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  3. Fortnite

    I've been playing it because my friends do. I can outgun people very easily but as soon as it becomes a building war I lose.
  4. Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    I think a large part of it is the social aspect - my clan is dead, almost everyone I played with has quit, my server is apparently on life support, pubs are dead silent now, and the forum isn't exactly lively. Sometimes I'll log in, but not having a community makes it difficult to stick around. I like to say that I'm just waiting for an update, but I think I'm hoping the game will just feel more alive one day. Probably not going to happen, though! Glad you're enjoying yourself after 1.0! I think a lot of people, me included, like to keep around a low commitment competitive title around. That's what originally got me hooked for sure!
  5. Ezz spots his prey, stalks carefully thru the jungle, cunningly approaches careful to be unseen, then pounces! Once the initial blows have landed he latches onto his victims back slowly sapping its life until all is left is an unmoving corpse. Alternate version. Ezz sees kamikaze opportunity, decides only a full on yolo will do, then bare back rodeos for a glorious kamikaze.
  6. Sadly, if you have a player named duane101 on your team he will be less useful than a bot. He said he is, "mad at Wargaming for messing something up on his account" so he goes and parks in a useless spot and doesn't shoot the entire battle to ruin the game for others instead of getting the issue resolved with Wargaming support.
  7. Supertest: K-91 (Tier X after Obj. 430 II)

    the frontal hull portion i suspect will be weak, it may be 140mm but its piratically un-angled also the turret is only 220 and has that massive cupola thingy on the right side which looks like it would only maybe reach 240-250mm at best. just like the 416 @ tier 8 i dont think you will be able to rely on its armor at all.
  8. I think it's not date shifted. As in what i did yesterday is showing as 17/4.
  9. That seems to be missing the last 24 hours plus as well.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Found wotzilla. Excellent and more detailed alternative.
  12. Retarded armor layout? Hold my beer! There are two variants. But look at this topview, I don´t know if it is the same for both variants but damn. By the looks of the pics I expected a boxy tank but it is well rounded. I can already smell the spaced armor.
  13. How many of you nerds still play WoT?

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    2. Fulcrous


      maybe like 10-20games a week at most for me now

    3. WaterWar


      I do, but I did have a 15-month hiatus that ended start of this month.

    4. leggasiini


      I still do. Unfortunately.

  14. Is the Tonks ASIA API buggered? WotLabs doesn't have dailies and even WoT assistant isn't connecting.
  15. Why would I have an extra 2.5k gold compared to yesterday since I didn't buy it and didn't receive it as a gift? 

    Noticed after switching servers so I didn't check notifications.

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    2. Sapros


      Haven't been in a clan in more than a year and never played anything except randoms anyway. 

    3. Assassin7
    4. Folterknecht


      Contact support?!

  16. Atleast with those stats I wouldn't consider the Leopard 1 to be the shittiest tier 10 medium anymore assuming it doesn't have some retarded armor layout, not that it would ever get released in this state.
  17. Claus' World

  18. Supertest: Obj. 277 (Tier X after T-10)

    it was said that they wouldn't come before the polish, and the polish aren't set to release until the fall/winter season. so alot of people suspected they wouldn't come until next year, only thing is: these tanks are already modeled and in supertest, where the polish aren't. so TBH i have no idea when they could come.
  19. Waiting for the armor layout before judging it. Gun-wise it is better than the WZ trading a small amount of DPM for better gunhandeling plus dank penetration values. Mobility-wise it is probably worse than the WZ due to the terrainstats, it will turn like a boat compared to the WZ because to that. If the armor is similar to the WZ and I actually played this game I would pick the WZ over it just because it gets 7 degrees of gundepression.
  20. I'll add a disclaimer. Maybe if I can be arsed I'll update this guide down the line with the new stats, but let's see.. :3
  21. T-10 is my second favorite tank so the grind itself will be easy and if the tank itself will be decent: even better.
  22. So when is this expected to be released? I tried the IS-7 on test and it seems alright enough but this looks better on paper so rather than unlocking the Object 257 with xp I made on the recent x5 weekend I might just go unlock the T-10 instead in preparation for this, with my glacial grinding speed due to low playtime I'd probably get them at same time anyway if this comes out even in Winter.
  23. Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    So the graphical update didn't pique your interest? Because that is what got me back to the game after a 15 months hiatus. I had been walking around in a nostalgic haze for a few months, thinking back on the grand days of WotLabs and the social shenanigans in the game with my clan, LAVA. Then I saw that they updated the graphics to catch up to the more modern games, and I decided to plunge back in to see if the game was any better than when I left. Also I had a little itch for some short competitive games of some sort, which WoT fits perfectly. I must admit that I actually enjoy the game a good bit now. I like almost all of the changes that they've made with the 3-5-7 MM, change of the MM of light tanks and arty rework. I still find RNG to be a bit annoying at times, but I'm not too bothered by it. Taking a 15 month break made me realise that no-one gives a damn about your stats out in the real world. So it makes it easy for me to just pick a tank and zoom around and have fun without really giving many damns about how well I (don't) play. When did you stop playing? Any particular reason, or just the game growing a bit stale?
  24. RNGesus give me the strength to make it through this challenge relatively sane

  25. Probably on tilt. Grinding for this mission didnt help. I was trying tens but now I'm using my type59/62. So much more fun, though I have had a hell of a time with rng tonight at one point. I'm starting to get the hang of stuff again!
  26. Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Hey waterwar! I dont actually play, I just keep tabs on the forum to see if anything is going on. I'm holding off until an update piques my interest! How about you, do you still play?
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