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  2. FormalWhichAmberpenshell-size_restricted

    Thank you @flare_phoenix for making gif :panting:


    if someone played with the original series and love rts write me and lets play multi-mode :^)

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  5. I just got clicked by an account with 13k battles on it and no tanks played above tier 2. Just arty. What kind of person...

    48%WR btw.

    1. Assassin7


      how can you possibly stand doing that for 13K games without getting monumentally bored? arty is literally the most boring thing to play in the world, I can't stand playing it for more than a few games before being like "fuck this" 

  6. post yfw u realize american invention and innovation is literally a chindian thing

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I think he is recovering from realizing he is not the center of attention.

    3. A_Chodeful


      tfw u realize all things pass away

    4. Raj


      Kewei it's okay, we still respect you and your penis size. Also stop lying, get back to your commieblock.

  7. Radley's super carry 7k damage clutch 1v1 super slam sk0ping of the qu1kz

  8. Grinding two stock tanks atm (E50 and Ikv Alt 65 II)


    W/R dropped .08% in a week :(

    1. ThomChen114


      Same boat. Ikv 65 II is an utter turd. E50 w/ long 88 L/100 is workable

    2. leggasiini


      Ikv 65 turd II explains everything, its generally trash and one of the worst possible tanks at winning (no armor casemate box that basically camo snipes like bitch without DPM or alpha damage; now go on and tell what kind of tank is worse at winning).

  9. Played a few games with a good friend of mine in my new kinda stock Leo (tier 7 Swede), he in his elited, 1 MoE'd Leo. He had the top 105mm gun.

    i didn't have tracks or engines upgraded yet, so it was kinda frustrating how slow it handles. Not that it mattered since we managed to come out on top quite often, our synergy was just perfect. 

    1. sohojacques


      One of the worst stock grinds that I've gone through. Probably not as bad as T-54 via Obj. 416. But bad. Really enjoyed the Leo once fully researched though.

  10. Day of first. Played a game today and after the victory as I was admiring the stats. I noticed the super unicum from -G- on the opposite team did ZERO damage. I know we are all human but WOW. My only question is will he get put on probation or some form of punishment for tarnishing -G-'s reputation? Not sure how it works :P


    1. HemanathanRX7


      Well for once -G- have been inactive for a long while afaik so i doubt anyone there cares.

      And of course even a 4-6k recent player is going to have a 0dmg sometimes. It happens.

    2. MrWickwire


      yea ... just weird to see

    3. CenturionofRome72


      Shit i do 0 damage in clan wars sometimes and i don't get kicked. It's just pubs.

  11. Did strongholds today and was left wwith a bitter feeling against a random pubbie, he was running tree down and tundra, and was very vocal about it, then complained about RELIC using hacks.

    I feel this goes to name and shame

    1. Sovereign_M


      but Relhax modpack tho.... (In REL-AUX) :doge:

    2. Strigonx


      m-muh warpacks

    3. HemanathanRX7


      Is okay for sub 50% to use hacks to level playing field, but its not okay for good player because the only reason why they have food stats is RNG/WG rigging/goldspam/cheats/reroll.

      Pubbie logic best logic :doge:


  12. Yesterday
    1. Folterknecht


      Donate to your local pub instead - much more usefull!


      Snake oil (Defrag in times of SSDs :eww: and sequential writes on HDDs when Windows can do nearly the same), System "Optimization" stinking of "1-click solutions" :drunk: (your PC might behave like that after you run that), Free Backup Solutions and who the fuck ever paid for WinRar/WinZip wallbash.gif


      As far as I can see - for every product listed there probably more than 1/2 a dozen free alternatives exist, that are comparable, better or already meet your needs in their free versions.

    2. TheMarine0341


      That's what I was thinking as well. I liked the last software bundle I got, but this one seemed... Meh

  13. Winning at Tech Support

    User complained their computer was smoking. Sent them a bill for Nicorett gum and the promise of sending them a replacement computer until I can trouble shoot their laptop

    User complained very soon afterward that their computer was still smoking and would need the replacement overnight. Sent them a picture of the Nicorett gum photoshoped onto a replacement laptop from the early 90's. 

    Get their smoking laptop, see a melted spot. Reason: Screws got lose from what looked like an eye-glass repair kit, lodged between the laptops backplate and PSU cable, causing a short. 

    I got to inform the user that the smoking needs to quit, and they have some lose screws. My supervisor was pissing himself laughing during this entire exchange

  14. Emil 1 pretty enjoyable, spammed a lot of gold and had to get used to not over committing because it's relatively slow to retreat. Would recommend. (Stats in image)


  15. tfw everyone you know has a job and you don't


    even fucking siimcy has a job



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    2. Archaic_One


      Jobs are over rated.  Its all a lie, the house, the yard, the car, all the shit, trading away 80 hours a week of your life to afford to have as much shit as your neighbors - its just a giant scam.  Don't fall for it

    3. Raj


      I've never looked at Varg, but he is 100% right about not working and leaching off the system.

    4. hazzgar


      @Archaic_One you do realize you don't have to work 80h at a consulting agency? (that name always makes me barf in my mouth a little)

  16. For those who are interested, Straik just put up about 10 hours of new Youtube content after about 6 months off.

    1. Archaic_One


      Of course, being Straik - thats only about 30 games :minidoge:

    2. Raj


      o shet and I was just thinking about coming back to break 5k deeps. Good find.

