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  2. Arty is shit in competitive play. You can break any hard camp with proper play, tank comps and pushes. I'll be glad to see arty gone so I stop getting one shot in my medium for holding a key spot while trying to dodge the slot machine launcher. The amount of times I wish I had arty playing competitively is low compared to the amount of times I've gotten fucked by arty because I wasn't being dynamic enough. Yes arty can help with camps, but so can good comps, players, and callers.
  3. From what I've heard, the Russian light and German light are going to be amazing. Troll armor on the Russian and amazing speed on the German make them both really good. The French one looks shit because for 7 more seconds, I can get an additional two shots in the clip, and better pen at the trade of a little camo if I go play a batchat....The American one has a derp, so nothing has changed there, and I don't know anything about the Chinese.
  4. Lol no prem account just a mutz and oculate management. Yeah but i tought about taking away the rammer. Thank you for the reply.
  5. I'd rather trust our Belarusian overlords
  6. After this, i got quite dissapointed in the tank:
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  8. but there is Maus, Type 5, etc...
  9. then you missed out on how OP it is. or was. back in 2014.
  10. That would be unplayable, unless they buff those torpers beyond belief.
  11. STA-2 or Patriot should do the job. They're rather flexible and rewarding.
  12. Seems that Nagato's range nerf was trashed.
  13. Naming and shaming this massive cunt, he got triggered by my clan tag somehow and proceeded to announce in chat he wasn't going to do fuckall because he didn't help Quickybaby followers. Holy shit falling for a shit meme this hard
  14. Why would they have to do any sort of refunds (either credits or XP)? Many tanks got removed without any refunds to the players that had them, so what. Simply today one group (class) of vehicles exist - tomorrow they don't. Apart from premiums, I see no reason for anybody to expect any refund. And premium arties are cheap anyway (in gold), so the refund wouldn't be high anyway. Maybe only the people that had good crews, could have their crews automatically retrained to T1 tank of the same nation and that's it. Removing arty would mean that WG accepts that they messed up, and they have kept doing so for... 6 years now. I don't think that will happen in reality unfortunately.
  15. Using clear terminology instead of those quotation marks makes your article easier to read, and probably also to write if you refer to those terms in future articles.
  16. A while ago on Jingles...
  17. Another update. Work is good Appointment went good, have informed consent forms to sign and "homework" of reading from a trans guidebook...though I ended up reading most of it, mostly good advice, a some I didn't agree on but opinions will vary of course. Hormone prescription will be gotten at the end of next week....deep breaths. Also I lost 6 pounds with light dieting...only 106 more to go.
  18. Review of the VK 30.01 (P) tier 6 German medium tank, and fast becoming one of my favourites!
  19. Just an example: One of my colleague is responsible for our financial products design and is solely accountable for a raise in the area of about two million of annual revenue in the last 3 years by analysing and redesigning a bunch of our core products that were widely regarded as already pretty optimized. After we took part in a new IQ test that HR wanted to use to test new students he showed at 155. His WN8 in WoT after like 8k battles is 300 because he is one of the most avid tunnel visioners I have ever seen and at a ripe age of 55 he is also a bit slow to react. So OP: early bird april fools joke?
  20. Melodic Trance/House FTW
  21. Crom is one of few tanks I play at such low tiers, ELC another. For fun I used to play tanks like Hetzer back in the days, but its more about 'did I learn smth from this match' or 'did anything interesting happen in this match' that matters to me nowadays. Sealclubbing can come as a necessary spinoff in situations when you walk up a new line, train crews etc but in general I find the fun factor too low to find much of interest at tiers IV, V, VI. The teams are also atrocious enough at higher tiers these days. At such tiers it feels like 'war of the ants' at times.
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