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  2. To be honest, that tank shouldn't be sold. It was exclusive to those that got it waaay in the early days of World of Tanks.
  3. Can these XP be used to unlock new tier X light tank?
  4. If you had a bit of time, let's say you just had an awful match on, say, Himmelsdorf. You probably have a replay from before your break that you could analyze to see the differences between your older and newer playstyles. It also depends on what you like to have in a tank. @Super_Rybak gave some pretty solid choices, although throwing in the IS-3 wouldn't hurt if you like the playstyle of fast heavies. Russian bias isn't too bad either
  5. With the latest version of the sandbox server, artillery will be mostly useless for cw and completly useless for sh since it will never be able to carry its own weight. Basically every tier 10 arty got their damage potential cut in half for the stun mechanic that doesn´t do much and can be completly countered by using the first aid kit. As for countering hard camps like on mountain pass, it will take the ebola carrier 6 minutes to kill a Maus assuming every shot is a direct hit so its even useless for that. Basically a camp of 15 Mauses will be extremly hard/a great pain in the ass to dig out and on some maps even outright impossible assuming the Maus team is not completly retarded.
  6. Lower plate or cupola. That heat shield is a pita to bypass at range. Anyway, any feedback from pubs and SHs?
  7. I unlocked the T49 a while ago but never bought it. I guess if I do nothing, I'll have an unlocked T49 (tier 9) in my garage after the patch. Don't think they will gift me the tank, though, if I hadn't bought the T49 at tier 8. Unless I'm wrong on that, it would make sense to buy the T49 before the patch but not the modules; if they then gave me an elite T49 at tier 9... woot! There is a good chance that might happen. Finally, what are your thoughts on exploiting the crew retraining that's part of the t8 to t9 moves - if I put any US crew in a stock T49 I might buy pre-patch, would they get retrained to a T49 crew? Might be worth a try..
  8. I remember back when all arty did was counter-battery. I would try to go for actual damage, but the threat of dying to their arty was huge. After every single shot you had to relocate, or else you were dead. (Either this or my memory sucks, but I'm pretty sure I remember that counter-battery was easy enough for a baddie like me to do it.) I think that arty should have either drastically longer shell travel time or random/inconsistent shell speed. That way, hitting any target that moves would be nearly impossible. This would be so for anti-camping. It'd be cool if hidden TDs that havent relocated for several shots would activate a sort of map ping on every shot. Kinda like the real-time map in the Battleship movie where they fire based on tsunami buoy pings.
  9. Did anyone pull the trigger on Mighty Mo with the conversion discount weekend? Any reactions to new captains? I am within striking distance of picking it up. Maybe 50k or so. I am not gaga about grinding US BB line, especially since I am enjoying Japanese line much more, but this seems like a way to fast track to a monster credit earner fast, high-tier, competitive BB without having to actually grind the line. For the same reason I plan to skip out on the Alabama when it hits the shop.
  10. I am completely in love with this tank. It was already one of my favorites before the changes and the armor and gun buffs only made it better. The problem is it's so different from anything I've ever played there isn't any reference point on what makes it better or worse than the tanks I have. The VK doesn't seem necessarily "better" than the E5 or IS-7 that have their own strengths, but I can do 400-500 more DPG with 10% better winrate than in either of them with the VK. This makes me think I'm really missing something about driving not-huge-fascist-boxes. Are all 750 guns this easy to use? Are T30/E4/E100 just as brutal getting their gun in the fight despite having less or better known armor? It is the biggest gun I've ever fired in this game (not counting the KV-2). The rhythm of planting very deliberate shots, then having more than 15 seconds to observe the battle and decide who to shoot next flows so well. Being able to change the course of any enemy's game with one shot combined with the sheer scare factor lets you have a huge impact wherever you are. How does the VK compare to the Maus/Type5/PzVII for driving a flank forward? The frontal armor lets it plow into the enemy and lead the team to get the ball rolling on a flank. This is how I've always wanted to play heavy tanks, but except for silly stuff like the KV-220 nothing could do it nearly as well. If @Luna still plans on writing that review they mentioned, I would love to read it.
