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  3. You really should change "good" in your title to "top 0.1%" since that's the benchmark you're describing, and severely limits the number of people's qualified to answer. I can't answer how to do that level, because I don't do that level. Once I held 3800 over 200 games in the Batchat, so that's really my only experience, and never in a tier 9. But when I watch the best of the best play, they just seem to refuse to react, even when they roll edge of the reticle twice in a row, or catch a bullshit fire. But this could be a chicken or egg type problem - is the non-reaction the cause of the superior play, or the effect? Again, I can't speak to 3600+ beyond a lucky session or so, but I can say how I personally rationalize the limits of my performance. Being trained as a statistician I know there's a limit to the performance imposed by the system. No one can average 12k dpg, just like no one can average 85ppg in the NBA. And talent also sets an upper limit, given equal intelligent hard work. If I had spent any of the last 4 years worried about how I wasn't as good as Kewei or vetro that'd be a waste of time or effort. So all I can worry about are the things I control. And RNG is a system parameter and thus not really something I can control, as long as I'm choosing intelligent shots/engagements.
  4. I never paid attention to your avatar before, but now I can see how accurate it is.
  5. Do you use the armor viewer in game? Is it reliable? I get discrete values when I pare down the selections and hover over a color . . . would that work?
  6. take a break and come back at it another day the second things start going not your way
  7. Case by case basis. I don't actually know the armor values, does her bow get overmatched by 8" AP?
  8. Crazy are very multinational but speak English. However they played way to late for me in Sydney.
  9. It seems like you answered your own question. Obviously you're a very good player but sometimes you get the short end of the stick. It happens. The best answer I can give you as someone who (while not being as good as you are) does get fucked over by RNG sometimes is don't let yourself get too frustrated with the game because that will never help. The shitty times will pass eventually, but they'll be back. You said it yourself. Uncontrollable forces. Unless it's your own fault these shots aren't going in (meh aiming, meh leading, not letting the gun aim) which I doubt it is, there really is nothing you can do. I feel like this is all stuff you've heard before. You can't have shitty RNG forever. It's just like the games where you get ammo racked the first shell you take - shit happens. Move on, don't get tilted.
  10. Type 59: 9WZ-111: 16112: 23T-34-3: 8AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 27leKpz M 41 90 mm: 6 - 3 = 3, credit grinding on someone else's T95E2 sock has never been so triggering, no HP, average LT mobility, shitty camo, and the gun almost claimed the life of my MacBook pro on multiple occasions. Yeah, great, it's a premium LT that you can play in strongholds, but with that camo you might as well take a Skorpion Skorpion G: 27 + 1 = 28, is actually a Skorpion Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz: 23 STA-2: 26M46 KR: 22 KV-5: 18T-44-100: 10T26E5 (Patriot): 31T26E4: 15M4A1 Revalorisé: 35
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  12. Sometimes I've noticed it's dependent on how the state of your mind is in. Like I get headaches for instance when I don't drink enough water and don't get enough sleep. It's not worth it to play then, unless you just want to roll in tanks you don't care for DPG. One thing also is you've also got to understand why you're achieving such high DPG's in the first place. It's not just quickly reacting in the best possible way to a situation, but being able to make new decisions based on different data. I would consider myself back when I played one of the better players in terms of positions, and blindfiring. But when I was at 3k dpg only in T-62a/batchat I went to positions mindlessly, just seeing others get high damages in them. Then I started actually observing more and more spots, and thought about how to use them actively in the game. You can't play the standard meta spots only, that's a basic unicum tier. To go past that you have to think while in the game itself aswell. This should be able to help you, because when I played ~3k dpg I went to standard positions and would get shit on and would be like wtf. Once I started going to positions because of enemy and team composition, as well as other factors I went way over 4k dpg. For example on the AMX 50B north spawn Prokhorovka I would go to A6 when I see the enemy has a composition of light tanks or mediums that can spot the middle really easy. I would change positions once they decided that they took too much damage from me. I would go to D7, or the middle, or E3 based on what would happen, I would sometimes rarely go to the south east hill area. Prokhorovka is one of the simpler maps in terms of positioning, but most people in their mediums get caught up in just going center when other spots are far better for the situation. One match I was playing T-62a, I saw the enemy had 3 accurate artilleries, I saw some unnamed wotlabs terrible unicum go straight to the middle. I told him even they have 3 arty. And hell it was after I made a guide on how to not get artied on Prokhorovka. He went to his normal spot and got obliterated 1 minute into the match. The match continued on for 13 minutes and I didn't get hit once and farmed up 6500 damage. Switching from E2 initially, to the A6 rails, to the mid, over to the hill and back to E2 and I pushed the 2 line. Here is a example of a decision not even 30 seconds into the match allowing for almost immediate farming. Or even E-100 center Prok can be OP. I'll give you also an example I have in COH2 (an RTS game) aswell. I had a match recently where I adapted in a 2v2 midgame, they had an armor advantage with long range tank destroyers on a fairly open map. They also had 2 rocket artilleries. Me and my ally were on the backfoot for a while, but I managed to notice the enemy sends his rocket artillery immediately after firing straight back to his base. It's a easy way some people avoid being counter barraged. Well I put a T-34-85 far out on a flank and after he fired I waited till he got back to his base and attacked both of them wiping them out. This in turn made the 2 enemies turn some armor turn around aswell. This allowed us to break through the center and other flanks and encircle and destroy all their armor (2 stugs Jagdpanzer Jagdtiger 2x Panther) with a Bias-2, 2 SU-85s, and 2 T-34-85s. The meta thing to do would have been to just kill off all their infantry with rocket artillery, and win with our own infantry, but I saw something that I could take advantage of and I went for it, and it payed off tremendously. It was a change in plans entirely and allowed us to close out a game 20 minutes earlier than a regular strat would have allowed.
  13. T8 arty does 800 damage to one of the most heavily armored TDs in the game,from the front,thus denying him the Kolobanov's.That's what we call balance komrade :serb:


