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  1. Today
  2. Fuck arty. One of the first top tier games i've had all night while grinding credits. T26E5 on Failinovka, north spawn 3/5/7. I get up to the hill, get penned by fucking everything and get artied to shit the whole time. BALANCE DA

  3. Which circle of Hell does Dante reserve for Japanese superheavy drivers who whine about premium ammo in after-battle messages?

  4. Finally updated to 9.22 Test server and when I was looking for 430U, also found this ''430B'':

    4500 dpm when full equipped but only 230/270 pen AP/APCR

    1. Fulcrous


      You forgot bia. its 4600

    2. Tman450


      I think it's placeholder stats. When you login to test for the first time it says "removed: 430B, added: 430U, 430"

      It appears they renamed the tier 10 430 to 430B and added one to tier 9.

  5. Yesterday
  6. Oh boy that posting lag. Post appeared ten minutes after I hit send and left the page. Going by all the hidden double/tripleposts in the purple sections today, it looks like it's been like this for everyone for the past few days XD

    1. Haswell


      Past few weeks you mean. Might be the server timing out on the responses, posts and threads appear basically instantaneously but you don't get any indication of such unless you view the page in another tab/window.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Yeah on the T49 thread replying generally takes at least 4-6 minutes to reload the page after clicking "Submit reply" but if I open it in another tab the reply is already there.


      It also breaks gfycat embeds something fierce but I think that's the forum software itself and not the server

    3. Raj


      ziddie, I haven't told you that you're cute in 3 or more years now.

  7. Tried T110E4 on test server. Limited turret traverse, weakspot on top of the tank. Nope, T30 would be better tier X even with current stats.

    1. Tman450


      It's alright. Plays kind of like an E-100. Been left behind though.

  8. They put a discount on gold tanks when the tankrewards payouts are due out. DAMNIT.

    1. Haswell
    2. NightmareMk9


      You should get full gold, but it might take a ticket

    3. Darvek


      I got the full price for my extra TOG.

  9. Weekends like this are why want to stop playing wot. 4000 wn8 in frontline heavies, 50%wr. 

  10. Seriously the 416 gun didnt get an accuracy nerf when the t54 was changed a few patches ago? Gun is pure ebola. 

  11. Buy the 4503 on sale or get the Lowe back through support? Suppose i could always do both.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Get the Lowe back and fuck the 4503. It's just average trash.

    2. mostlyhybrid


      it's also hideously overpriced for a meh T7 premium

    3. skyf24


      Works for me.

  12. Will the obj 430U make out of test in its current state and, if not, what will WG nerf first?

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    2. Hellsfog


      440 alpha with a slightly faster rof than both with better aim time,  better front hull armor (160) the same front turret 300, worse side hull armor but better on the side of the turret, same top speed, same 400m vr. worse gun depression.

    3. Tman450


      The good thing is that the 257's front armor is pretty weak. (Weaker than the defender actually.). And the turret has the IS-3 turret roof overmatch.

      And the gun is bleh. And it's kind of slow.

      4 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

      yeah ive seen the 257 memes


    4. Hellsfog
  13. My dilemma: play the T-10 and do great. Play the WZ 111 1-4 and do two shots of damage game after game and die. Two tanks that are practically twins but one screws me hard every time I play it.

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    2. Daerlon


      Gun handling and pen on T-10 is noticeably better.

    3. hazzgar


      @Daerlon check stats. Handling is close to being the same. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      The gun actually feels good to me on the WZ but for some reason I just can't make it work.

  14. This little 122kb utility tells you if your system is vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre, if you've been patched, and what else you might need to patch for full security. It also tells you whether your implementation of fixes impacts performance significantly and allows you to disable fixes if you want to A/B performance.

  15. 2 defeats in wows coop today so far. Can braindeads go back to pvp please? Also: fuck you wargaming for not giving anything for coop players. Guess you don't want my second rate money as well? inb4

    >mimimimimimimimi coop is easy mimimimimimi

    Yeah, fuck you too dumb cunt.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      LOL, I would say I have MASTERED Co-Op in <66 games.  You have a BIG ASS chip on your shoulder dude.  Maybe chill the fuck OUT.

    3. orzel286


      >only 92% wr, over totally insignificant number of games at that



      Fucking hell, not only you bring your stats up for whatever reason, assume expert position, get fucking triggered when I point it out. Like I said: stay in pvp.

      t. 98% coop wr in over 3k games


      Also: why do I bitch about coop getting constantly neglected? Because staying silent gets you nothing, so maybe, JUST MAYBE if I keep on bitching someone will take a fucking notice (made a thread about this on official forums as well). Oh, and these are my status posts, so I think that gives me some right to throw a bit of salt every now and then. You have every right to kindly fuck off.


    4. DHP


      I believe you are taking coop games a bit too seriously imho.



      Now where is the unsubscribe button to  status update.

  16. Last week
  17. E50, how the fuck does a T-10 pen at that angle? Is full of shit?

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    2. Fabunil


      The shell riccocheted off your side and then went into the overmatchzone above your tracks.

      Also, it wasn't the T-10 but the 110 using the stock 122mm who did that.

    3. Fulcrous


      its not it is wot that is full of bullshit

    4. DirtyACE7


      The bullshit is also known by its technical term as RNG.

  18. So NA and EU have a new bond-earning event starting this weekend. You can earn 250 bonds per day if you play for an hour or so. This will be interesting. 

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      First stage is just a grindfest to determine how long the second stage lasts, iirc.  There's probably some system set up for "X bonds per Y damage, kills, or wins" or whatever and they'll keep a counter on the WoT homepage.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I've only got 2 pieces haswell. Some folks who did lots of ranked have 4-5.

