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  2. Just had a game on Overlord where my entire team retreated to K4 for several minutes in the middle of the game. 


  3. I updated the first post to reflect the combined sample size. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know.
  4. Most of us RUST fellas are willing to help out new guys. And we're not terrible. Unless you're @How_Terrible
  5. Bottom tier is not a big personal concern of mine. It is for most average and new players though. The one thing that kills this strict template system is the total lack of variety in the game. It is becoming more repetitive than it needs to be. Some people like grey houses with white walls. I like a little color in my life.
  6. I like the new mm personally. Being bottom tier is not a big deal when half the tanks are same tier as you. Being bottom tier is a big deal when 10+ tanks on each side are 2 tiers higher; which is what my tier 8s experienced with the old mm. Like I've said in previous posts, my tier 8s during 3 mark runs on old mm experienced over 90% battles as bottom tiers in tier 10 matches, with more than half of the matches having at least 8, often 10+ tier 10 vehicles per side. The only people this new mm screwed over are platoons. Platoons in the old mm are far more likely to end up in a top tier position. Platoons in the current mm are almost certainly bottom tier. But I'm a solopubber so.. it benefited me xD --------------- The serious old mm issue was a problem specific to NA west, and no other server (not even NA east). The server had a very low population, and was extremely top heavy in tier 10s; resulting in tier 8s and 9s being almost always drafted into tier 10 matches. A huge number of tier 10 matches were made of 8 - 10 tier 10s per side, with a handful of scouts and tier 8/9 as "fillers". With NA server being merged, this top heavy issue probably wouldn't be nearly that bad if we are to revert to the old mm.
  7. Ever since I started researching and comparing the previous MM with the current MM, it seems more and more obvious that strict templates, like our current 3/5/7, 5/10, and all the same tier matches, need to be removed. I have campaigned hard in the NA forums, posted an article here in the early stages of my efforts, and recently spent time on the EU forums. My foreign language skills are non-existent so I am unable to communicate on the RU and SEA platforms. Aside from replying to posts and the occasional fact check on people when they claim odd things, I think this is the end of the road for the campaign. The only other thing I can think of now is to use google translate and send an actual snail mail letter to the WG HQ. I just fear it would read something like this: "Containers need to be evenly given out at different floors so the game has more options," and they will just scratch their heads. Withstanding that, I can only hope that WG will remove these strict template matches soon and restore a match system that has as much variety and interest as the previous system with a few balancing tweaks. I am still optimistic that they will change it overall. The NA Forums are mixed with players of different opinions, but WG tends to ignore the NA server anyway. Here on the now quiet WotLabs, players seem indifferent to the current MM. I'm guessing that is because this community has a high level of skill and easily adapts to the changes and some may even like that it is easier to farm damage under the current system. But again, I don't know if WG monitors this forum frequently. On the EU forums, there seems to be a super-majority of players that want the MM removed. That is a good sign. They have a population WG respects and I get the feeling that their forum admins have good communication with the parent company and that those sentiments will be passed along. The recent spat of content creators criticizing the MM is also heartening. Before I scale back, I'd like to post the information that I have gathered over the past few months, some charts that go along with it in case anyone wants to use them for their own efforts or information, and some sentiments to tie up any loose ends. When I gathered information about the old MM to compare to the new MM I was a little surprised at how wrong my memory was when it came to bottom tier matches. I could have sworn my bottom tier matches would have been more challenging than what I was looking at in my research under the old system. Since I was only looking at 100 games at first, I figured the sample wasn't big enough and it was skewed. Then as I gathered another 100 games from my own replays, and then 200 more games from my friend, I began to see a pattern and that in fact my memory was wrong. As I contemplated this I then remembered that our memories and perceptions are faulty. We tend to recall outstanding events more than common events. So while I was playing thousands of games, the best or the worst matches were the ones that would stand out the most in my mind. This