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  2. Ham_

    Facepalm - winter edition

    WG Logic: Hey we power creeped everything so Defender is balanced now
  3. Kolni

    Even QB?!

    HP pools were never an issue, higher HP slows the game down. The problem lies in how players experience armour. I've been playing basically only 50B for a while and it's been horrible. Without armour you really can't impact a stalemate at all. So armour became a problem, and premium rounds the solution (in gameplay but for the players it's the other way around). I have absolutely zero tank/history interest and I still devoted enough time and effort to being able to make a (modest but still a) living off of it. The game doesn't need historical accuracy at all, it's really just a way to attract the players that have a gaming (given, obviously) and a history interest by linking them. It has absolutely nothing however, to do with the game's health. More players would be great, but people don't really get upset about queue times. Waiting sucks but it doesn't play a part in the actual gameplay anyway. Players feel bullshitted when they play this game. I know I do. Arty, ammoracks, pen/dmg rolls, RNG in general, broken tanks, stupid map positions and so on. That's the problem of WoT; only the victor is enjoying the spoils while others feel cheated. When was the last time you really enjoyed a lost game? Not losing per se but the game itself. I can accept losses without issue but I have never had fun losing in WoT. Other games don't have that feeling to it. So many games in WoT are lost to things beyond your control and when it's not your mistake, do you really deserve to lose? It's the root problem of gaming in general perhaps but it's the reason why balance has to be fair and valued. The balancing is there to make things as fair as possible. This is something WG never did and why the game will never have a playerbase that enjoys their game while having it competitive at the same time. World of Tanks will always be the MMO equivalent of Chernobyl until you remove the competitive aspect from it. Otherwise the game is decently made, easy to run for bad PCs, looks good on high end, advanced mechanics and plenty of content. A solid game tbh, it's just not what it could have
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  5. Deus__Ex__Machina

    Facepalm - winter edition

    its like the Italians auto-reloading system, but in reverse.
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  7. Is it worth waiting to see if reward tanks will become available to buy for bonds or should I just buy some equipment instead? If equipment, rammer or vert stab?

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    1. Assassin7


      They'll be buyable with bonds ONLY for people who got the standard top X positions in the campaign. 

  8. Guess who's back.


  9. Crossfader

    Facepalm - winter edition

    i got one way wayyyy back, are they actually replacing the old IS-3a with this new actuall auto reloading one ?
  10. Ham_

    Facepalm - winter edition

    It was on supertest, as IS-3A Test or something, but now they are replacing the original IS-3A with the autoloading variant.
  11. Crossfader

    Facepalm - winter edition

    WAT since when is the IS-3A an auto loader... wasnt it just a faster firing IS-3 ????
  12. Ham_

    Facepalm - winter edition

    Lefefefe E-25 and Defender oh joy Seriously Type 59 had rare factor and wasn't broke af why not use it again ???? Edit: Just saw the 3D tier 10 camos, that Mad Max Grille is sweeeeeet WG you actually made something nice why did you have to spoil it ;_;
  13. How to 3 mark UDES?

    The baffling team/map dependency is killing me and I'm only at 89%

  14. hall0

    Facepalm - winter edition

    When they started to list the boring T5 premiums I was like "wow this gonna suck this year" but then they said Defender and I literally laughed out laud. After the Type they gonna use the Defender as bait. What a bunch of assholes.
  15. How do relatively bad players manage relatively good dpg in Tier X artas? Does it have something to do with platooning basically guaranteeing every match is full Tier X hence HP to farm? 

  16. MacusFlash

    Even QB?!

    Nerfing HP pools should bring back some balance between tier X tanks and below.
  17. 8_Hussars

    What affects mobility?

    For as much abuse that WG attracts; they have a developed a fairly complex game mechanic system that had its initial design goals based in modeling reality. From that perspective with similar weights, similar p/w ratios, and similar traction, (as mentioned above) the Transmission is one key power train component we currently do not have information for. We do know it was modeled as a Module and de-linked from the Engine wrt fires (some time in 8.X?) and lean to that being a big missing link.
  18. nabucodonsor

    Facepalm - winter edition

    It's balanced in russia. Uncle Stalin is worried about your opinion. Maybe you are too stressed working for filthy bourgeois. Abandon your money and property to WG thus freeing yourself from the enslavement of capital. And then why dont you go for a holiday, maybe hop on train to Siberia. Have a fun weekend in a frendly Gulag! That's what they said. Maybe they will "find a way around it". Check the comments.
  19. Deus__Ex__Machina

    Facepalm - winter edition

    So they are offering the chance to gamble for a tier 5 with the armor of a tier 7, and a low tier arty that fires every 10 seconds, is super accurate, and was the only arty in game that got to keep its AP/HEAT rounds? get fucked have fun new players. and for the higher tier tanks they are offering every widely know premium thats either toxic or unfair for game-play. get fucked have fun tier 6's. oh and yeah im including the IS-3A in that list ahead of time. because while i personally haven't played it in its new state, the idea of a high alpha tier 8 HT that gets a reverse auto-reloading system doesn't necessarily scream "balanced".
  20. Brummbaer

    Facepalm - winter edition

    Did they? The French article on the game's portal says they won't sell loot boxes for Belgium:
  21. Lest it be forgotten what WG thought was a good idea.


  22. By looking at the comments it appears: - WG has found a way to go around the gambling issue related to lootboxes so they can sell the boxes even in Belgium - WG employee replying on EU comment section: Yes, gifts... please note that we don´t share details about boxes... more details very soon! Stay tune! -DelhRoh; maybe free stuff? - Lefefefefefefe is going to be sold. So no more lower tier gameplay.
  23. My blacklist is too valuable for that, I use it for all the xvm focusing clicker scum. There is no better feeling than starting a battle, seeing blocked person in arty on your team, load HE and one-shot him back to garage. 98% of the player population are mentally challenged anyway. No need in highlighting that for myself.
  24. A good way to troll, is not to troll at all. People don't despise you, then. Unless, you burn a building full of stuffed animals, then people hate you. 

  25. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    Reducing HP is a bad idea as in this way turbo battles will become insta battles. HP allows better players to trade but also allows newer/bad players to make mistakes. So I'd rather buff the HP to make battles last longer or nerf the alpha on bigger guns. And nerfing the alpha is the best solution because if you reduce the dpm on gold dmg you are nerfing those tanks that need it the most aka mediums, to fight heavier targets who in return can instead easily pen the softer tanks. In this scenario medium and light tanks would have to trade HP alpha and even dpm for some extra mobility. So the best solution imo is to nerf the alpha all around plus a nerf to gold ammo alpha's. Another thing that should be done is reducing the view range on tanks from tier 8-10 to allow spotters to play a bit better.
  26. Thought that pressed alt + f4 once you logged in or the one that uninstalls the game from your computer every time you launch the game?
  27. Archaic_One

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Just got out of a game on airfield where an untagged purple reroll in an SU-130pm pretty much evaporated an entire team from bottom tier. He was able to do a ninja flex that a Skorp would never have pulled off. 7k and 7 kills, locked down the entire map. It was quite enjoyable to ride along. Watching a Type 5 blind fire bushes on the wrong side of the map made my night.
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