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  2. I don't remember the Iowa being this  terrible .

  3. Atlanta for steering and went DD hunting sheer volume of fire makes it doable
  4. After watching Koe no Katachi, I just had to read the manga as well. Personally, I think it's somewhat disappointing in that there isn't really that big of a pay off in the end to justify feeling like shit for 90% of the time. Still good though, so I'll recommend it. Minor Spoiler about one of the characters:
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  6. I did governor + food + oil on obj 261 in cw a long time ago ^.^
  7. Which ship did you use for the 'knock out 5 steering gears' mission in group 5?
  8. Plaly ing warlships whil drunk  somewhow feelds rgiht.


    1. Assassin7


      With that sort of typing you must be smashed

  9. It's probably the second best tier 7 scout. Right behind 13-57.
  10. Only tier 9 tank I 3 marked and this was before buff. I love this thing now it is even better. Only thing is I have quit this game for a while. But that PTA could get me back! As an aside PUBG is awesome!
  11. You missed something great. I was lucky to have started playing right after it's introduction. The T-50 and -2 were my first tier 4 and 5 tanks, respectively. They were amazing before physics. I used the speed governor on them because they were basically one shot kills in most games anyway (they saw tier 9 and 10 battles for those that don't know). These days I only use it in arty, and the only arty I have is a 261, and I don't play it. So yeah, I never use it anymore.
  12. getting hit by an e100 who was on the move from 412m away for 891 was probably a sign for me to stop playing

  13. So where is type 59 in all this ^.^
  14. Darts; if playing IRL with / near other people then I suggest you don't go dealing any team damage, the consequences might be a little more "interesting" than a 1 hour holiday.
  15. tier 7 mm is great now.... you get top tier or mid tier a lot, not too much bottom tier, and the 131 has 230 heat pen... the gun works whatever mm you get thrown in, i just miss the view range i used to put out in it, mine is down form 453 or something without food to 425, which is actually really noticable
  16. 131 also is a tier 7 so could offer better MM than the 132. May need a break from the game anyway at that stage. Might take to playing darts while blind folded instead.
  17. 59 16, wz 131, 132 are the most viable I like the wz131 the best, its still amazing even after the changes.... along with the t71 (which is a tiny bit better, but they have a different playstyle so its fine) the wz131 is my favourite tank atm
  18. I gather the 59-16 lost it's auto loader - so effectively the only thing that made it interesting. Basically now is like a cuter version of the 64 with much less VR and no credit making. 131 not sure. 132 i still have with its perm camo, so probably going to stick them there. 132a has too many 'fk u rng' moments to stick with. It can be excellent, but fk me, i am so fking sick of getting into a really nice spot, having the sweet arse of some heavy at 200m to aim at with all the time in the world... and missing... then missing again.
  19. It surprisingly performs better at dealing consistent and higher average damage sessions than the 100mm D-54S gun.
  20. I'm not the best person to ask but I really enjoyed the 59-16 and the wz131. I don;t have a decent crew for either so and just rolling with the wz132 which is noice. RE the 59-16 & 131 - i haven't looked at either of those since the change in LT MM (plus the fact that i sold the 131).
  21. It poops WN8, the gun is just annoying.
  22. Any plans to add Clan information in the future? I noticed wows-numbers has some clan stuff, but I prefer the look and feel of WarshipsToday.
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