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  2. You are doing the wrong thing, you are acting as a 'lone wolf' and not part of the team. Support the team in anyway you can - even if it means going against your 'judgement'. Never rely on your team to support you but always be somewhere that you can support them. Two guns are far better than one (2 guns vs 1 is the equivalent of having 4 tanks! I can explain the maths but it would bore you), find isolated enemies who are shooting at your team, flank them and kill them. Or get them to look your way so the team get better shots etc. Two things you can do to help your team - know when to run away so you can stay alive for longer; relocate to a better position to support them. If they push too far then you may have to leave some to die and secure some kills. The second is to secure kills when you can - see a tank on low HP? Kill it and get it out of the game, don't be afraid to use hitpoints late game to secure kills. If you can take a 390 shot but able to take out two guns then do it! Unless you can do it without losing the 390hp
  3. I did the kewei (a_chodeful) method before he even made an article about it. Seems to have worked for me Low tier (1-7) are pretty cancer so I wouldn't worry too much about them skill wise. The t10 is easily one of the best tanks in the game, very comfortable tank that plays like a medium and a heavy. Your crew looks good, once you hit your 4th skill train situational awareness on the commander, will mitigate the HT vr it has and means you can justify running vents over optics. GL with it all
  4. cant you heal HE just like fire damage, doesn't it count as light damage ?
  5. well meme'd Netherlands :serb: 

  6. Thanks for the reply. The commander is the radio operator. IS-7 is not a goal as of now, focusing on getting everything right with the T-10. I understand that there will be pro´s and con´s with all methods, I still play the T6 Strv 74 and managing quite good games if I may say so. At least they are "green" most of the times:)
  7. If u want another medium go for the usa. Amazing line.
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  9. Hello and welcome! BiA might be a bit early for crew of 2,94 skills. However I do that myself too, so it's not that big of a deal. I would pick JOAT, Armorer, Firefighting x2 for the next skills. For the life of me I cant remember who's the radio operator in T-10, but vision skills would be nice if it's the loader. Remember there's 2 loaders in IS-7(if memory serves right) which will have Situational Awareness as an option. Personally I don't think Kewei's (A_Chodeful) method works that well. TBH I dunno if it even worked for him. Sure he's one of the better players that has played this game, but he has a tendency to be arrogant and too self aware of his excellence, so I would take his method with a pinch of salt. Learn the mechanics and such on lower tiers first, where it's less punishing. Only then jump in the world of one shot clickers and high alpha TDs.
  10. hi, welcome! if you have a moment, can I ask you what you think of Abdullah Öcalan?
  11. So you basicaly want med tanks or heaviums or mobile tds or french arty. Considering you have 1k games and you are already not shit at that point you could try m46 patton (t20 and pershing are both good) and stop there t10 is meh, e50(panthers need some skill to do good, they are both meh and e50 is painfully to grind) to learn heavium playstyle. 430v2 is weird and to do good you need to adjust, otherwise its better t-54 without painfull grind. And in 430v2 case bonus thing is armor on top of being better heat54. Going down the chinese heavium line you have wz1114, its a really dank tank with decent armor, good speed, good hulldown and ok sidescrape and glorious gun. 113 is dank now too. You can suffer occasional ammorack for free thou. (Is 2 and 110 are fine too,110 is is3 brother with worse ss,better pike, and little less troll gun. Turret is mehish too, but its still a good tank) If you can bear africa prince and grind caernarvon in stronholds cuntqueror is where the fun begins, you basically have patton tier gun handling with e50 tier accuracy and godlike apcr,little slower but failry mobile and you can hulldown against most of enemies. Best thing it leads to bae215. A conqueror you can sidescrape with. As mobility and penetration is your targed - german turreted tds, nerfed but still good and cancerous, almost no grind from t8, dank guns, not slow af, just about bearable speed, but otherwise origami and it doesnt take much errors to get rekt if you are not chai retarding in them . Is7 line is ez mode, is1 is ok . bulling t6 tanks for 390 dmg is OpieOP, is3 is driven by josephh stalin himself, you can snapshot, hulldown, sidescrape, and make shitload of mistakes and not be punished, buffed is8 is not as good tier for tier, but gun gets danker, hull gets more squishy, you get faster, forgot about the turret but iirc it was buffed, is7 is hulldownbois with shitgun use apcronly gun, get hulldown rek everyrthing and get artied kind of tank. If i were you id go with is7 first, make some mistakes and learn some sidescraping and hulldown spots. Patton and e50 then for map awareness and control ,in the meantime find sh clan and grind caernaevon here. Conq is too amazeballs to let it be unresearched. Rest is up to you
  12. having a muslim aimbot sucks because every day 5 times it can only shoot towards the east

