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  2. BlitzReaper

    [NA] Returning after 4 years, want helps relearn the game.

    Stop it, get some help Seriously why did you even consider starting to play this trash game again
  3. Ham_

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Old Wot with 4 trees with the tier 8 team battles was a legit fun e-sport, no physics and stuff meant less RNG, clear choices between AMX 50 100/T32/IS-3/KT depending on map etc.
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  5. Ham_

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Ace was only about 2k damage or less, playing it to grind a new med crew with the x5 xp bonus atm. My one problem with it in comparison to the T-34 is that the dpm is just mediocre and the armor is essentially the same. I average 1.2k dpg a session on my T-34 reroll with a half skill crew and this gets nothing near it, it has its moments but that mobility and dpm is what made the T-34 so damn effective.
  6. Last week
  7. Perhaps there were fewer routing options for packets for Sg. Given I've already had two very different routes (6 hopper vs 17 hopper) to HK I suspect that may be causing it.
  8. Madner Kami

    So what's planned for the game?

    Wait, people still play this?
  9. Folterknecht

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    Destroying a moying tank in a sim, especially if player controlled is hard. Forget WT and it's mouse aim. Furthermore you will also have friendly air cover and realistic damage models for planes, no WT planes with fire extinguishers in the engine and fuel tanks. But we ll have to wait and see ... .
  10. HemanathanRX7

    Prognosis of 705A?

    I honestly I can't myself even buying the 705a, it just has nothing special AND its rear mounted, so its pretty much a worse is-4.
  11. Tanager

    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    DT is moar fun, believe me.
  12. sohojacques

    Obj 430U

    Just played my first game in it. 0.38 dispersion... Hardly surprising after the uncanny accuracy of the tier 9 though.
  13. I still think your best bet is a refurbished Thinkpad W530. Yes a bit older but CPU performance hasn't progressed that much. a top of the line Ivy Bridge i7 (4 cores 8 threads). I mean an i7 3820QM still blows an i3 7100U out of the water. (and i3 7100U laptops start at 500euro) Then you got 8GB of RAM stock, easily upgradable, FHD 15.6" screen and stuff like fingerprint sensor etc. You'd probably need to upgrade the HDD to an SSD also. I've had a couple of friends buy refurbished thinkpads before. They're basically indistinguishable from brand new ones. Not even a blemish but they weren't bought online though. I'd ask if it's A grade or if it "looks and feels like new" before purchasing. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fsrp=1&_nkw=thinkpad+w530&_sacat=0&_from=R40&LH_PrefLoc=5&_sop=10
  14. Tanager

    Is it worth buying IS-4?

    I'm currently 8th in NA for July - but that doesn't say much. 15th is 32% with < 1k dpg. It seems that really good players have forgotten about this tank.
  15. Lethul

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    Time for someone to change the "gem" part of the thread name to turd? 430v2 was my favorite t9, now I can't stand playing it.
  16. Archaic_One

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    Well, now that both of these tanks have been buffed and remodeled I'm wondering they are now different enough to warrant splitting this thread? The M60 feels really good right now, RU speed and aimbot gun handling. The new uber-HEAT is addictive. Its gone from being a hipster tank that was clearly inferior to a legitimately good tank. Its still not OP (though its ammo might be) but the buff struck a great balance of making it different and worth playing.
  17. az_zill

    AMX 30B - Is it good?

    Trash penetration on both standard and premium shells ruined this tank for me. I don't like to spam gold to begin with but even when you need to... HEAT gets something like 40% chance to pen UFP of 430U... Standard shells struggle to reliably pen lower plates of tanks like e100 and is7.
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  19. MagicalFlyingFox

    IS-M - Is Serb > Murazor?

    You drive forward into things. If something looks like it can pen you, ram a rock with your front and show only your side at a stupid angle. Congrats you have successfully IS-M'd. Playing this tank is almost as brainless as playing the Japanese Heavies.
  20. TouchFluffyTail

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    Worcester desires more planes.
  21. TheMarine0341

    dead EU accounts

    Checking to make sure the login still works, will PM
  22. yeah one of the first things I did w/ my 1070 was replace the thermal paste w/ some of Noctuas. Being an EVGA founders w/ the blower style, figured it could use all the help the card needs to run cool. Im pretty sure thats the only remaining source of noise now within my case, and I have a long time to wait til the non-founders 11' series gets released
  23. Madner Kami

    The Official T30 Club of Epic Wreckage

    With the current mechanics, dispersion means next to nothing. It's all about the hidden blooom values.
  24. Ezz

    WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    It was released after balance stopped mattering because fk u, ur a tier 8 anyway so welcome to tier 10. Things like the vk and others also snuck in and quite possibly will never get looked at either.
  25. Tanager

    The T110E3, because you don't give any fucks.

    Just picked it up. First game, a bit over 5k, took out a Type 5 w/o a single sprem round. Fourth game, 6k+ to finish TD 15.3 (unfortunately, my team crapped the game away). It does not handle yoloers as well as the t95, lacking the goofy side armor of the doom turtle, but as long as you keep 'em in front of you (and protect your lfp a bit), the laughs keep coming. Definitely wants company to keep the sides protected.
  26. Action

    Do you EVEN 90?

    I run BInos, Optics and Vstab. all in all the camo is really great and the gun is good enough for tracking shots but i also play the batchat 12 t a lot (also 3mark atempt) and i think its the much more rounded, vehicle with just a little bit worse camo...
  27. Thanks. I'm willing to assume it's still that much. Appreciate the clarification.
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