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  2. Hmm says no data found for my player name, is something wrong with Wotlabs?

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  4. Been watching liquidator on the RU server play the Progetto 65. There's something about that tank that makes me want it really bad.

    1. NightmareMk9


      It worked very well in Frontline.  It was fast enough to get places and the new gun mechanic is nicely flexible.  I use it a a single shot or 2 shot 90% of the time.  If I was sure to get the killshot, or I could hide for the long reload is about the only time to shoot that last shell.  Unless you screw up and fire .01 sec before the reload completes...
      I got it for about $20 during the mission set.  I don't regret the purchase, but..

      #NOMOREMONEYFORWG until they figure out the pref MM tanks.

    2. TheChang


      @NightmareMk9 You're thinking the Progetto 46 ;)

  5. Wg announced their plan for new resources in wows, clan-less players starting shitstorms already. Feels good to not get a shitty end of the stick for once XD

    1. Assassin7
    2. NightmareMk9


      Coal and Steel.

      Steel is only for Clammers

      you can trade steel for coal, but not the other way

      20,000 or whatever coal or steal gets you boats and shit

  6. Casual 12k assistance on Karelia and 3rd MoE



  7. This sounds extremely petty but I get so much fucking joy from ruining someone's game. Like every time I permatrack some idiot on a hill or corner, every time I catch someone out with no cover, every time I'm responsible for deleting the entirety of an enemy tank I get extremely aroused. It's like I get to channel all the frustration that this game has inflicted on me and put all onto someone else.

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      Quit before you turn into an arty player.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      playing arty just removes the satisfaction. I wanna outskill faggots not click them

    3. hazzgar


      @SkittlesOfSteeI permatracking is not always outskilling people. French tanks get detracked it you sneeze near them. Ruskies don't get detracked even if you eat their tracks. 


      Also how many times I have been double tracked by random long range snapshots from inaccurate guns.

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  9. More WT memes 




    8k (almost 5k direct dmg) combined on Erlemberg in a t49. This game can still be fun.

  11. If you think 3/5/7 is unfair try 2/5/8 on mannheim line. Our team has a bobject and wz1115, their team has an amx 50 and a strv-b. 

    Guess the result? 

    1. simba90


      your bobject camped in the back corner doing two shots of damage and your wz drowned himself after declaring the "XVM gives us 46% chance to win". - My experience with pub 'teammates' from this weekend.

    2. hazzgar


      @simba90 thankfuly I was the bobject and the wz1115 platooned with me right away and was a moderately competent player. Don't have xvm but he played like someone with 53% WR. Lost waaaay too much hp for nothing but pushed forward with me when I pressed W for Win in my still belenced tonk. 


      On a side note yeah I played 1 game on the bobject. It's as broken as it was before. I feel no difference.

  12. Why the fuck did I drop 40 fps after the update? Gfx settings still the same

    used to play with 110 normal fps, occasionally dropping to 80 at the worst, now I'm having ~60 fps, dropping to 40 every few seconds

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      Its because of preferential matchmaking.


      All those preferential matchmaking tanks ruining your fps.

  13. So I decided to import my midlife crisis directly from Japan... Before anyone asks, no I don't know what an Initial D is :panting:. When I started doing a bit of research on getting one imported, the name kept coming up. I actually thought they were a tuning company or something at first like TRD.

    I then figured out it's a Japanese comic. This explains why all the kids have gone crazy for these and the prices have gone crazy. Lucky for me that it's the Trueno hatchback version they all want. I like the Trueno's but have always preferred the Levin Booter version...  I struck gold with this car. It has had a complete rust proofing carried out on it. The engine came out and the bay was treated and primed as was the boot(trunk). It also had a complete engine rebuild. Toda Racing cams, Toda Racing pistons, piston rings, Toda Racing valve springs, Toda Racing head gasket, Toda Racing oil cooler. It also has a 2 way Cusco diff and a set of fully adjustable suspension. Attached is a few pictures of it sitting in the port in Japan waiting for export.





