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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    Forum Software Updated

    The forum software has (finally) been updated to the latest version. Hopefully the old bugs were all ironed out to make way for the new ones. Some thing changed, including the reputation system. If you're interested in the nitty gritty, here's a rundown. Let me know if you find anything broken!
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    Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.
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    Hey folks. Still waiting for patch 1.0 to make/break the game. Played a few matches with the T-10M since the patch, found out that I'm still a bad scrub, and moved on to something else. Anyway, here's my progress on a Tiger I in 1/35 by Academy. I took a previously built kit of mine and practiced doing winter whitewash via hairspray technique. Also used vallejo's snow effects for the first time. Going to paint my nearly finished Leningrad Tiger I soon - so this is warmup practice for that. Hope you folks like it. Constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    haglar's videos (5k WN8)

    Hey folks! Thought it was about time to share my YouTube channel here. Some of you might recognize me, I have been playing with MAHOU for the past 3 years and more recently I have been hitting some top DPGs on NA. I make videos fairly inconsistently and barely anyone watches them but I think they are at least mildly interesting if not helpful. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTJkY4XBI95BgL6WxcErlQ Some of my tier 10 3rd marks and stats. I am currently going to university and working part time as a lifeguard so I probably won't be uploading super frequently (mainly I am just super lazy). This is my last video on my current fav tank the Obj. 430U, which I also believe to have the 1st 3rd mark on NA for. pls come leave a comment so I have someone to talk to ;_; well thanks for the read guys! Also, if anyone wants to platoon to be mentored or just to boost win rate send me a message in game.
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    MFW I was thinking this 183 can only kill me if he pens me with HESH. But he is a 42%er, so he loaded AP and ammo-racked me from full hp. Obviously.
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    guys, I bought a thing the other day its sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood
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    First tier 10 session since new computer, smoooooooooooooooooooooooooth. (65%-95%)
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    WOT Survey Would you like to change anything in the current conditions for obtaining chevrons? If yes, what would you like to change? Be as detailed in your answer as possible. "Make the conditions for earning XP transparent and make them more relevant to actual game contribution. Damage at any distance is more valuable than just close range damage alone. Ranked forces a very heavy brawling meta on players at the expense of medium tanks. More of your dev team needs to actually play the game to understand this. Quit punishing well played support tanks in favor of HE sling heavies." detailed enough? I'm sure it will never get read
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    https://i.imgur.com/wcOC5IT.jpg I BROKE MY CURSE
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    You should only be allowed 10 map pings per game, with no counter to let you know how many you have used. On the 11th ping your ammo rack should detonate . . .
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    Fuck, couldn't mark it in less than 100 games. But for reference, expected is around 5100-5150.
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    OH SHIT YEAH!!!! 3marked my favorite tank in the game AND my first 3marked tier 9. BOOOOOOOOOM! MURIKA!
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    \o/ many thanks to @CraBeatOff and @rev01ution for your advice and encouragement several months ago. Implementing it into my gameplay took a little time, and it took waaaaay longer than I would have hoped for, mark hung at 93% for the last several hundred games... still, I'm pretty proud of this, 3-marking my favorite tank in the game. HELL YEAH! edit: Mark was done entirely with 152 derp. Will post my last 5 + or so games for entertainment purposes.
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    Forum Software Updated

