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  2. You really should change "good" in your title to "top 0.1%" since that's the benchmark you're describing, and severely limits the number of people's qualified to answer. I can't answer how to do that level, because I don't do that level. Once I held 3800 over 200 games in the Batchat, so that's really my only experience, and never in a tier 9. But when I watch the best of the best play, they just seem to refuse to react, even when they roll edge of the reticle twice in a row, or catch a bullshit fire. But this could be a chicken or egg type problem - is the non-reaction the cause of the superior play, or the effect? Again, I can't speak to 3600+ beyond a lucky session or so, but I can say how I personally rationalize the limits of my performance. Being trained as a statistician I know there's a limit to the performance imposed by the system. No one can average 12k dpg, just like no one can average 85ppg in the NBA. And talent also sets an upper limit, given equal intelligent hard work. If I had spent any of the last 4 years worried about how I wasn't as good as Kewei or vetro that'd be a waste of time or effort. So all I can worry about are the things I control. And RNG is a system parameter and thus not really something I can control, as long as I'm choosing intelligent shots/engagements.
  3. Do you use the armor viewer in game? Is it reliable? I get discrete values when I pare down the selections and hover over a color . . . would that work?
  4. Crazy are very multinational but speak English. However they played way to late for me in Sydney.
  5. Type 59: 9WZ-111: 16112: 23T-34-3: 8AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 27leKpz M 41 90 mm: 6 - 3 = 3, credit grinding on someone else's T95E2 sock has never been so triggering, no HP, average LT mobility, shitty camo, and the gun almost claimed the life of my MacBook pro on multiple occasions. Yeah, great, it's a premium LT that you can play in strongholds, but with that camo you might as well take a Skorpion Skorpion G: 27 + 1 = 28, is actually a Skorpion Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz: 23 STA-2: 26M46 KR: 22 KV-5: 18T-44-100: 10T26E5 (Patriot): 31T26E4: 15M4A1 Revalorisé: 35
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  7. What's this about?
  8. I hate people who play arp ships in ranked
  9. The Abarth model is 10 grand more than the MX-5 Icon for... not 10 grand more car. A top of the range MX-5 2L Sport Nav has the Bilstein Suspension and LSD but it felt a bit rich for my blood. I wanted an affordable sports car and 25-26 grand is pushing it. I test drove the normal 124 but I liked the gearbox and steering better in the MX-5. The 124 is more civilised but the MX-5 was more fun in the bends. Plus the turbo-lag really annoyed me at low revs. I also have experience of FIAT aftercare and fuck that noise.
  10. RIP ELC seal clubbing 240 APCR NeverForgetti2k17
  11. Jumped about 2% with this single game (even though the game before was a garbage game) Triple marks is pretty on this tank!
  12. Yeah.. 50 games in and I have to say this tank is not performing most greatly for me. Tier for tier i would rather have the EMIL II than the Tier10. Not to say it's a bad tank, it's probably above average.
  13. Two replays of today's stream: 10.3k damage game in M48 http://wotreplays.eu/site/3361978#murovanka-fyreon-m48a1_patton 9.7k damage game in E50M + Kolobanov http://wotreplays.eu/site/3361984#lakeville-fyreon-e_50_ausf_m
  14. One day, all this will be over The war to fix games will be won By one side or the other The consoles will rust, keyboards wear out And there'll be nothing left of any of this The gaming will heal itself as everything does in the end We'll be long gone by then - but maybe not forgotten History only remembers one in a thousand of us Then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we have Smooth gameplay, HD textures and ultra high settings When this is all over and the war is won - they will remember us But until that day comes, we will stand, we will look console peasants in the eyes And we will shitpost.
  15. So what's the consensus on the E5 now? Did it become bad at fighting same-tier tanks because lolcupola?
  16. Pretty much any tank in tier 5 can win, because...tier 5. But having to actually work hard to do it, compared to driving T67 or T-34 on autopilot takes all the fun out of it. Especially since other 2 tanks can make plenty of money, while Crus not s much (bad aimtime/acc, so you miss plenty of APCR). I mean, tier 5 is among the best for money grind. KV1Sport is still there for wins. KV-1 turret was so nerfed when it went HD that 112-125 mm pen pew-pew guns simply melt it right now. Bye-bye KV-1 as of right now. It has the same effective armor as KV1S because everybody with half a brain will simply ignore your hull and go straight for the turret. KV1S already has a shit turret, so it relies on mobility, and has even more view range (340 is good view range for its tier when the best is 350), and aim time on 85 mm is much better than on KV-1 (2.5 vs 2.9). Yup, British tanks are seldom even close to being any good. Charioteer is overrated, there are at least 3 much better TDs in tier. Skorp G obviously, and it does the same role much better - mobile turreted paper TD with bad camo (OK, it is a prem, but everybody could buy it, and there are one at least in each team), but with much punchier and more acc gun, and than there are Ferdi and ISU as casemates, but still better than Charioteer - monster gun, or some armor and more hitpoints, pick your choice.
  17. HYOUKA MOVIE http://eiga.com/news/20161122/3/ BANZAI
  18. Think its dropped again to 34.53s reload and aim time is 2.59s, accuracy 0.36. So you have about 10s longer reload than a T69 with 240 more clip damage.
  19. @Balthazars Nothing wrong with opinions . Personally i found O-Ho's armor better just because of better side armor and more trollish angles, aswell as stronger boobs. I personally do much better in O-Ho. I think its harder to play than O-Ni but more rewarding overall. Positioning the tank is harder as the depression is limited on front. The gun stats are however significantly better than O-Ni which is the main advantage over O-Ni. The gun handling and DPM felt tad low sometimes on O-Ni, while it doesnt have as much oneshotting capabilities as O-I does at tier 6.
  20. Mid tiers are still pretty rubbish. Also just a 1st class... sigh. (also, shout out to 3 of our 10s).
  21. The dumb thing is, WG just buffed the speed again now making around as fast as other mediums in the tier. And didn't touch anything else. So its just crap with a higher top speed, woot!
  22. Don't worry I'll waiting for the people saying "WELL QUICKYBABY DIDN'T DO AMAZING IN IT SO ITS BALANCED, SHUT UP"
  23. alright i will break my lurker status to tell you guys to join this clan
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