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  1. Today
  2. Any ideas how to fix this shit??

    wot error.png

    1. mostlyhybrid


      for me at least checking the install integrity and then restarting helped, but I don't know exactly what caused the problem and what exactly solved it.

  3. here to post my yearly status update how is everyone :^)

    1. Haswell


      Is it Christmas yet?

  4. Anyone happen to know what music like this is called? It's sort of disco with a techno bunker vibe to it beneath and I can't find anything similar at all, it's all "clean" disco

    This one in particular is a tool vinyl to help translate between disco and techno on a turntable, I was just wondering if there was more music like it

    1. hazzgar


      It may be Nu-Disco

  5. Yesterday
  6. fuck the swede TDs. they'd literally be the first line I removed if I was in charge. before the Type 5 before the 268v4. before fucking arty.

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    2. Assassin7


      The seige mode can probably stay, but it shouldnt instantly make the tank more accurate and shit, pick a value in between current seige mode and non seige mode and keep it the same in or out of it. They should give it a designated "gun traverse" that turns the whole tank X degrees before it loses its camo rather than the 360 degree bullshit. Like half the reverse speed of them, nerf camo after firing. Nerf the 103bs DPM especially. Nerf its LFP so its overmatchable/pennable by 100mm guns. Same with the tier 9.

      Buff seige mode so its like 0.5 secs to enter and exit it so it can at least play like a more normal tank. Maybe buff its movement speed in seige mode a little bit as well. Maybe also give it like +/- 3-5 gun elevation/depression out of seige mode so its not completely useless when out of it. 

      Make them less cancer to fight, while making them actually able to contribute in a way that isnt "find a bush at the back of the map and dont ever move ever"

    3. tajj7


      Yeh they are super annoying all round, annoying to dig out from the stupid red line camping spots WG has infested on every map and super annoying to have on your team, especially if they are one of your top tiers because they will just red line camp the whole game and you are essentially down a top tier. 

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 then he was double bushing and everyone would have killed you. Even with camo net + full camo you don't have amazeballs camo after shooting in the strvs

  7. Victory!
    Battle: Pilsen
    Vehicles: E 75
    Experience received: 1,607
    Credits earned: 60,261 (compensation for damage caused by allies: 2,004)

  8. Hi just checking in to say hi and say this game still doesnt seem anymore appealing at the 8 month mark.

    btw do i win?


    1. Kolni


      you're thinking about wot

      you haven't beaten it yet

      it's in your head again

    2. Medjed


      I don't play WoT for a long time now. And i still every now and then think, maybe i should give it a go a bit. Then i remember that it's a piece of shit and go play something else. It will always be in my head, doesn't mean I'm gonna play it.

  9. I regret not playing through Witcher 3 sooner, one of the best stories I've played through that's for sure.

  10. Last week
  11. Ok youtube, why? Just... Why are you suggesting me this? Is ww3 that close?


  12. If you log onto WOWP, you should get a free day of premium.  There is a very easy mission for a second day

    Also 40 : 1 Free XP Conversion.  I can convert all 14k I have in wowp for like 350 Gold

  13. What's going on in this game the last week? It's perma 3 arties no matter the tier. What gives?

    1. hazzgar


      And steamrolls all the time. So a fast high dpm tank or gtfo

  14. come back to this game after 2-3 years and meh, game is ezpz, I have no idea when I'll return to ~4k dpg and 70%wr though.


  15. Fuck arty. One shot from a t8 arty killed 3/5 of my crew in my Lowe. No Loader, Gunner, Commander. also damaged ammorack, gun and turret, then when i fixed the rack oho damages it again. Fun game

    1. Hellsfog


      Arty missed so only two dead crew and one module.  Arty is now fixed since nobody complains about it, didnitcha know. 

  16. I love the t10 but jesus why is mine cursed. Do 3-4k dmg almost every battle while being in front get 45% wr for 30 battles because my teams die in most random ways possible. I'd have to have 4k dpm to carry them. 

    1. Haswell


      You're not doing damage in the right places then. Pubshit are pubshit, but you can keep them alive long enough to meatshield for you and push.

