she proceeded to teach me how to jive hahaha. Then there was another moment of deep eye gazing, another moment where I should've kissed her but didn't.

    We walk, I get tired, walk off the well worn path and go sit on a log. I want to note that as we're walking I make constant effort to touch her. So on this log she's higher up than me, I tell her that she's the man in this relationship & do everything a stereotypical girl would hahahaha. We talk about Dutch words, her jewellery and watches while I start getting really touchy feely with her. I guess she likes this. We get onto the topic of platting hair and then literally end up spooning like we're riding a motorbike... Except the handles I'm holding onto are her upper thighs and ass (tried to grab her ass once before, but she didn't like it, now however it's no problem... hey progress). Arguably should've tried to make out with her here, but cock blocked by flies and we moved on. This time on the way home (god I was glad I didn't bail early).

    She shows me some pictures on her phone, teases a little & tries to pull a tree branch on my head on the way out. We leave, I drive her home and pretty much invite myself in for some Dutch tea... Get cockblocked by another couple right as I was building tension with her in the kitchen... Apparently she doesn't want to show me her room Q___Q and I kiss her goodbye... Or rather, she has to study and nothing is happening with these two flatmates in the same room.

    She texted me after I asked her what she thought, got "I was happy to meet you :)", apparently this also means that she should unmatch me on tinder too, as she did hahaha... Idk, I'd like to go on some actual adventures with this girl I think... But ones a lot better than this.

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  11. I use the import feed function, with this blog's own feed as the input?

    Hypothetically, would that break anything?

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    Rip my dream of gold league this summer. My team lost right before semi-final

    There's always is5...

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    Welcome to my blog!

    I never done something similiar to this and i thought it is a good idea to post good replays and challenges which i will do in the future.

    If you are interest in some high level gameplay you can follow my blog and expect good stuff.

    See ya