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  2. hazzgar

    Tier 8 grand battles

    That's why they wo'n't do it. It would drain t8 player pool even more because of that in randoms so only +2 MM.
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  4. Try poli and fox. And poli probably best in the Fb group. I've not played it.
  5. hazzgar

    w o o t

    Yeah but now pubbies will claim WG is using illegal "hacks" and that's why the bots killed them.
  6. hazzgar

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    12T is undervalued imho. It's an autoloader so they usually get higher DPG even with lowish dpm
  7. They have f*cked up the armour models of both tanks so I wouldn't take either as finalised right now as they clearly need fixing. They have added random 130mm strips on the side of the 260 turret that were not there before for no apparent reason and the overmatch roof is still there even though WG's super test graphics suggested it was gone. And on the T-55A, the little turret ring bulges on the side of the tank have gone from 60mm -> 20mm, and it looks like they are supposed to be 120mm but have accidentally swapped a strip of armour from the rear of the tank that was 20mm with this 120mm strip, so the tank now has a random 120mm strip of armour on the rear of the hull. I think they let an intern do the models or something.
  8. Kuroialty

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    You're right, I'm simply drowning in Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution medals on all my tanks.
  9. Yesterday
  10. So I tried Fulcrous' technique... and had a 7,380 dmg blocked game. Would have been more but apparently an enemy T28 Prototype carried 20 HE rounds and fired them all at me
  11. See, there's your problem. Should have downloaded more RAM. sry had to
  12. Balthazars

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    So I recently, for some strange reason, decided to grind out a French heavy tank line, and have thus just finished the long grind to unlock both tier 8s from this tank. It's...manageable. As others have noted, I can still confirm that the 105mm gun, with fairly liberal usage of gold ammunition (which does increase damage done) is reasonable for the tier. The gun handling isn't great but is okay. Mobility is okay, which does help (probably the most hilarious was using it to circle a Type 4 Heavy to death on the top of the Mali hill) it play a little bit like a heavium, meaning you can run with the medium tanks sometimes when bottom tier. The armour is terrible though, and the tank is huge. You regularly get wrecked by arty and any HE spamming tanks. The trick is definately finding a way to avoid attention/being shot at but keeping the gun in play, where it can deal decent amounts of damage. Overall stats for me is 90 games, 61.11% win rate, 1,364 average damage (lowest of my tier 7 heavies). Now face the interesting prospect of trying to decide whether to go up the AMX M4 line or go the Autoloader line...
  13. skyf24

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Probably was a server glitch. The game has a number of them here and there unfortunately, mainly instancing issues but I think i've seen what happened to you once before. Corvette generally doesn't need flight assist off for most targets (and I was drunk so i wasn't exactly on my A game lol) but here and there i'd be using toggling it. The Vette is amazingly maneuverable for being one of the big 3, the Conda comes close but the Vette is in a league of its own.
  14. haglar

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    This took some really hardcore gaming action. When I did this on NA took about 5600 which can a pain in this paper tank.
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  16. woe2you

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I still bleed too early.
  17. hazzgar

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    The tank is slower. 2 tanks with the same bloom - the slower one will bloom less. Also enemies stay longer in front of you because they have to aim and often they bounce like morons.
  18. Sylvansight

    Color Scale

    I like how the guys/gals who built Garmin webpage used the xvm colours for their data viz. Feeling right at home
  19. Step 1 load full gold Step 2 RRR Step 3 maybe sidescrape a bit? Step 4 4k+ dpg 4Head LOOOOOOOL
  20. tsizzle98

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Recently got back into the game and picked this tank up. I'm amazed at how effortless it is to rack up hard damage in this thing. From what I've heard, the side armor used to be more broken than it already is. Haven't played the T-10 yet tho, need more free xp and hell will freeze over before I give SerB more of my money. Is this easy to statpad in? I don't have the patience to play any of my TDs anymore.
  21. Kolni

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    I don't know dude it ended pretty well on Halloween
  22. Ozjasz

    Ikv 65 Alt II, tier 6 TD

    Just started playing this, after reading the thread I was expecting the worst - luckly for me it isn't. Its playable, I'm trying to use gun depression and mobility to do almost medium-like maneuvers and so far MM is allowing me to do so. I guess it will be pretty awful when I will start getting city maps. Also, about tier 5 - at the beginning I hated it, at the end of the grind I loved it. Really fun and competent vehicle.
  23. This is what happens, charger unplugged and battery was fully charged
  24. 8_Hussars

    HWK 12

    Took this for a drive last night on a whim. Top Tier on Campinovka and it performed well. (Spotted 14 for a scout medal and got a Pascucci's.) The shell speed took getting used to again... and the pen drop off (AP/Heat) seemed to be more severe than I recalled. The extra 10m base view range lets you exploit vision easily.
  25. You can also look up the channel 'Forumites' on EU (PW: play4fun ) It's a platoonchannel consisting of people of various skills, set up to find platoons easy.
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  27. Balthazars

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    I've actually not played the 30.02D, so unfortunately can't give you a comparison. My only other tier 7 mediums are the Leo, the T-43, the Comet and the Panther (the latter of which was my first ever line so my experience was pretty awful). The Comet I ground out a long time ago and before it's turret got nerfed to garbage. The Leo I ground out recently, and I would say the P.43 ter is significantly better. While it's not as mobile and has lower alpha, it has a far more reliable gun. From recollection I found the T-43 grind to be more fun, somehow the package had more positives in key areas, but my stats are better in the P.43 ter and I played almost double the number of games in it compared to the T-43 so it may just bit a case of rose-tinted glasses.
  28. sohojacques

    Why Do People Hate On The VK 16.02 Leopard

    I three marked it after the LT changes and throughly enjoyed doing so. The gun handling is insanely good. Just don’t play it like a genuine scout. It’s a support tank. While the Luchs needs no premium spam to be OP, the Leo only really requires some so it can pen the sides of the tier 7 pommy TD.
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