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  2. I'm happy enough with the ping we get to Singapore when the cable is good. It's not like you can actually blame ping alone for more than 1 in a 100 deaths really.
  3. Just... To be fair the SG server often has local infrastructure issues and i wouldn't put it outside the realms of possibility that an AU one would too.
  4. 25k in a light would complete your LT15.
  5. Doh, yeah, two point five mm'k damage.
  7. Jesus, how much damage did the top damage guy do? Unless you've missed a decimal point somewhere here Adrian.
  8. Heh, no. Had a 3/5/7 game today on Fishermans Bay with a top tier Rhm Pzwgn. He spent 90% of the game camped in the northwest corner with 5 TD's. After I had eventually died I checked him out - he was on low HP (the kind of low hp that would make most people hide). Post game stats - he did 25K dmg - 2nd highest for the team. His excuse post-game was that when he spotted no one did any damage. I mentioned that as a top tier LT, spending 90% of the battle where he was was hard to justify. He had no response to that. In other news, my 113 seems a little cursed (cursed by a noob scrub owner). Arty has had such a hard-on for me way too much for me to be enjoying myself or help my team, which doesn't help.
  9. I need to run through all the German Prem TDs tonight and a double on the Chinese tier 7. Other than that I'm free. Unless someone fancies tier 4 win rate recovery. 7 wins...
  10. Low tiers is definitely Soggy/Joc
  11. You been watching TE play pubs Adrian? I let OutCom try and get his eye back in in my account yesterday Damo. It didn't go well.
  12. Easy: Drive to nearest red-line. Wait. Bonus points for being in a tier X LT.
  13. *Yawn* *Stretch*. So my marine traffic site says that Asean Explorer is on route to home port, cable is repaired. Then i hear that there is going to be an Oceanic cluster. All in time for the UK tank buffs and the long awaited re-awakening of the '59 and its sibling the 34-3. I'm going to have to come back on and start learning how to play this game again. Who's going to refresh me?
  14. I may have to update all those chat macros to mention kiwis now tho. Shame as i'd been hoping to eventually find kim jong un in a battle and bait him into a pm chat war.
  15. In other words siggy is a big mean wacist.
  16. Today
  17. Yeah to be honest i basically shelved the mission way back prior to the MM update and from what i've seen full tier 10 battles should leave plenty of HP out there.
  18. m8 that's no gold round that's the holy grail of stat padders everywhere cheap HEAT
  19. Cronk, seems like EU get the patch today so you probably have a week on the FV.
  20. I was tutored in the ways of the T(49)67 by one of the original padders and founder of this forum @Allurai ! But you wanna see some club dominance? Peep my Ltraktor stats. All solo, just for jsnazz. I had a moment trying to vision kite something, and not understanding why I was getting red indicator at 410m....there is a learning curve, but I'll get it. Holler at that. The Leopard is here to stay. I'll give the Luchs a little more time, but I dunno, tier 4 and that gun handling. And since both see +2/-1 I don't feel much difference. If anything 5s fight 6s better than 4s fight 5s. Plus now I have a properly configured LT crew to play the T-15 at tier 3... (remember everyone, its clubbing at ALL tiers, so play4fun)
  21. I am using Aus because that is what the 'periphery' server is called due to it's location. Not because I mean Australians. If I put Aus I am referring to the server name (what you will select when you connect) and it's future population. Not people from just the one nation. In fact I'm pretty sure two of those I have named and shamed in links here are NZ players.
  22. The backstory relates to a fairly constant supply of bogan pubbies convinced that ping, the viets/thais/koreans, cheats who of course aren't ever from ANZ, etc. are the reason they are shit. Now at least a few of these elements will be removed. But yeah, it's pissing on their moment a bit, but i guess they've been pissing all over any genuine achievements of those with their implication that the playing field was not level enough.
  23. That gives you 8 orders. You could skip two final missions.
  24. Yeah but you seem to have had an especially massive for Australians since this new server has been announced, as if being toxic or shit at tanks is a uniquely Australian trait or something.
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