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  2. No hand waving. And I told you, in that poll, most of the complaints in the thread were about the MM. Browse the EU forums. They are mostly against it. I can't read Russian, so I can't speak for them. On the NA forums you have a few players that believe the current MM is good, but when asked why it is better, all you get is some line from WG's press releases about not having bottom tier matches as a single tank or they are happy to have 7 bottom tier tanks in a match. When you show them the numbers that things were never that bad in the previous MM to justify the excessive bottom tier matches now, they just shut down due to some cult-like devotion they have to the new system. The conversation ends up in insults or they just don't want to hear the truth. They think you are lying to them or something. It is rather odd. Feelings are feelings. Perceptions are not feelings and perceptions can be wrong. It happens all the time and open minded people can see when their perceptions are off when the evidence is there. The stubborn remain ignorant, like the cultist attitudes I mentioned. Take out the balancing factors that could have been introduced in the previous MM or something like it and It is clear that the 3/5/7 template system is a failure on many levels. We are still waiting for someone to have a good argument as to why a 3/5/7 strict template is better than a team balanced random MM (or even just the previous MM!). So far, nobody has one. It was a bad trade-off compared to what we had before it. About the proposed MM: Walls of text about a game mechanic are not fun, so I guess you didn't read the entire text of the proposal. The proposed MM was not presented as a set of changes. It was presented as a model MM that would address the concerns of most players. Your notes of " Implemented in 3/5/7" are correct and many people like those characteristics, so they were kept in the proposed system. Most players acknowledge that the balancing factors are a good thing or at least tolerable. The core of the problems we have with the current MM is the 3/5/7 template and that needs to be removed. The proposal was put together after months of debate between players. That is why you have more variety AND some balancing factors. The variety crowd gets some of what they want restored to the game and it would also satisfy the balanced teams crowd. It wasn't meant to be an extreme solution one way or the other. It was a compromise between two factions. WoT is a repetitive game by its very nature. All strict templates are toxic over time because they make the game MORE repetitive and in the end the game will become lackluster for many long term players. You're funny. Although I bet people would like them more as they would be top tier about 60% of the time and bottom tier in a +2/-2 game only 5% of the time.
  3. If I had to guess I would say the red zone around the gunmantlet in 305mm thick whereas the 2 "boobs" next to the gun are 235mm thick. The Upper-Upper plate then should be 178mm, the Lower-Upper plate 152mm and finally the lower plate 114mm or 102mm (If I had to guess 114mm, it is paper either way) Ehhh, the armor is pretty much the same as the Tier-9/10 Foch (~270-280mm EFA against AP, ~300-310 against HEAT) minus the tumurs but a bigger lfp which means the upper hull should be able to bounce most tier 10 non-TD standard rounds semireliably, though on flat ground gold won't have too much trouble penetrating the upper hull, though it should be pretty much impenetratable on a ridgeline due to the 10┬░ of gundepression and the lack of any tumors on top of it except for the 305mm-zone around the mantlet and maybe the boobs. The gun is great though, it keeps the ROF of the Turtoise, adds 3mm of shelldiameter (You can now actually penetrate the STRVs frontally now! Hurray for overmatch-mechanics) and adds 20 alpha giving it the highest DPM in the game. Also, you are now actually faster than a Maus when driving fowards. We will see about it, on paper atleast it looks less shitty than half of the tier 10 TDs.
  4. No hot medic to click on repeatedly for some words of encouragement.
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  6. Got two today
  7. You get oil by just playing. You will get 10 oil from ulocking a crate. There are oil generating missions. and eventually a team battle clan wars.
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  9. Turret, Bigger clip potential, bigger alpha, more accuracy, more pen, TURRET (just so you get it).
  10. This tank is now on tanks.gg. If you thought the AMX Cda didn't look that good, you're probably not going to like this thing. It's basically the exact same tank with less engine power, better track friction, and a fraction of the effective armor. DPM is equally as bad
  11. Is it one of those things that's "it's a better gun overall" or is it "its a better gun in the hands of either an elite player or a skilled player running in platoons" Honestly- yes I've watched yours/duals/ and the other assorted replays posted here, and absolutely, the gun works for you all, but you're all considerably above average players. I've been chasing down and killing T49 derps recently in the 54Lt, and while I had to switch to a large med kit (when that thing hits it knocks out 2 crew at least) I don't get hit that often. Just swerve around/emergency brake and often I can get them to miss, then fire 2 or 3 shots into them before they reload, rinse and repeat. I take a lot more damage from a 90mm armed one. Again, if it's a platoon of green or higher I stay away from it unless they split up, and I've never met up with one but I'm guessing most elite players would be able to lever the 152's damage to beat me, but for most of the players I've run into- the 152 may be more fun, but I think they\d do a lot better with the 90.
