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  2. I want to play rank but the sheer stupidity and salt has usually turned me away after a few games every time. I'll try again, my NM and Bayern are ready
  3. 1. Due to the game's dispersion mechanics ANY tank can miss. The difference is other tanks have to aim at specific areas of armor. In a type5 if you miss the weakspot to deal for 600 you still deal 300 and damage modules. 2. I have no idea what your post about you seeing people on ranked means. Yeah type5 is better for pubs than for ranked because ranked favours tanks with a mix of mobility and armor. That has NOTHING to do with your absurd argument that type5 is not broken. It's like saying the 113 as an awesome super duper amazeballs tank because it is used in CW despite most good players saying they don't like to play it outside CW.
  4. Oh... I just learnt to upload the signature.... what to do... never wanted to in the first place... but then again, to stop the nuisance...
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  6. I think one of the things that is bad about US CVs is, that people do not realize how much about their dive bombers they actually are, thus people tend to go for the stock loadout, which is usually along the lines of a 1-1-1. Thus they directly choose a loadout that is the antithesis of everything the US carriers are strong at. You hamper your ability for AS and you hamper your ability to bomb and torch the enemy. On the other end of the spectrum, the lower to mid tier US carriers have a secondary problem regarding their focused loadouts. You either only have one dive bomber, thus pretty much directly, again, working against what the CV is good at or you have no fighters, thus undermining your ability to attack as you are not able to deter the enemy from your attack squads. The 2-0-1 loadouts do work, however, but they need a lot of effort to get good results with. An issue tied to that is, the innate inability to tell which ships you should be targeting. With an IJN carrier, you just send your torpedo bombers to whatever you deem an easy target. With the US carrier, you have to look for a ship that isn't already burning, but has already burned or flooded and used it's repair. It's practically impossible to keep track of that most of the time, thus lowering your chance of good damage by default, as you will most likely choose a target that is going to repair the fires you set to it instantly, leaving you only with the meager bomb damage (that is still good, but is nowhere near what a torpedo strike or a fire would have done). The next problem is, that at a certain tier, IJN amount of CAGs just explode, while you are still stuck with 3 or 4 squads, the IJN throws 5 to 6 at you. Your ability to deal with fighters and spread-out bomber squads, just does not keep up with the ease the IJN can outmaneuver you. The following things I would like to see implemented: 1) Add 1 squad to every US loadout starting at tier 5 (maybe 6 at latest). Reduce squad-size by one to balance out the additional amount of planes in the air, if the additional squad would be left at full strength. This also helps with balancing out the innate superiority of US fighter CAGs against IJN fighter CAGs 2) This additional squad should be either: Stock loadout +1 dive bomber AS loadout +1 dive bomber; if there are already 2 divers in the squad: +1 fighter; if there are already 3 fighters: + 1 torper Strike loadout +1 fighter, if there are already 2 fighters: +1 diver; if there are already 3 divers: +1 torper (can't log in atm, not sure if any of the US strikes have two fighters by default) 3) Add an indicator for the top down UI, that makes it clearer which ships currently suffer from DoT-effects. Idealy, leave that indicator for a few seconds even after the DoT is repaired, maybe leave the indicator blinking or whatever, as long as the repair party is still running. 4) Lower singular ship AA-cabability. It is inherently more difficult to make successful staggered strikes, as are necessary with dive bombers. With torp squads, it's all about getting all your planes in and basically alpha the target, while with bomb strikes you generally only send one squad in at a time, making them far too vulnerable for the advanced AA that starts at tier 6. 5) Lower preparation-/rearming-time of US CAGs. The IJN is too drastically better at getting early recon and early damage, compared to the US. You often only launch your first group, while the IJN is already almost about to attack the first target. Conversely, it happened more than once that I erradicated an entire loadout of an IJN carrier, am about to reload my fighters and see the enemy CV attacking in full force already again. This inherently invalidates the entire point of the AS-loadouts and just should not happen.
  7. In words of Farazelleth (during stream) : "unless you're a masochist, go IJN."
  8. What to do, this is the internet world. u see tards like that all the time. A recruitment officer to boot, wonder what kinds of pple he recruited to his clan. A good way to make your clan known I must say. Let's stick to the topic proper and ignore the baiters and trolls.
  9. >break 4,6k DPG E50M

    >get TKd for being a hacker

    was fun to be close to Amir even if only for 2 minute :feelsbad: 

    1. TAdoo87


      You should stop hacking... :minidoge:

      Meanwhile I am sitting here with 3.4k dpg. :feelsbad:

      kajzoo also has 4.6k over his last 70 games.