    Nice! Can you add custom reactions or are those the only three? I would love some reactions using our current emote suite - particularly , , , and Also, while i'm here @Never, do you have any idea why my spoiler tags are fucked? I could only ever have one spoiler tag, everything that came after it would nest in the initial one if there were any line breaks at all, which meant no embedding gifs in different spoiler tags for each one since gfycat embeds automatically add line breaks that can't be deleted For example: [spoiler]test[/spoiler] [spoiler]test2[/spoiler] results in the proper behavior: but [spoiler] test [/spoiler] [spoiler] test2 [/spoiler] results in this garbage:
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    When you go years without glasses and put on your first prescription pair. Holy shit... I can actually see leaves on the trees now. I wore them for an hour and took them off, felt absolutely blind, I had no idea how bad my vision actually was because I was so used to it.
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    >be me >lakeville north spawn, IS-M in tier 9 match >VK100.01P on our team "no arty push valley HARD and FAST" >VK100.01P >"fast" > >Tell him "I'll give you 500 gold if you push past the ridge at F2" >totally serious >VK spends entire game at E2 scared of a single Skorp G >p much everything is dead before he pushes, doesn't actually make it past F2 before game ends >no gold 4 u baddie
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    Not to dispute this statement, it's just an absolutely savage indictment of the state of the game balance at this point. Seems to me like an E-100 that can never get penned in the turret and +10kph top speed? Bad accuracy on a tank that can face-hug a huge proportion of its competition...seems to be a tank that good players will hate to play, but will be awesome for winning anyways (just like the IS-7).
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    This sums up what i think
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    I saw a guy camping with this abomination on Muro and not yoloing like Murazor intended. Poor man even if tries to make tanks for retards players will still be retarded and play it in the wrong way.
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    Love how these never disappear from your profile lol. 1 Being a shit troll Acknowledged Warning issued by Private_Miros November 24, 2014
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    What about more expensive ammo that has less RNG in pen and damage?
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    Defender back on sale. Fucking hell WG you complete fucking morons.
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    it took a pretty fucking sick session to push this up, not gonna lie
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    Too late, for an achievement, but still...
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    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    Finally all my data collection every 30 days has some use... Here are the last recent values I grabbed for the old Object 263 against the new 30 day values for the 268-4 Data is filtered for players with 10 or more recent games in the tank. Please note for all charts that quantity of data is low. While the average WR in the tank for higher WR players in the 263 appears to fall above the average of the 268-4, there are only 5 players in the 263 average against over 50 in the 268-4 average. Number of players between 46 and 55 overall WR are more comparable.
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    Metallica, Mar 19th 2019 here in Indy. Floor tickets w/ early access is get. Amazing when you stop spending $ on this game...
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    Flanking sounds like a great idea until the bushwookie STRVs annihilate you. I mean really, meds should easily be able to flank with or without prem ammo - except WG has made flanking pure suicide by TD on open maps or nullified it with terrain on Abby, Mines, El Halluf, Sacred Valley, etc. I loved tier 5 when I was a newb because flanking is still kind of a thing at low tiers with fast blind tanks. At tier X, flanking with a squishy medium is pretty sketchy. I'd gladly give up prem ammo if guns hit where they were aimed and hits to weak spots were sure to pen. Instead even accurate guns put fully aimed shots in the dirt and dead on hits to the sides/hatches/LFP bounce. Prem ammo is basically RNG insurance and RNG is the crutch that levels the playing field for the hordes of drunk russian pubbies.
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    I really thought I have been in the WoT 1.0 beta since 2012... but sure, let me join the 1.0 beta AGAIN
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    Just got a Kolobanov in an ELC Even 90. 3 tanks of the ones left were 2 shots. OP tank confirmed. Plz Nerf DPM
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    Do we really want to play a game where a super heavy tank or assault TD can drive unopposed across mailnovka in the face of 4-5 hull down mediums with impunity? Medium tanks should utterly dominate heavy tanks, this idiotic meta where heavy tanks driving across an open field could be considered valid is just silly. This is Murazor catering to the masses that are not good enough to do anything but blap each other in the face at 50m. Obviously this is a game and not reality, but there is a reason that real tanks(TM) went away from the heavy tanks by 1950. WW III would have been fast moving T-62s, Pattons, and Leopards using great guns on mobile platforms at longer range to kill each other. Slow clunky armored heavies should be what beginning players drive until they learn to play real tanks. Instead, in the most competitive levels of ranked battles, we have games where all 30 tanks are fictional heavy tanks/TDs slinging HEAT at each other because mediums are no longer competitive.
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    Windstorm is so fucking terrible we won't even bother restoring it into HD. But enjoy playing in Ranked Mode! Because fuck you, that's why,
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    Ack, I just randomly checked these forums. If no one else has, I'll see what I can do to pass it along.
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    Derp 49 Purchased: Equipment 'Stabilizing Equipment System' successfully purchased (1 item(s)). You spent bond: 5,000.
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    No bugs so far
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    I have 'won the day' 7 times, aka green at tanks and green at forums . . .
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    @Never are we going HD to celebrate Wot HD? Anyway it looks good.
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    No. No flat butts. Small shapely butts are however the real deal
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    I think this is the most fitting thread for this and it is probably better than creating a new one. Yesterday there was a russian Q&A stream with the devs and here some of the answers they gave. https://www.tracks-up.com/home/world-of-tanks-230218-qna-with-developers Highlighted some. 6th Sense for free an skill rework. Wo would have thought giving the SConq awesome dpm, gundhandling, turret and depression could result in balance problems?
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    Nah, they actually care about game longevity in EU.
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    Is the Object 268v4 the best tier 10 heavium right now? https://tanks.gg/compare/is-7?t=wz-111-5a~113~obj-430u~obj-268-4~obj-260 The IS-7, WZ-111 5A, 113, Object 430U and Object 268v4 all arguably play the fast heavy role. The TD is the only one out of that list that I don't have, and I regret not grinding out that line every time I run into one of them in one of the other tanks. It's the fastest, heaviest (OMG the rams!!!), biggest alpha, best penetration with middle of the pack DPM and crazy armor. Any guesses on how they'll nerf this thing? I'm trying to figure out if I want to grind one or not. I'd rather play my tanks that I already have, but it's so broken to play on the test server...
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    Red in Life

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    The maps thing is BS IMO, not enough people, you have literally earned millions and millions on premiums over the last year, that probably took a handful of people to make, invest some of that cash into people to make the maps. 185k Skorpions on EU alone, at £35 a pop, that is like £6.5 million. You can hire a lot of render monkeys for that.