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  2. Love when some faggot & his shit clan named I_shot_JR[5LINE] tells the team how much they suck & you're a shitter. Meanwhile after 72,000 games they still suck. Love the irony. PS: I_shot_JR, enjoy your ban after the team kill and shit spamming. :)

  3. Today
  4. Am bored. Decide to play WoT for the first time in like a month. Play in the Comet because give me some wn8 quickybaby. Some forum warrior named TwixOps shoots me first, pushes me out into the open, and then i shoot him once (which was a bad idea) He shoots me more times than I shoot him, I turn blue (ugh) and then he proceeds to tell me how he has a replay of how I shot him first (sure you do buddy). I wish I had some 750 alpha TD to shoot him next time I see him. Fuck this game.

    1. hazzgar


      Was this the case of "MY SPOT!!!!1111oneone!" ??

  5. Just accidentally converted almost 200k xp from the ltwt to free xp.  Back down to 76k/279k for the 100lt.  Fuck me.

    1. mostlyhybrid


      Can't you submit a ticket to undo this sort of stuff?

    2. cavman276


      eh I need the free xp for the AT line more and don't have time to grind more out to convert before the special ends.  the ltwt isn't particularly painful to play at least.

    3. DHP


      Bro.. Your good. A friend of mine bought the Fv 215B (183) INSTEAD OF  the regular 215B on the eve of 9.20.1. 


      Just imagine there are more fucked up mistakes.. you will be good ! :)

  6. Researched:
    AMX 30 1er prototype researched. Undistributed experience spent: 197300. Free Experience spent: 0.

  7. Yesterday
  8. Day 19 T34B Mission FUCK UP - Wins required.

    I really shouldn't be surprised that WG managed to seriously fuck up another mission, but it is rather frustrating.

    So do I say fuck it and quit?  Do I complete the hellish mission for a free tank i'll probably play once?  Do I complete 30 games in the top 10 and hope WG fixes the mission?

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    2. Tarski


      I see. Silly WGNA. 

    3. lordawesome7


      the last one is get 5 kills in one game so if its only one token then i think the latter is better

    4. NightmareMk9


      I still need 2, so F me

  9. Sold:
    AT 15' successfully sold.
    Received credits:  1,642,825. 

    Good bye, you mediocre, knee-capping slug.


    'Tortoise' successfully purchased.
    Spent credits:  3,500,000.

    And as a bonus, I already get the L1A1 railgun thanks to my Conway.

    1. NightmareMk9


      Can you play another 80k in my AT15, so I can be ready for the 183 on track?

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      I'm 20K away from the Tortoise, will get there this week, sell it, buy Tortoise during on-track (sale price) and grind the Fv215b 183 during the x2 each win weekend. Plan is set and I have gold set aside for the weekend. 60K Free EXP for that top gun, too.

  10. I'm retarded

    1. KruggWulf
    2. DirtyACE7


      Oh come now @Fulcrous You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You!

  11. Watched liquidator (RU streamer) tonight. My god can this man play! Makes every opponent he faces look like a completely retarded bot.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      You gotta give him more credit but at the same time I do agree. The RU server does have an inordinate amount of alcoholics who waste away their lives working in some chicken factory, then come home, open up a bottle and have a relaxing evening in WoT.

    3. kukis12345


      Yeah he's a beast. His 140 gameplay is top notch.

    4. SaintLaurentius


      NA players talking smack about RU players, I didnt see that one coming:trump:


  12. Completed the 15th mission to get the T34B. This latest mission marathon proved yet again how many degenerate retards make up the vast majority of the player base.

  13. *Sigh*

    I went into the theater today with low expectations after the first few DC movies, knowing Justice League probably wasn't going to be that great but.... wow, it kind of sucked actually. I mean, I actually liked Batman V Superman more when it came out and that movie was mediocre (though the Ultimate Edition was decent). Justice League had a rushed plot, forced comedy, plot holes, no Darkseid other than Steppenwolf saying his name once, and a Superman return that felt so underwhelming (spoiler, but come on, everyone knew he'd be coming back in this movie). Not terrible, but even worse than my expectations going into it.

  14. Last week
  15. PUBG as an e-sports works with casters like "Pansy".

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    2. Medjed


      Game is unoptimised piece of shit and it gets worse with every update. I literally avoid playing pubg because how shitty it feels right now. Fps drops all around and net code is a disaster. There's so much RNG shit in the game that makes it absurdly non-esports feel like. 

