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  1. Today
  2. Anyone bought the Halloween event (EU at least, not sure if this is on NA too) bonuses +50%XP, creds and 200% free XP for gold right away?? The game mode itself is utter shit but the rewards seem like a nice boost, esp. since it stacks with regular prem time bonus.
    On the other hand, Thronebreaker comes out tomorrow (and also Gwent is officialy  out of Beta) and it will probably be a lot of fun. Decisions, decisions..:feelsbad:  

  3. WHAT in the fucking world is this shit???

    amouranth on twitch, link no workie


    She just whispers and rubs on the mics

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    2. Sapros


      Whatever you do, do not call her a whore.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox
    4. Haswell


      11 minutes ago, Sapros said:

      Whatever you do, do not call her a whore.

      Okay, but does she qualify as a cumdumpster?

  4. Just coming back from quite a long break, did they completely rework Pilsen? I had a match on it and honestly thought it was a new map (and proved that my Ferdi is still one of my favorite tanks.)

    1. king_spaniel


      It indeed did receive major changes.  0 line is known as the blind yolo, bushline sneak area, with both sides having high ground sniper perches on 8-9 lines.  The building side (1-2-3), the entry ways were removed from the 1 line, making it a long tunnel for the A1 and K1 snipers, and the 2-3 is still where the heavies tend to go, albeit now with the middle square factory that has an opening connected to the 2-3 line.  Map overall feels larger, I would gander by about 20%.  Oh yeah, and there are a bunch of asphalt dunes in the center of 8-9 line.

    2. Assassin7


      yeah. they made it worse IMO. the field area is pointless to go to now. stupidly easy and obvious sniper spots on the ridges. you can't push it, the coal fields are not cover. you can't push it or anything. so the only option is to go down the 1 line

    3. Nicarasu


      I see. As I wasn't sure where the good firing lines were, I went to the south 8-9 line sniping area in my Ferdi. Worked out well enough, only got hit once and raked in 3k damage. Maybe my targets were just terribad, but the map feels less like death to play as a TD now.

  5. Yesterday
  6. WTB Non-Idiot team for Dark Front.  When I consistently deliver 1/3+ of the green shit someone is fucking off

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Mode is way too grindy and not very interesting. With some tweaking to the gameplay it might have been more fun. Even then the grind is still absurd, the numbers keep cranking up for the entire duration. The last rank takes 4200, screw that. In the meantime the gold price is dropping 500 a day, if it actually bottoms out at 500 I'd buy a week of super premium and a camo set for that. Maybe 1000.

    2. Balthazars


      Yeah, the mode simply isn't fun to justify the extent of the grind, especially given each level is time-gated. I basically intend to grind out enough for the weekly mission and that's it. I'll take then whatever level of bonuses I get to and go back to my usual grinds.

      WG have had some fun mini-games down the years, but they screwed up badly with this one.

  7. yesterday i was apparently hugging a tree for 15 minutes completely unconscious, i can’t really put those 15 minutes into words but literally ALL anxiety and stress lifted

    i feel no anger, no heartache, no sadness or grief

    i realised how broken i was because without them i feel so empty? it was so much of me that without it i need to rediscover my identity? 

    spiritual awakenings really are strange things, the one bit i remember is a floating in a wormhole of my emotions and the deeper i went the more disconnected from the anxious i got, at the bottom it wasnt there anymore and i turned around, looked back up into what i had traveled through and it made a picture of the root cause of my mental problems. After seeing it I could make amends with it and finally let it go. 

    I’m back now. In reality, but it still changed everything. I’ve been listening to Alan Watts’ lectures and it’s like they reform me as I consume them, because I’m so empty inside without all the pain that I can take in so much and really start searching for some real character of self that is void of the dark. I’ve never felt clarity before. Anxiety is already trying to weasle its way back, the thought of just ending up with a self of pain again. It exists everywhere, it is keeping society in check. The difference is that I can see it for what it really is now, it’s a lie. It’s not a part of you, it’s just pretending to be so it can survive. I’ve been in my counsciousness, and it is interdimensional. There is no perception of time, no space. What if it is the same? It’s a conscious parasite trying to survive, not visible on this plane. And I got rid of it. Now I feel immune, maybe it’s only for a while but I can’t really know for sure. Clarity really feels amazing, and physically feeling it was a simpler response than I thought. Clarity is the feeling you have when you breathe out almost in hyperventilation after a rush. The short inhale and really hard exhale after you did something thrilling, experienced something traumatic or really just exhausting in general. It’s just buried so deeply within that feeling it at all when it is experienced is hard. It’s also a full body feeling. Head to toe. Once you’ve let go of all that troubles you, it’s there. Always. Zen

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    2. sohojacques


      This reminds me of the part of my misspent youth when I was shrooming a lot. Come down soon Kolni.

    3. Medjed


      Stop doing drugs you fuck

    4. hiipanda


      Sounds like you pushed through the depths of nihilism and came out untouchable.

  8. Purple text is addictive. My loins burn with the fiery passion of a hundred thousand German panzerjaegers and all things Entwiklung. Brb rebuying my dear, the Hetzer

  9. @HoPeY Gib dick pics! :luvkitty:

    1. orzel286
    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      He will lead you on but he never delivers.



      Just like his purple reroll


    3. Rexxie
  10. Last week
  11. I kind of want to see a data sample for a CarbonWard-level player on a sheriff account playing the Luchs for 100 games. I want to see how high a single solo win rate can actually go now exploiting every design error in existence now that tanks has reached maximum imbalanced shit.

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      That's crazy, that would have been when the tank still had tier 5-7 match making. It has tier 4-6 now, 85% must be possible, even pushing 90% territory?

    3. sohojacques


      The fact that it doesn’t need premium rounds to do it is the only part that WG would take exception to.