  12. ...also be sure to make a new post asking about why the win8 numbers aren't updating for newtankXYZ and tag one of the mathematics contributors. That's when all kinds of fun can be had.
  13. Its still absolutely no doubt better than the IS-4. Seriously, look at the fucking gun of the IS-4 and how bad it is (T-10's gun is flat out better...), the mobility is better than the proper superheavies but still slow, and for having tier 9 gun (it's gun is not even really better than Defender's gun other than the penetration; the GH while moving is worse lmao) and poor mobility the armor feels so lame and lackluster in this powercreep meta. SC atleast has still pretty good gun, even if it is all around worse than 215b (tho that thing has insanely good gun so it isnt that big of deal, SC's gun is still acceptable). I would probably argue that its better than the Pz 7 and Cranevagina. That being said, its still kinda lackluster, though it mostly because of the massive powercreep at hightiers.
  14. 110

    Last time I give up on 113. Now again I'm trying to grind this pile of shit. Still bad as it was.
  15. Yup. Lots of old tanks players too. stop by our discord and division up https://discord.gg/yrYabbJ
  16. I can't really either, but sometimes I indulge with the freebies when I'm trying for missions - and I can see why food is so popular.
  17. Imagine retards getting that tank, yoloing your medium, blasting for 1750 and then dying. Its like satanic lovechild of T49 and WT E100 - it is fast enough to yolo most tanks in the game, and when it manages to do that it can potentially just flat out kill its target but because of its size and survivability it will just die. Yeah, the absolutely disgusting and retarded Type 5 that I still dont understand how the fuck it got even through balance department definitely needed companion for it. Might as well add the WT E100 back with 40% more alpha on its premium shells.
  18. The speed buff made me happy tbh, I was always told the IS-7 was extremely mobile and I felt lied to when I first got the tank. The gun does feel more comfortable but IMO it really needed a final aiming circle size buff (or a pen buff) as well. Not even a huge one, just tighten up the dispersion a little bit or something at full aim.
  19. Perhaps not to the level of a Batchat as the Batchat still does have Raw HP/Ton that makes a difference when doing upwards on a slope. But engine buffs gives the FV4202 to a similar level or even better than the T-62A, which is a medium tank with great mobility. They have nearly the same HP/Ton, but the FV4202 has a noticeably less terrain resistance. The turret buffs is really nice though, even tier X will have trouble penetrating your turret when hulldown. When going hulldown the weakest part of the turret became autobounce and the UFP because an autobounce 50mm that can only be penetrated by 150+ mm guns.
  20. Yeah, I cringe when I see that. All the information I have gathered or seen has shown how bad this current MM is but it is hard to convince cult members. A few months ago on the NA forums someone posted that they were winning more under the new system, until we posted their pre-9.18 and post-9.18 win rates and they were down since the update. It didn't matter.
  21. One thing on the changes list that has me confused regarding MT-15 t55a. In game my t55 mt15 version says kill 2 TDs 1 tier above you...yet the changes quoted state that the Kill 1 td is changed to do 2500 damage to TDs... Is my kill 2 Tds that are listed incorrect? Or is the quote from WG incorrect in that the listing in the in game mode is the right one.
  22. And this replay led me to ask..."What the hell is a Yoshio Tamada's medal???"
  23. For a tank with literally no side armor, this gets more troll and rage-inducing bounces than any tank i've ever seen. Lost a game on Karelia earlier this week due three consecutive random bounces off the side of one of these things who was doing dumb stuff in the middle and (apparently) couldn't get punished for it.
  24. Holy shit, that would actually be awesome
  25. yeah it takes some getting used to. I didn't like it enough to keep once I unlocked the Grozovoi which plays a lot like an oversized Udaloi; You get higher dps guns, better range on the torpedoes (10km vs 8km) but you sit higher in the water and are a bit fatter so the eating of normal AP pens is greater. Also it doesn't torpedo beat as well as the preceding ships.
  26. when will this be replaced?
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