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  1. Yesterday
  2. Map Rotation after 1.0

    Last night was not terrible.  I got 14 different maps on 17 games.  I wonder if WG tweaked the rotation. 

    Given the daily Stamp missions, getting the same 4-7 maps all night long would suck ass.

  3. Does anyone know how to win Fjords north spawn? I don't seem to remember to lose a battle from south or win one from the north in tier 10. South just can cross fire 2/3 of the map, and I just don't see any open attack point.

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    2. Assassin7


      By north you mean the northwest spawn?

      Easy. Yolo A9 corner, push their team out of there. Flex back to middle, farm them as you now have crossfire and map control, push down and farm the heavies in the rear. I actually prefer this side of fjords

    3. Sapros


      Each time I tried to take A9 I got shot in the ass from E5.

      So I started trying to take E5 and that resulted in getting shot in the ass from A9. 



    4. Assassin7


      how you getting shot from E5?

  4. Just hit the new low since 1.0; 1k wn8 with 33% wr, all teammates 28k 45% and we lose every battle within 1 minute to 0-15 because enemy had 47% and thats 2% better. All tiers unplayable from 6 to 10, every battle I got rekt by 6 tanks nevermind the location or type. The loses are so fast I played 1 hour and lost 15 battles.. 4 minute/ battle time. Yeah. Going back to read something.

    1. Dr_Hilarious


      I feel your pain. I realize skill-based MM won't work, which is fine by me. But balancing the 45%'ers (and under) that have more than 5k games would be great. Those are the people who try to mess up the game and are not merely learning.

    2. nabucodonsor


      Play SHs for a while and wait until the hype goes away, idiots leave and we have a new meta. Also you are playing on a weekend

  5. One of the clicker bot in my team, called everyone noob from the first second until the last. That is solid indicator of being a retard, so I checked out his profile after battle. I did't even expect to find such a treasure:


    I have to tip my hat off. This is remarkable in it's own category.

    1. kukis12345


      It's not his fault, he just gets bad teams 

    2. NightmareMk9


      Master of Cancer, Air and Land!

  6. Last week
  7. My WoT is crashing now after loading page is complete. All of a sudden, I was already playing today earlier. No mods or anything. Playing Vanilla. It won't open. Any ideas? 

    1. SaintLaurentius


      try in windowed mode

    2. kariverson


      I fixed it. After some research I found out what's causing it. A random 3rd party mod in resmods/1.0 thingy. Most likely the wot numbers battle retriever. Thank you for your response. 

  8. Guys dont waste bonds on anything else that isn't ivstab or the FF ability (or to get 6th sense while you are traing a new crew). Ivents boost is irrelevant compared to normal vents and same goes for irammer which is just a worse ivents. If you already have your favourite tank with ivstab dont buy another piece of improved equipment for it, but buy another ivstab for another tank you play a lot (example a tier 8 premium or a tier X for CW).

    Also i'd suggest you putting them on tanks with bad/average handling (like a bat/defender/5a ect) rather than on tanks with great handling (russian mediums) because the improvement will be bigger and because they need it more.

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    2. Vindi


      I disagree, mounted Ivents on my 430U and since then gun handling got noticeably different, 2-3 snapshots more, etc. Looking after mounting the rammer and Ivstab.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @Vindi I seriously doubt that unless they change the game  mechanics. It's like when I swapped gld for vents on the 113. Sure it is better but not that better and ivents should not provide a bigger change than applying normal vents instead of gld.

      What I did was simply compare the dpm change between a 113 with ivents and nvents and the increas is about what i said. Unless as I said is wrong but that has to be proven.

    4. Fulcrous


      8 hours ago, Vindi said:

      I disagree, mounted Ivents on my 430U and since then gun handling got noticeably different, 2-3 snapshots more, etc. Looking after mounting the rammer and Ivstab.

      Confirmation bias.

  9. Best tank to play IMO while learning these new maps, Lowe. Noticing most of these maps favor tanks with good gun depression. Might as well play a tank that shits credits while learning.

  10. Finally, 10 hour version of cuteness overload.

    I have no regrets.

    1. Darvek


      I clicked this status update expecting puppies, or bunnies, or something.

    2. orzel286


      @Darvek You must be new here ("here" meaning my status updates).

      Also: had to stop watching after ~15 minutes, after I caught myself singing along...

  11. I finally did it!



    1. TAdoo87


      Wow. Why do you need such a setup. 

    2. Android25


      I use the NVMe drive for Steam. The first one was getting full so I picked up another and figured, why not raid them :P

      Honestly it's more just a game of how ridiculously fast I can make the computer at every level.

    3. Medjed


      What's the write/read measuring program called?