is probably why so many players are paranoid about being in a small group of bottom tier tanks, when in reality it didn't happen that often. Another thing that became visible to me from doing this research was that we formerly had a cornucopia of different match-ups. In that 400 game sample, there were 114 unique matches. Now that number would be smaller with the new light tank system that we have today, but it would still be much MUCH more than what we have in our current set of three strict templates (3/5/7, etc.). The variety of games and balance of top, middle, and bottom tier matches stands out like a beacon of excitement compared to the drab experience we are left with presently. Once you become conscious of these things, it is hard not to notice them. I was smacked in the face with reality and have cursed myself with this knowledge and I apologize for ruining anyone else's perception of the the game now. That isn't my general intention. My goal is to have this MM changed back to what it was, or something similar to what it was as had been proposed on the NA and EU forums. For anyone that wants this information, here is a link to the google doc where I transferred it. It is a copy of the pertinent information from my excel spreadsheets, and while I am confident that the main part is correct, there could be an error or two at the bottom with the layout of matches. The figures above them are correct, but I am not checking the 400 different matches to make sure I copied every single one correctly. So forgive me if there is an error there. IF there is an error, the chart above the matches is correct and I miscopied the match(s) below it. Please note the difference in top tier matches between me and Macduff48 under the current system. He platoons a lot. For the periods I gathered from myself, I rarely platooned. Together, they give a decent rough average for most players in the game whether they platoon or not. Partial top or bottom tier matches refers to 5/10 matches or +1/-1 matches in the old MM. For a more specific description of the data collection, see "The Case Against the 3/5/7 Match Maker" article. I updated it recently and I hope I converted all the numbers correctly. If something doesn't make sense, please let me know. The impetus for starting this research was to see how many top tier tanks were in matches because players kept telling me the old MM was full of games with enormous amounts of top tier tanks. From there it grew to other things, but you will see the top tier tank emphasis in there. Here are the charts I created with the information to make it easier for people to understand the information. Feel free to copy them for your own use. First, here is a general comparison followed by a more specific comparison of the frequency of Top, Middle, and Bottom tier matches. The "partial bottom" for the old MM was included in the Middle Tier numbers on the first chart. Here are two graphics on top tier tanks in matches overall, and then with the percent that players were bottom tier in that range out of all of their games. Here are some charts that show the amount of bottom tier tanks in the bottom tier matches from the sample studied. The first one is the raw numbers from the 114 bottom tier matches and the second one is the percent of those raw numbers. This last graphic was created to show the drastic decline in variety. Perhaps it isn't as important, but I will include it anyway. Thank you for your patience if you made it this far. No matter which side of the debate you were on, all civil input was appreciated.
  8. In udes, you can be agressive if there aren't arty, and there's hills to work with. In 103-0, you can be aggressive there are no HE shooters, arty, 122mm+ guns, or guns with HEAT as prem ammo in front of you. in 103b, you can be agressive if there are no HE shooters, arty, or 152mm+ guns
  9. JT88 was the tank all the botters used for credits since it literally made profits if any single number wasn't 0 on your score sheet type59 also has that ridiculous cred multiplier, just before the 257 changes i was racking up 50k profits running big everything and spamming full gold every game
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  11. Go back to the dark, friend!
  12. Sweden can not into aggression for many centuries now. :-\
  13. If you want an experienced BB player to division with just add me to your friends list.
  14. Where can we get this aime?
  15. I played hundreds of games in the JT88, most of them before any of its last 2-3 buffs happened. I found it fun at the time. These days it collects dust in my garage. It's not unplayable or anything, armor creep + pen creep have left it behind. It's not very mobile, but when you park it in a corridor it's still not very good because you have trouble penetrating heavies you face and they don't have much trouble penetrating your armor anymore. The Skorpion is a better German TD while the Löwe is a better German crew trainer if you're not set on having a TD.