    1. Nekommando


      cannot have unicscum padding their wins in J100

  14. What's this about?
  15. I only know one "cure" when SerB decides to troll me. And that's to leave game for today. Forcing yourself to play will result in being annoyed and losing focus, which isn't really what you want, I believe.
  16. I hate people who play arp ships in ranked
  17. I either giveup and spam gold or take a break varying from two to seven days Or even switch to Hearthstone for a bit Or I sometimes (Almost never :v) go outside and just lay down Really nothing you can do to "battle" RNG unfortunately
  18. I'd be very lairy about brawling with anything more dangerous than an Omaha. You don't have the HP pool or the armor for it.
  19. Remove all tier 10 TDs and I can fucking guarantee you high tier games will be 20x more fun and equally less cancerous. (Removing arty is a given at this point)

    It's the goddamn truth that people don't fucking want to acknowledge. 

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      It's almost like the common problem is high alpha.

    3. Tarski


      Would you be satisfied if they removed all the really high alpha tier 10 TDs but left the 263 and and Strv? 

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      Really, the game just needs more shit than can kill you in a single hit. Preferably across the map.

  20. Closer distance is fine unless there's a BB there, but that will citadel you anyways, so it doesn't really matter.
  21. It's straight up fucking retarded that you still can't even respond to your own looking for clam poasts on the "official" forums. Interestingly enough @JOC469 I had invites from all 3 of those clans you mentioned within a few hours of posting, CRAZY at first glanced look more like the United Nations than an ANZ clan, so it was down to 1AR or TIM.
  22. Played 1.5 hours of wows this morning. Started with rank 10.5 ended with rank 10.5. 

    Dont play ranked in the morning the amount of tard is unbelievable.

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    2. xWulffx


      Do you have the Shiratsuru? the 16 x wall of torpenis  is glorious

    3. Assassin7


      Nope, I nearly do. But frankly I think the Akatsuki is better. With the exception of concealment, and the torp booster, its better in every single way, and its more adaptable.

      IMO hinging the performance of the entire ship on one consumable is dumb. 

    4. Mnemon


      I got to 14 doing nothing but being a memeing Scharnhorst so far, though I also won't queue up for Ranked on weekends.

  23. Type 59: 12-3=9 DIE DIE DIEWZ-111: 16112: 23T-34-3: 8AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 27leKpz M41 90mm:6Skorpion G: 27Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 23 STA-2: 26M46 KR: 22 kv-5: 18T-44-100: 10T26E5 (Patriot): 31T26E4: 15M4A1 Revolver: 34+1=35 sometimes, you know ,sometimes
  24. Type 5 heavy shenanigans 

    1. CheekiBreeki_


      Three mark the Foch 155 for me pls

  25. It isn't bad but it's ultra squishy. The 360 turret traverse is kind of sexy though. Shame that all three turrets turn through the frontal aspect so that you get pushed into closing the distance rather than kiting.
  26. The Abarth model is 10 grand more than the MX-5 Icon for... not 10 grand more car. A top of the range MX-5 2L Sport Nav has the Bilstein Suspension and LSD but it felt a bit rich for my blood. I wanted an affordable sports car and 25-26 grand is pushing it. I test drove the normal 124 but I liked the gearbox and steering better in the MX-5. The 124 is more civilised but the MX-5 was more fun in the bends. Plus the turbo-lag really annoyed me at low revs. I also have experience of FIAT aftercare and fuck that noise.
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