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  2. Never has Bodged the No player data found bug, the tank list is still broken, he'll fix that when he can he said.
    @RealBattousai @jst2gr8

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  4. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Yeah be toxic because I mentioned one streamer 2 times. Or maybe it's 5 times given how much attention you pay to who wrote what. P43 doesn't go twice as fast when the cuising speed is sub 40kph unless you are going downhill. I am also not impressed with 240 "on the medium side" because it's not a medium. It's a heavium labeled as a medium. It has heavium hp/t and heavium mobility. The only thing that makes it a medium is hp, designation and top speed it rarely reaches. This is why I compare it to heavies. VK3001P is noticeably more mobile. Yeah p43 is traversing fast but traverse means little when it moves slow (it works both ways - just look at the slow traversing bobject - it hardly matters and the tank is super mobile) Overal stop being so butthurt about the tank. The community is split about it. Streamers are split, people here are split. It works for some, it doesn't for others. It's not some 2nd coming of christ if it's only good for a part of the community even if it works for some
  5. Mediums are so aids to play. Cant push. Can't hold flanks. Can't trade against all the HE spam. Etc.

  6. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    To be 100% honest I got 2 different cards after this. But FU WG and your RNG
  7. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Man if its nearly impossible to complete the set(to get the award and gigi) i dunno if i can be bothered to spend the money but seems no choice but to.
  8. Not sure I will earn enough this year to cover a barbie sale.
  9. So I have been trying to get into the site all day and for some reason it keeps telling me that "No data found for player uvbeentrumped". Is there something going on with the site?

    1. HemanathanRX7


      been for a while.

  10. Barbie discount please.
  11. We've had no crew, or any type of In game sales since the end of May. You would hope we are due at least one of Equipment, Consumables, Crew or barbie.
  12. What is the point of S-tank aside from per-ma bush
  13. NightmareMk9

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Ignore my earlier post about the 100 points. You must complete the set to get 100 points. So this is going to be fukin hard. I thought the points stacked: 3+6+10. But they don’t. The 10 points is the total score for each position on the board.
  14. All true. Unfortunately for my credits and crews i found robots right when 101 dropped so no FL for me. Plus found another 5+ skill T54 loader sleeping in a different tank because i must have been out of barracks spots or something. Current plan will require most of my remaining goldzorz to get everyone aligned in the K9 and also saying good bye to the T54. But i don't play that anymore anyway. Anyone know what the crew discounts schedule is these days? So a mostly good crew for the K9 and just leave the 430 bunch which i'll probably play more anyway... until WG's balance team fixes it mid 2019....
  15. If you hadn't skipped Fronties you could have bashed up a couple of 4 skill crewmen from the 44FL crew.
  16. Move crew over to K9 Place T54 Commander in 430 along with changing the Qual on the 54lt loader to 430 gunner and fill the other spots with shitters?
  17. Flipping choices... The main draw back of the 'gotta collect em all' approach to the RU meds is you can't have good crews in all of them. I'm keen to try the K9 with my good crew but that would mean my poor 430 would be confined to a 3 skill mob. Memewhile my 5+ skill T54 commander (owing to not have radio duties) is without crew as they were pilfered, plus i have my almost 4 skill 54lt loader sitting dormant owing to 100LT not even having one. Side note, one of the good bits about how many broken tanks there are around, things like the 430 barely rate a mention. Fun fact, its 238 pen 390 damage round costs ~66% of the 201 pen 320 damage rounds the T54 and old 430.2 used to get.
  18. The problem with all of those new cables is that they are mostly still theoretical - they keep getting delayed. I'm pretty sure the ASC cable from Perth that was meant to replace SEA-ME-WE-3 was initially due for completion in 2012.
  19. All those new cables. Be able to shut down AU :-)
  20. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Belgium has had the best squad for years now and they can't get their shit together even for a single game. That Panama game (3-0 aside) didn't look like a strong Belgium. Argentinas offense is good, no way around it and they played fluidly. It's their defense that's shit and can be played around. Messi, Aguero (supersub with Higuain is huge) and Di Maria is about as dangerous as an offense gets. Argentina is probably the most scary team to face around the 75-minute mark and onward just because of their ability to pace and counter well. Iceland answered with not letting them counter and just handing them the ball since Argentina likes spacing for tempochanges and relying on 2v2s where Argentina has at least 4 people that can close those situations 9/10. Problem is that they suck 8v10 in the box No way Spurs is winning WC, too unreliable just like their club play and since this team plays 40+ games a year on avg televised, studying them suddenly gets real easy when basically all strategy is coming from the Tottenham handbook. Armchair experts can develop strategies here, with millions to spend on enemy spying it's looking real easy to figure out gaps in their play, on the flipside England played decently against Tunisia. People fuck up sometimes but the grand scheme looked good considering this easily could have been 3-0. Tunisia played a better game than they should and England handles keeping a lead poorly watching this one compared to equal where they pressure much smarter. I'm hyped to see matchday 2. Should tell much more about the contender teams for the title but I honestly believe France, Argentina, Uruguay, and Germany are the real contenders for the championship from seeing matchday 1. Time will tell more obviously but just my thoughts considering that this is a more competitive WC than last time and having a real edge is priceless like these teams do. Germany has all the pressure against them in their next game and they generally don't have their backs against the wall basically ever so they could fumble against Sweden and you can end up with a Brazil - Germany 8th final etc and these things happen EVERYWHERE due to only one group not having a "clear number one" which will really water down the amount of "superteams" in the closing ends of playoffs. That's how Iceland beats Uruguay in the WC final just saying
  21. Hmm says no data found for my player name, is something wrong with Wotlabs?

    1. simba90


      I saw a comment somewhere about the API being down?

  22. Yesterday
  23. Ezz

    Fjords 1.0

    So for us week behind sea server souls who are only getting the patch today, did the 1.0.2 tweaks do anything to fix the map?
  24. Fulcrous

    Graphics settings

    Dynamic only affects this: I have mine off because I'd prefer to not randomly get pixelated screens when it adjusts settings.
  25. Ezz

    Graphics settings

    Given the audio cues don't work all of the time with full audio I doubt it will have that big of an impact.
  26. DirtyACE7

    Graphics settings

    I'm actually trying to run as little of the eye candy as possible without giving up the important stuff. Playing on standard graphics. Also has anyone tested the different settings for sound? There's a setting for low quality sound. Is it worth using this or does it take away too many audio cues?
  27. I cool interactive resource for those interested in cable sharks:
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