  11. This was my first season of ranked, since I played mostly before it was out. Is there a pattern they've been following for what tier is picked?
  12. Today
  13. I ticketed back the T57 Heavy. I think its tied with the 50B for most times sold in a furor. I believe @sr360 will chime in to tell you "never sell a tier X or a premium" and its hard to say he's wrong, except that with 4 exception tickets a year and unlimited items per ticket its not like it burns that much anymore. :-D I'd played this tank a wee but on another account post armor buff. The shift to the corridor meta and the armor buff make it pretty grand. I am looking forward to spending my credits in it, by picking on fat super heavies who think their fat tanks are good. Here are my first two games back with a fancy 5 skill crew and a tryhard consumable and ammo loadout (thanks @Xits for the inspiration and stream examples). http://wotreplays.com/site/3467529#serene_coast-crabeatoff-t57_heavy_tank http://wotreplays.com/site/3467530#abbey-crabeatoff-t57_heavy_tank
  14. <---free here, missed one mission, earned it on Day 14, and completed Day 15.
  15. I recently moved to the West Coast, and have been remiss at posting. So I'll rectify some of that with this fun game: Object 907, Pilsen. High Caliber, Confederate, Top Gun, Ace Tanker. Oh, and Lucky. I do an initial peek down the lane to spot for our arty. @jacg123 misses but Wazoo hits. Not feeling brave enough to peek on a 183, I cut middle. I misjudge my angle and take a hit from the JP2, but farm him out otherwise. I cut back to town, help kill the E-100, then push up recklessly on the 1 line and sidescrape-manhandle the Leo. Then its fast and furious as i flank the T95, who gets killed by his own arty, kill the arty, and go clean up for the top gun. http://wotreplays.com/site/3465705#pilsen-sr360-object_907
  16. I managed to get the 121 marks to 100% today even though I started to play it worse than I did before I got the 3 MoE on it. Here are some of my recent games in the 121: 18 games in 121 - 5.2k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?t3o4p6a26lb7pta
  17. Not specifically Pz. 7 but I was playing some VK72 the other day and some pubbie penned my mantlet with E100 ap for like 850...I was kinda triggered.
  18. What an awnkward hydrid LT! I am getting this odd WR over 81% in 27 Battles. It really feels like a T-54 sometimes. The fact you can expose your turret for a couple seconds to get a shot feels so vital. I know my avg. damage isnt "WOW" but its definetly good, and the spotting (avg 1247) is pretty good. Not bad for a new crew with no 1st skill. Tier 9 battles feels like you can really carry, and bullying tier8s with a LT it quite unreal. Hoping i can keep up a 70% WR by 50 battles, but i think i can top my 63% Bulldog (1400 battles) when i reach 100 battles.
  19. Lol no prem account just a mutz and oculate management. Yeah but i tought about taking away the rammer. Thank you for the reply.
  20. I'd rather trust our Belarusian overlords
  21. then you missed out on how OP it is. or was. back in 2014.
  22. That would be unplayable, unless they buff those torpers beyond belief.
  23. Seems that Nagato's range nerf was trashed.
  24. Naming and shaming this massive cunt, he got triggered by my clan tag somehow and proceeded to announce in chat he wasn't going to do fuckall because he didn't help Quickybaby followers. Holy shit falling for a shit meme this hard
  25. Why would they have to do any sort of refunds (either credits or XP)? Many tanks got removed without any refunds to the players that had them, so what. Simply today one group (class) of vehicles exist - tomorrow they don't. Apart from premiums, I see no reason for anybody to expect any refund. And premium arties are cheap anyway (in gold), so the refund wouldn't be high anyway. Maybe only the people that had good crews, could have their crews automatically retrained to T1 tank of the same nation and that's it. Removing arty would mean that WG accepts that they messed up, and they have kept doing so for... 6 years now. I don't think that will happen in reality unfortunately.
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