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    Pretty sure this is just a retired tank from Florida, which will drive 10mi under the speed limit in the passing lanes and curse you out for asking how their day is going
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    Golden pubbie moment... T95 asks in countdown if he's blue. He wasn't. Says sweet. Shoots a 45%er. 'How about now?' Love it.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    This is laughable At the end of the day, the problem with the 268v4 are not the small micro problems like cupolas, it's the fundamental problem that it's a broken concept. Wargaming want to nerf it to 'maintain its role as a fast breakthrough tank' but the thing is that a 'fast breakthrough tank' is just an intrinsically broken idea. Breakthrough tanks are supposed to be slow and reinforce the tanks which have occupied key positions first. No matter how you try to nerf it, as long as it's a 'fast breakthrough tankā„¢', it will be broken. It may stop being OP but it will still be broken. Sure, you can nerf the cupola, you can nerf the gun and reverse speed but that's just going to make it more frustrating to play and not improve the game. Players will still be forced to just ignore Malinovka hill in a medium tank because that 268v4 is going to get there first and you can't deal with him. Look WG, you tried to introduce something unique, a fast breakthrough tank. It didn't work. You'll have to either take away the fast or take away the breakthrough. There's no other real solution. This is a lazy and malicious cop out. This is their way of putting on an image of dealing with the problem without actually dealing with the problem. These people are disgusting.
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    Basically why this mode is good breaks down to: 40%: all tier 8, no +/-2 tier difference garbage where you're expected to waste half your time being low tier fodder so some mouth breather gets to feel good. This also diminishes the role of gold ammo which is another garbage game mechanic WG won't give up. 20%: lots of room to maneuver, which adds some strategy and thought while evening out the classes more than standard chokepointfest games. I dare say a (good) light tank is even good in this mode. 20%: respawns and repair bays, which remove a lot of frustration where one bad roll can ruin your game and as a result every one hides because moving is so dangerous. 20%: low rate of arty play. Go back to a regular tier 8 and get hit as much in 5 minutes as you do in 30 minutes of frontline. I played my friend's account since he had a tier 8 arty and it was stupid easy, so I expect the bads to gravitate towards it over time, unfortunately, so this factor will likely diminish. I found I didn't do a ton of damage and get much XP, but it still leveled ranks quickly. It's also so easy to land hits in this mode because of the cap objective, I literally only missed 2/24 shots. Did about 250 damage per hit overall plus the stun, and we're talking a weak crew and no food. But yeah, WG's kinda painted itself into a corner, this mode just points out everything we've been saying for years is right. I've been playing 2 hours of frontline a day since the start and it's been pretty chill, my sanity can't reliably withstand a full hour of regular tanks. Open the mode to tier 5+ and Remove Arty From the Game, 100% better than old tanks.
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    To be frankly the most honest I can: This game mode feels like what I thought WOT would be like when I started playing it
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    yeah thats not even close to being enough IMO.
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    You muricans get way too much free stuff
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    Never forget, the definition of skycancer.
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    I have finally done it, haHAA am I the reincarnation of Satan
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    Maybe you should've turned on your brain before making an angry forum post. This and the T32 FL are most likely rentals for the upcoming Frontline mode, just like the (R) tanks were at tier 10.
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    The return of Province

    I saw Stanlock play Province. He almost managed to drive out of base in his Super Conq before he died
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    The return of Province

    Nice, finally a map where I can lose 60% of my health to camping tds after peeking, then sit behind a moderately tall building while clickers slowly splash all my remaining hp away, can't wait to play it!
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    Probably the first reward of Personal Missions 2.0. Makes more than sense, IMO. Its very fitting for that.
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    Beautiful gun on a not so beautiful platform, 215b 3 marked
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    If simply giving the Progetto tier 8 premium the autoreloader can turn it from a good single shot medium tank into the best tank at tier 8, giving the Progetto tier 10 an autoreloader will turn it from a meh single shot medium tank to a very good tier 10 medium tank, even in its current form. The autoreloader mechanic is very, very, very good. Not only does it give you damage dealing potential, it gives you carry potential due to the flexibility, which is huge for a paper 65 km/h medium tank. I 3 marked the Progetto mod 46 with these stats and I've also played the Progetto tier 10 on the test server. 4k DPG seems like it's going to be quite easy. The biggest problem is that right now, only the very best players can make the most of the mechanic, but even in their hands, it's not as effective as a 430U. There is not a single other mechanic in the game that is designed to scale with skill as much as this. Make this the best medium in the game for the best players, but the worst in the game for the worst players. How? 1. Make the reloads of the first shots in the magazine shorter but the reloads of the last shots longer. The last shots are supposed to be either a last resort or a voluntary disengager. Discourage using them, while boosting the most common engagement type, two shot bursts. For example, 9/10/15/18 would be interesting and follow the Tier 8 Progetto's pattern, which is 8/9/12. This rewards slightly planning a minute ahead, rewards greatly map awareness, since one might unload the full magazine before switching flanks or retreating, and rewards massively controlling engagements. That is it. That is literally it. The gun stats in the current iteration are good, better than the Centurion AX's. The mobility is excellent, on par with the AMX 30B. It has no armour, but it needs no armour if you control the engagement since it has gun depression. It has shell velocity and very good penetration. It has everything you need to excel and excel a lot, but it has no safety net. If you fuck up in this tank, you fuck up. You'll be left with a 16 second reload for 360 alpha. Don't fuck up. Everything is up to you.
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    How to balance the 268-4?

    This tank is basically the old Foch 155 but instead of having the ability to clip you out in 5 seconds no matter who you are, it just bullies you into submission because you can't kill it. The 268 4 is like a gulag while the Foch was more of a guillotine.
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    celtal (20:59:56) nice cheats darkhalopark (21:00:05) thanks darkhalopark (21:00:14) ebay 4.99$ celtal (21:00:24) nice darkhalopark (21:00:29) i know
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    Scrubometer Update https://mmrngluck.azurewebsites.net/Scrubometer.aspx It's the big one: WNEzz algorithm updated to version 2.1 - the only difference is applying the * 10,000 modifier earlier and changing some rounding to 0, so now the scores are more accurate (not rounded to 100, etc). Details on the calculation now shown on the page. Please note your WNEzz scores have changed. Registered players (only) can 'enrol' other players in the Scrubometer. Registered players can enrol themselves from the profile screen - scroll down to the "Digital Identities' section. It's through this section that you'll eventually be able to also enrol your alt's. The UI is still not perfect, but better. Date/times: all date/times are in displayed in UTC. Registered Users Timezone setting has no effect yet, but eventually all times will be accurate and reflected in the users specified timezone. Other unseen enhancements, such as error handling and logging. Shout out to @JOC469 and @MagicalFlyingFox for being the first two to register. Next major feature in the works - forum sigs. FYI @StormCrowReaperManyHats @Ezz @Siggy @Politx_Killer @OutCom - have already registered you blokes.
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    O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    I enjoy marking these weird novelty tanks and I feel like I should be able to do it. Marking with the 100mm just defeats the purpose of this tank and it would feel as about as much of an accomplishment as marking the 260 platooned with 2 arty. That said, I finally successfully completed my mission. Was bumping around in the mid-90s for quite a while, I think the influx of spaghetti tanks did help pushing it over the edge.
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    Template matchmaking means you get matched against IS-7s and Super Conqs while being toptier, in maps about as spacious as your backyard. Topkek more like.
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    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    No prob. It's the internet. It was made for miscommunication.
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    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Softstats guys. Cause I know you guys get hard on softstats