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  2. ThomChen114


    that could be said of a lot of tanks for a lot of players who just started out long ago, and coming back to it with some experience then suddenly everything clicks. sorta glad that nothing so far has replaced the T29 at tier 7 as the king of hulldown positions.
  3. tajj7

    The K-91 thread

    Didn't see a thread on this so thought I'd start one as I am really liking this tank so far. So have only played 8 games in mine, so bear that in mind. I'm averaging ~ 3.5k DPG with ~ 1.1k assistance so far, which is above what I can generally do with tier 10s these days (more around the 3k DPG area) but of course it's a small sample. Playstyle wise I have been approaching this tank in a sort of Bat Chat/light tank playstyle, i.e. early spot if you can (base camo can hit 38% stationary, over 29% on the move, plus you have 410m base view range), support/snipe where possible and then when the game opens up you can start to become more aggressive DPMing that crap out of people (also sidehugs are a thing, this is a very low profile tank). I have improved vents + improved rammer + food + BIA for the 4k DPM and 4.8s reload memes. Yes it's only a little more than what you can say get with a 140, but I think when you add in the accuracy, gun handling, shell velocity and high base pen of this tank, you have some of most reliable DPM in the game. It can get quite scary at times and you feel sorry for the peeps you catch out in the open or perm-a-track. I have also noticed the turret is not as bad as it first looks, it's viewable now on tanks.gg (presuming this is correct) - Certainly not reliable, though that is against it's own gun so about the highest medium or heavy gun around and there are still plenty of autobounce zones. Mantlet will bounce most stuff in places, though there are armour holes there, but the rest of the turret ranges from around 220 - 230 up to over 370-400 in places, so against some tier 9s and most tier 8s hull down play is fairly reliable giving it some bully potential and certainly at medium to long ranges you'll get more turret bounces than say a Leo. There seems to be no hull armour on the tanks.gg model but from experience it's just about HE proof and that is about it. Mobility wise it's good enough, certainly very agile but still feels a bit sluggish at times. The gun is a dream though, dispersions are not quite Patton levels but again when you add in the accuracy, aim time, shell velocity and pen it's a great combo. Also with -5 to the front, -9 to the side it's probably the least awkward rear turreted tank in the game. Overall a fun tank, if not maybe a meta tank, I particularly like it because it's a bit different and it makes you think a bit more about your options and decision making. I could probably do better and carry more games in something like a 430U where you just go smash faces in brawls and bounce everything but the K-91 gives more satisfaction when you do well. A quick summary of this tank would be that it feels kind of like what a tier 10 light should feel like without the hyper mobility.
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  5. Crossfader

    WoTlabs still the thing?

    meh still my home page, dont play WoT anymore, very much into WoWs
  6. I originally planned to start full time no earlier than a year on HRT. I work remotely so hiding things from my company was easy but after going all out to make sure they would not notice when they had me fly up for the christmas party I realized I never wanted to do that again even if I had to find another job so I kind of jumped the gun on the plan lol. Luckily things went well and I didn't get fired for it.
  7. Some leo farming... Then two solid games in the 430 that were only 1st class... And a prosecco...
  8. This is also happening on EU, no stats, error shows 'Clan not found'. No idea how widespread the error is.
  9. TouchFluffyTail

    Graphics settings

    WoT should be able to run on min settings without dynamic resolution on almost any Windows PC you can get your hands on. Only older Intel IGPUs should struggle with this game.
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  11. Bavor


    I saw this on Twitter today...
  12. HemanathanRX7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    Its such a retarded game mode after the frontlines. Especially since the cards are fucking RNG. Fuck this game mode.
  13. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    Isn't that the case for all ruskies? Flammable tanks
  14. nabucodonsor

