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  2. Madner Kami

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 34 AMX M4 51: 34 T-54: 32 Conqueror: 32 Type 4 Heavy: 32 WZ-111 1-4: 31 E50: 31 E75: 31 AMX 30: 31 T49: 31 T30: 30 T95: 30 M46 Patton: 31 WT Auf Pz. IV: 30 Mauschen: 30 Leopard PTA: 30 RU251: 30 - 3 = 27 Because this is probably the light tank that shows the downfall of light tanking like few others. It was underwhelming back when it was the top of the line, but I loved playing it, due to it's punchy gun, extremely high mobility and very good view range. Now every light is just as fast, has trash gunnery and view range, so not only is it nothing special in it's line of duty, but it also lost all of it's unique advantages and gained nothing in return. A WZ at least gained mobility. Object 704: 30 Object 263: 30 T-54 LW: 31 Object 430: 30 Object 705: 30 ST-I: 30 Tortoise: 30 Foch: 30 B-C 25t AP: 30 AMX 13 90: 30 Skoda T50: 30 WZ-132A: 30 WZ-120: 30 50TP: 30 STRV 103-0: 30 Standard B: 30 Jagdtiger: 27 Conway: 27 VK4502B: 27 Object 257: 27 T54E1: 24 +1 = 25 Because this tank just clicked. The T69 was an exercise in frustration and I feared the worst, as the T54E1 was more of a sidegrade one tier higher, but I was pleasently surprised. I have yet to have a shit game in this (not counting games that end within 2 minutes due to team incompetence). It shouldn't be good, but it is; at least for me. Type 61: 27 WZ-111G FT: 27 Emil II: 24 AMX 50 120: 24 M103: 18 Object 430 V2: 18
  3. My secret joy when I grinded that tank.Hates hard, hits fast, decent accuracy with bloody good arc, can reposition easily (compared to the spgs after this...).
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  5. IMO it feels like tier 8s and 9s get the same matchmaking, except most 9s are like 1.5 tiers better. 8s are unplayably frustrating for me.
  6. sohojacques

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Yet I felt like it’s gun rewarded aiming. While the T20 sprays shots regardless.
  7. Yesterday
  8. FlorbFnarb

    Reddit reacts to Wotlabs reacts to MAHOU tking arty

    One month isn’t a necro at this point!
  9. Mikosah

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    The thing that bugs me is that on one hand WG made the proposal for wheeled lights to be 'active scouts' with terrible view range and redundant mobility for the current maps. And then they release a proposal for this new premium light tank that is more or less designed to play like a medium. Meanwhile the normal light tanks are rotting in obscurity. WG says "oh don't worry the lights are good passive scouts", and I call BS. If they're stationary, then their one unique advantage of camo on the move is wasted. Their view range isn't remarkable per tier. Their firepower is crap, and survivability even more crap. Moving at high speed brings on the risk of tipping and fall damage. And only a handful of maps are well suited to passive scouting in any case. If these trends continue, the only way it would make sense would be if the existing light tanks were given significant buffs, if premiums like the 432 was just rebalanced to be a medium, and the wheeled lights got some damn view range for heaven's sake.
  10. Deus__Ex__Machina

    M60 - the fast-boi Patton

    yeah i memba
  11. So it's been a while since I added to this thread, but I think I've got a primo candidate: He managed 54% over 100 battles at tier 4, and then apparently his head caved in.
  12. ThomChen114

    Medium top tier play

    Assess the map, the enemy team, and your team. Consider how your team is deploying. You can afford to be somewhat aggressive early on like in the BC25t as you do some early scouting, but do try to stay alive. The 140 can also do the same to an extent (getting to an early aggressive spot), while the M48 and 430U may be too slow for that. Being in mobile medium tanks, it's not all being about at the frontlines and in the thick of it. Observe and assess how your team is deploying, where the enemy team may be and put yourself in a position to react to those. You can try to fill the holes in a gap or snipe from the flanks, exploit breakthroughs, etc. and most importantly, retreat and reposition before it's too late. Try not to play like a heavy tank, even against tanks 2 tiers lower than you. Aside from maybe the 430U, you can't and shouldn't try to "tank" too long. Support the heavy tanks on your team but don't draw too much attention, poke and spot for your sniping TDs or cover the flanks of turretless assault TDs. Be flexible.
  13. StormCrowReaperManyHats


    Welcome and enjoy. Try to ignore the anime lying around the joint.
  14. Last week
  15. Ive had a 1070 for well over a year playing at 1440p, its been amaze
  16. Tanager

    No t20 love?

    And whaddya know, I was wrong: This is my first-ever 3rd MoE. What a fabulous total package this is. Definitely can rack up the spotting damage, I've gotten my VR to 485 in this, which is pretty insane for a tier 7 medium. I went into full-on try-hard mode, but I still swung back and forth between about 93.5% and 94.5% for a bunch of games, hoping I wouldn't take it so far that that one magical game wouldn't be enough, but things came through for me in the end...
  17. Ezz

    STRV 103-0 (Tier 9): Overmatch Mechanics 101

    I'm stuck on the udes to be honest. Not seeing the allure of 'armour' and so as far as mobility and camo is concerned i'm not sure it's going to get much better.
  18. snowdude21325

    T-50-2 Returns

    Oh the glory days, when the game was unbalanced and needed work but there was hope. I almost wouldn't mind going back to that for the most part. Although it had it's flaws, it was way more enjoyable, maybe because I was trash, maybe because it was, but no one will know
  19. Shingeki of Bahamut is PoTC-ish, but it happens on land, derivative, but entertaining af.
  20. I've sort of fixed it by just playing the 430U, cos it's OP and can pretty much do anything. But I am more just leaning to doing the XP missions and doing it in tier 9s, as that tier is so much more enjoyable, at worst you see 5 tier 10s, so you don't get so much broken crap in one game. Whereas most tier 9s are decently balanced, only really Type 4s are a bit annoying but less so than the Type 5 and T95 can be a pain since they over buffed it, especially as half the bobs on your team tend to just drive at it and refuse to use prem ammo at these things.
  21. Servios

    Tournament Leftovers

    Would there actually be interest in this type of content? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCVH13-xngQ1L1ybJpxy9OdGY7RZjx48q
  22. So only more than 50% destroyed wheels will stop it? Let me quess - regular tanks will never immobilize them but sky cancer with super splash radius will hit every damn wheel and make poor wheeled tank dead. I said this before panhard hit supertest.
  23. lavawing

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    Meh, post nerf ST-I already has HEAT-able cheeks and cupolas. Relying on the armour on that thing is frustrating as all hell, and I don't imagine it will be much worse on the 50TP. Comparing it to the E-75, the soft stats do seem incredibly shit to me. I only hope the DPM will offset that somewhat.
  24. TheMarine0341

    Marine's Simple Replays

    Extreme balance in action
  25. arthurwellsley

    [EU] Looking for platoon mates

    I would do so but friends list and send a single person a message are currently broken. Ingame there is a channel called - forumites password is - play4fun I am usually in that channel, as are quite a few other players who will platoon.
  26. I usually do the 10k credit option for new captains. Those first few skills go very, very quickly. Another reason you'll want to focus on a single captain for a line is that when they reach 19 points, any further XP they earn becomes "Free Captain XP", and can be applied to any captain (including for retraining use).
  27. Archaic_One

    I seem to be washed up

    I'm far too aggressive since I got back, then I get tilted by all the TDs and Arty, which does not help. Meds just feel weak right now.
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