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  2. The problem with being aggressive in them is that they are an instant target for anyone that sees their side if they get spotted. I'll generally take a sketchy side shot at a swedish TD over any other shot because they are so rarely lit and they are pretty much impervious frontally to so many tanks. If they get lit, they will be going dark and disappearing soon so you need to shoot while you can. If you are closer to the front and get lit, a lot more tanks might have angles on your sides. The idea of playing an aggressive bush up front on Prok or Mali sounds very appealing - right up until you get insta-gibbed. I got all 5 swedish girls for christmas, and I added a 6th from a PM. My Kran has an all swede crew, but my girl TD crew is stalled at tier 6 because I am so bad at sniping.
  3. It is the best MM we ever had.
  4. A further note, even though I would have gone hill boost, that might have not won as well as him just keeping distance and letting the TDs work. Its always best to err on the side of caution and hp preservation in the early stages!Tokimi from -G- asked me to check out a replay, as he is historically a HT driver and making the transition to derptroll and chodeslapper. Here is the replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3841525#tundra-tokimi-t49 Here are my notes, copied from slack, posted with his consent: A further note, even though I would have gone hill boost, that might have not won as well as him just keeping distance and letting the TDs work. Its always best to err on the side of caution and hp preservation in the early stages!
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  6. No 49%, its because retarded games like this shouldnt happen: Our tier 10 bots do a solid 0 dmg, enemy bot makes 8600 dmg, see the problem? Beiing a retard should not be rewarded, an WTF-E100 however DOES reward beiing a dumb retard
  7. E5 clone that can sidescrape?
  8. Ian we are full right now, but will be expanding to 40 players soon. Jump on our discord and division. I can't see your stats, because you are blocking them at the moment. I'm sure you will meet our requirements stat wise. Just let us know if you have a tier 10.
  9. Kept catching strikes for calling 'em out on being perverts on the "official" forums
  10. Get a Loewe, run an all-APCR loadout, still make money (quite a bit with a premium account), be competitive in tier 10 matches, get loads of spotting damage, actually have fun.
  11. Tier 7s can actually do decently, b/c they don't see tier 10s, and they get to crap all over tier 5s a LOT more than tier 8s get to do the same to tier 6s. Tier 7 scouts (I keep repeating myself) are IMHO, tier-for-tier, one of the strongest groups in the game right now, b/c they're always relevant and can simply dominate when top tier. I never played with you, but welcome back regardless. Re: ranked battles, didn't they tweak the scoring for this round to try and make it slightly less campy?
  12. Finally got LT-7.3, after close to 2 years of having it active...
  13. Don't be afraid of DD's early, especially IJN ones. You'll learn the basics of stealth play, learning to abuse detection ranges and such
  14. Wow this is rly exactly the model we have on the testserver now. Sometimes the leaks are just awesome. --- After the horror aka BlackPrince and prebuffed Caravan this tank is such a pleasure to play. Awesome gun and decent mobility and nice turret. All I needed was 80k freeXp to skip the stock grind :P. But what I don't get are the Marks requirements at the moment. Vbaddict says you need ~2600dmg for the the second mark. Well I am at 2800 pure dmg without assisted and only at 82% (102 battles).
  15. @kariverson, @madner kami, i think you are misunderstanding what @leggasiini is saying. Yes the BC can do 1800 damage as well but that is not the point. The issue with putting a 183mm gun that can do 50+km/h, is that there will be spot on some map where it will get there before medium tank. Imagine the map hill where you want to get the hill and a 183mm hesh gun is already looking at that very spot where you want to go. It's going to be the same symptom has the Grille 15 where that very specific tank with a big ass fucking gun will be waiting for you going to a very important point because the speed allows it to do that. Man the Fv4005 will get to the top of the hill on malinovka before any HT basically. Just waiting for them as they come out of the bush.
