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  2. F Lights shouldn't be considered its own class, but a niche type of medium. Lights should have better camo, maneuverability, and DPM than any med (looking at you BatChat), but lower alpha and no armor (Fucking T-100). Honestly, I think WoT should consider giving tanks abilities like in AW, but I doubt that'll happen. Of course, none of that matters when most maps are city-oriented slug-fests. If they're serious about giving every class a purpose, they need to pump out some open maps. That doesn't have anything to do with Lights themselves, but how XP is given out to them. Lights are a hard class to master, but the current system doesn't reward people for it. XP rewards for scouting and other support statistics should be increased for lights, since damage is difficult in (or outright impossible in some) lights.
  3. Let's not forget shooting from the security of camo. I mean I get that TDs are super armed, but insane camo is so wrong towards support class like LT. Since the beginning they were spotting part of the game, and if you gimp VR and CAMO what else is left. It should be rewarding to play smart/aggressive in a paper thin tank and contribute as much as you can to your team victory (besides 22 penning HTs and MTs).
  4. I know I was stating the obvious a bit from your perspective, but folks reading a discussion tend to outnumber the folks who speak up 10:1, so it's always worth dropping a bit of extra knowledge in there.
  5. I know, but the front isn't. if its facing you you're fucked.
  6. I told my son, who likes tanks and 40K; his immediate reaction was an eyeroll & groan with the comment "Oh, Ork Stompa anyone?" We then speculated if this (below) would be tiers 8-9-10. You can get an idea of scale from the 44 gallon drums.
  7. Sides are overmatchable by a sparrow's fart, if you can get past the tracks you can triple it with 100mm.
  8. Then WG needs to do something so that, when it does finally get spotted, people can actually fucking pen it. It has camo, speed, and armour. And a potent gun. Like seriously WG
  9. Stalingrad Mines Stalin game was fed to me.
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  11. hey man. it isnt an absolute
  12. Legit question: How does one ace the Tetrarch? Seems shit at distance and shit at brawling + tons of M2 Light sealclubbers everywhere.

  13. I didn't realize, that the Strv 81 actually gets better shell velocity. 1300 verus 1020 on regular ammo and 1400 versus 1200something on premium. LOL On a slightly related note: While comparing the Cent I and the Strv 81 on I noticed that the Caern has less HP than the Cent. Huh.
  14. @Assassin7 did you ever fix that 100% load on your hdd?

    1. Assassin7


      Ahh nope. I've been hanging to just go and get an SSD for my laptop but I've kept having other expenses pop up.

  15. Round about here I reckon. Or if as I've long suspected WG are fucking heretics Here.
  16. I rather welcome them changing their stance on that particular issue. Giving the players choices is good in general. The problem that the 155 Mogami presented wasn't a problem of choice, it was first and foremost an issue of balancing and, argueabley, an issue of game-design. In terms of balance, the 155s didn't have any disadvantages compared to the 203s, while the 203s were worse in several key areas. In terms of game-design, there is the inherent issue of high volume of fire (high amount of guns or rate of fire) beating high alpha and, generally, high fire chance and even high accuracy.
  17. Poetic justice.
  18. Some of my clan mates were driving them last night. Shell velocity, power to weight ratio and front turret are great. This tank gets more Horsepower than the reg one, and apparently it makes $$
  19. So a little backstory. A friend and I are playing our tier 8 German TDs (me in the Skorp G, him in the JPII). Nice little Encounter-mode game on Murovanka, we're bottom-tier but NBD. We go forest, and despite being low tier and getting focused by arty, do a reasonable chunk of damage and manage to freeze a bunch of their tanks (including the hero of our story, one of their T57 Heavies) in the back corner, pretty much contributing nothing to the win for their team. We clean up all the tanks there except for said T57, who's obviously enjoying his time on the red line, as we build a huge HP and tanks lead. Late in the match, I get sniped out (after doing ~2.5k damage) by said T57 Heavy from somewhere in the deep dark forest. At this point, the win is basically assured, and, in due time, the game finishes with a pretty easy victory for our team. Quick look at the post-match stats, and yup, their T57 Heavy did the most useless 6k damage/6 kills probably ever seen on the NA server. Don't think anything else about it, move on to the next match. When that finishes, I have a polite missive waiting from said T57 Heavy. The conversation goes like this: GG, The_Real_Jammer. GG Indeed. His amazing tier 10 stats, for reference.
  20. A rant on Conqueror design decisions: In retrospect, Conqueror has gone through extreme changes to arrive at current hideous state. When I first started this thread, Conqueror had Fuso level of Christmas tree concealment and 419mm triple wasn't even hinted at. 457mm twin was nothing special but it seemed decent and accurate enough to work. In the whole, the initial package - Huge potential HP, weak peripheral armor, absolutely horrible concealment, fast speed, and radar - provided in theory two very distinct playstyles that a player has to alternate between as the match progresses. First is medium range attrition fighter that fights in medium ranges and then retreats to long range to cut spotting and heal. Second is frontline "island dweller" utilizing shell arcs and radar. Player skill would lie in deciding what style to use and how to transition between the distinct styles smoothly. But then, radar (albeit understandably) had to go - maybe because of public outcry, maybe the theory didn't quite work out in practice. This is fine, finding what works is what tests are for. However, for the next design choice, WG went ahead and mixed all the choice strengths of T10 cruisers - good concealment, high firechance both per salvo and per minute, tough citadel in close combat situation, enhanced ricochet angle, quick fuse, superheal - into a BB when the community is fearing BB powercreep into other class's territories. The fact that WG was even willing to sacrifice relevance of the would-be signature gun, the 457mm, to do this, is very mind boggling. This also runs counter to WG's supposed policy of not giving two very different main batteries to ships after they regretted their Mogami gun decision.
  21. unless it's a 907 when #5 dpg both recent and overall is 89%
  22. This is something that still happens to me (just on a much smaller scale) Steamrolls are something you simply can't do anything about. If your team is competent then just play along with it, it's gonna be a poor game DPG wise regardess, try some new stuff if you feel like it or whatever. I prefer to go super aggro since I know my game won't be amazing or even average anyway since the game gets a bit more heated and exciting that way. Steamrolls on the losing end is super different however: if you dig yourself in real hard it's totally possible to squeeze a lot out. Doesn't really matter where you are, but it has to be 1v2 or less or behind the remaining teammates. Be a dick and don't take shots - better game since it's lost anyway
  23. I'm at 60k xp but man this is going to be painfully loooong.
  24. Sheridan master race
  25. Theres really no balancing LTs that would be satisfying to everyone. its just not possible to balance camo/VR/firepower with out A) Turning it into med clones by improving its firepower B) Completely fucking up the meta by increase its speed/maneuverability further C) Make open maps miserable for everyone else by buffing its camo/vr even further.
  26. Maybe they'll add a whole 40K tree with TD's. wouldn't that be... authentic. "we only will include tanks up to the 1950's era" isn't that what serb said? and now they add the anime crap. where will they stop?
  27. That's the problem with 103b not scouts. Also the swedes are built around super high camo bushwanking. You take that away and 103b becomes completely useless. The problem with the scouts is the maps. On an open map I can scout fine.
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