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  2. Since I wanted to progress with my TD missions, and there was a T110E4 Top Of The Tree on EU this month, I bought and grinded through this thing, and kinda liked it. So, a short (turned out to be long) review. I'm probably gonna compare a lot with Hellcat and mediums of the same tier. The platform: Armor - hull wise, best thing you can say about it is that it's HE-resistant, unlike hellcat. Only bounces on hull are T5's and autobounce angles. Turret is more interesting. It's paper, but the mantlet is pretty strong and cover pretty big area. It can still be penned ofcourse, but you can get some bounces on it. It also has a non-hitbox zone on the top, where pubbies often shoot because it's the first thing they see when tank peeks on ridgeline. Mobility - it's nowhere near Hellcat. Ok P/W ratio, nice topspeed, pretty bad terrain resistances. It feels like a heavium - MT topspeed, but sluggish when accelerating/going uphill/traversing. It's comparable to Panther - similar topspeed, P/W ratio, Panther has better terrain resistances. I remember a battle or two where I got into position in pretty much same time as Panther. One big improvement over Hellcat - 15km/h reverse speed, combine that with trollish turret, you should not take damage while reversing into cover. Misc - 850HP, mediocre for the tier. -10 degrees of gun depression all over the tank, which is very nice. 380m viewrange, very good for T7 TD. Very slow turret traverse, just like Hellcat. The gun: The gun is decent. It sits somewhere between T7 TD's and mediums - alpha DMG is below average for a TD, but one of the best compared to MT's. AP penetration the worst of all non-premium TD's, but nice compared to MT's. DPM is the same story - worst of all non-prem TD's, but compared to 240+ alpha MT's, it's the best (bar 3002D, that has 220 alpha and not really comparable pen). Accuracy is mediocre, both on paper and in battles - it can troll you, but generally hits decently. But it's not really all bad news about the gun. What makes it is the APCR penetration - 258mm, which is enough to frontally everything you meet with decent reliability, with exception of maybe Type 4/T95/VK B (and I guess STVR's but that's a different type of armor really). Second thing is the gun handling. It's.... complicated. The dispersion values are nothing spectacular, but the aimtime is great, and slow turret traverse means minimal dispersion when turning it. In practice, this gun handles sort of like a Grille - it can't really snapshot on the move, however, once you stop moving, it aims in really quickly. If you use the depression and decent armor, keep some distance, you can do quick pokes, where you stand still just for a small amount of time. Also, like mentioned before, if you are not moving the tank, just turning the turret, thanks to slow rotation, it doesn't disperse much at all and aims in super quick. Gameplay: Crew wise - almost 2 skills, camo and repairs. Equipment wise, I used rammer/optics/binocs. Other 2 non-meme choices are GLD - useless because aimtime is so good, and camonet, which doesn't suit my playstyle at all. I played it like a hybrid of a MT/TD. If I can take aggressive position (hulldown, good MM, enough support), I take it. Mobility might allow some early shots, depends on map/spawn/tank composition ofcourse. You can peek lower tier tanks or tanks with bad gun handling, but generally be careful - you don't have much HP or reliable armor. Snapping shots on distracted enemies works well too, APCR help here since you don't HAVE TO hit weakspots. With APCR loaded, it's good idea to focus heavies since you have enough pen for them and they don't really have the handling to hit you. Generally though, if playing aggressively, you should be hulldown and careful. If the battle's not going well, you can fall back and play standard TD role. You should also play TD role when there are lot of arties (no HP, no armor and crap armor on top = you don't take arty shells very well) or you're in a bad matchup (I am probably guilty of playing too aggressively even in those bad matchups). Load a lot of APCR, you can butter through anything and it helps with shell velocity. Position in a way where you only need to rotate the turret to get shots - you'll spend less time aiming. If you're winning, go forward, use your HP to get the damage, the mobility is good enough. City maps - hold back, try to cover angles nobody is covering, load APCR and peek corners, try to use any rubble/hulldown you can find. My final stats - 66% WR completely solo (quite pleased with that, higher than I'd expect - probably because of ability to focus higher tiers and get early DMG), 1625 DPG (not that pleased with this, it's not that much better than Hellcat, and if I haven't had one stupid tilt session with Hellcat, those would be pretty much identical). Crew was moved to T28 prot, but I'm keeping it in garage in case I need some missions that are harder in high tier TD's (camo related missions I guess).
