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  2. True random (and pseudorandom) doesn't imply equal distribution or uniformity at all. If you want completely balanced teams (tank variation, player skill, what have you), the MM would in fact have to be less random.
  3. I'm probably in the minority that actually enjoys this tank (for what tier 7 is worth) It does have a large HP pool: 1300, which is no joke at T7, plus with Pref MM. The tank can ram and survive alot of punishment, but it is somewhat sluggish in acceleration and turning. If you're facing tier 8's, expect to shoot gold, and against the heavily armored (defender, is-3, etc) you should not be engaging them frontally if you want to pen. If you're facing lower tiers, you will still bounce the random shots against things like KV-2s, 150's, though you should be playing this as a flanker most of the time, while occasionally being a secondary front liner (when you're top tier). The rate of fire is great, so if you know how to flank and play off angle attack, the tank can accomplish alot. To me, it's a fair-to-decent tank that has some tricky elements to overcome, but in the right hands plays just fine. In comparison, being a Mutz or Panther 8.8, you'd be up against tier X's alot, and straight up getting crushed (low alpha, no armor), so this is one of the best options to up your German med crews. This is what I trained my female e50M crew in.
  4. I'm a math/stats noob, but I need help explaining some math/stats concepts to some pubbehs. Can someone please point me in the direction of a good explanation that would answer the bolded part of the question below? In my own noob way I believe it's just normal random distribution (if that's what it's called?) Given this site is about denying the deniers, and this will have come up a gazillion times before, I imagine there's some good resources already out there. Please note: resources with pictures and a low vocabulary are probably going to be the most effective.
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  6. These two bots for not being able to do more than two shots of damage in IS-6s in an 9/8/7 battle while shooting at tier 7s. 11 shots, 2 pens 5 shots, 1 pen.
  7. That's what the orange suits are lined with.
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  9. For making credits this isn't a good tank. As written before you need quite a lot gold rounds to be competitive. You have the same gun, tier level and mm as the E25 does. But unlike the E25 the Panther can't saw an enemy into half. Reload is quite long if you compare it to E25 buzz saw. I fact, I think it gets the same reload as the Pudel does one tier lower. So don't try to out dpm an Pudel if you have less HP, it won't work. But to be fair. After the recent buffs it received this tank can be fun. Wouldn't buy it for credit making but for crew training it is decent. If it has to be a T7 tank for credit making which is on discount at the moment. I think the Su 122 44 could be nice. It is OP when top tier, OK mid tier, but sucks against T9s. But hitting T5 tanks for 390 with a T10 medium like dpm is "balanced"
  10. King Tiger. Tiger II. Lowe is better than the Tiger II and KV-4. KV-4's armour profile makes it a bit of a pain to play while the Lowe is a bit more flexible with its hull and turret. Doesn't help ASIA server is all gold-spam so KV-4's armour is pretty useless.
  11. If you want to earn credits, not only is tier 7 a shit tier to do it in, this tank is as well. You should be bringing a nice stock of APCR in the Warcrime panther.
  12. And don't forget about it's alpha, which is very forgettable. It's a stock panther with sheltered MM, and a skin, do with this what you will.
  13. lets put it this way, you only get 150 mm of pen with the standard ammo... which means have fun doing no dmg when you face things with actual armor when you run out of lightly armor victims to chew through (though the 194 mm of pen on the gold round does actually cut it when your facing higher tier opponents though your going to need to aim for weakspots still)
  14. Its pen is bad for tier 7? I would like to earn decent credits from it.
  15. do you like to support your team with a rapid fire 7,5 cm gun that can't pen higher tiers without APCR yet shreds lower tiers apart on a platform whose hull has absolutely no armor yet its Turret is basically HEAT proof (just don't expect it to bounce AP rounds that often)? if so then yes it is worth it or you can watch this instead and decide for yourself:
  16. Arty makes me want to stop playing light tanks. Heavies are fine vs arty but the focus I get in lights plus the new accuracy means that I I'd rather be a Maus on fiery sailent with 3 arty than a light ...

  17. I wouldn't buy it. Tier 8 is cancer in general.
  18. With MM as is, you'll be most of the time at bottom. So you'll see lots of Type 4/5, E3's, JPE100's, E100's, Krangan's and so on. E-50 has better gun handling and almost twice DPM, so you can miss shot or two. On the other hand lowe can't afford missing and not penning targets. When you are top tier it's ok. But if you see that as strawing good for you, it's not that lowe didn't received quite some buffs to be competitive.
  19. My WZ-eleven eleven eleven dash one point four had a good run, but my E50 had a awful time. On Sunday I logged off after 2 games. The game must be rigged. ..and I couldn't quite help myself; Sir British provides a buffet of material to work with, one has to be selective. Don't miss the Tintin bits at the end:
  20. "Some people have the skill to play this thing" - Friendly Churchill GC who died 30s after saying that. OOh the irony.

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      Complete skill!


  21. now, the noob question: what do u refer as the KT ? from russian translit? kingtiger?
  22. Its on sale now and was wondering whether it is worth the money...Any advice welcome...
  23. How is the type 59 in general, for example compared to other tier 8 meds? Is it balanced? Or underpowered?
  24. I bought this tank to start grinding out the upcoming on-track Maus line and this tank is actually on sale this weekend for 30% off. Anyway, this thing is a freaking beast. It almost feels like a tier 8 tank that is in tier 6. Fantastic firepower, solid mobility, good gun handling. It has to be the best tier 6 medium as I just don't see what other tank can measure up. Not the T-34-85, not the Cromwell, not any of the American tanks. Just loved it the entire time I played it. I will be selling it as I've unlocked the Tiger (P) but I can see myself buying it back in the near future. It is just a great tank. Here's a replay of probably my best game in it. Doing just over 4k damage on Fjords while being bottom tier:
  25. Sadly I suffered from weekend stats.
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