    3. Fulcrous


      lol. expecting a 8x8km map to have 100+ fps on ultra is an impossibility

    4. Kolni


      currently been watching the IEM and jesus christ it's a disaster

      while I personally sort of like the game it is really not esports material, especially not this ridiculous squad format where luck plays an even bigger factor than in wot


      at least liquid gets to not suck at a game in 2k17 :kappa: 

  16. How to fail? Flip your tank on a climb while going 5kph. 

    1. ThomChen114


      the classic Anfield Maus tactic?

    2. hazzgar


      I flipped when I was ON the boost already, Killed 4 tanks and all I had to do was mop up low tiers. The 13 105 is narrow so it flips for no reason though. A slight drop that's 30% of the tank height that's at an anngle is all you need to do to flip it. So I got stuck on a boost on my side. 

  17. Received a promo email from AW, saw new maps.


    Is it just me or does it look exactly like Pearl River? :serb:

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    2. leggasiini


      The one pic really does look like the Pearl river.

      I miss that map, it wasnt perfect but way better than 50% of maps in the game. I hope they return that and Hidden Village with reworks when they rework maps to HD.

    3. Kolni


      Pearl River had serious map balance issues where you couldn't rotate at all as if you committed somewhere bad you couldn't run out, and if you got out in time there was nowhere to go to be viable in because you couldn't control anything else. 

      That said both the middle and north design were pretty well made, plenty of terrain for corridors to abuse and several lanes to switch to in case you picked a loser. Only real problem was that you couldn't get out of anywhere so a lot of people had issues with it and so it got removed


      (even though I really liked it, super fun in T6 SH with cheekibreeki traps :serb: )

    4. Raj


      My best memory of Pear River was being in CHAI as one of two non Chinese speakers and just damage farming instead. I forget who we fought, but I think we brought a lot of Foch's.

  18. I was grinding the AMX M4 45 to get ready for the new heavy line. 

    I converted some exp -> free exp. 

    Turns out I converted the exp I had saved up on the M4 45. 


    1. FavreFan4ever
    2. sohojacques


      Enough to warrant a ticket to customer “service”?

    3. Tarski


      I was only at about 30k, so I'll get it back soon enough, but it's not a vehicle I like playing and realizing my mistake was a bit of a shock. 

  19. 110 without the top gun is no gun handling, no pen, no armor. Jesus the turret is butter.

  20. New French Heavies "review":

    Tier 8 is kind of trash, paper hull, the turret only works against lower tiers (and good luck meeting them with the current tier 8 matchmaking), trash gunhandeling (not T34 level of gunhandeling but still...), decent mobility (slightly better than IS-3)  and if you load gold your penetration goes from 218 AP to 325 APCR for some fucking reason.


    Tier 9 is great, you actually get some decent armor.

    The upper plate gets ~270/290/300mm EFA against and lower plate gets ~220/240/255 against AP/APCR/HEAT.

    Small tumors are existant on the turret but can be hidding by using the gundepression.

    Gun is decent (127mm is trash, use the 120mm)

    Basically take a M103 and make it better in every single way (better gunhandeling, same DPM, stronger armor with smaller weakspots, better mobility, slightly more health)

    Atleast the M103 doesn't get the shoulder plates I guess...


    Tier 10 is disappointing tbh.

    It is mostly a copy of the tier 9.

    Basically take the tier 9, give it 7 mm more standard pen (even though it is the same gun), improve the gunhandeling and DPM slightly, increase the upper hull armor and give it it 300 more health. It also gets the same acceleration but worse traverse speed because lol engineupgrades (At this point I am 95% sure that the balancing department doesn't know that having access to engineupgrades actually affects the traversespeed of a tank...)

    Not getting penned in the upper hull by 330 HEAT is nice but imo not really worth the price of giving up the tier 9 mm.

    It gets access to an 130mm gun with 560 alpha though you have to give up the nice penetration values of the 120mm (250/280mm AP/AP for the 130 vs 264/325mm AP/APCR for the 120mm)

    It is an option but have fun with those 50/50 dice rolls when shooting at the front of a Type 5 Heavy.

    Overall though if you want to use the 120mm gun you are better of staying at tier 9.


    1. leggasiini


      Few things to note with the tier 8:

      Stock turret is like twice as small, has better armor (sure the cupola is weaker but the top turret cupola gets penned by anything relevant anyway and the entire turret front is cheese VS 250+ pen) and -10 depression instead of 8. You do lose HP and view range, tho. As for the gun stats, the DPM drops marginally and aim time becomes longer (tho 3 sec with top turret is still shit). The bloom and accuracy remains unchanged.

      If you use the 100 mm the stock turret might be actually better option just because of -10 depression, much smaller size and better armor. You dont have a huge blob exposed when peeking from a ridge. 