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    2. zbran


      Yeah I see what you mean,nice car but...... I think we have very similar criteria when it comes to what we want in an AE86. Discrete mods, as original looking as possible. I want to drive mine every day and occasionally take it to a track day. The one I got ticked all the boxes for me. It's actually the top spec GT Apex model, and the best part is it still has it's entire original interior! Ok so the interior is D grade, but so what, a good clean and some minor repairs almost always bring it up to a C grade. Having the original drivers seat is unbelievably rare as it's almost always removed for a bucket seat. If you're lucky it would be replaced with a Bride seat, but not everyone has good taste :-).

    3. orzel286


      That's a nice piece of midlife crisis.

      Oh, @Assassin7 hope you like these "remixes" - imo perfect for drifting to sleep:

    4. Assassin7


      Yeah. If I had an AE86, id be unoriginal and have the white/black panda trueno, and probably similar rims to the watenabes that are on the Initial D AE86, but mainly because I think they look really good. Though if I was actually doing it I would probably choose something different. But Id have to be able to daily it, cant afford to own a daily and a weekend car. 

      But hey, this is my car lol:


      Fully original Integra Type R. Factory recaros and everything.

  14. tier 5 is like, the worst tier to play these days purely because the LeFH18 exists. 

    such a cancerous arty. 

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    2. Assassin7


      I was grinding the churchill 1 because I need new meta tanks. That thing was honestly terrible. -4 dep was the worst. And I kept getting fucked by Lefhs constantly. 

    3. hazzgar


      Lefhs are cancer to low tier heavies but having finally gotten my hands on an account that has one - it's meh. Unless the target is slow and imobbile the shell flies to long to hit anything that moves above 15kph. 

    4. Strigonx


      i was trying the BDR Mordian and the KV-2 Ragnarok the other day with my friend's shitter account.

      mfw 3 fast firing clickers is absolute nightmare

  15. After doing some OC on my new build I decided to try out PubG. 

    >Purchased Steam Code on Newegg

    >finished my 2nd match 

    >*banned from steam*

    Um u wot m8 wtf 

    1. HemanathanRX7


      too gud at pubg? Kappa

    2. Assassin7


      I just read something about that, apparently its a bug, happened to thousands, and they're undoing them all slowly.

  16. This game is starting to give me anger issues...

    Uninstalled once again, see you in few years probably.

    1. BadLuckCharm


      This game does tend to do that.

  17. Last game before 1.0.2

  18. Victory
    FV4004 Conway 
    Experience received:4,720   (  -2;  x2)    48,077   (  -3,708)
    Battle achievements Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

    Repairs:    -9 394  
    Ammunition:    -43 960  
    Total:    -5 277      WN8: 3 949 (100)

    120, mostly stock. APCR to Type 4's every 6 seconds is lulzy.

  19. RGB to greatness :minidoge:


    Need to update TR 1950X build log

  20. I just realized after 75k XP worth of games that my former equipment on the T10 had been dismounted, and I was playing the tank stark naked… :facepalm:

  21. Finished my build last week but I havent touch it that much

  22. WN8 ..... those who have it say you don't need it. And those who don't have it say they want more of it. You have to have WN8 to think like that in the first damn place.


    1. Haswell


      I don't need WN8 or any other epeen measuring system because I don't play.

    2. BadLuckCharm


      When performance metrics are used for epeen, they're more corrosive than the harshest acid. When they are used for self-improvement (like they're supposed to) they're fine, and actually useful.

      Same damn thing, it's how it's used that makes it good or bad. Like most anything, really.

  23. I called scammers.


    Hilarity at 2:50


    1. mistervanni


      interesting for sure

  24. Here is some help for people who are not into soccer for the new Mystery Ball Promo that WG is running (

    1) Uruguay

    2) Argentina

    3) Germany

    4) Belgium

    5) Colombia

    6) Uruguay

    7) Argentina

    8 Brazil

    9) Mexico

    10) Poland

    11) Uruguay

    12) Argentina

    13) Brazil

    14) Colombia

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    2. Katoleras


      @Assassin7 I dont know man, it worked for me earlier. Also Mexico has no chance of winning that game, change it if it lets you. 

    3. Assassin7


      yeah, I have very limited knowledge of soccer but I do know that Germany is one of the top teams lol

    4. Assassin7


      Wait wait wait. Mexico beat germany??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

  25. earth's deadliest animal


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