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  2. Note I will be selling my MSI Gaming X 1070 which has been re-pasted when the MSI 2080 Trio is back in stock so depending on how long that is, I could sell fairly cheap (300-350).
  3. I was split between liking the Professor and the BC 1555+; Professor is faster, but BC has a turret and is stable enough for some CQC. Its HD-ification also made it low enough to hit stuff; even better for knife-fighting against fat LT's like Blackdogs. Then I played the GW Panther which has even more RoF than them both, if a bit less alpha. Just as accurate, sufficiently fast, and has good gun arc. I felt sad for the French SPG line for that. Though I still have respect for the Professor, for once winning a KAC CW battle by resetting cap in Arctic Circle (they call in Mannerheim Line now?) with mere seconds to spare.
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  5. Ham_

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    Skorp uses APCR, which also happens to be the most profitable APCR as well. That fixes the shell velocity issue, and the pen is objectively better because normalisation, track shots and overmatching. But no bullshit 85 degree ricochet limit. This thing definitely uses HEAT.
  6. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well I think the point of this thread is completely misinterpreted by everyone including myself. I interpreted this as an objective Tier Listing and put in my 2c on that based on what I had played and what current meta is. If it is meant to be subjective then so be it. Might as well be no different than public forums at this point.
  7. monjardin

    XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    It's been a while since I've gone derping. I just mounted the BFG on the Sheridan for the first time, and I was rewarded this gem in the first outing. The joy of this 1-shot on a full HP camping Charioteer at ~300 m while zipping along at 60 kph is hard to put into words. Nuked a clicker and got some French TD butt in the corner afterwards.
  8. sohojacques

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Yes. You can get to 50 kph downhill instead of only 45... 30kph on flat ground is as good as it gets from memory.
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  10. TheChang

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Old but Gold https://i.imgur.com/Mz7S7SF.gifv
  11. Leaving aside the meta, I'm mostly just not good enough for tier 10, outside of a few bricks (e100, jpe100). I can do okay in those, but the gameplay for those is pretty brainless. I really don't play tier 10s much right now.
  12. lavawing

    Caernarvon Action X Premium

    Just ground this thing out, still in the process of seeing what it can do. So far, it seems to be a more medium-ish take on the Caernarvon that trades some raw power for additional flexibility. A good if not great tank which again is limited by the current state of 3 5 7 matchmaking. 2800 DPM with 0.29 accuracy and 10 degrees gundep, on an armoured platform that goes 36 is a great combination of stats that is amazing in the right circumstances. Nonetheless, the tank's ability to play aggressively is severely limited by what I'd call the M4 51 syndrome: the hard stats are there, but the tank is just too big and too thinly armoured on the sides to pull off the more daring plays that something like an IS-3 or a WZ-111 or even a Chrysler would be able to get away with. I will do a full write up when I get more comfortable with it, especially on how to fight tier 10s. Right now I'd rate it above the Liberte and slightly better than the E5, on about the same level as the Centurion 5/1, and slightly worse than the Chrysler/50TP/Lowe/Defender/IS-3. It seems to be a capable credit earner but nothing quite like the Lowe. IMO worth it at 20% of the price or less, anything more is asking too much given 3 5 7 MM.
  13. Warp84


    Thanks for the warning.
  14. Assassin7

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    Well, last time I checked he was making enough from wotlabs to cover the running costs. I dont think its a massive overhead, but its enough to pay for itself.
  15. Looking for some advice here, couple of games from last night where I feel as though I could of got more from the games, or forced a win. Seem to be struggling atm with win rate. I'm trying the advice of LR from his youtube of falling back to farm damage where felt thats all you will get from the game, but I really would like to up my win rate as well as a slight increase in wn8. Anyway here goes: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4552890#glacier-fubzy-object_430u http://wotreplays.eu/site/4552891#redshire-fubzy-t-62a
  16. This is a nice little tank. BUT...IMHO you really need to free XP the tracks and at least the second engine to make it playable. It's just so ungodly sluggish stock. After the upgrades it isn't anyone's idea of a burner, but at least you can outrace a Matilda. I'd recommend free XP'ing up to the second gun as well. At that point it becomes not only playable but actually rather enjoyable. The overall package is pretty decent, the gun is unquestionably the high point. I'm not winning much, but I'm managing about 500 dpg, which for me in a tier 4 is not bad at all. But for a couple of utter stinkers early on I'd be averaging about 600. This thing can pump it out nicely.
  17. Gawd am I glad I've been stockpiling free XP...
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  19. It's not him, because A. he's not unbanned as of 3 or 4 months ago when I had him on my team, and B. florb also posted this exact same question somewhere in the wot subreddit and i had the exact same answer
  20. Archaic_One

