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  2. Fuck 13 90 :nmad:

  3. Best overall premium cruiser would probably be the Atago though you can make a strong case for the Kutuzov. Non-premium cruisers is harder to define; they all have some drawbacks that keep one specific ship from leading the pack. (For the record I've played Mogami, Hipper, Chapayev so far.) Oddly enough I seem to perform best in the Mogami worst in the Atago as far as tier 8 CAs go. But that probably says more about my quirks as a captain than anything about the ships themselves. So your mileage may vary.
  4. Team comp and the first 30 secs into the game is much more important than you think. Another important concept is what XTC4 gets into. Say you chose to actually not lem but fight the other flank to try to lock it down because u had the tank. ( E100, E75, IS7, IS4, IS3 etc) Then stay as close to your own base as possible. Think of your team as a fish hook where you are the sharp end. The lemmings are somewhere along the stem of the hook. There will always be some pubbie then( some camping TD etc) who you actually have some connection with spotting-wise, radio-wise etc. When you choose to protect a flank by your lonesome do not make the lethal mistake of both getting more or less isolated and over-committed at the same time.
  5. wait wut
  6. It bow-tanks the same as the Iowa btw* Same 32mm bow armor. All the increased front bulkhead armor does is lower the distance the Yamato needs to close in to citadel through the bow. Honestly? I wouldn't consider buying it. Especially when my port looks like this...
  7. I have played the Hipper ( I guess the Eugen by proxy ), New Orleans, Atago and the Kutuzov, leaving out the Mogami, Chapy and Edinburgh ( three which no one seems to think are the best ). I think the Atago is better than the Kutuzov because it is gimmick free. You have multiple tools to attack with, 4 sets of torp launchers with good arcs, good AP and HE, very good detection for ability to evade and the much appreciated Heal consumable. The Kutuzov has smoke and a blistering ability to output damage, especially with IFHE, but if you can be vulnerable to ships with radar or hydro, and DD's that torp into your smoke. If you get detected in smoke, you are large enough with an easy to hit citadel that you will melt quickly. Also, the Kutuzov is now public enemy number 1 in every match - people will actively hunt you because of the asymetric amount of damage you can generate. I enjoy the Kutuzov a lot, but I think the Atago has more tools to get the win.
  8. @TheMostComfortableTanker That sounds a bit rubbish
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  10. I'm butthurt that instead of it being a premium like the planes were, it's basically a normal tank where you have to research all the modules. I can imagine it would be nicer once I upgrade the mobility. I had only gotten the HEAT-FS a bit before I stopped playing, but I believe that and the upgraded APHE will help a lot. The thing's not got much gun depression or armor, but it's mobile and can pen a KT through the front hull. It's probably better than the ASU-85. Compared to the T92, the gun is a lot more potent, but the platform itself is less sneaky and flexible.
  11. T62A sport was it If they changed how it destroys engines, possibly a use for it (or a cool-down period) then MAYBE on some low HP tanks. But, I'd still rather use food
  12. VERY fun night of count-ins and SHs last night with some of our new members!! Expect more of this
  13. Come help me build a reputable following :D 

  14. Stoppit. I'm trying hard to save money!
  15. Yeah, I didn't even bother. How is the Type 62 tho?
  16. I'm complete garbage with it. It is actually my worst performing USN BB (WTR and win rate) of the bunch. Actually, NC, NM, and Colorado are my top 3, while the US premiums round out the bottom. (Though AZ has a small sample size, and TX has a huge sample size from buying it and playing it early.) Looking at the Mo's numbers for myself, it has my worst survival rate, yet my highest hit rate. I feel like the radar can be a trap - kind of like torps on cruisers. Use it when the situation calls for it but don't force it. Need to stay back a smidge more.
  17. I know some of you have purchased this ship and were wondering what your thoughts on it are. I finally ground out the 750k free xp friday night and purchased it. I think it is a beast for the following reasons. It prints money and the 100 percent XP is great for training captains. It can bow tank better than the Iowa because of a more detailed armor model and has great turret turn. I am not sure, but it may be the best T9 BB. The 33 knot top speed is great. I thought the radar would be situational at best, but I have used it at least once in every game I have played. With all the DD's in smoke you can kill or cripple them using radar during a cap fight. You have to be aggressive though. Over time, DD captains will remember you have 9.49 km radar, but offensive smoking near a BB is a habit for most US and VMF DD captains, so you will still wreck them if they do this near you. Is it worth 750k free EXP? It was for me since I had a bunch of camo and spent like 40 dollars on Papa Papa flags, plus the ones I had in storage. I am just curious what every one else thinks.
  18. FFS now my STA-2 is also cursed along with the IS-7.Every game in which I do over my hitpoints in dmg,we lose.If I only do like 700, we win.Overall winrate has dropped from 52.12% to 52.04. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!??!?

    1. Nekommando


      have you tried doing less damage to improve winrate :serb: 

    2. robosapieo


      Thinking about it.Though I don't have that many battles under my belt,so getting winrate up later on won't be that hard.I guess I could just redline snipe and pad *WIN8* since I'm usually the last one alive anyway :kappa:

  19. Probably added one of them from supertest awhile ago. Noted.
  20. Yeah. I think that was the reason I had one.
  21. Secondaries are the only thing worthwhile on the Konig and Bayern, and will completely shred any cruiser or DD that gets too close.
  22. Biggest problem is no existing speed to work with. It's fuckin dog shit with LT gun. I could work if this ahitbox can cruise 40kmph, it just don't work and it's pain in the ass driving 5 min to action and deal 150 dmg. IS, KV3, Tiger, T29 every possible T7 tank is flat out better than this POS.
  23. If it'll run, try Windward.
  24. But nobody plays JAP heavys.
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