    4. hiipanda


      This is the event to help people get the cw tank. Would be interesting if payouts came after the the final day to buy the tank.

  19. No thread on Musashi yet?

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    2. monjardin


      This Musashi?

      I loved reading those novels as a kid.

    3. MAJEST1C


      No, World of Warships. Yamato sister ship

    4. monjardin


      I forgot to use sartalics. ;)

  20. Over 10k dmg on Centurion 7/1. Pretty nice gameplay but I don't get why people do not auto load HESH against lower tiers? It'd let him tear apart every tank he faced. 


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      If you're shooting at butts of any kind (other than superheavies or dumb shit like JPEs) you should shoot HESH or have your next round loading be HESH tbh

    3. Kolni


      Even with the old FV4202 I used to fire HESH at least 5 rounds per game, and especially if you have sideshots. A flank with HESH loaded was just insane DPM for that time.

    4. MacusFlash


      @Marty 210mm base penetration is enough to go through some tanks even at tier X. All you need is to know weakspots, HE mechanics and let your enemies show their sides if they are to tough from front. 480 alpha and higher chance to hit modules is totally worth longer aim and a chance to fail with some minor dmg or none. Team may finish a certain tank way faster (100-150 HP make a huge difference) and push flank more efficiently. 



      Centurion while being top tank may use only HESH through the entire battle without even consider changing ammo to APCR. In this video there are so many tanks with armor thin enough to score ~500 dmg hits: Tiger, Skorpion and others. Maybe only Lowe and SuperPershing would require APCR to deal with them.

  21. >Shut off canister filter

    >Clean fish tank for 2.5 hrs

    >Turn on canister filter

    >Filter pump out shit ton of slim


    1. sohojacques


      Thanks for reminding me why I no longer have a fish tank.

    2. orzel286
  22. Purchased:
    'Object 430' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  4,270,000.

    First RU med, in time for the patch. 

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      an interesting discovery today, according to the 9.22 preview on the WoT website the 430U is set to release with 9.22

      but on the 9.22 preview video on YT, they say the 430U is still in development and wont be releasing with 9.22

    3. Tarski


      @Deus__Ex__Machina Nah, they said the new tier X that follows from the Obj 430 II with a rear-mounted turret is still in development. That sentence is followed by "...Its gameplay will be similar to the Obj 416 and Obj 430 II." This we already knew. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      oh good i would've been a little sad if I didn't get my better Chinese med this patch

  23. Pub Forum Diaries #6: Guy who pulls 39% in a T29 is angry people call him a bot. 

    1. TheTrojanWarrior


      Wouldnt this be #5 since your last one about the AMX 13 105 was #4

    2. hazzgar


      I was wondering what was my last one but missing numbers is kinda in tone with the overal stupidity of the pub forum so assume it's a joke and not a stupid mistake on my part :P

  24. I just had a battle where I fired 15 fully aimed shots.  13 of the 15 shots went to the outer 1/4 of the aim circle. WTF RNG???  Seriously?  WTF??  Basically we lost the battle because none of my shots went anywhere near where they were aimed.  Thanks RNG!

    1. Bavor


      Twice in one battle an Obj 268 snapshotted me at 400+ meters while he was driving forward and turning.  Yet I've had several battles today where most of my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go to the outside edge of the aim circle? WTF RNG?

  25. I'm embarrassed  to ask but what is the best cancer line to grind for both missions and to have a usable tier X? 

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    2. DHP


      huh ok. I feel dumb right now but i'm fairly sure EU didn't have T9 allowed, so.. OK.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Tier 9s havent been allowed on EU for at least a year now

    4. Errants


      Normal CW, IX's can't play on NA. But they could in the Gambit Campaign on NA that we just had.

  26. Casual 40t mark.


    1. SaintLaurentius


      Some people say that the Lorr is better than 50 100, what do you reckon?

    2. Fulcrous


      Hard to say. I reckon they are equally good but one can influence a match more heavily than the other.

      A lot of the people claim the 40T as superior to the 50 100. Part of this is because of how "easy" the 40T is as its clip time of 32ish seconds is more forgiving and therefore managable by most players. Consequently more people can play it to a higher level (hence high skill floor - it is hard to perform poorly but easy to do well). As woth any autoloader, you still need to know typical positions, clip time, future positioning, flow of the game and so forth to continue being effective.

      The 50 100 in contrast requires you to know everything you would do in/know about the 40T but to a greater extent. The 50 100 is a specialist role. If you cannot play the tank to near perfection, you cannot/should not play the tank over a 40T. This used to be the case in WGL when 7/54 was still a thing. The people who played 50 100s could single-handedly change the flow of a match with one clip. The same concept held true in pubs. You HAVE to make sure your clips hit at least 5/6 (roughly a tier 8 hp pool) in order to be relevant. Any less and you are useless as the near 50s clip time crippled your team. For this reason it has a very low skill floor as it was highly unforgiving and very easy to fuck up. However, I believe mastery of the tank puts it above the 40t for the simple fact that it snowballs any engagement out of control.

      I would think of it like the batchat 25t as the 50 100 and a batchat with 4 shells (can no longer 1 clip t10 meds) and a 30s clip as the 40t. While the reduced clip time makes it easier to play for all skill brackets, nothing comes close to the game changing prowess of a mastered bat.


      40T is better for more players due to managable clip but 50 100 has a higher skill cap and is also exponentially harder to play well.

    3. IanSanJR
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