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  2. DirtyACE7

    The Official Unofficial 13 57(GF) Lover Masochists' Thread

    I've been waiting for this tank to come back on sale as I have been wanting it for a while now. Is it recommended to run a GLD instead of optics?
  3. Osage993

    Looking for friends!

    Feel free to toss me an invite/friend request. I'm the definition of average, but I am working on getting better.
  4. hazzgar

    1.1 Update

    Tajjj remember you play different tank than Lega.
  5. PlanetaryGenocide

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Thanks! Yeah that was me the first time I was close, I hit 93.7something and then got two 0-damage games in a row, felt bad and I stopped caring for a long time, hovered around 83-87. But while checking it like a month to a month and a half ago I noticed I had broken 90 again and decided I would try for it and hopefully get there before I hit 2k battles in the tank. The dream is real E: also I finally feel like I've earned the right to change my rank on my profile to Chode$tarz
  6. RunTheGears08

    Mr Serb, I don't feel so good... - T-50-2

    Some translations of Chinese memes. These are doggerel verses so below is only accurate in meaning, not in rhythm: 一代版本一代神,代代都有查狄伦 -- "OP Batchat stands tall against powercreep". This refers to the pre-nerf Batchat with 6 rounds magazine, of course 近看炮塔吓死人,远看五队负重轮 -- "Tank has a scary turret but only 5 loading wheels". This one refers to the type 59 and needs a bit of historical context to understand -- During Cold War era, 59 was mass produced to counter the possible Soviet threat. Due to backward technology and industry, the T-54A ripoff was the only choice for the PLA armored force for the longest time. From 1963-1980 around 10,000 type 59s are built. After the Cold War, those old tanks are extensively modernized and exported to countries around Africa and the middle east who need cheap and compatible replacements for Soviet-era tanks. The modifications are a bit, shall we say, reinvigorating, and sometimes you can only tell it's a 59 from the iconic 5 loading wheels. I would totally give money to WG if this 59 (export to Tanzania) is in the game Type 59 also marks the beginning of Chinese MBT development. A tech tree for anyone who's interested. 121 is right beside Type 59 and WZ-132 is on the topside:
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  8. RunTheGears08

    Prognosis of 705A?

    I wouldn't say so? On paper, the dpm is almost identical with rammer (IS4: 2606.83 705A: 2553.14) but 705A has the bigger alpha of 650. The 705A has superior hull dispersion numbers which allows it to wiggle better, but I don't know if the terrible accuracy (0.42 vs 0.36) will be the dealbreaker in firepower department. Armorwise, both tanks have weakspots that can be overmatched by APCR in sidescrape mode (IS4: 30mm engine deck at the back, 30mm strip above the gun. 705A: frontal engine deck at 40mm). IS4 loses here because NATO 120 railguns and meds can punch through 30mm but not 40mm. 705A has superior power-to-weight ratio but terrain resistance sucks hard. I don't have the tanks, so I can't tell who wins in mobility. Instead of comparing with IS-4, I think 705A is more like a meta version of the fail lowe/e100. A small dip in firepower in exchange for Stalinium turret and smaller LFP, I would take that any day. But then 60TP will powercreep em all
  9. Tanager

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    Have around 25 games in this so far. Somewhat potato crew (no camo skills to speak of, just BIA/repair + 6S/SS/CB/FF), running optics until I can grind some vision and camo skills (I don't want to move my better RU med crews yet and have to retrain SA off of the loader). It's comfier than I expected. good bully, goes hull-down nicely where the terrain undulates just a bit (not enough that the lack of gun dep matters), and the gun is perfectly nice. I'm not setting any records or anything in it, but I'm not totally stinking up the joint, either. I still prefer the more mobile platform of the T54 (along with its extra degree of gun dep and higher RoF), but I like this better than I expected.
  10. RunTheGears08

    T54E1 - OP or not?