    4. Ham_


      I really like the Leopard now too, the gun handling with stabs is insane

  12. Very good analysis of Heinleins Star Ship Troopers


  13. @Assassin7 You should pick a different mod color, red is too close to official forum bullshit.

    I recommend purple in comic sans. :doge:

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    2. Assassin7



      Oh yeah, forgot about the bbcode lol.

    3. Bavor


      Purple would remind me too much of that E25 loving nazi loving troll on the official forums that was banned here and other places.

    4. Assassin7


      That was the point of the joke lol

  14. >4,7k dpgs 263

    >3,2k dpgs E3


    i really am one dimensional

    1. hazzgar


      That explains why you dislike slow tanks ;)

      Also jesus congrats. Granted I played mine on a 16fps laptop that dropped to 14fps and I did not tryhard at all (no food, 2 skill crew etc) plus I'm half the player you are but I pulled like 2.55k in my 263

    2. lavawing


      16 fps is like real time strat levels of shit

    3. hazzgar


      @lavawing for me it was a difference between 55-56% shittery and 59-63% regular play.

  15. Just when I was thinking at least it can't really get any worse than Studzianki, here comes Empire's Border. 

    They're on a roll. 

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Have you ever thought Mountain Pass allows for too much speed? GOOD NEWS!

    2. Assassin7


      Empires border has been on the china server for years, you'd think theyd have the data to see of its balanced or not by now.

      Only played it once, my first impression wasnt great

    3. lavawing


      <China server

      <useful data


  16. Who has OTTER TeamSpeak address?

  17. Fuck RNG.  Fuck RNG. FUCK RNG.  3 battles in a row every FULL AIMED shot  at a stationary enemy tank either goes into the dirt or sails above it meanwhile everyone can snapshot me on the move while their turret is turning.

    1. sohojacques


      Fun game isn’t it. Yet we’re still here try to beat it’s really shitty odds.

    2. Bavor


      I just want to add FUCK RNG again.  Played a battle in the T28.  12 FULLY AIMED shots fired at stationary enemy tanks.  8 hits 3 pens.  Played a battle in the WT Pz IV.  6 FULLY AIMED shots 3 hits 1 pen. 

      I was consistently bouncing off the SIDE of tier 8 mediums and TDs WTF?  I even bounced a shot off the ELC EVEN 90???  FUCK RNG.

  18. Fresh from WoT Reddit:

    Chrysler K is not and has never been OP because it needs goldspam to function

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    2. hazzgar


      @MacusFlash nope. If you go full gold it is. Yeah mm fucks it but it's op not because of the armor only but also because of the mobility. You can't circle it in 3/4 of meds. Yeah it's capped at 35kph but it goes at that speed 100% of the time because of 20hp/t and better ground resistances than 3/4 of the meds (that also have less hp/t). 


      So no weakspots + good mobility (even if low top speed) are a problem. 

      @leggasiini  you are actually supporting the stupid reddit argument? "It's op only if yu fire gold"? Then it's op. 

    3. lavawing


      tbf there are incredibly intelligent pubbies who dont fire gold in their Christ Ks because muh ethics. Helps with the gun marks a lot

    4. Haswell


      I don't fire gold in my ISU-130, does that make me not-OP? :doge:

  19. HEAVYHIT120 Wz120G



    RAPIDTIGER Jagdtiger






    RELENTYPE62 Type 62


    DERAVAL Ravioli

    BUSTIS6 Is-6

    VERSAT26 T26E5

    QUIKKBULL Bulldog

    LORLETHAL Lorraine

  20. Don't forget the Golden Joystick Missions.  15k XP today on your 3rd win (assuming you didn't get it yesterday).  I missed the first one :(  2 more in the next week.  Really helps grind out these shitty Polish Tanks

  21. @lavawing Enjoyed the hordes of humans today? :doge:

    1. lavawing


      Sadly I am currently away from my favourite game and will be for the span of the next 36 hours. Bleedin' shame. And I never knew what a torturous affair life was until I lost the daily lubricant of World of Tanks: Kolni's avatar gets more relevant every passing day.

    2. lavawing


      and oh I was unlucky enough to get a day off so missed the big jam, had a giggle when I saw it on the news tho

  22. Type 59 needs more buffs.


    1. monjardin


      Wow! I just realized how shit the rest of my team was except for the VK 30.02 M that followed me for the whole match. He was a really good wingman.


  23. Going, going...

  24. Earlier
  25. TFW people on WoT Reddit offer up the Panther 8.8 and CDC as viable tier 8 premiums. 

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    2. Assassin7


      @lavawing not really, most Autistic people are extremely logically and mathematically bright, just lack social skills and can have sensory overload basically. 

    3. lavawing


      @Assassin7 you liar! I seriously suck at maths though, guess I can't use the 'i habe autismo, no bulli plz' excuse :feelsbad:

    4. Haswell


      @Assassin7 I don't include high-functioning autism when I use the term, I tend to refer to the bottom end of the spectrum where they are indeed developmentally, mentally disabled.

  26. Grinding the Comet. 5th on the server for average dpg. First gun mark under 50 games and should pick up the second shortly. Win rate after 70 games you ask? 44%. 

    Also, did WG fuck the glory that was tier 7 MM with patch 1.1? Cause I'm seeing a shit-tonne of tier 9s playing this and watching 43-48%'ers throw their top tier tanks away is getting old.

    Can't wait to grind the Centurion after this...


    1. Haswell


      Pref 8 saturation is eating up all the 8s.

    2. sohojacques


      1.2 patch hasn’t landed on SEA yet. That hasn’t stopped a lot of shitters bringing them out early though. Even spotted a FCM today. Haven’t seen one of those in the wild for a long time.

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