  17. Streaming some doom multiplayer and maybe some tonks later

  18. FINALLY done with these cursed cancermissions.. done.. .done done done.. I hope WG never makes another set of them. I will collect mah femcrew and name her .....Cancerina,


    1. cavman276


      Do mine now

    2. FurryLionBalls


      They made them so much easier with the stun mechanics and LT-15 being doable in T9/10 LT's it's pretty devaluing of the work everyone else has put in.

      But at least you have a legit excuse to sell all your arty now!

    3. kreigermann


      @cavman276, no thanks.... I only did this shit for the extra femcrew... I am pretty sure I lost credits and sanity with all these cancer missions. While the arty revamp makes them a little more tolerable, I didn't install a tank game for battleshipRNJesuswhackamole. 

      @FurryLionBalls I don't know, I did almost all of these missions under the old slot machine system and I would not say they were "hard" just hit button and pray your shot hits anywhere near where you wanted. 

      The LT missions were the easiest sets for me. I did every LT mission set within a week or two of unlocking them, so they were very doable before T10LTs came out. I am pretty sure I did every LT15 in my bulldog at T7. 

      But yeah... I don't think I'll sell the cancer, maybe transfer the crew... even if I hope there will be no more missions, WG has already stated there will be.

  19. fuck the wz-120.

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    2. cavman276


      dat aim time tho



    3. FurryLionBalls


      because it's so pretty?

    4. neziho


      tfw you're playing a vastly inferior T-10.

  20. The amount of pubbies that have fired HE at me today? like WTF, good memes,

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah that's something I've found really bizarre these past few days. A lot more that usual HE-firing players. For example I was in my Patton KR and had an enemy Tiger II, Patriot, and T-44 all firing HE at me in one match. I wasn't even hull down that they wouldn't be able to pen me. And many more matches like this. I mean it's not a complaint because it's better for me but like what the hell is this?

    3. saru_richard


      well thats what happens when you buff superheavy tanks through the stratoshpere 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Buffing a tank shouldn't nerf your own brain though but apparently that is exactly how it works for some.

  21. Replay #1

    Replay #2

    Replay #1 13:57

    Replay #2 6:20

    This happened a couple days ago. These two consecutive games just about sent me through the roof when it happened. I had at least 4 or 5 consecutively damaged ammo racks across the time frame of 2 consecutive games. I don't know a lot about math but I'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen if the coding, and RNG is correct especially when you have safe stowage already 100% on your crew skills. I know that i may be a bit biased since it happened to me but I wanted to get an unbiased outsider opinion. Preferably someone who has more knowledge than I do on this matter (Probably the whole community).  Thanks for your input in advance


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    2. Folterknecht


      Safe Stowage increase the modul health of the ammo rack by a fixed percentage (12.5% if memory serves me right and they didn't change that)

    3. StranaMechty


      See here for how safe stowage (and module damage in general) works: 


    4. MrWickwire


      Ok so it happens or can happen even more than I thought. I will keep this in mind .... still sucks and its annoying as hell. In the Action X this is my only real defense against Tier X threats is my DPM. Otherwise I am a heavy tank without any armor and a long reload.

  22. Last week
  23. Ok, last time I played cs it was 1.6, 10 years ago. Now, I picked up cs go, finally got through the placements and I'm a fucking silver 4.


    Such a fucking shame.

    1. Lockhart77


      CSGO feels not CS-y tbh :doge:

  24. Went to BB NC memorial today  very rainy but had fun :D

  25. I've played mostly tier 8 tanks since the 9.18 update.  With the new matchmaker tier 8's are getting shit on.  Over 50% of my battles in tier 8 tanks are tier 10 battles and 15-20% of tier 8 tank battles are tier 8 battles.  The whole "Preference of placing a player at the top/middle of the team list, if they have already played several battles at the bottom of the team list." is a lie.

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    2. graukatze


      The new MM was not so much about being top tier rather than having more tier 8s on both teams. I played this weekend and must say it is WAY better playing against 7-8 other 8s in tier X than only 3-4. And this was consistent. While it would be nice to be top tier 8 more often, it was actually ok with so many 'soft' targets on the other team.

    3. snowdude21325


      As annoying as it is that you are not top tier as often, shooting tier 10s does net you more xp than shooting a tier 8. Now what I wanted fixed with MM is getting two tier 10 arties with a tier 10 light and they get 3 super heavies on himmelsdorf. That is what needs to be fixed, then MM would be good to go. Hope that all the idiots last long enough for me to farm my way to victory


    4. DirtyACE7


      I feel like every time there's a new patch, there's almost more to complain about than to praise. Like this new MM. They reworked it but didn't address by far the biggest flaw with it that has been around a long time and that is the distribution of tank classes. You will still get an absurd amount of one type of tank on one team and another type on the other team. Last night for example, had a match where literally almost half of my team were just Grille 15s.

  26. How much XP do you need for the tier 9 chinese lights tank ? (trying to be ready for 9.18).

    1. ThomChen114


      a lot.

      checking the WoT tank wiki, the WZ-132A costs 3.4M credits & 133,000 EXP

      the WZ-132-1 costs 6.1M credits & 244,000 EXP

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