  16. Reminiscing for a moment here. Back when I grinded through the Tiger II, I just used the 88/L71 for the entirety of the grind. The 105mm Tiger II was trying too hard to be a Löwe, without getting any of the advantages the Löwe had in trade for the relatively low DPM. I always think I should go back and rebuy the tank for Randoms and SH, as I enjoyed driving it. Then I am in a SH or Random in pretty much any T8 tank and wonder, how 203 or ~237mm penetration were ever enough to get a 55% winrate in it.
  17. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/09/20/wot-9-20-1-armor-changes/ Well, the Fourtress is now finally getting a HD model... As a former lover of the KV-4 (still have it in my garage, but with a ghetto crew with something like 80% Repairs) I should be happy with these changes, but.... the flat out removal of weakspots, as a mentality, pisses me off because it's just another aspect of dumbing the game down big time. The only weakspot I enjoy getting removed was the 120mm bit of armor above the gun mantlet, which was incredibly annoying. Still, that won't mean that this thing will stop getting lolpenned even by some Tier 6 spamming gold ammo.
  18. Ummm - why? We used to watch this with the boys, it's definitely clever... but... Ok, so fuck whom, and why? The sharks? Just had a top tier game in the E50 and did fuck all because lag spikes. Reminds me of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who,_whom%3F - i.e who will fuck whom?
  19. General rule of thumb, under 12k is good, over is bad. I'm by no mean Uni, but I've noticed I impact gameplay most within 12-15k.
  20. I updated the first post to reflect the combined sample size. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know.
  21. They just need to exclude arty and Type5 from this mode, and all will be fine... I like the zero sum game. Only those actually playing for win can advance. But yes, as someone mentioned, rewards are not attractive enough, and credit sink is real. I'm not playing this time around at all, since I would rather grind my Conqueror.
  22. So I'm 50 games into the Emil II, and I have to say that I regret going down this line. Pretty much only just finished unlocking all the modules. 40% win rate with just under 2k DPG. Painful. Stock grind has to be one of the worst I've experienced thus far - the gun is bad against the plethora of tier 9 and tier 10 heavies. It still has bad gun handling, and the alpha and pen are terrible, barely enough to do 50% damage to in-tier tanks. It is SO SLOW for a tank that has basically no armour - barely manages 20kph on flat ground. Turns extremely slow, meaning relocating is basically impossible. Thankfully the top gun is lighter than the stock gun, which makes the rest of the grind a bit easier. Firstly, you can pen things, and your clip finally means something (although it's still not great, especially when you get all those sub-400 damage rolls). The lighter weight helps with the mobility (at least can get above 20kph on the flat, and can keep speed built up going downhill a little while). Even fully upgraded (haven't had it for too many games to be honest), it still feels terrible overall. Mobility is frustratingly bad. It is a hill-fighter but struggles getting up and down hills. Flat, straight-line speed is also disappointing. The gun is... okay, pen is acceptable as is the clip potential. Gun handling is still bad though (I bounce a heap of shots on the sides of things that really shouldn't be bouncing 240 pen), and it retains this awful 3.3 second intra-clip reload that often means if the enemy is close to cover you usually only get to land that first hit. Plus, if you don't have a hill to utilise, the turret armour is weak against anything higher tier (I had a T57 heavy pen me straight through the turret with heat on flat ground). Can't say I'll keep playing this once I unlock the tier 10.
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  24. My personal suggestions is that you use your female crew members for either: A) starting a new crew as the commander to get sixth sense right off the bat and make it grindable (3 crews if you decide to put all 3 as commanders) B) Replacing it for a crew that's going to be trained a lot where the current crew isn't too good (more than 3 skills and replacing it at all will take a lot of time to make up for it) Otherwise it doesn't really make sense and you won't make up for it for until like 70% into the 4th skill, keep the female crew members for tanks you're either going to play a lot or for starting new crews you simply want to skip out the worst part of the crew grinding on (2 skills takes a lot of time, it's easily 12 hours active playtime with constant boosters on for a high XP/game)
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