    M60 - the fast-boi Patton

    Yeah, its definitely a lot of fun now. If I owned a Leopard, the M60 would really piss me off - its everything the Leo should be but never will
  21. IMO it feels like tier 8s and 9s get the same matchmaking, except most 9s are like 1.5 tiers better. 8s are unplayably frustrating for me.
  22. sohojacques

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Yet I felt like it’s gun rewarded aiming. While the T20 sprays shots regardless.
  23. FlorbFnarb

    Reddit reacts to Wotlabs reacts to MAHOU tking arty

    One month isn’t a necro at this point!
  24. Mikosah

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    The thing that bugs me is that on one hand WG made the proposal for wheeled lights to be 'active scouts' with terrible view range and redundant mobility for the current maps. And then they release a proposal for this new premium light tank that is more or less designed to play like a medium. Meanwhile the normal light tanks are rotting in obscurity. WG says "oh don't worry the lights are good passive scouts", and I call BS. If they're stationary, then their one unique advantage of camo on the move is wasted. Their view range isn't remarkable per tier. Their firepower is crap, and survivability even more crap. Moving at high speed brings on the risk of tipping and fall damage. And only a handful of maps are well suited to passive scouting in any case. If these trends continue, the only way it would make sense would be if the existing light tanks were given significant buffs, if premiums like the 432 was just rebalanced to be a medium, and the wheeled lights got some damn view range for heaven's sake.
  25. So it's been a while since I added to this thread, but I think I've got a primo candidate: He managed 54% over 100 battles at tier 4, and then apparently his head caved in.
  26. ThomChen114

    Medium top tier play

    Assess the map, the enemy team, and your team. Consider how your team is deploying. You can afford to be somewhat aggressive early on like in the BC25t as you do some early scouting, but do try to stay alive. The 140 can also do the same to an extent (getting to an early aggressive spot), while the M48 and 430U may be too slow for that. Being in mobile medium tanks, it's not all being about at the frontlines and in the thick of it. Observe and assess how your team is deploying, where the enemy team may be and put yourself in a position to react to those. You can try to fill the holes in a gap or snipe from the flanks, exploit breakthroughs, etc. and most importantly, retreat and reposition before it's too late. Try not to play like a heavy tank, even against tanks 2 tiers lower than you. Aside from maybe the 430U, you can't and shouldn't try to "tank" too long. Support the heavy tanks on your team but don't draw too much attention, poke and spot for your sniping TDs or cover the flanks of turretless assault TDs. Be flexible.
  27. Tanager

    No t20 love?

    And whaddya know, I was wrong: This is my first-ever 3rd MoE. What a fabulous total package this is. Definitely can rack up the spotting damage, I've gotten my VR to 485 in this, which is pretty insane for a tier 7 medium. I went into full-on try-hard mode, but I still swung back and forth between about 93.5% and 94.5% for a bunch of games, hoping I wouldn't take it so far that that one magical game wouldn't be enough, but things came through for me in the end...
  28. Ezz

    STRV 103-0 (Tier 9): Overmatch Mechanics 101

    I'm stuck on the udes to be honest. Not seeing the allure of 'armour' and so as far as mobility and camo is concerned i'm not sure it's going to get much better.
  29. snowdude21325

    T-50-2 Returns

    Oh the glory days, when the game was unbalanced and needed work but there was hope. I almost wouldn't mind going back to that for the most part. Although it had it's flaws, it was way more enjoyable, maybe because I was trash, maybe because it was, but no one will know
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