  12. Anyone able to find the missions/interface for the marathon in 1.0?

    1. king_spaniel


      it finally showed up for me just now - wasn't there earlier this morning

  13. Soma SM, any thoughts. I already have a Lorraine what reason is there to get the Soma other than new shiny. 

    1. Errants


      A French Heavy that plays similar to French heavies? W/o the baggage/pref MM of the 50t... I'm tempted.

    2. lavawing


      50 T will be buffed soon-ish? though

    3. Vindi
  14. Thoughts: Cent 7/1 or M46 Patton? Low DPM vs 0.37 accuracy

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    2. Haswell


      Patton for far better gun handling.

    3. tajj7


      Patton, if the Cent 7/1 had a proper gold round it might edge it in the current meta, but both are praying to RNG when a Type 4 or 5 rumbles in., so you might as well have the one with better gun handling and DPM. 

    4. crapcannon


      Much appreciated guys. Will do both grinds.

  15. Realizing that someone you were going to start a life with cheated.. saying it hurts is a really big understatement.

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    2. Hellsfog


      As others have already said, it's a terrible feeling but better have it out now then years from now with  kids involved.  I wish I had better words of comfort other than it could have been worse and you'll recover.

    3. kreigermann


      Just to add here.. something that helped me during those times was to go do something different.

      -I quit playing video games all together for several months and focused on working out, ran my first triathlon, and got into power lifting.

      -I had some money saved up so I took a trip to visit some friends in a different state.

      Change something up for a bit, it really helped me.

    4. RC_Tank


      9 hours ago, Daerlon said:

      Sorry, that sucks. But better to find out now than 5+ years from now...

      That's the happy ending here, I'm happy I didn't get married to someone like this.

      9 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:


      cliche' but true: Better to find out now than later when kids/home/jobs are involved. If you both decide to stick out, you're going to need serious counseling as a couple.

      We were very close to getting a place together. I can't stick it out with someone who does that, everything we ever were is done because of her decision to cheat.

      6 hours ago, kreigermann said:

      Been there more than once... it really sucks.
      Echo what both Daerlon and TheMarine said... and I hated hearing it at the time but in hindsight yeah.

      Sorry to hear that man, nobody deserves to go through this. Sooner rather than later is the silver lining here.

      6 hours ago, Errants said:

      Condolences, mate, been there myself. Fucking sucks... but, there is the brightside that you're forewarned, now.

      It does. I ignored so many things I shouldn't have, moving on from this I'll be able to spot and deal with red flags earlier.

      6 hours ago, orzel286 said:

      I hate situations like this, where I can't really say anything (un)funny or insert some really lame pun. :/

      There's always another day, maybe you'll find someone who'll be worth it and won't cheat?


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      Gotta admit though, I'm glad I'm a wizard, I'm immune to this painful stuff and I won't be seduced by anyone EVER since I know all the counter-spells.


      I'm still holding out that there's someone out there, but I'm going to focus on me for a while.

      6 hours ago, Dr_Hilarious said:

      Really sorry to hear that. Just don't be afraid to go all-in in the future based on this bad experience!

      I won't, I know I did love her and I still think love is a wonderful thing.

      5 hours ago, Action said:

      It hurts now but it will get better :( sorry man. we all have been there... Listen to Blinded by the lights from the streets, drink some(a lot) jägermeister and cry... do whatever helps man. give it some time and then lok to the future. life goes on. im talking from expirience

      That's a great song, thanks. I'll see where I can get that locally. Life does go on, it's a funny old world.

      4 hours ago, Hellsfog said:

      As others have already said, it's a terrible feeling but better have it out now then years from now with  kids involved.  I wish I had better words of comfort other than it could have been worse and you'll recover.

      It could have been worse for sure, we were very close to getting a place together.

      4 hours ago, kreigermann said:

      Just to add here.. something that helped me during those times was to go do something different.

      -I quit playing video games all together for several months and focused on working out, ran my first triathlon, and got into power lifting.

      -I had some money saved up so I took a trip to visit some friends in a different state.

      Change something up for a bit, it really helped me.

      Yeah I haven't felt like playing anything lately. I'm going to hit the gym and use the anger to my advantage. Changing things up is a good suggestion.


      Thanks for the kind words and suggestions guys. I suspected it for a while and honestly I'm just numb right now. I'm just dreading when the happy memories will start rolling in.

  16. First complaint about 1.0: I died trying to drive off the Mines mid hill to get a butt shot at a M103 in my T49 because they changed the terrain there and you can't actually slide down in that notch on the eastern side of the hill anymore, utter garbage 0/10 literally unplayable


    i'm not mad i swear

    1. kreigermann


      Several times last night:
      obviousyoloturd incoming- "OOOOOKAY time to use my exit strategy and dump off thiiiiss hiiiilll.l. lll... ooooh SHIT are those rocks there just for show and I can still get down this?  WELL,  I'm dead anyways if I don't TRY"

  17. New Glacier map.. is fucking awful. That is all.

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    2. Darvek


      Played it once, had a pretty enjoyable, dynamic game. But whether that's going to be true in the future as people learn the map and a meta develops I couldn't say.

