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  2. Perhaps there was no spmm, before patch 7.5? (mm used to be -3/+3, in 7.5 this got made -2/+2) Without spmm, then type 59 would see tier 10 tanks, but this was only mm change, no buff / nerf (if there was no spmm, then IS6 and KV5 also had normal mm then, making the type 59 even more OP (relative speaking) since, 167 pen and no gold rounds, GG)
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  4. I thought TIMs recruiting method was 100% solid, use WGs built in "player finder", and if their PR is high enough spam invites until they join, then kick them when you realise they're just too pubstar for you. Come on Rainbow, there's a reason people leave TIM and join PYRO, other than the obvious gold farming / memes, and it's because while TIM might have some really skilled pub players (not that that's a challenge on this server), you couldn't organise a root in a brothel. Set up a decent command structure, set limits on how you recruit, how you trial and how you track who you've tried recruiting and maybe one day you'll be able to come to T10s and play in the big kids pool, instead of the T8 paddling pool.
  5. face the facts ur too poor to rename
  6. Am I the only one who sees KGF And thinks Korean Girl Friend?
  7. Apparently I have zero ability to carry at tier 7 in my Fiji. 5 Shit teams in a row, I'm in the top 4 on my team every game. Is it just me or are there actually more shitters than in WOT?
  8. It says it's going to be for every game excluding x3. I hope that's true, I'll be done with the Emil I before 100 games from stock with all of these reserves and events!
  9. Hmmm rip69 has 187 games in the Ranger avg dmg 13,174. He has 197 games in the Indy at 12,271 avg dmg. He has 108 games in the Bogue with 7,503 avg dmg. Aaaaah, AS load out queen, boy do we need more like him.
  10. No surprise tier 8 is the most played, games have 5-10 prem tanks each, we all need to earn teh silver.
  11. May very well be. I think we agree the point stands though...China gun is Chinese!
  12. Stop raging. Trade it in for a T71 or T49.
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  14. @MEGUSTAPOW You might want to update the clan description, which says you're not looking for any members: http://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000010647/ On a side note, as you can see in the above link, BRVE has a level 10 stronghold. Join us so we can start doing them!
  15. WG changed the policy a while back. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/916-recovery/ You may need to pay a 10% penalty to recovery vehicles now. So basically 60% of the actual cost. My friend and I used to sell off Premium Vehicles in order to buy other vehicles when they were on sale (Like the ON Tracks). Then save up the credits over the next couple weeks/months and buy them back. It was basically a 0% interest loan from WG. But now I believe they will hit you for the 10%. Still not a bad deal if you can save 30% on a tier X hmm. So the E5 is 6,100,000. You sell it and get 3,050,000. In order to buy it back you pay 3,355,000 ? So only 5% penalty?
  16. Did you look at my screenshots, or test the position out in a training room? There is no position he can take where all the trees and bushes are transparent. Like I said above, there's one tree almost immediately in front of the rock and there's no way that that tree becomes transparent to him at almost 300m. Whatever the case, I'm 99% convinced about this guy. Let's see if this crops up again with him.
  17. Each core can run multiple threads, they just timeslice, especially as each thread in an app like this is almost always in waiting for data mode. But I hear you on the 20/sec limit on your account.
  18. Ive found stages 1-4 pretty easy thus far, just completing the base exp and total EXP 1-2 times each with another random one thrown in there, and then play some more Terpitz to get the damage done. And really, all the stages look pretty easy with the ability to re-do the task. I have 6 more items to collect.
  19. This tank was just frustrating me, and then over the last day or two it seemed to click. The advice from @Hally on how to play it on Fisherman's Bay really helped as well - top tier, but only one of our heavies (we only had three) goes city, I went there, sidescraped and helped win the flank. I think the playstyle for this tank is hard to grasp at first - you can't really brawl in it, it isn't nearly agile enough, nor is it a good scout, since it's the size of a semi, roughly. But if you can find a spot where you can hull down at a distance, keep your turret moving to evade fire, and most important, keep your gun firing, you can really dish out the damage. I tried to play it like a t54 at first, and that went about as well as you'd expect. Even with a nearly full camo crew, I'm pretty sure you can see this from orbit. But I went 19-10 in my last 29 games in the thing, all but two or three solopub, and it's really been clicking much more than it ever has. I'm at ~190 games in it, slowly dragging my WR out of the toilet, and I finally got my first MoE. I think the danger of playing such a legendary (speaking purely in-game) tank like this is that, in lesser players like me, it engenders the notion that the tank itself will somehow make you a better player. That is obviously not the case, but the key is (for me, at least) having the patience to stick with it and grasp what it does well (sniping from a distance, bullying the daylights out of lower tiers, supporting heavies), and what it does not (brawling, scouting). I managed to get in a few good rams of late, too - a T10 who was utterly surprised when I rammed his front and shoved him back into the water (nothing he could do) on Live Oaks, where my teammates proceeded to shoot holes in him; throwing a t54e1 clear off the hill in the middle of Airfield, then driving him down the hill to his demise (that was glorious); and then coming downhill at full speed into the rear of a sniping Cent 7/1. It did not end well for him, and I took perhaps 200 damage, which I barely even noticed.
  20. So it fits perfectly in the french TD line
  21. I remember when I was younger than some lolis when I started watching this shit...
  22. On sale this weekend. Is she worth the $8?
  23. I came back to my last game of CK2 after a year... Started as a duke in Armenia under a sunni king... and eventually became an emperor of Byzantium. I managed to grab a lot of land from the muslims and secured my northern and western borders. Any ideas on what should I do next? My options are: expanding further into Arabia war against the Abyssinian heretics attack holy christian orders in north Africa (these dudes (Hospitallers) have hundreds of thousands of gold.) start the painful grind into Europe become a Raja of India (sounds boring)
  24. I couldn't get the Bayern to perform. If I'm going the brawler route I'm bringing the New Mexico even if she's slow. Getting to a central position mitigates the speed issue some.
  25. Well, I think DDs have experienced a slight decline in representation, however, that might have more to do with the Bismarck campaign then a meta shift. Some of the missions are just easier to complete with different ship classes. Hence the big uptick in BBs in the queue. But as someone that plays a fair amount of DDs I don't mind being one of two or one of three DDs in a game. It's definitely easier to evade detection and plan ambushes with fewer DDs.
  26. The Type 64 is stupid good now!! If a shitter like me can get purple in it so can you!
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