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  2. The thing is that WG does this shit on purpose, people are far too kind to them and presume they're just bumbling around incompetently. That was probably true 5-6 years ago but today they're very keen on the business model they use: Give the people with T10 an easy time while making sure that gold spam is at its highest at that point by giving 8s and 9s just about enough prem pen to do something. Mr 45% gets to see big numbers and feel useful while the 9s still have things to do and the 8s are fodder. It's nothing new, they just moved the concept up in tiers, as I'm sure most of us remember grinding several horrible mid-tier tanks way back. WG frankly doesn't care about any playerbase outside RU and potentially China, as I have no idea how popular the game is there. It never mattered to them that EU and US spent far more dosh per capita, which is a bad move if you care about making more money but not necessarily if you're lazy and just want to make enough money. Business culture is quite different from place to place, the annoying thing is that WoT is a potentially great game which WG keeps ignoring. The real solution has always been the same, even back in 2010: Give tanks a half decent stock gun in terms of penetration and you solve most of the problems. Unfortunately, WG quickly went from "gold rounds should be used sparingly" to cackling like a maniac once they saw just how much god damn money people used on said shells. There are probably quite a few lazy whales out there who have pumped several hundred thousand dollaridoos into the game because you can bypass 95% of the game's problems with gold shells, equipment and food. Fixing the game's problems is not really a priority for WG, just as they don't care too much about the dwindling playerbase in the West.
  3. Madner Kami

    Centurion Mk. I

    I assume we are talking about the 20 pounder? It's one of "those guns", which are just frustratingly bad at shooting where you point them and the 20 pounder is, along with the DCA45, probably the worst offender. It really isn't just about accuracy while secondary factors... factor in (sorry, just came home from a long work day night), like turret or hull traverse or movement. It just is inaccurate even fully aimed in for some reason, despite high final accuracy.
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  5. Madner Kami

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    I underlined your mistake.
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  7. Assassin7

    Test, just a test

    in that case ima go on ahead and just remove this topic
  8. sohojacques

    Comet fan club

    Almost finished grinding this. There are a bunch of tier 7s I play/have played for fun. This isn't one of them. The meh child of a Cromwell and Strv 74 a whole tier higher. A tier 6.5 at best.
  9. xWulffx

    CV rework revealed

    I watched the video the developers put out a couple days ago and they said the new CV system wouldn't have that bad of a disparity based on skill as it does now. I really doubt that. There's going to be players who just wreck the other team and if your CV sucks you lose. I like the fixed dot damage tick suggestion above for HE and flooding. Some DBs are bad enough now, some CVs can damn near 1 shot cruisers with DBs as it is, adding flooding will just add insult to injury. Additionally, DB's should have to fly low and level to make a run on ships and not be able to drop from a body of land without a minimum distance requirement. The time on or over target required for planes to drop bombs or torpedoes should be increased to simulate the planes making their runs. There should be a minimum time on target to drop them and a maximum which would decrease dispersion the longer you stay on your run up to a set maximum value. jm2c
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  11. woe2you

    Show Off Your Rig

    I may be back into this thread soon. I managed to snag a chassis I've been craving for literally 10 years (the TJ07) so I'm working on putting togther all the bits to watercool my antiquated rig instead of just buying newer components. Because that makes perfect sense.
  12. haglar

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Wotlabs updated so I could finally screenshot this 3 mark session. Quickybaby was right-need to let team die and redline for dmg
  13. FlorbFnarb

    1.0 Abbey in light / soft medium / bottom tier

    aw Still, probably worth my time taking my light tanks into training rooms.
  14. I would recommend less distracting mods. You could then have the awareness to not push into an open field, while perma lit against 3 arty.
  15. FlorbFnarb

    O-I Experimental

    Holy SHIT they over-nerfed this thing. That's the WG way though; make a tank OP, then when it's time to nerf it, overdo it and turn it into trash, I guess. They nerfed the SHIT out of the mobility and it still has armor that's entirely worthless against anything not in its tier, and even most stuff in its tier...and yet because of 3/5/7 it usually doesn't see anything below its tier. So in sum: OP tank against lower tier tanks + mobility nerf + meh armor + MM change keeping it from seeing anything below its tier = radically underpowered tank. Crap armor, crap mobility, meh gun = trash. Time to can it and move the crew to an O-I.
  16. sohojacques

