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  2. How to balance the 268-4?

    Lol I had no idea about that lower plate weakspot. I was shooting overall lower plate. Nice to know. Just smashed an enemy 268 4 like that. He must had been fuming.
  3. Fjords 1.0

    Tanks from the left still get to the hill faster if they just go there. I was west with a type64 and went straight to hill and somehow there were a couple tanks already up, I couldn't believe it. But it took several years for the pubbies to understand that, it will take some years more. If you get tank on the hill from the east side then you got the middle too.
  4. Hate to think what a 10 looks like. Wait, how high does the pantsu meter go?
  5. Obj 430U

    True, that slipped my mind. Still, the 113 is an absolute bus compared to the 430U. Even if both its gun and mobility were nerfed to be worse than on the 113, it would remain, at least in my estimation, a hugely competitive tank just by being ridiculously good at avoiding/blocking damage - and that comes from armour, and it comes from camo, and size.
  6. Claus' World

    Hey claus, in case you need another one... It's the trees that are the issue. WG must have coded their camo value incorrectly.
  7. T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    This tank is fucking garbage lmao If it's gonna be this slow it could use an armor buff or a gun accuracy buff. I don't even care about the pen, I can work with 175mm pen at tier 7. But for fuck's sake there's literally zero reason for this to have the armor, speed, and size of a barn and a derpy as fuck gun
  8. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Thanks for sharing. I guess I'll be testing outusint the Enmotus Fuzedrive on my x370 since Storemi is for the 400 series. $60 for the software doesn't seem bad at all. It's only $20 if you plan on using it with a 128gb or smaller ssd
  9. AMX Canon d'assault 105

    Of course you are doing better in a progetto because that's a better tank
  10. T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    A lot of TD missions are about being unspotted undamaged so assault guns with armor are bad for it. Go for Swedish wedges or something else that good at camo sniping
  11. He also complained the enemy had a Kazna platoon, one with a type59 so not really a bigger gun than his and he wasn't smart enough to notice the good players he complained about were not hiding behind a rock.
  12. Spend free xp where?

    Object 277 seems strong, but yeah, it will take at least ~3 months before its here, so might as well grind the line instead. Definitely use the free XP for SConq line, so you can avoid the legendary shitter trio before the Caernarvon (which is rly good now).
  13. Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing) Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing)
  14. Please help poor green shitter

    Yah, I don't he realized I had no intention of doing that gig, and was using disposable info for anything that guy looked at. Again, bored at work, 2 years ago, when I did that.
  15. New build

    I delidded my overclocked 6700K with the rockit 88 kit. It was pretty easy and dropped temps by 10-20 degrees C depending on the test. What is the warranty on the 8700K? Some of my old Intel CPUs had 10 year warranties, but it seems that newer Intel CPUs have shorter warranties. If you don't overclock the 8700K should easily last 5+ years. However the temps may increase at the TIM dries up. If you plan to keep it much longer than the warranty period, delidding it may help.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Issue Updating Stats Fixed

    I have more trouble getting a stst update, it seems like the site is down more than it's up. My WOT forum signature come from you guys and there are huge holes in the stats. It hasn't updated in a week, as of last night. What gives?
  18. Total War: Arena

    Is anyone playing this now it no longer requires codes to access?
  19. Please give clam

    Hey I'm looking for a friendly clan that I can platoon with people in for pubs and maybe move to SHs and stuff, I don't take this game terribly seriously which is evident from having a M4A2E4 and only 3k something battles since then but I'm playing it more now, I'm not very skilled so I might be a bit of a weight around the neck but that'll probably change after a bit of time and effort ( I could be the clan tamagotchi!).
  20. Last week
  21. Yeah this is still going on and if you don't meet the wn8 requirements i usually just give them friends tags it's no biggie
  22. Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    I think I'd honestly be happier with significantly less total maps if those fewer remaining maps were actually equally balanced even if it makes it less "interesting" for those who don't care about game balance.
  23. M35 Marathon Megathread

    Im 80% done and will drop here. Tier 10 is even more unenjoyable than it used to be. Played with a friend, around 90% ammo shot is premium and teams are composed mostly of v4s, 183s, is7s/Mice/Type5s. I reverted to 13 105 and the occasional wz. Getting exp in t9 is far more enjoyable.
  24. When I look to make credits, aside from knowing I have to play well/win, I look at: 1) Good base pen. Loewe, fv4202, meatball 4202 clone, lorr, strv. Not having to load sprem == more credits. 2) Good view range. I run optics in everything but the strv, b/c being able to spot (a) gives me a way to contribute to my team even when bottom tier and (b) gives me another way to earn XP/credits. 3) Having a trick on which I can rely. 4202 is a solid ridgeline fighter, e.g., and the much better pen for me makes up for the inferior gun handling compared to the KRatton. Loewe can hull down effectively and use gun dep against higher tiers, ditto + sidescraping when not bottom tier. Strv can kemp bush, yada yada, but it's for me just painfully unfun to play. And anytime I'm in tier 8, I start off assuming I'm going to be bottom tier, plan on playing rather passively initially and just supporting a strong flank. All of these tanks have a common characteristic that, even when top tier, they're better suited to playing a bit back from the front line (loewe because of low dpm, if no other reason, unless you have good support to keep from getting yolo'd). My $0.02, really $0.015 at today's exchange rates.
  25. I come back to the game and they've updated the maps. Anyone have some new favorite spots?
  26. Fortnite

    I've been playing it because my friends do. I can outgun people very easily but as soon as it becomes a building war I lose.
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