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  2. Best overall premium cruiser would probably be the Atago though you can make a strong case for the Kutuzov. Non-premium cruisers is harder to define; they all have some drawbacks that keep one specific ship from leading the pack. (For the record I've played Mogami, Hipper, Chapayev so far.) Oddly enough I seem to perform best in the Mogami worst in the Atago as far as tier 8 CAs go. But that probably says more about my quirks as a captain than anything about the ships themselves. So your mileage may vary.
  3. Team comp and the first 30 secs into the game is much more important than you think. Another important concept is what XTC4 gets into. Say you chose to actually not lem but fight the other flank to try to lock it down because u had the tank. ( E100, E75, IS7, IS4, IS3 etc) Then stay as close to your own base as possible. Think of your team as a fish hook where you are the sharp end. The lemmings are somewhere along the stem of the hook. There will always be some pubbie then( some camping TD etc) who you actually have some connection with spotting-wise, radio-wise etc. When you choose to protect a flank by your lonesome do not make the lethal mistake of both getting more or less isolated and over-committed at the same time.
  4. wait wut
  5. It bow-tanks the same as the Iowa btw* Same 32mm bow armor. All the increased front bulkhead armor does is lower the distance the Yamato needs to close in to citadel through the bow. Honestly? I wouldn't consider buying it. Especially when my port looks like this...
  6. @TheMostComfortableTanker That sounds a bit rubbish
  7. Today
  8. T62A sport was it If they changed how it destroys engines, possibly a use for it (or a cool-down period) then MAYBE on some low HP tanks. But, I'd still rather use food
  9. VERY fun night of count-ins and SHs last night with some of our new members!! Expect more of this
  10. Stoppit. I'm trying hard to save money!
  11. Probably added one of them from supertest awhile ago. Noted.
  12. Biggest problem is no existing speed to work with. It's fuckin dog shit with LT gun. I could work if this ahitbox can cruise 40kmph, it just don't work and it's pain in the ass driving 5 min to action and deal 150 dmg. IS, KV3, Tiger, T29 every possible T7 tank is flat out better than this POS.
  13. If it'll run, try Windward.
  14. But nobody plays JAP heavys.
  15. Yeah, I'm only doing the TDs now since I'm up to the Emil II and got bored with high-tier games...
  16. Hi. I took a look at your profile and saw that you have an AMX 13 90, 50 100, and a T26E5. I don't play much competitive WoT, but I'm pretty sure all those tanks get used at tier 8 (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). They are probably worth listing. Also consider getting an IS-3, it's a must have tank for tier 8 competitive play and is very easy to grind up to. GL with your search!
  17. The problem isn't that it's super shit in any peticular thing. it's just not good enough at everything. A bit to slow for the speed to be really usefull, a bit to slow reload for the 88 to shine, a bit too blind. It's like a worse cdc and I hate the cdc.
  18. This really isn't a medium, it's a low-alpha turreted TD, or at least that's how I've resolved to play it - basically a severely gimped Skorp G. It's way too sluggish to play it like a true medium, and good grief does it cut a huge silhouette. 28 battles in. Occasionally I'll get a chance to farm a stranded heavy or the like, but if I can't keep myself a fair distance from the front lines, I get in trouble rapidly. At least it's got decent accuracy/RoF/pen. The gun handling certainly feels better than the Indien-Panzer, but that's damning with faint praise. I'll probably play it once a day (assuming I win my first battle) to get my 2x, but I'll let it sit idle for now beyond that. At least I have the t54 unlocked, I can just grind credits for that...
  19. Pretty much my thoughts reflected. Crommie>Rudy>Strv>>>>>>>>>>rest (randoms). A-43 is a beast in strongholds, though. It is a 3rd best tier 6 medium, hands down. But Rudy/34-85 still has a punchier gun - just 30 more alpha on AP, but a huge 300 HE alpha that is very, very useful against paper tanks like T67, Hellcat, Flakwagen, and tickles/does module dmg even the tier 8 tanks like IS-3, which you can not hope to penetrate reliably unless flanked+gold. Hell, soviet 85 mm can 2-shot Hellcat, Strv needs 4 shots. Strv also has crappy camo, which limits you to sniping or ridge poking. In Crommie or Rudy there are some sweet spots to exploit, that could not be used with Strv. Overall, this tank is what an E8 dreams of being, and replaces the tank in its role perfectly. For a loss of some armor (very unreliable turret armor, at best), you get 0.1 acc! better aim time, penetration, alpha, gun depression, and a built-in vstab, which frees you 2 spots for vision gear, since no aim help is needed.
  20. EGLD is pretty much a must. Your alpha is great, but aim time and final accuracy both suck, along with penetration. Only fully aimed shots are worth risking exposure beyond 50 -100 m. Vents are fine, but they add little bit of everything, and you desperately need aim time reduction from egld, and dpm (since you do not have pe-pew gun) bonus from rammer. On T-34 rammer is actually counter-productive, but that is another story... I suggest rammer, gun laying drive and binos. You probably have bad crew for it, so 10% from optics are not worth it. If you have great crew (BIA+at least full SIA), and stocked food on discount, go with optics. Binos are better because you can totally dominate a few maps like Karelia, Prokh, Malinovka, Sand River, etc...and rack amazing spotting dmg, even thou your gun is not effective for chai sniping.
  21. Thanks for this! I'm about to rebuy the ELC. Actually, not me, at all! Winning is the point!
  22. wotblitz

    I got carried once and sent a congratulatory message to the guy who did it. He invited me along for a few platoons and I ended up in his clan months later. Great friendships can come from strange places.
  23. Question: why there are the tier 8 LTs unbuffed and with tier 11 mm? What is the point of that? Just to prove that wg doesnt give a fuck or there is something that i am missing?
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