    2. #NightWolf5628


      fkn hkr!!


  10. As a Wotlabber, I'm ashamed of the bullying of a legitimate question by a select few. Then it goes as far as the OP getting shamed for his/her stats. Stat shaming is a two-way street. We all know this from first-hand experience. I'd understand if it was some tard like Gasai Yuno posting about his newly-penetrated body pillow, but really? A legitimate question that many of us think about and the OP gets stat shamed which ironically proves the OP's point - albeit wotlabs.
  11. And there we go, he finally gets to the real point. I suck, people yell at me, and I just want to cry about it. Cyber Bullying is bad.
  12. wow.... someone wants to expose his e-weenie.... except his isn't much to speak of. see what I mean... xvm, stats, indecent exposure of e-weenies.... they mistaken humble modesty for a weakness. btw.... why isn't our stats reflected in this forum anymore? just to stop tards like that from showing his little dick?
  13. Id rather having a Maus with the gun handling plus hp than the armor.
  14. @Alesia Financial stress can have a serious impact on a relationship. Hope you and the SO don't forget to communicate because that solves a lot of problems in life whereas the opposite leads to blow-outs fights in the long run :-/
  15. Well, now I've noticed that I can mount vstabs on the T64. Thx guys;) Regarding the blackdog, I run it with food and still manage to do around 50k profit each game, so it's my goto go tank atm if I need money. It just wracks shit with this hep rounds at Tier 6.
  16. Anyone with any clue either avoids USN carriers or try hards them. The Midway may be good, the Essex may be decent but the IJN line is prolly good all the way through.
  17. Lol - with the greatest respect - that sounds like something your grandmother would say.
  18. Quote

    On paper, the iPhone 7 looks like the slowest of the flagship smartphones. If it was running Android, it would be considered a midrange device. But because of Apple’s incredible chips and stellar software, it easily outperforms seemingly faster devices.

    It might not deliver better scores in benchmark tests, but in real-world comparisons, iPhone 7 can beat the Galaxy S8 and just about everything else on the market. One handset it cannot topple, however, is the new OnePlus 5.

    Powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor (like the Galaxy S8), super-fast UFS storage, and a whopping 8GB of RAM, the OnePlus 5 is the first Android device in a long time that’s faster at loading popular apps and games.

    8GB of RAM. WOW.

    1. flare_phoenix


      tfw your computer has 8 gb of ram

    2. orzel286


      My pc has 3gb...

    3. BlackAdder


      32gb circlejerk but 8gb is serious amount for phone. 

  19. I'm at work so didn't watch the replay but looking at the stats it seems most of you damage was within 300m, So if your description is accurate I think you did the alright thing You could (if you spawned south) Go to the ridge just in front of your tds and you would have been able to keep those heavies lit while making them have to expose themselves to hit you. But as I couldn't actually see the map composition Hard to say.
  20. But tier 9 is objectively the best tier right now and the Juan Juan Juan Juan Juan Juan Four is still one of the best tier 9 heavies. If anything it should be a sarcastic "Oh no, i have to keep grinding this thing? WHAT A SHAME...!" I wonder if it will get its reload nerfed and gun dep nerfed to -5. It should make it a fair bit more balanced than it is now.
  21. The difference is that the old Foch was much more fun to play and you can kill 2 tier 8s with your 3400 clip while they usually miss the shot at your cupolas because you've given them no time to react and they'd miss because old accuracy sigma. Also the problem with the Maus is that you can't do much unless you're directly beside it and hit the bits above the track or get behind it. But then it'll take you 50000 years to kill it and by then, the Maus will just run you over. Different kinds of helpless, but at least the old foch involved a very swift death so you can go on with your life. At least now it takes a good 10 seconds or so to find cover before you explode instead of 3.
  22. Old Foch was much worse because tier 8s wouldnt damage it from front and the mobilitt was so stupid that tier 8 meds wouldnt run away from it. I dont know how this would be worse than maus. Maus is almost immune to many tier 8s and even after nerfs it can 3 shot them and kill them in less than 25 seconds or so
  23. Soo it'll be a slightly worse old Foch 155 because it can't 2 shot tier 8s?
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