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  2. I used both on my russian tds never had to spot for my self.
  3. Of course. But getting germi to understand it is going to be beyond me.
  4. Tanks.gg shows the higher dpm gun as having better gun handling on turret rotation, hull rotation and after shooting. So the "accuracy" listed in the game is not exactly true.
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  6. But it's more than compensated by the fact that you get double E8s, STGs, Patriots and Libertes. I was kinda hoping for T34 and T34 Black edition..... Havent they milked NA enough already?
  7. LOL that was entertaining, anyway so did you go back to China? That 140 insisted so much
  8. Wow, dude, tone it down. No reason to get personal.
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  10. And it even gave me trouble getting the video done! The Matilda Black Prince...
  11. On the NA server the in-game premiums are on sale. Good time to buy. Not sure about other servers.
  12. I don't recall Nintendo doing anything to win the reward outside of releasing the game xd Also savage af
  13. That wasn't the main point he was trying to make imo. He 's more or less of the same opinion as me - get a board with halfway decent VRMs - though for different reasons. He 's a pro overclocker and I approach it more from the 24/7 longterm use (2+ years) perspective. And that isn't even taking into consideration future CPUs which probably will scale much better with voltage, where as Ryzen can't be pushed beyond 3.7 to 4.1 GHz on air/water regardless of voltage.
  14. Finally finished my second tier 10 mark: After some credit framing I will try to mark a tier 10 med once again.
  15. And y'all thought the official forums were bad.... I present to you: the Blitz discussions page in the Steam client.
  16. The turret isn't as good as it seems on paper. Sure, the recent buff helped and it will work great against the lower tiers, but same tier and up can penetrate it and it only gets worse with prammo. In general, british tanks have very clearly defined strengths and weaknesses (though it's debateable whether strengths and weaknesses balance each other on some vehicles). If you can leverage your turret's armor and the gun's performance, it will work great, but outside of that and you'll have trouble. Situationally OP, I can get behind, but OP as a blanket statement? Nope, can't see it. It certainly hits a very good spot on the scale between high alpha and high DPM though.
  17. So basically you want me to rely on teammates Not gonna work bro
  18. Two Spots left.
  19. The arena version of Naval Action: Naval Action Legends has now gone to (closed) beta. When released the game will be free to play but everyone who has purchased Naval Action now has Legends in their library. You might need to relog your Steam client for Legends to show up. Don't buy Naval Action to get access to Legends only to get mad when everyone gets access for free at release! We're still low-pop and bots are used to fill the queue. #FuckBots Premium stuff isn't in yet so it's all stock grind hell that will get wiped before release... You know how it goes...
  20. Fingers crossed the patch helps. I measured the bandwidth usage of the game yesterday and it was doing 100-150kB/s constantly and peaked at 300kB/s... Sending upto 400 packets per second, most of the time around 250-300. Fucking insane. Game is fucking awesome though.
  21. I'm not really disagreeing but for me the game has been unplayable after the hesh guns and broken tier 10. Getting rid of tier 10 TDs, getting rid of prem ammo, getting rid of of type 5 and bringing back old physics would already cure a ton of big issues in wot. The idea of vanilla wot is not really to roll back time but to roll back some features. Getting all those shitty maps tanks map back along with the old arty and mm would be just retarded decisions. But for example getting rid of hesh guns along with tier 10 TDs would allow more aggressive gameplay when single mistake won't mean getting oneshotted by bushkemper. Type 5 and its prem ammo is just one of the worst things you can do to this game. Removing all that horrible shit would effectively remove oneshotting from top tier gameplay which has 0 negatives. Old physics would kill boosting and would help massively with map balancing. It would also help bringing back really mobile small tanks. It would also help medium tanks when in 1vs1 situation the td can not escape as easily as it can with later physics. Getting stuck to terrain was shitty when it happened with old physics but it was so rare that I don't really mind. Wot vanilla is pretty stupid idea though because there is 0 chance wg will ever do it. And the average potato loves his arties and TDs and the hesh ammo. Taking that away would just end up in massive tantrums. Even as a separate game mode it would be massively controversial. And might not even work at all. Plus going back to something would be seen as downgrade. But still it might be enough for me to play wot again. I'm not sure about others.
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  23. The implications of the strategy are pretty obvious, and there is no doubt that these are not the days of medium tank aggression that we are living in. However, a platoon with two 3K unicum and a very solid blue pulling 75% WR is not unprecedented. I think the premise of TD backing up a dug in tick with flexible vision probably would have worked in any meta.
  24. Bah id get it if it had 2 sec intraclip reload even with the same dpm. 2,7 is a bit too much for me when i play a bat and that is too much for my liking. Then again the fact it has a shorter and smaller clip would force me to play it without forcing it to do the full clip of dmg, like i tend to overdo in my bat with the poor results you can see.
  25. A little off topic perhaps, but why is it that replacing colors.xc in the /res_mods/configs/xvm/default/ folder with the wotlabs one no longer works? Still stuck with the XVM colors....
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