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  2. I dont think this thing/line was necessary at all. No matter what you do to the 705A, it wont be very unique. Make it bit more a superheavy (armor buff but mobility nerf)? Basically a Russian VK 7201 K. Make it more a mobile HT with big boomstick? (mobility buff, possibly a armor nerf a bit)? Its just a rear turret AMX M4 54, I.E more awkward version of it. I mean new tanks are new tanks so its something. Wish they prioritized on something unique like Japanese TDs. Whatever happens to the 705a, the gun really does need to be buffed.
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  4. Defender yes, if only because that LFP is garbage and it's almost impossible to hide it and still play effectively due to a combination of map design, pike nose, and gold rounds making it a moot point. Also the roof hatches, tiny as they are. I don't own or fight against Chrysler GF often enough to say for that one. I don't remember ever having trouble with them - usually because I'm either A. not a tier 8 or lower, or B. just get around to the side lol. I do remember people crying that it was OP when it was first released but I've seen no evidence of that - it still gets turbodunked outside of its own tier like it should be. Type 5 is mad gay bullshit and we all know it, but the problem with that tank isn't just the armor, it's that both the armor and the gun are basically retard-proof. The extra alpha on the gold round is just adding insult to injury at that point. Sorry, but so is your argument of "don't nerf the mobility because it'll be more frustrating to play". You're missing the fucking point. I said nerfing the mobility would negate the need for a larger frontal weakspot, because it makes the existing one much easier to hit if the thing isn't zipping around like a hamster on crack. I never said I don't want it to have bigger frontal weakspots - I would love for the lower plate to be absolute swiss cheese like the Badger's or the pick-a-russian-tank. The part about making it more frustrating to play was just parroting your own dumb point about how nerfing the mobility would make it more frustrating to play - no matter which method you go with, you're going to lessen the enjoyment of people who currently own the tank, because that's what nerfs fucking do. tl;dr - Nerf mobility or add a LFP weakspot. Both is overkill, as @monjardin said
  5. Awesome numbers, I've kind of plateaued at the 3.5k DPG barrier so I'm really impressed with those 4k+ DPGs. Just checking out your channel I see a bunch of videos that grab my attention. I'm watching the 907 3rd mark and the commentary is great. Hope to see more from you.
  6. I fully approve of the change of thread title. everything is Adrian's fault, whilst true because he fucked up the 30,000th post (dick), was just a tad boring
  7. Ah, thanks. And here I was, grinding away like a hamster on a wheel. So it might make sense to go back and finish some easier 15 missions (there are a couple I didn't finish with honor on the second and more on the third) to get a free pass. Right now I have 12 so I could skip quite a bit (3x15 missions, skipping tryharding rushing TDs on my meds sounds good), especially since I finished the (very easy) cancer missions for the Obj.260, all but 4-15 on the lights and don't have that many to go on TDs, Meds and Heavies.
  8. Thank you, all. This gave me confidence to do this play in my bigger tanks!
  9. Necros are promoted here. Think of this as a friendly reminder to abstain from watching 11A_D streams.
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  11. Ack, I just randomly checked these forums. If no one else has, I'll see what I can do to pass it along.
  12. What century do we live in where two dudes can't suck each other off while playing some tonks?
  13. RNGesus "imma give you a hit AND a pen here, but . . . . "
  14. I'm going to try the 430U with a healthy dosage of HEAT, mobility, bouncy turret, bouncy upper plate, decent alpha, DPM and gun handling plus 340 HEAT pen memes.
  15. Should be decent at bullying lower tiers given no weakspots.
  16. 705a is fun to bully superheavies and chinese heavies.
  17. Yeah so I guess the lfp bait would not work as well now anyway. I played it when 175 pen was standard so with an lfp that goes above that it was a fun tank.
  18. So what you're saying is the new prostrat is pushing valley?
  19. Aigle isn't very good... i really want to like it, but even with an 18 point captain she just isn't very good... playing the Fushun right after makes it feel like a meh tier 5 (Fushun is kinda OP and alot of fun, best reward ship from the DoY marathon) I hope the other French DD's have better guns, i never thought i would miss the "fast" USN 5" shells with there great flight time.
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  21. Cheers I'm not too bad now, open fractures on both arms, dissintegrated wrist, open fracture of femur and broken back. Lol. Could have been worse - good Irish way of looking at it
  22. Yeah, 50B was my first tier X but I'm afraid to take it out in the current meta.
  23. Bumping my post from 12 months ago ^^
  24. Initial opinions after one night: - 268-4 looks really really good. Faster than some mediums, armor can bounce some gold which is more than what most tanks can do, decent gun. Still, its turretless TD which means it can get fucked in some situations. It will get tracked lot so better have full repair skills crew with this, for ranked mode alone could even thing about using Toolbox module. +40% track repair speed could be extremely useful when opponents are actively trying to keep you tracked. - Strv103b still strong, needs high situational skills and map knowledge I guess. Boost nerfs maybe make it little weaker than previous season but not much. - Type5 as strong as ever, could be optimal for ranking if playing scummy. Aka play ultra-safe, be last alive, farm easy shoots. Probably top exp in losses. I mean, when you see Type5 same side as you, its just better go other side of map... - 430U is good, I dont own 907 but I thing 430U is best alternative. That boat hull can sometimes save it in situation any other meds would die. Can tank pretty well when sidescraping or hull down though not TD gold ammo. 340 Heat is nice against superheavies and 268-4's. - 5a, S-Conqueror seems reliable workhorses - Scouts seems bit too much hit or miss. Lot of bad city maps, and even good maps its hard to get good exp for some reason. I had 7k assist, 500 damage win in scout and did not even get 2 chevrons, was like 4th or 5th in exp. - M48 patton feels good, turret is now good enough to bounce some gold. - IS7 is bit question mark. I like tank nowadays after buffs but that weak premium ammo is bad against tier 10 superheavies/TD's and low dpm is weakness if going against mediums. Maybe not that good for ranked. - T110e4 could be intresting with gold spam. Turreted tank but still enough oommph to go through superheavies. Feels this season is more about heavily armored tanks and TD's than previous season. How is 705A, seems very rare soo far so no idea about that? Gun seems meh.
  25. Depends on what you play, but sure. I mostly play 8s, 9s and pref 8s in the evenings and late nights.
  26. it took a pretty fucking sick session to push this up, not gonna lie
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