  16. RN BBs have merely meh AP, but overbuffed HE, so everyone spams their 40% fire chance HE on them.
  17. You can, but aggression is different for them. An aggressive play would be moving up to a crossfire position that could potentially be risky rather than going out swinging in close quarters. Constantly trying to find new (better) angles to work your awesome gun, camo and/or low silhouette is going to keep you busy in these tanks regardless so that's how aggressive you can be. Siege is tricky and obviously the longer range of an engagement the better, but sometimes there are better lanes to lock down or squisher big HP tanks to farm, so constantly working the tanks this way rather than just flat out camping and waiting for things to run into your crosshair is basically the alternative to the incredibly passive gameplay. I only have experience in the Strv S1 which lacks the mobility, but I'd never go up front just because of the risk of dying so easily is too high compared to how useful I can be when I'm ahead of my team. Even these tier 8s are way better long range than regular T10s on long vision lanes so obviously staying back is the most reasonable thing to do, they are less productive than you are regarding shots. Teams are shit sometimes, what you can do is try to find alternate angles but it requires an insane amount of consideration in risk-reward to really prove worthwhile compared to camping. I personally redline in it like EU unicums did back in 2012, because it works best that way for me. But I still have decent games on maps like Himmels and Paris because you can always find lanes and firing lines at range where your gun/camo combo gives you a playable and productive option. This is really where the difference between the average redliner against someone using their head will start to show.
  18. They just need to exclude arty and Type5 from this mode, and all will be fine... I like the zero sum game. Only those actually playing for win can advance. But yes, as someone mentioned, rewards are not attractive enough, and credit sink is real. I'm not playing this time around at all, since I would rather grind my Conqueror.
  19. Way back when sometime I chose to make some of my female crews Swedish (not Swiss) . As I'm a really smart person, this was before I ever tried any of the Swedish TD's. Just tried some on Supertest (the T8 premium mostly) and while they seem great on defense, sniping from their utterly ridiculous camo, I got wrecked anytime I tried to take a more aggressive approach to using them. I totally understand (and applaud) the fire these things draw when spotted, but I'm wondering if anyone regularly uses them offensively, moving up, spotting for those E100s,M48's, and T100LT's that understanably don't want to move up themselves. Or even just taking forward positions, rather than something half a map back. Just realized with the new personal mission completion scheme I'm going to have an extra 4 female crew, before I assign a third to a line I'm never going to play, I'd like to know if these can be used somewhat offensively, or if they're pretty much camp and snipe until it's cleanup damage time. Thanks!
  20. Extra thoughts on 152mm vs 90mm: A normal hit ratio for a good player with the 90mm is 80-82%. Pen ratio about the same 80-82%, maybe as high as 85% for the very skilled (thinking about Daki in WGLNA seasons), but @CarbonWard pretty much always shows 82 and 82 in his sessions across all guns - we'll consider him a gold standard. This gives you 0.82*0.82 = 67% damaging rate The 152 sees 0.68-0.70 hit rate among the skilled. But your damage rate is generally 97-98% of those hits, if you're using HEAT intelligently you're still gonna fail to pen them sometimes and you sometimes get 0 dmg HE crits. You'd prob see 99% damage rates if you always shot only HE, but then you'd not be using the gun optimally. So 0.69*0.97= 67% damage rate...its the same. Now, this doesn't get into the stuff like...misses with the 152 that still do damage (no idea how YasenKrasen counts those), shots you REALLY NEED TO HIT TO WIN, that fall in that ~15% hit gap, or the ever impressive 2 digit damage on a bad splash (Maus loses 43 hp, team tells you that you are a bad scout and should be suiciding for TDs early). But my overall point is that the feast or famine nature of the gun feels high and it is, because of that handling/accuracy and the accompanying gap, but that the ability to put out the damaging hits in the long run ends up very close to the same (and see previous posts about why I think the nature of the 152 damage is better). The Sheridan seems to show about 1% better hit rate than the T49 btw, chalked up to the faster aim-time and higher final accuracy (0.53 v 0.48 in my usual set-ups. note:Sheridan has worse soft stats so the gap is smaller than it would be if they gave it the T49's handling). The hope is that the improved vstab and improved vents (0.01 more accuracy whee!) can take that hit-rate up to 70-71%. Working through our napkin math above, and presuming a normal average of 2200 under current conditions a 2% increase in hits because of lower aim-time and high accuracy means you can be looking at...40 more damage per game. A piddling raw amount, but it does mean you're closing the miss gap from 15% to 13%, which is itself a 13% (2/15) reduction in missed shots, which is more substantial (while still being silly fucking tiny, but hey this kind of twisted min-max thinking is what this forum was founded on).
