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  2. Right - so, lets get this straight: I'm not a thief! The stockings and heels are shared among parishioners who qualify. We kick a little bit extra into a particular fund, and as a benefit, we get key to a locked cabinet in the back of the parsonage. I felt the need to clarify this point, lest anyone think poorly of me.
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  4. Type62 still low even after MM buffs?
  5. Apparently RU has a server average of 51% and 53% recents somehow xD
  6. Even most unicums are not very good at scouting but yeah to run french lights you basically have to run food and if you do you can rape pubbies thanks to your camo. Well on a semi open map.
  7. I have 453 in my JT currently. I'm a scout!
  8. I thought traverse incorporated power to weight, not just weight.
  9. Yes, as there is a factor modifying the traverse rates based on whatever engine you have fitted and the stock engine of the vehicle. However, raw horsepower per ton still considerably influences your ability to accelerate and your climbing speed. The Strv 81 is notably more mobile than the Centurion and for a turret-tanking mountain-goat ridge-line peeker, this is a huge factor.
  10. Or [O_G] Old Guard Clan AND Player rename.
  11. Just in, a team has found the wreck off the Indianapolis lying at a depth of 5500m, making it the second deepest wreck discovered. Interesting read:
  12. It has worse traverse on all terrains even though it says its the same at the very least due to its greater mass.
  13. Mate Mišo or Thompson edition of '90s T-55 from the ex-Yugoslav war?
  14. For WoT there were a number of mods/programms you could use to look at your replays and see damage, kills and so on. Is there something simillar for WoWS?
  15. I want Super Persh Despacito edition, with luis fonsi, daddy yankee, justin bieber as crew.
  16. Phases were discovery and learning - fun. Joining a clan and all that - fun. Doing more clan admin stuff - sometimes fun, mostly a low reward job. Getting satisfied with my ability - mostly stressful but rewarding. No longer working towards specific goals - fun but empty. And as a few above have mentioned yoloing around in lights because why not - fun but shit accuracy is shit.
  17. Do a training room test. I find things can 'feel' slower based on other stuff like engine tone while in reality they aren't.
  18. Even if he wasn't banned, he would be too busy touching himself to type his thoughts.
  19. I heard it feels a bit more sluggish than the current centurion. Must be because of the weight of the tank since the soft stats are the same and it has a greater p/w.
  20. Senpai noticed me!
  21. Talking about Gasai, I wonder how he thinks about these buffs
  22. Inb4 there is no one at 51% xd
  23. So I tell an ally JPE to stop camping at the back of spawn if he wants damage and not potentially throw.

    Ally JPE: Go fuck yourself. I bet I did more than you.

    He did 2k for reference.
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