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    If Iceland wins I'd be almost as happy as if Italy had won. The problem with Argentina is that Messi is generally shit when he plays for it and this year he has not been that good even when playing for Barcelona. Higuain is overrated imo but I see why people like him. Though DiMaria and Aguero are monsters. Belgium has Mertens that has been playing like a beast lately for Napoli plus they have Lukaku who is a literal beast, then Hazard, Courtois, Kompany ect. And they also have gained some good experience form the last WC and EU cup. That is what they were really missing. I am curious to see how Egypt will do now that Salah is back as he will also give a good morale boost to the team. Plus he is a damn lighning bolt. Uruguay is more scary than Argentina imo: between Suarez's bites and Cavani's bruising ability I'd not want to defend against them. Especially Cavani.
  15. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Yeah be toxic because I mentioned one streamer 2 times. Or maybe it's 5 times given how much attention you pay to who wrote what. P43 doesn't go twice as fast when the cuising speed is sub 40kph unless you are going downhill. I am also not impressed with 240 "on the medium side" because it's not a medium. It's a heavium labeled as a medium. It has heavium hp/t and heavium mobility. The only thing that makes it a medium is hp, designation and top speed it rarely reaches. This is why I compare it to heavies. VK3001P is noticeably more mobile. Yeah p43 is traversing fast but traverse means little when it moves slow (it works both ways - just look at the slow traversing bobject - it hardly matters and the tank is super mobile) Overal stop being so butthurt about the tank. The community is split about it. Streamers are split, people here are split. It works for some, it doesn't for others. It's not some 2nd coming of christ if it's only good for a part of the community even if it works for some
  16. What is the point of S-tank aside from per-ma bush
  17. Last week
  18. Ezz

    Fjords 1.0

    So for us week behind sea server souls who are only getting the patch today, did the 1.0.2 tweaks do anything to fix the map?
  19. My God, it's full of stars!
  20. Madner Kami

    T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    You got the Koala Centurion already on NA? Fuck me, why is not released in the EU yet?
  21. UrQuan

    Name and... Praise?

    I like to name & praise this Progetto for being an awesome teammate: Red_Terror_777. He sure lived up to his name: First he helps me to rip out the HP of the enemy Object 907 ( Our object 430 assists at end & takes him out) while our other tanks ran off. Then we both hold this corner, while our Tiger II makes sure he is of zero use & our two meds decide chasing that T-54 lwt is the best use of their time. I use my armor to hold off the Lowe & track+damage the Type 4 each time he tries to peek so he can't fire. Meanwhile, Progetto rips anything apart that tries to flank us. Together we hold & take down the enemy city team. Could never have done it without this Progetto driver! Progetto got Topgun & me a Steel Wall; it was one neat game.
  22. hazzgar

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    The nerf did nothing
  23. I like to name & shame/praise 6 artilleries from an Airfield match. First the 3 artilleries on our team; for not being able to land some decent shots; apparently hitting an O-ho was beyond their skill-level. O-ho was giving us such a hard time at Airfield rocks that in the end, our team decided to man up & rush him. Because obviously our arty couldn't hit it. Then the enemy artillery fired. I like to praise them for their pinpoint accuracy. They could what our artillery did not; take out the O-ho. After that: steamroll ahoy!
  24. Pfft... Silver pennable... so 240 after normalization i.e. total troll?
  25. ICameForFame

    Mods in 2018

    Mods in 2018 are in a shitty state. I tried Aslain's, Webium's and played now roughly 1k battles with Solo's. Constant crashes and FPS degradation from 120 FPS to like 60 and even below. Whoever is programming them should be doing something else :P. I use just custom crosshairs and tank icons for now.
  26. STRV's have actually interested me, going to play around that line while I have some time.
  27. Tanager

    STG Guard - worth the gold?

    So I picked this up b/c raisins. BIA (4.5 skill borrowed from t54) crew + vents gives me .31 dispersion, so accuracy not an issue. Crazy camo/low profile/good pen makes sniping viable when bottom tier, seems like decent initial area control tank for same reasons (but I'm not running optics, might try that later on). Right now it's glorious when top tier b/c of all of the Panther M10s running around, got Steppes, went left and camped a bush in the back initially, chewed up their S1 with overmatch fun, then yolo'd the M10s: I get the arguments about 44-100 being more profitable (and probably generally more reliable/versatile), but in the right situations this is proving an absolute blast to play, b/c 390/212/.31 is pretty damned good at tier 8. (I cannot imagine running food in this, I highly suspect it burns if you look at it wrong).
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