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  2. 112 better than IS-6 still, right? I think I'll trade, if so. The original values work in my favor.
  3. sell the tank, and delete this thread you are embarrassing yourself
  4. I've been getting this error when trying to trade in my SU-100Y for the tier 6 strv: "Error: Failed to trade in for the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. Server error. Please try again later." Anybody know what this is?
  5. I was planning to trade my T34 for a 112. How is the new MM treating prem MM vehicles nowadays? I'm assuming the 112 can use its armor to bully enemies even more than it used to.
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  7. Well, it can be used to train up replacement crew for any of the tanks you've ground through and are keeping. Just means you need to wait until they have trained up all the skills you want before retraining them to a heavy crew. Not ideal, but better to grind them out at tier 6 than 8/9.
  8. Didnt STA-1 just get gun dep buff with stock turret? It already had -10 with top one
  9. Confirmed nothing behind the 177mm gun mantlet unless you hit the overlapping parts. Other changes include STA-1 gun depression buff to -10 and the HD model armor adjustments.
  10. The question is if the game calculate the armor plate LOS thickness at impact for fusing purposes even when the shell "ignores" the armor due to overmatching. My understanding so far was that shells have hardcap on travel time post-penetration regardless of fuse setting and that this is the main reason whenever DDs suffer normal pen from BB shells; penetrating shells travel lengthwise and shells' hardcap lifetime runs out before exiting the ship, resulting in normal pen.
  11. I hate this tank, so many retards hard fapping around base. Useless for team...
  12. Been trying to quit for a long long time and this new update finally made it a whole lot easier, thanks WG :) Now I'll go cry in a corner reflecting on all the cash I actually threw at them assholes.

    1. TAdoo87


      What was the final reason for you? Arty?

      Good for you. :)

    2. CheekiBreeki_
  13. Yes, you definitely want a team of plebs so you can farm all the damage. Or platoon with a light so he can spot for you and farm that assisted like a boss.. If you get a competent team you may not farm as much as with a team of camping bots.
  14. I and pretty many others hated it. That and Kranvagn generally were lot stronger on test server because retards let you just hulldown and unleash your magazine against them. You can sit in ridge and everyone will come at you. I hated EMIL 2, long intra + long magazine reload + awful gun handling + sluggish mobility made it pretty frustating to play.
  15. Im now at tier 8, and while the low tiers are all trash / not fun, (especially the TDs are atrocious) the UDES is reasonable: its awefull for winning its mega super ultra situational its not good Its still kinda fun, like how chi-ri was fun when released, not good, but difference / unique and thus not that bad of a grind The Emil I is also quite fun, its only flaw is the default autoloader crap, long reload, which means missing a killshot is frustrating and low dpm Emil II was amazeballs on test server, after it got nerfed so unless they also nerfed it between last round of testing and live version, it should be good / fun, and the same for Strv 103, i played it a lot on test server (and not the t10) but it worked quite well all in all Swe TDs suffer from bad low tiers, while the heavys are a bit bland ps: and agree, single shot 140mm would have been far better, 650 alpha dmg is quite a good value to balance around
  16. Guys, I received the following email from ASRock regarding Taichi availability. "Thank you for your interest of ASRock MB. The next ETA to Newegg is 4/27 or 4/28 but due to quantity is vey limited so suggest you sing up auto notify. Thanks"
  17. Can we just lay this old sick horse to the ground and be done with? Then we start padding WG rating in team battles
  18. that feeling when 5 tanks yolo in and kill themselves just to kill you and your platoon mate, therefore throwing the entire game. 

  19. I see shitton of tier 7s with pref tier 8 (kv-5). As for other tanks, i typically see +/- 0 or +/- 1 matches; +/-2 are rare.
  20. It was indeed fucking retarded OP on phase 1 but they nerfed it pretty hard after that. Also i dont think WG is planning to buff it ever, its performing statistically fine. Its just unfun to play (like all top tier Swe heavies). Tbh Swedish tree was kinda failure. Both of lines has tanks that are both unfun to play and unfun to play against. There are few expections, but thats how it is.
  21. WZ weights 30 tons.
  22. Wait, those bond crap can also be used for cw / random battles? i assumed it would be only for the game mode itself If WG is forcing us to play fucking ranked shit** in order to play on equal terms in randoms, they can fuck off, infact, playing ranked battles to get super-food or super-equipment, so you can use super-food in randoms would be 10x worse pay to win as gold ammo for gold ever was, i rather see this bond shit only for gold in store, as as a fucking reward for a stupid game mode... I guess i should just quit then, anyone wanna buy account? i have everything unlocked, 80 million credits, 150 tanks, including 10 or so t8 prems and about 25 tier 9, 20 tier 10 tanks (everything crewed wihth good crews and equipment) + thousands of prem consumables, spare guns and engines and dozens of equipment in depot (total value 40 million i guess) **: this game mode WILL suck balls, ranked battles means equal skilled player which means super mega camp, the only reason randoms work is because people make mistakes and dont have patience, if you get 30 players with patience in a single game, its gonna be fucking awefull, JUST like CW is fucking goddam awefull...
  23. This is iChase being an idiot and using selective data and poor testing criteria. The danger is not necessarily that broadside DDs get wrecked harder by this (I don't really care about shooting a broadside DD with a Koenig, the ballistic characteristics alone invalidate the test), it's that the angles where overpens become pens shifts far enough towards 90 that the number of huge AP hits a DD will take becomes noticeably more pronounced.
  24. Ravioli is actually a good tank unlike the garbage shitbox CDC.
  25. That's because the whole line is bad and ends with a bad tier 10. I'm on the Char now, and finally got the good gun. It went from absolute dog shit to occasionally tolerable. No depression, bad camo, no armor and no real great way to play it on many maps. I was looking forward to this one too because everyone said it's the highlight of the grind. Stopping there, no point going further. For some reason I wasted a female crew on this line. You're right about it being a pseudo-medium, which is how I end up playing it because there's no other choice. It's bad in that role, and it's not a good thing.
  26. You think the bots who play on our server are capable of suchs complex plans and ideas? I like this patch, i can now flame arty tards every single game, and they cant even tk me in 1 shot, guud times
  27. Tanks I have in the garage and never play; HTC Dicker Max TOG II Only tanks I have not already got that might be purchaseable; Ravioli STA-2 112 Thinking more towards the Ravioli, but seems a waste as I have CDC for crew training. In the Jap line I use the Chi-Nu-Ki for crew training. Already have 111, so no real need to get a 112. May just wait and see if something I really want gets added to the tech tree, that I don't already own.
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