  21. I still feel sad inside...
  22. Tier for tier, IMHO the KT is a definite upgrade from the Tiger. You go from a boxy turreted TD to an actual heavy tank. Yes, the LFP is a weakspot, and you have to repair your engine multiple times a game, but it's a reasonably good sidescraper. YOu can protect the turret by angling after firing and rocking, and the gun is absolutely excellent. The only better one at this tier is the one on the Loewe, perhaps. 100% crew and vents will give you .29 dispersion, so you can consistently use that great pen at range (unlike e.g. the Defender or Lorr). You can bait shots into your sides when brawling, and anging actually brings some benefit, unlike in the Tiger, where it feels to me as if no amount of angling is sufficient to help. It's somewhat slow and inflexible, but if you plan your engagements correctly, it's still a pretty capable tank.
  23. Pretty much anything that goes fast can flip since the flipping/e-brake physics patch. Its more annoying than anything, but the e-brake was prob worth it. Sheridan flips like crazy, super fast traverse, high hp/t and boat-like hull. T49 sticks to the ground a bit better, prone to flipping but less so than the 54LW. Also much easier to flip back, because of the taller hulls you end up on your side, which doesn't have a destruction timer, and is easy for any tank to bump you back.
  24. So I'm 50 games into the Emil II, and I have to say that I regret going down this line. Pretty much only just finished unlocking all the modules. 40% win rate with just under 2k DPG. Painful. Stock grind has to be one of the worst I've experienced thus far - the gun is bad against the plethora of tier 9 and tier 10 heavies. It still has bad gun handling, and the alpha and pen are terrible, barely enough to do 50% damage to in-tier tanks. It is SO SLOW for a tank that has basically no armour - barely manages 20kph on flat ground. Turns extremely slow, meaning relocating is basically impossible. Thankfully the top gun is lighter than the stock gun, which makes the rest of the grind a bit easier. Firstly, you can pen things, and your clip finally means something (although it's still not great, especially when you get all those sub-400 damage rolls). The lighter weight helps with the mobility (at least can get above 20kph on the flat, and can keep speed built up going downhill a little while). Even fully upgraded (haven't had it for too many games to be honest), it still feels terrible overall. Mobility is frustratingly bad. It is a hill-fighter but struggles getting up and down hills. Flat, straight-line speed is also disappointing. The gun is... okay, pen is acceptable as is the clip potential. Gun handling is still bad though (I bounce a heap of shots on the sides of things that really shouldn't be bouncing 240 pen), and it retains this awful 3.3 second intra-clip reload that often means if the enemy is close to cover you usually only get to land that first hit. Plus, if you don't have a hill to utilise, the turret armour is weak against anything higher tier (I had a T57 heavy pen me straight through the turret with heat on flat ground). Can't say I'll keep playing this once I unlock the tier 10.
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  27. K I have to ask- how careful do you have to be with the T49 (And Sheridan I guess) at rounding corners?(While driving semi fast) I love the 54Lt but I seem to have a chance to flip over almost anytime I hit a bump at teh same time as I'm turning the tank, not sure if it's just the 54lt (or maybe my driving) or if it applies to all the scout tanks.
  28. If you want a 'slow', German credit-maker, get the better premium fascist box, the Lowe. It's got a turret, better mobility, in my opinion better gun due to turret, much better armor, better camo probably, more gun depression and an even higher credit multiplier (Lowe has 180%, Jgt. 8.8 has 171%). Sure the Jgt. 8.8 technically can print more credits than the Lowe, as the AP rounds are much cheaper, but in actuality you have to spam premium with the 8.8, and that's completely negating the fact that getting good games in the Jgt (even 3k plus ones...) is once in a blue moon. The Jgt. speed is incredibly frustrating (traverse is painful af), the gun just doesn't cut it anymore, and the armor was never amazing, but now, especially considering how much tier 8 matchmaking has been shafted, isn't even reliable anymore. It does have 2800 base DPM, however it's hard to use due to alpha, pen, armor, mobility, no turret etc. etc. you should know by now. It doesn't even have the high-HP-for-a-TD gimmick anymore, the Ferdinand stole that. It's not worth it. Save yourself the pain and sweet dollar dollar bills. I was lucky I was a pleb when playing it, because otherwise I'd have some serious issues sleeping (Okay, maybe that's a bit much, but you get what I mean). Shooting them though, that I can get behind. If you still want a premium Jagdtiger, wait to see if the Jagdtiger H ever becomes a thing. At least then you'll have a big boom stick..
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