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  1. Today
  2. I'm thinking of hosting a DPG contest with decent prize money to spark some life into the game, any pointers to making it as solid as possible?

    • T10 tanks
    • Any loadout
    • 100 games

    Prints before session start, personal checking by me to ensure that people don't cherrypick a good first session, print at 100 game mark along with all the replays etc


    I was wondering if I should decide a single tank to make it as competitive as possible, otherwise everyone would just spam Strv/Maus which wouldn't really be fun, or perhaps limiting it to a class? Suggestions are appreciated

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    2. RC_Tank


      I'd be interested in this, and I agree either a specific tank or at least class would be the best

      inb4 artillery

    3. Epic


      unless you want to attract all the redline shitters, you might want to add a decent winrate as well

    4. Marty


      Maybe pick 10-15 tanks that are not exactly meta? 

      If you pick just 1 tank you are limiting the potential entries, and picking a class is not great either since every class has a broken tank unless you specifically ban them.

      Pick some good but not really meta tanks. It'll be good for the players too to break out of 5A/Fatton/907/Maus stereotype and play other tanks. My 2 cents anyway. 

      @Epic Not sure if that's a good idea considering the sample size. Even the best players can easily have trash streaks where they win like 3/12 and their 100 battles WR is fucked. Depends on how high you set it I guess. 

  3. Mobile AVG is such a mess. 

    1. MAJEST1C


      People actually use anti-virus on phones :doge:

  4. Never forget that time Scorp drank too much vodka.


    (open images in new tab so they're not too small) HQZVo7L.pngmsYKka1.png?12vD5tdw.png

    Tried getting his number. mspTpXM.pngPiE1XsU.png

  5. Now starting to play World of Warships - wondering why the iconic HMS Dreadnought isn't in the game. Come on WG, you have the Nassau, at least put it in as a premium or something!

  6. The window lickers are out in force today, holy shit


  7. @OOPMan Your thoughts on that countryman of yours (if you know him)?



    1. OOPMan


      @Folterknecht Could you give me the cliff notes? I don't have an hour to watch talking heads :-)

    2. Folterknecht


      So you don't know him (much)? I'm more interested what you think of him, if you know him already. He and that host are discussing highly political incorrect topics, which I have no problems with and agree on certain things, but I wonder ... politcal extremists tend to eat chalk, when talking to the outside world. 

    3. OOPMan


      @Folterknecht Hold on, lemme google quick...ah, right, okay. So this guy is one of *those* folks. Er, yeah, honestly, I can't be bothered to watch an hour of prattle from some Afrikaner separatist. Those people are so full of shit it's hilarious. Honestly, Afrikaners in South Africa should be glad they're given any damn rights given their dumbfuck policies and ideas drove this country to the brink of civil war in the late 80's. It's even more hilarious how average Afrikaners buy into the spiel from guys like this. They're like "aaaawwwwwwwwwww, sies tog, poor afrikaner separatists in Oranje, they have it so rough! Let's send them some clothes!" while ignoring the fact there's shit-tons of poor non-white folk they could help out as well. It might actually be better if they did all fuck off to their own country to be honest because their attitudes are just so divisive.

  8. On the one hand, I get to grind out the KV-4 while it's On Track and unlock the beautiful STone. On the other hand, I have to grind out the KV-4 with a matchmaker that likes to toy with tier 8s. 

    1. Tarski


      Fun story: the STone can circle the KV-4. :cri:

    2. DirtyACE7


      My prayers will be with you. KV-4 is one of the greatest sins in WoT. I'm only 9k xp from the ST-I and know full well the waste-deep shit filled journey the awaits you.

  9. Shit I just turned 20 recently

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    2. MAJEST1C


      Thanks, now only if I can go back in time :doge:

    3. orzel286


      Ah, yes - plenty of lolis in the ki.... Mr. Officer, how can I help? :doge:

    4. MAJEST1C


      We are all loli here

  10. mfw hit by arty for over 1K 2 games in a row

  11. wanted to try buffed type on test  server, but because my RU alt with 12 battles has the same email, I couldn't login with my EU account. rip

    1. DHP


      can't you log with Ru account and free xp everything ? 


    2. Fulvin


      by type I meant type 59

  12. When the team wants to lose, and the M48 Patton is having none of that.


    5 digit damage and >10 kills finally achieved, and in the same game :feelsgoodman:


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    2. RC_Tank


      Not yet haha, working on it.

      Got kind of sloppy with the VK, I'm really bad at extremely precise shots like that. My reasoning for taking the long way around the map was because I thought the GW was hitting me from that area. Some things I'd do better but, I did the important things right it seems.