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    On mobile please add: Time to draw a line in the sand between those who have the time and/or coin to feed the T-54’s serious credit habit and those who don’t. No wonder the U.S.S.R went broke. It’s irrelevant how good it is because I simply cannot afford to run it. I can at least break even or run at a small profit without a premium account with a bunch of the other tanks left on the list. Standard B + 1: Crazy fast. Good gun. Kickin’ standard round pen. Clip shenanigans. Lack of armour and loading mechanic make it interesting to play. Type 61 - 3: I don’t think I’ve ever felt threatened by one of these.
  17. I haven't spoken with O_P_Hacker in a long time (I barely played all year lol), he used to try to recruit me in 2016 and sometimes invited me to detachments.
  18. Otto-matic Reiffel

    SEA CW is ded

    Russia has a huge population and WoT is super popular there. If that market is excluded or they did it by regions the numbers would be much different.
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  20. TBH 111 is the furthest thing from boring and lame among all the tier 8 prefs, and even before the buffs. It gets same/better armour than the tier 9, cruises around the map at 40kph, and the best/least bad of all the D25T clones among its peers. The AP shells were and still are shite, but the HEAT shells are excellent against most targets, and are great for tryharding. Personally though, it's the HE shells that push the tank into genuinely fun to play territory. Firing HE you become one of the best derp guns in tier, second only to the O-Ho, but on a much better chassis + shell velocity + sheltered MM. You can literally load 35 HE, 5 each of AP and HEAT, and I have no doubt that you'll be able to average at least 1700 damage with your brain turned off. It's true that the armour is unreliable esp for sidescraping, but when you're spamming HE you always get the first shot off, usually track people with it, and farm boatloads of assist and salty pubby tears. The DPM is truly and undeniably depressing, but since the game has devolved into essentially a giant corridor slugfest, you rarely notice it. Best of all, it's safe. The shells cost like 1/10 of HEAT while letting you reliably do 100-ish damage per shot against tier 9 heavies (and 200 against hulldown Conqs), and 150ish against most armoured tier 8s - you don't even half to expose more than a quarter of your tank to do so. It also does a fair amount of module damage esp to Brit/Chin tanks due to ammo rack placement. And the large number of Skorps, UDESes and STRVs running around due to the armour meta also make pens happen surprisingly often. I did try HE-spamming in the IS-6, and while somewhat effective (was able to maintain 85-ish percent on it with pure HE spam over 10 or so games), it doesn't hold a candle to an HE spamming 111, especially platooned 111s. The 111 is just so much faster and more flexible, while having armour that's actually resistant to tier 9 rounds. Being essentially a 111-1-4 with a broken gun, the 111 can dictate engagements with minimal effort, which, more than the gun itself, is what makes the HE-111 work. PS when in my tier 9 heavies, HE-spamming 111s are far more threatening than HEAT-111s. The damage is low at first but stacks up to the 500s very quickly. And being tracked every 10 seconds invites arty fire and module damage like nothing else. Fighting 2 HE-111s pretty much means you'll be crippled most of the game if you manage to survive at all. It's much, much more obnoxious than O-Hos and equally cancerous.
  21. It is really a lot of fun, if inclined to evaporating early in the wrong hands. Like, say - mine. Much more fun that Even 90 , but needs a slightly bigger bush.
  22. I was once told that the Type 5 is better than the Type 4 tier for tier. If that has ever been true, I don't think it is now. While tier 10s are mind-numbingly strong, so are the new tier 8s in their own tier. The strength of new tier 8s is basically measured on how well they fight 10s, and many of them while not being a credible threat are still massive nuisances even for semi-armoured 10s. OTOH tier 7s are more or less in the exact same state as they were 3 years ago, while tier 9 meds/heavies/TDs that can shrug off tier 7 gold are dime a dozen
  23. nabucodonsor

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    One of the few things still fun in a boring game. Others that come to mind are the Bat and the T100lt
  24. Zinn

    Tiger 2 - the harder and slower Tiger 1

    It has 175 pen when it has everything that isn't the BL-9, as noted in my post about few people having the top gun in early launch. IMO, Tiger II is fine at its tier, it just needs some buffs to get a real role again. A bit more armor and maybe some RoF increases but I can't say much about the gun since I haven't played the KT in years, I just know its armor has been garbage since 2011 or something. Given that most German tanks have been in the same state for half a decade, I doubt the ghost of Stalin would start allowing buffs any time soon.
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