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  2. The people in these videos are purposely not shooting in the right places. Unlike the IS-3/IS-7, you can pen the side of the 257 on the hull above the tracks (i.e. the part that isn’t sloping downward). I think it’s about 200 mm effective. Also, the pike nose gets even weaker when overangling the side. This is all without mentioning that the entire turret roof is overmatchable. That won’t be a problem for tier 9 and 10, but the tank will shit on tier 7 and 8 like most other tier 9 heavies do. Circon’s real gripe was that it reversed everything you’ve learned about shooting the sides of high-tier IS tanks. You need to shoot the 257 side in what would be the spaced armor blackhole of an IS-3 or IS-7 side.
  3. I guess they could try turning the turret armor into hot dogshit
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  5. But surely half of the population already has a t10, so why buff the replacement? Has their incompetence progressed to a new level?
  6. I would never thought it was possible but WG made the 257 just a better T-10.. What the fuck has this game become..
  7. Meanwhile the chineses T34-2 sits in the corner and cries.
  8. The problem with mining cards is the constant high load and temps on the power delivery. That eats into the expected life time of these components like nothing else.
  9. I start a thread suggesting some kind of mob justice, and you guys manage to end it with a touch of class and civility.
  10. Everybody probably missed it but they are also buffing T-44, T-54prot, T-44-100
  11. I saw Anfields pen test video on the Obj 257 yesterday and I am concerned. The 430U he used to pen it wasn't able to pen the sides reliable. (I tell you nothing new here :P) But why I am concerned is the following. WG can't really change this. Unlike the German box tanks or this turret bug one post above, the armor does not come from thickness. It is just ridiculous angled. And I can't think of a case WG changed the angling of armor plates. At least not in a huge amount like it would be necessary here. So what can they do? Change the whole model or at least the hitbox model to an unrealistic but gameplay acceptable level? Make the sides overmatchable? This whole angled sidearmor, spaced armor bullshit which creates blackholes eating all the shells was always on of the reasons Russian tanks forgive mistakes and make it perfect beginners. But this is a whole new level of bullshit.
  12. I don't understand. (700th time I've said that this year already.)
  13. Fuck arty. One of the first top tier games i've had all night while grinding credits. T26E5 on Failinovka, north spawn 3/5/7. I get up to the hill, get penned by fucking everything and get artied to shit the whole time. BALANCE DA

  14. 257 has autopen turret roof, cupolas and easy overmatch for most tanks
  15. You know, you're probably right about that. I'll edit to remove.
  16. Modifying a poem about the Holocaust for pixel tanks is in poor taste.
  17. Which circle of Hell does Dante reserve for Japanese superheavy drivers who whine about premium ammo in after-battle messages?

  18. If the whole T-22 fiasco should have taught you anything it is that you shouldn't under any cicumstances allow players to democratically punish players. If anything they should implement a Karma-system where people can compliment other players on the team who are not total dicks who then in turn may get a reward if they recieved X amount of Karma in Y amount of games, this would help alleviate the toxicity of all the dipshits seemingly infesting the random battle mode.
  19. Type 62, Overlord, BT9. Ace Tanker. As bottom tier, I start cagily, but seeing a T-54 overextend, I join in the collective pain infliction upon him, then help form a deathball that clears out the 9-0 including arty. Then I try to use vision to dig out a pile of dug in TDs, before falling back to save @CodeNameSly as a Tiger trundles towards him... Type 62, Abbey, BT8. Ace Tanker, Radley Walters, Top Gun, Orlik's Medal. I start by going to the abbey, killing a Cromwell on the 8-9, then clean up the middle push, kill a Hellcat that has run to our base, then clean up the 8-9, kill an UDES that has flipped, a 12t going for my TDs, kill arty, draw out the IS and kill him. Whew.
  20. Guys, this is all just one big ruse to revive the low/mid tiers by going full Bane to the Batman that is tier 9 and 10. Seriously.
  21. Yeah, I've also started playing again after not playing since last March. I don't hate playing low tiers like I used to, and a lot of it I find is because of how badly they've fucked up tier 8+, especially tier 10. It'll only get worse with the 9.22 Russian tank additions
  22. Finally updated to 9.22 Test server and when I was looking for 430U, also found this ''430B'':

    4500 dpm when full equipped but only 230/270 pen AP/APCR

    1. Fulcrous


      You forgot bia. its 4600

    2. Tman450


      I think it's placeholder stats. When you login to test for the first time it says "removed: 430B, added: 430U, 430"

      It appears they renamed the tier 10 430 to 430B and added one to tier 9.

  23. Get ready to enrich your blacklists with this fine specimen. He will threaten and throw the match as soon as you as much click on his location on the minimap and ask for help. One of the most pettiest pieces of shit on the NA server. I have personally made it my mission to ruin the game for him whenever I see him.
  24. It has its place; try the wall with the slot in Siegfried Line to not only snipe the field in a medium-like way but also spot everything there without even trying. It seems to accrue lots of assisted when you are trying for damage. Lately I have been using its speed to drive around all over the place, take sneaky shots at stuff - especially their lights - and light up stuff in passing. It might be big and not have the best camo, but its very fast and has the best view range. Even without vents I'm getting 503 with food.
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