    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia
    4. ZXrage


      send it to QB or its nothing :QBFlip:

  13. Researched: FV215b researched. Undistributed experience spent: 210000. Free Experience spent: 0.

  14. TD-15-4 done in the foch one fifty fucking five



    1. Errants


      Seems I should spam more Foch for that mission...  21/9?  I've been running 15/15...  Overkill for my amount of HEAT?

    2. cavman276


      I almost never fire heat with it; the derpy ass gun sends too many shells into tracks for me to trust it

  15. the t9 heavy conq is a thing of beauty,sooo good :)

  16. Yesterday
  17. Now that i have all unlocked on the wz 131 i can say it is not a bad tank. 

  18. Tfw someone from my bank allegedly calls my number and the first thing they ask is my name.

    Hung up afterwards :minidoge:

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    2. cavman276


      @MAJEST1C I had to give my SSN to a nurse of something at an outpatient center - it's a wonder no one steals it when you have to throw it around the way you do.

    3. Fabunil


      ^THat is why I don't get why the US hasn't implemented a personal ID, the SSN was never meant to be used the way you guys abuse it.

    4. MAJEST1C


      In US we like to make everything complicated :doge:

      Driver license is a like personal ID

  19. Hi, I'm Kreigermann, I'm probably referred to by WG as a whale, I haven't been clean in 3 years.

    But seriously.. I don't mind spending money, still, it is good to keep in perspective what the companies are doing to try to milk us.


    1. DHP


      Good video, it was mostly about game that allowed buying "crates" and whatnot and the problem it created by basically being gambling. On the contrary to WOT where when you buy something you know what you are buying. 'other than those santa thing at christmas that are super shitty).

  20. Finally finished unlocking the RhmPzwhateverthehell. T10 German LT.

    After accidentally blowing most of the XP built up on the RU a while ago I had to play through this for quite a while.

    RU went from one of my go-to fun LTs in the previous patch along with the T71, Bulldog and T49 it is now so completely awkward.

    1. CraBeatOff


      T49 is pure bossmode at 9!

    2. kreigermann


      Totally agreed. I tried the 90mm for a handful of games and definitely got more consistent results with it but it just doesn't have the magic of the derp.

      The purely magical brown-note panic moment in pubbies when you pop up to blast them and they start angling to you instead of the 3 HTs they were brawling just a second ago. - fun to do it while on reload too if you think they're not aware... I've had some suicide angle against me and get killed by your friendlies. XD

      Just a shame about the RU is all.. I'll probably just garage it until they hopefully fix it.

  21. yo any EU guy would allow me to play with his account? some shitter in a facebook group it's talking shit about EU harder than NA. I would use it to 3 mark to some tier 10s. That's all


    1. Strigonx


      do you really care what some shitbook retard says?

    2. GloriousPotatoes


      if you play ranked for me kappa

  22. Tank gods have mercy on me for the blasphemous act I am about to commit...I....Must play arty...


    Downloaded test server, have only 10 orders and need 12 to get the 260. 4 are wasted on not doing prior cancer missions.

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    2. snowdude21325


      so if I complete a set of arty missions for a tank, without honors that frees up 4 orders, but if I did it with honors, that would free up 5 orders?

    3. kreigermann


      As I understand it. - If used 4 orders to skip the mission, then went back to complete that mission with honors, you would free up the 4 orders you had spent on it "earn" the one for completing w/honors. So, you would put 5 orders back into the pool of orders.

    4. snowdude21325


      welp, guess it's time to buy back the m53/55


  23. Solo T10s are unplayable now on NA. I'd be surprised if anyone can still maintain reliable T10 win rates with all the monkeys that play tier 10 rn.

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    2. CraBeatOff


      We won 16 in a row in the T49s. You must come learn The Way of the Chode with me and @dualmaster333 !!!


    3. Fulcrous


      Give me like a month to eventually get the credits i need :(

    4. Assassin7


      Im barely holding 50% with my STB mark, despite being literally at nearly 4K DPG. 



  24. Has WG in any way acknowledged the fact that a lot of T8s are virtually unplayable since the MM changes?

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    2. Epic


      You complain about balance issues, not the MM. It is the best MM we ever had.

    3. Sapros
    4. Kolni
  25. :kappa:



    1. Marty


      I <3 Barry and his reactions #FullHomo 

    2. BlackAdder


      Yeah, he's genuinely nice streamer. ALthough #nohomo :doge: 

  26. I just watched a full health IS-4 bounce off a 200hp type 4 heavy, and then drown himself presumably out of protest. 

    1. king_spaniel


      well, according to WG, the entire game needs to be rebalanced to assist dumb fucks like him (per every major change that has occurred - to accommodate the shitter population).  All he needs to do is start another nonsensical bullshit rant on the official forums which will rally the troops

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