    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell not really. I always focus fire. Kill either the most dangerous tanks or the one low on hp. It's just that its the weekend and I've been geting back luck with some of my tanks so either I get 3/5 heavies in my team redlining or an obj277 literally going kamikaze on 5 enemy tanks in the first minute of the battle. So yeah you are right, SOmetimes I'm not doing damage in the right places because my tanks cant teleport when my team decides to die either by going yolo or by becoming bad movie villains and when I think a flank is won since 8 vs 2 badly positioned tds should be easy I get proven wrong...

    3. sohojacques
  17. Got shot by arty consistently on highway faster than I was able to repair.


    Perma'd by arty.

    I'm not even purple. Fucking cunts like this need to die a slow and painful cancer

  18. I just can't get a single good with with my obj 140 vs my 430u anymore. I think I'm close to selling that

  19. I was hired for this place I work about 2 months ago.  Get a phone call asking if I could give a reference about a candidate that sent in an application, who also turns out... to be myself?

    Cue awkward conversation that I was already hired and that whoever must have sent in the application under my name and referenced myself must be pranking the company. In all fairness, the caller sounded new.

  20. Foch b is not a good tank but oh how I love when one decides he needs to kill you even if he dies. Great idea WG. 

    1. Hellsfog


      Is there another reason to play it? 

    2. lavawing


      drive a Soviet heavy or medium so that you cannot die even when you are killed

  21. Well, for the first time since 2014, I don't have a premium account.  What I do have is enough boosters to play almost 200 hours of tank with XP/$$ boosters popped.  I probably don't have 200 hours of tanking left in my tank, so it worked out well.

    1. sohojacques


      I’ve focused on getting a f2p friendly garage this year and I reckon I’ll pretty much have it after my current 3rd month of premium time for the year runs out. Got a fun selection of tier 6-8 premiums (no Skorp or Defender though) and a bunch of tier 9s with good standard round pen. Avoid tier 10 and even a shitter like me can at least break even.

  22. The CW stats for players were removed? I can't find them.

  23. I'm Sure the O-Ho was put in the game in its current state to make people free XP past it to the Type 4.  I can't find a redeeming quality about it.  The gun handling sucks.  The accuracy sucks.  The regular and premiums rounds are slow.  It can't sidescrape or reverse side scrape without exposing flat armor. Its slow.  Most tier 7 tanks can autoaim and pen it.  What is it good for?

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      The O-Ho wasn't completely terrible, as long as you didnt want to shoot to your left side. 

      Then again, I never took the tank seriously when I was grinding through it. At least compared to the KV-4 you can derp shit which makes it a bit more memorable.
      Especially when you hit heavily armoured heavies for 450. I managed to win a trade fight against a Conqueror by bouncing the a shot and repeatedly shooting it in the turret roof for 450. 

      Its still shit though. 

    3. hiipanda


      When fighting another O-ho's face to face a good place to aim is under the tank.

    4. Bavor


      @leggasiini My issue with the derp is putting 3 shots into a tier 9 or 10 heavy for a total of under 500 damage.   Even the hull down Caern AX I was shooting at was doing under 100 damage per shot half the time.  The derp is so inconsistent in damage against higher tier tanks.


      I shot a t95 frontally for two zero damage critical hits in a row and a TYpe 5 drove sideways out in front of my team and fired.  I shot it in the side just below the turret for a whole 114 damage.  The derp is just so inconsistent in damage.


      Last battle I shot down into the top of a 705 for ZERO damage with HE.  Yes ZERO damage with HE. 

  24. Who comes up with these stupid personal missions? Have two battle heroes or epic medals in one game... I mean the ace tanker ones were fine. I did 6 of them in a day 3 back to back and it pushes you to play properly. Not kill hunt and spot hunt and whatever else random specific lucky shit you gotta do. 


  25. Great. Thinking wg. Now when I chose camo I can accidentally take it away from my other tank. A light tank for example. Smart 

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    2. hazzgar



       the new "depot" allows you to take camo from another tank when assigning camo to tanks. The problem is it doesn't tell you it did that. The same happens for equipment. It was super fun runing my udes with no camo net, binos and no paint. 

      vanilla client 

    3. sohojacques


      Thanks for the heads up. 

    4. sohojacques


      Just checked my garage and I don’t think this is happening to me. Camo I just put on my HWK isn’t available for other tanks. Vanilla client as well.

  26. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, When I listen to Metallica, My neighbors do too.

    1. TheMarine0341


      March 11th. 2019. Plan on being against the stage

    2. Medjed


      I see your neighbours have good taste in music

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