  13. I would have to say Yorck is a pretty decent ship. Fun and versatile, and plays nothing like regular german cruisers due to a fast buffed HE, a slow AP, and decent turning circles. I just started the grind and have only just unlocked the range upgrade, but you can get some amazing games out of the ship. I wouldn't say it's the strongest t7 cruiser, but it is a flexible all-rounder that I currently thoroughly enjoy. You do have to play it as an HE spammer with conditional AP (broadside under 10km), but as I've said it is extremely versatile with a flexible chassis that can dodge tank, good range and a fast HE shell to back it up, with a decent amount of alright torpedoes, and German hydro.
  14. Hello fellow tankers I recently joined this community in an effort to participate and not only lurk around reading various articles and threads. So far I have almost 4000 battles to my name. Did all the mistakes that noobs do, bought not one but two t8 premiums, sui-scout and so on. Somewhere around 500 battles I found QB´s Youtube channel and after some more searching got stuck on Zeven´s highly informative videos. Around this time I started the grind down the KV line as all new players is recommended to do. Had some great fun and developed my crew, ditched the KV line in favour of the IS line. Played over 200 battles in my IS-3, loved it. When I unlocked the T-10 I had 2 or 3 battles before I sold it and rage-quit WoT for 5-6 months. Came back a month before the Swedish tanks, because, hey I´m from Sweden, time to be patriotic:) Never cared for TD´s so I started down the light-medium-heavy. Have four girls in my STRV 74 and I love that tank. Unlocked Leo, and I have to say, I hate it, with a passion. Well, day before yesterday I re-bought the T-10 and free-exp´d the gun, turret, tracks and engine and have since been playing 30 something battles and have now come to really like it. The reason I did this is because of an article I read here, by A_chodeful. His reasoning is sound, and he has a point. I know I will be a liability to my team in the beginning but if I challenge myself like this I will have all the reasons to force my self to play better. My crew is as follows: Commander: BIA, 6th, 94% repair Driver: BIA, Smooth ride, 94% repair Gunner: BIA, Snap shot, 94% repair Loader: BIA, Safe stowage, 94% repair Equipment is the standard, Vstab, Gunrammer and vents. I have run it both with Vents and Coated optics, do not know which I like most, time will tell. I know that I play to aggressive, and still do stupid mistakes, but I will improve, I am determined of this. So, really, my question is, skills for my crew, am I going in the right direction? Next step after Repair?
  15. Good advice, set a budget and build (close) to it that way... Thought it may have been a notebook looking at the screengrabs, do you get a decent ping? I have never seen under 110 through the ingame lie up in the corner... :0
  16. OMNI. Contact _Potent. We have a recruitment thread in the forum. We really should have a clam page in this section.
  17. Activate reserves to get the last 9k required for the tank rewards daily. Proceed to lose 5 in a row and run out of time :serb:

  18. Thank you. I almost bought it during the steam sale, glad I didn't.
  19. French tank destroyers
  20. Lju-blja-na as in lyu-blah-nah.
  21. Idk whether I'll be a good or bad teacher but if you need someone I guess I can do it..?
  22. Agreed on both. So far as modding it truly was what made the others change from an exercise in tedium to something truly enjoyable.
  23. I informed them about what I think about their parentage in great detail
  24. I hope they allow the extensive modding that they allowed in Mount and Blade 1. Honestly the modding community made that game... So much more than it was.
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