  3. Here is HT's Quick and Dirty Guide on Advanced Cleveland Game Play: Note: I know the icon says Baltimore. That is because not only did I write the guide, but I also followed it to the letter.
  4. Server is down for maintenance... should all be fixed very soon
  5. Get IFHE and farm everyone while you still can.
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  7. The arty changes I guess can be nice, but it's made arty more threatening for me. I usually play faster tanks, and I don't find it uncommon for shells to land couple meters away from me while I try to juke (as opposed to hitting me). With arty splash being increased and giving a debuff, it's affect my games more consistently since it'll make my play worse. Sure, I can try to play more cautiously, but then I'd be camping 100% of the time. Frankly for me, I'd rather be punished for camping at 72 kmph at full health 1 game in 20 than debuffed several times every match even if I don't take significant damage. Other than that, I welcome the light tank changes and new matchmaking.
  8. I got one in a Santa Box, played one match and went "ewwwww ..." detection value over 2k worse than your gun range is not good, especially when you have to get closer than you want to in a lightly armored BC to do your work. The additional range and the healthy drop in detection range make this a much more effective, even enjoyable, ship to play. You can now control the engagement a bit, and get the first strike in, and you have the sped to open it back up again against slower BB's at tier. Your HE will citadel cruisers and you AP will nibble down BB's, but I would avoid a broadside to broadside exchange, you will lose to every tier 4 BB do to your light armor.
  9. Concur with IFHE for the Kutuzov - though my damage average is only 59k, I find that I am more consistent in dealing damage when getting into tier 10 matches - it's still overwhelming in a tier 8 match.
  10. It's been bouncing around, sometimes a combo of 6 and 8, this season just tier 7 - I believe one season was tier 5 and 6 - it varies.
  11. Apparently the vast majority is facing the problem of xp and gold being unavailable.
  12. ANyone else got an issue with gold and free xp? I havent got any, just 100m credits
  13. I read it wrong I just saw lol. Hold on a sec. 3k damage and 300 assist without food is 90K from the looks of my Wot Numbers. though the sample size is limited because I was running food for about 95% games.
  14. I meant profit, not the DPG. 40k after food is kinda meh. Tank is a shit earner due to playstyle. Idgaf what kind of pen it has. Could have 1000 pen, playstyle is extremely limiting which hampers credit farming. Played it on a friends account a bunch and you get 2k damage games easily enough, but 3-5k that I can regularly get in a Lowe or whatever else rarely happens just because of how much you need to fight your own tank and the map rotation.
  15. Okay, tnx. I have just been told that the best effect is actually for the crew, they are somewhat less exposed. Maus is so slow so I dont feel I get hampered much by leaving vert stab out- the recent gun buff compensates a lot for it with such short aim time
  16. Below average if you're try-harding sure, but I bought the Skorpion for example to do 5 shots a game while jerking off in the corner of a map and with memes on the other monitor. Bearing that in mind these tanks for me are low effort; high reward machines. Being forced to do 10 shots a game with a 240 alpha gun just to meet the same damage a skorp can put out is too much effort.
  17. Look at these marks, so fucking thicc
  18. That's pretty much average-blow average for any tier8 prem. As I'd expect considering its forced to play like a total bitch
  19. Tried the same thing Super with the T-29. Game play has drastically increased over 3 weeks and it's helped my T-32 and Patriot play also. Unfortunately I can't comment on your choices as I only have about 5 of them, and except for the Patriot or IS3, I wouldn't recommend focusing on any of the ones we share in common.
  20. AHHHHHHHH that's what you meant lol Yeah totally agree with you now they need to be banned
  21. Spall liner is not that helpful vs arty, unless you get hit on the hull side or ufp. Most arty shots will splash you or strike your turret or engine deck; where spall liner will have minimal effect.
  22. 7868 I heard somewhere that if you have a really good tree cutting ratio the top clans are willing to make an exception on a players other stats, is this true?
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