    Currently 12 games in with ~3k dmg with a 145 wn8 game, if I can sustain it I think 3mark will be about 100games in. This tank seems to age pretty well (surprise surprise) in the current meta that emphasizes brawls and efficient trading. I really like the RNG armor: it’s not reliable but it provides extra exposure time by preventing snapshots. It’s no skoda/spagetto in late-game situations but a bigger alpha (4x390 vs 3x320) allows you to decimate shitters much quicker during mid game when you have limited chance to poke in a corridor. Tank is small and agile enough to avoid arty racism, and pubbies are less inclined to yolo you (see: 50 120). 35-40kmh+255pen is adequate to contest and hunt down overextended heaviums in popular brawling spots. The bad thing, as previous poasters stated, is the terrible gun control and pen. The 8 depression is kinda useless since you can’t hillpoke and snapshot (a la E50/Patton style). Due to the unsatisfactory accuracy, you are pretty much forced to take a pen to the turret, or otherwise accept 2/4 even 1/4 hits which is terrible for your dpm. This inability to deliver your clip is more or less mitigated if you pick your targets and play hide and seek with your prey. Because of low max speed, you can't rotate between flanks easily, so you lose a major way to (1) reset enemy attention (2) reload. Instead, you need to be very mindful of enemy tendencies at the current flank. I find the challenging part of driving this tank is to strike a fine balance in maintaining an element of surprise while keeping your gun active at the same time. The first few clips thus become incredibly important, because you want to jumpstart the snowball at your current flank with a boulder. If your current flank is in a deadlock and the other flank is falling apart, this means you made a failed prediction at the beginning. Rotating is usually too late. I either go bushkemp to salvage damage, or yolo and hope my teammates follow me . But either way you lose HP or map control. Trading HP to keep your meatshields alive is actually not a bad idea in this tank, because late game you won't have as many opportunities to single people out as compared to other clip tanks. After I've won a flank I usually go back base, because digging out camping TDs is a mission impossible in this thing. The gun works just fine when you ambush enemies crossing in the open. If shit hits the fan, remember your glorious final shot is worth 1560 alpha. Equipment: GLD+Vents+VStab+Food, I don’t think optic is very useful for its niche as an ambusher/trader/heavium hunter, and with bad camo and bad speed I rarely goes on hunt in the late game.
  11. actually I am not sure anymore o.o
  12. A place for Northern spawn in the new Erlenburg to take potshots against heavies. Notice the enemy WZ hasn't advanced past the bridge: You can adjust the angle (to shoot into different parts of the city) by hugging the hill near you. Enemies will be distracted by your teammate across the river. However, the distance is ~370m and you will potentially get spotted. Be opportunistic or drive a Swedish wedge. From Southern spawn you can drive to outskirts of the central brawling complex and play similar angles to counter the meds on the 9 line hill.
  13. No... You earn a vehicle coupon which you can either consume or sell. It's how they do all events now. Can't resell shit that'd be fucking retarded.
  14. Copeyhagen

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Maps are so shit.
  15. De1tacu

    Personal Missions 2.0

    IS-7 IMO, It is so easy to master lol
  16. Ham_

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Smooth ride improves dispersion on the move only by 0.01, kinda meh
  17. AdrianK

    Improved Equipment Picks

    I'm not far off earning enough fir my first bit of improved equipment. Not sure what to get or even which tank to mount it on: A tier X cuz tier X (Leo, 113, E100, jpe, Tvp) or something that I play more regularly, like a tier 8 money maker (252, wz120ft), or something mission related. In terms of what equip, I'm thinking of my clan commanders general comment RE equipment: Making something that's already good about your tank great, is more advantageous than making something crap less crap. I guess it's around maximizing the strengths which in turn would determine how you play it. Thoughts?
  18. Archaic_One

    Help me pimp out Super Conqueror

    Never push the battle button without a repair kit and a med kit. The super conq has 17mm of engine armor and all arty players know that they can get 1K damage shots on SC where they are only getting 200-300 on Types and Maus. That med kit will flat out be the difference between wins/losses
  19. You would be in the upper half of DHO-X (teal recents is our middle name, lol). We are still pretty active, especially in Advances, but there are no activity requirements. As long as your a dad you have passed our entrance exam
  20. Don't you know it can safely flank Type5 on mines and ensk?
  21. Earlier
  22. Yeah. 3/5/7 was never tested properly. The test server is a horrible laboratory for a strict template test. It is mostly tier 10 matches.
  23. Yeah if you are open about excluding them from the game then yeah.
  24. An update from our friend @Exasmic
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