    3. kreigermann


      I had honestly forgotten they put a new map in, or I would have gone in a training room right off. I didn't get it in the rotation until the very end of my session.

      Basically I played the map just off of impressions I got on the minimap and during countdown. Still got one penetrating derpshot but that.. that's just not enough chodepunting.

    4. ZXrage


      SE for sneaky pushes, NW for corridoring, middle is for light dogfighting, the opening to the aircraft carrier in the middle can be used to fire down on the NW corridor like Mines/Abbey

      t. Someone who went into a training room and explored

  18. Every time I log in, my graphical settings have been undone. All the other changes (battle chat, sound settings, etc.) are the way I left them. Any idea why?

    1. Rexxie


      It's having trouble writing the new settings to your dossier. It could be that there's something wrong with your dossier itself, you can try moving/removing it from C:\Users\[You]\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache and letting the game generate a new one. You'll have to set your settings again, though. You probably want to just move it & put it back in if it doesn't fix the issue.

    2. Darvek


      Success! Thank you!

  19. Game is still imbalanced, but at least it looks stunning. SO. MUCH. EYE CANDY.

    1. Action


      yeah...Wg actually mannaged to polish a turd.

    2. j_galt


      Trees, trees, -  Fuck Me, so many trees

  20. are shells faster in 1.0 or does it feel odd because i've been gone for 2 months?

    1. Tman450


      They redid tracers and shell effects so it feels very different.

  21. watching the doc play wot is fucking hilarious

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    2. kukis12345


      Ofc they were and not just these two

    3. Fulcrous


      All these sponsors, still not #1 viewed game on twitch. And worst of all, we all know where the WGL money went to.

    4. Siimcy


      @FulcrousWell, Ninja alone has more viewers than those streamers combined so it's hard to compete in that department.

  22. Am I only one who thinks there has been a return of russian bias from moment Murazor has been in charge? Russian tanks are stronger than ever (and vbaddict seems to confirm so altough I havent done the math, but the average wr looks higher for russian tanks than germans or USA tanks altogheter (i mean as a nation average wr)) and the new maps are flatter, more usable for chinese and russian tanks?


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    2. Assassin7


      I think I said that lol

    3. EndlessAgony


      It's possible. I'm not sure who was first tho, I've seen multiple people say it...

    4. Assassin7


      I know I've said it xD

  23. Well, got to play a bit in 1.0 this morning so first impressions:

    1. So much for optimisation. New max settings tanked my framerate down to about 60fps. Tweaked settings and got it back to the more usual 120fps.

    2. Definitely an issue with the saturation/contrast/brightness combo. Took a while to get settings that were at least manageable. Still not convinced I'm comfortable with the settings though.

    3. The eye-candy is certainly nice, but it does feel distracting at the moment. Probably will get used to it in time.

    4. Most of the maps I got haven't been changed much, and on the ones that have had a few changes, I somehow managed to die early...

    Otherwise, same old pubbie madness. 6/10.

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    2. Balthazars


      I got Mountain Pass (no change, still my most hated map), Murovanka (went west, seemed no real change), Abbey (no real change on east except the central rock is a lot smaller), Steppes (east seems quite changed but died early like a potato), Arctic Region or whatever it's been renamed to (again north seems changed but died early like a potato), Paris (unchanged from what I can see), Karelia (unchanged), Live Oaks (seems unchanged on tracks but died early).

      Edited by Balthazars
    3. Fulcrous


      I get the same frames... if not better because its unlocked now on max everything.

      I have a 7700k @ 5.0GHz and a 1070

    4. Balthazars


      I'm running a much older card and system (about 5 years old now), an [email protected],400k and a GTX 760. The auto-detect settings put pretty much everything to max but the frame-rate hit was real. I knocked a couple of things back to just 'high' settings and got my frame-rate back to 120fps which I like more. Not too fussed to be honest but it's a bit strange when the game auto-detects to that level but the performance is quite poor. I do run the SD client though, not sure if the HD client is better optimised?

  24. LOL  the game for minimal settings looks like total shit plus it lags. Yay wg.

  25. FFs the 1.0 Launcher instals for ages.

  26. Any way at all to switch the graphics back? It's nice eye candy and all but I find it more distracting and I'd rather have more game sense

    1. ZXrage


      It's a complete engine switch, so no

  27. Jesus they fucked up the maps really bad.. flat surfaces and bushes everywhere and like fjords south.. excuse me? Yeah I can sit in my strv all day long to farm 6k but what for..

    1. Marty


      Have you seen Erlenberg yet? :jebaited:

    2. simba90


      please tell me they didn't leave that farming spot in the south

    3. Vindi


      they multiplied the camping spots by 3

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