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Padderino Statterino



So I think I've gotten this 4k barrier down. Next goal is 5k Wn8.

Since I've been back from my break, I've been able to play at a 4.5k Wn8 with over 75% win rate every time so far. (Usually solo of course) I've been able to pull extremely high Wn8 when focusing purely for win rates, but I tend to get really disappointed when I lose my matches.


If I didn't play like trash I'd probably have ended up with 5-6k Wn8 for the day. But I fucked around for a few matches while in a platoon, then got EXTREMELY salty (ask Tempest_).

Also, we beat another team in our qualifier for Gold League, so we have one more team to beat in order for us to be broadcasted, then we're going to be fighting for the Loser's bracket finals; which will determine who will go to Gold League of course.