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  2. Fuck you you top tier cunts
  3. tbh ive just been farming them all day which is making my dpg in my WZ111111114 sky rocket but i do feel sorry for those playing tier 8 in somthing that isn't a defender, having to fight 3 tier 10s (which more likely consist of one of the new Russian tier 10's or a type 5) on top of 3-4 defenders with a slash of arty dosen't sound fun. also rip tier 6-7
  4. Subscription to second best mahou youtuber: engaged
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  6. Gamestop have WG cards on sale for 20% discount rn. I'm not sure if you can buy tanks using that
  7. Hey, thanks my dude. I honestly think winning at tier 10 is more difficult these days especially solo because of full tier 10 matchmaker.
  8. Which skills for this? Assume I have BIA + repairs/6th sense as first and 2nd done. Camo for everyone except driver which gets off-road driving or clutch braking? And which one is better for this tank - off-road or clutch? I compared and and couldn't decide.
  9. WOT Survey

    Would you like to change anything in the current conditions for obtaining chevrons? If yes, what would you like to change? Be as detailed in your answer as possible.

    "Make the conditions for earning XP transparent and make them more relevant to actual game contribution.  Damage at any distance is more valuable than just close range damage alone.  Ranked forces a very heavy brawling meta on players at the expense of medium tanks.  More of your dev team needs to actually play the game to understand this.  Quit punishing well played support tanks in favor of HE sling heavies."

    detailed enough?  I'm sure it will never get read

  10. Yeah the traverse must be one of the worst in the game. It seems to turn slower than a t95. I also switched the 430 gun for the t54 gun. Now it's much better and at least doing 1600+ dmg doesn't seem like such a huge struggle. The acc is still horrible. 9/10 heat shots at a type4 front from 400m bounced.
  11. 110

    That about sums it up. This thing is proving painful to play.
  12. I got yolo'd by one on soft ground. He misjudged the traverse and missed getting his gun on me by about 3 tank widths. It was kinda like seeing a walrus trying to pirouette.
  13. To be honest I don't think anyone is actually that surprised they'd stoop this low, but many just hoped they wouldn't.
  14. I don't care cause I already have one it just means more garbage players who think the Defender is OP getting their shit kicked in cause they don't know how to play it properly so I'm okay with this
  15. I'm aware it's made up, I'm just expressing amusement at WG's complete irrationality when making it up.
  16. They weren't, because it's a made-up fucking tank
  17. From memory EU simply said they have "no plans" ---- "for now" - which tells me it'll be for sale again, they just wanted to gauge player response first. Hype 59 will be next, though arguably that was sold via the Christmas boxes already.
  18. There is something wrong with Ranked MatchMaklng. I've been seeing the same guys again and again on the opposite team always. And they always end up winning 1-15 etc. Lost 10 chevrons in a row. We keep getting roflstomped.

  19. Due to the amount of tanks, its impossible to make everything unique, and thats imo not a problem. All tanks look different, use different crews and have different patsh to grind them, so i dont see the problem with it. I rather get 10 other new tank lines, all be a mishmash of existing things, as 2 new ``total unique`` lines ps: i bet these new russian tanks are 10x more fun as the ``new and unique`` italian trash we will get...
  20. Played 3 random games today so far. I got messages after two games. This was one of them:


    He was top damage in our team, probably first time in his life, but we lost.

  21. Windstorm is so fucking terrible we won't even bother restoring it into HD.

    But enjoy playing in Ranked Mode!

    Because fuck you, that's why,

  22. Is it worth blowing my 30% off coupon on a Lowe copy, or do I just let it expire? Most expensive thing in the gift shop I can discount, aside form premium time, and I'm already at 380+ days there thanks to New Year's Lewt Boxes.

    Copied prem tanks turn into gold, right?

    1. Tman450


      Just let it expire IMHO. Unless you really want the gold, no point in giving WG more money.

  23. UPVOTED! ... GODDAMN IT WHY CAN'T I UPVOTE MOAR!!!111!!! I'm quite curious how exactly the Japanese crewmen were expected to push a 20+cm thick block of steel out and prop it up to be a vision port for the driver. In fact I'm curious how you can even hang that thing off those hinges at the top without it being like a quarter-circle in cross-section front to back and having to be hooked/anchored in place to not rotate out on its own. Did the Russians miss the memo that the average WWII Japanese tanker was about the size of a WWII Russian tanker i.e. not exactly hulking bears of men when it comes to pushing out giant thick hatches that don't turn sideways?
  24. Playing this without the top gun makes me regret life. 210/240 pen, 2100 dpm, turns like a boat, meh armor, 0.44 acc.
  25. If you want a land version of arty without an actual derp gun here you go. When top tier: Step 1: press rr Step 2: press lmb Step 3: ..... Step 4: Profit When not top tier: Step 1: Avoid high tier derp guns Step 2: press rr Step 3: hide lower plate and turret roof Step 4: Press 2 key Step 5: Still profit because russian bias
  26. I dunno, WG seems really reluctant to change armor thickness (well, nerf it anyway), apart from adding Type 4/5 a "weakspot" I don't really remember any straight up nerfs - O-I got something in return IIRC, VKA/B both got stronger UFP to compensate for weaker LFP's.... I think WG will simply trash the mobility and nerf the gun, so it isn't fun to play, but leave the armor layout more or less the same so it's annoying to play against - this seems to be their way to balance tanks as of late. Both of these things can be done through soft stats only aswell so your average 48%-er who doesn't read any news about the game won't even notice something changed.
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