      Also, the 120 is quite expensive to research and you dont need it for M4 51, so there is an argument to ignore it completely if you wanna go to higher tiers quickly.

      No matter what option you pick, the tank is fucking horrible unless you spam 325 APCR with 120 and even then its underwhelming, and considering it gets the most godly premium ammo in the entire tier it just says how pathetic it is. Its like fucking TVP VTU of heavies, literally, both in shittiness and multiple options of shittiness to choose from.


      Tier 10 with 130 is very nice actually when you get to pen things. I can imagine it being extremely good when it gets to 3-5-7 match. 560 alpha gun on a tank that is probs fast enough to be called as a heavium is a pretty nice kind of flavor. If they only buffed the prem pen to like 295...cus fighting superheavies is rly ass with it. But yea, with 120 its underwhelming, only a very marginal upgrade from tier 9 and basically no reason to play it over Cyka Conqueror.

      2200 HP is also quite low for something that is so huge, especially when the tier 9 has 1900 which is actually quite solid. I think buffing the prem pen to 295 and HP to 2400 would be a pretty good boost for the tank.

    2. Assassin7


      any point in grinding the line? 

    3. Fabunil


      Assuming they dont change anything about it on the PTS:

      If you already have the tier 7, sure, why not.

      The tier 9 is overall probably the best overall heavy at tier 9 and overall the stock grinds are pretty painless (on the tier 8 the 100mm carries over from the other french lines and as @leggasiini said, playing it with the stock turret is actually an option since you essentially get the libere turret (i.e usable turret armor)) and the tier 9 gets the "top" 120mm from the getgo.

      If you want to keep the tier 9 it definetly is worth it, if you grind it for the tier 10 it really is your call, I consider it to be just an inferior super conquer with the 120mm or just a mediocre tank in general with the 130mm.

  21. In game tooltip just told that "HIGH EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS NEVER RICOCHET"!!!!!!!11!1!one!!!eleventy!!!!


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    2. Fulcrous


      I'm pretty sure that even on crack, a pro tip wouldn't include that.

    3. Assassin7


      developer tips are more like "yellow tips"

    4. Fabunil


      "its funny because they do richochet."

      Ya pleb, HE can "bounce" but will never riccochet.


  22. So, after taking a 3+ month break from WoT and pretty much everything related to it, I finally decided to update the test server and have a go today. Got a grand battle in my first game, and this happened

    Geegee no Re
    (Apologies for the weeb music in the background :microdoge:)

    1. robosapieo


      What in the actual fuck is that truck made of? 

    2. sohojacques


      That’s some Russian bias shit going on with that truck

  23. Purchased: 'T-62A' successfully purchased. Spent  :  4,270,000.

    Hovermeds complete!

    1. Tarski


      It's not arty. 

    2. Assassin7


      enjoy your worse version of all of the other RU meds

    3. SaintLaurentius


      430 is the shitbox, nice DPM but totally unusable. 62A is at least consistent in turret armor and gun department.

  24. Recent parple (it's worth nothing really) but i haven't seen that color in almost 2 years, fellsblyatman.

  25. A year ago I never thought I'd be able to solo over 70% WR, yet here I am with an 84% WR in the M46 after 260 games all solo. Other tanks in the low 70s. Say what you want but even though the gameplay has deteriorated and been simplified there is absolutely enough personal room to have a real impact on almost every single game you play still. 

    1. Tarski


      S-sometimes I influence the outcome of games too. 

    2. nabucodonsor


      And I feel good when I get 57% avg

    3. king_spaniel


      My problems with this game aren't so much about the ability of myself as an individual to have an impact (which they have constantly shifted in favor of the incompetent), so much as i care about the community and the experience of who I'm around game to game.  The other 29 players in the match that make the game - i'd rather not be around bots, griefers, 45%'ers that have no business at high tiers.  I'd like to see actual meta develop because the matches have enough players within relative proximity to my skill level, as opposed to the same tired rotation of shitty corridor maps suited for the brain dead

  26. I have now been infected with AIDS, Ebola and have about 7 different types of cancer after reading this post. 6c47cf0b15.png

    What the fuck? 

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    2. Fulcrous


      Trying to use moderate words to spund intelligent xd.

    3. MacusFlash


      That guy has 100% single player game mentality. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Jesus! I'd say you got a whole plethora of 1800's diseases.

  27. New damage record still not 10k yet, but closing in.


    This game completed the last none honored heavy mission too:



  28. The arty stun is cancer.

    1. kukis12345


      In other news, water is a liquid.

    2. Wewum


      I'm just salty since I lost a 1v5 since I was constantly stunned and unable to avoid enemy fire :/

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