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    WoTlabs still the thing?

    Everything game mechanic-wise has already been discussed to death already and the only new mechanics introduced in the last couple of years were the swedish siege mode (basically forces your to bush wank), the arty stun (a different kind of annoying as fuck compared to the previous version) and the Italian autoreloader (or whatever it is called)(just a more flexible autoloader). Discussions about maps boil down to "Here are your 3 corridors! Pick this one if you got armor, pick this one if your are a bush wanker or pick this one if you want to die quickly!". Discussions about new tanks usually boil either down to "Tank X basically is Tank Y but with 10mm more frontal armor and .1 seconds better aiming time!" or "Press W, left click red tanks, win".
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    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    *Football Mode
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    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Shouldn't a requirement of football be... i don't know... to handle the ball with your feet? Any reasonable person would have just called it "American Rugby", atleast this name would make sense.
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    #NeverForget https://giant.gfycat.com/BitterDeliriousGardensnake.webm
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    Wotlabs stats not working

    i have tried countless time's but since they changed the region from SEA to ASIA seems all i get is no clan found when trying to type my name, just started again and trying to see progress but i can't now sadly
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    This sounds extremely petty but I get so much fucking joy from ruining someone's game. Like every time I permatrack some idiot on a hill or corner, every time I catch someone out with no cover, every time I'm responsible for deleting the entirety of an enemy tank I get extremely aroused. It's like I get to channel all the frustration that this game has inflicted on me and put all onto someone else.
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    Glad to see people doing well! I've mostly lurked this thread since Bun first posted it, honestly it was an enormous help to me in finding myself. I finally accepted who I am in late March last year but there were people I knew IRL that I wasn't ready to come out to who knew this handle and I was paranoid. I've been on HRT for ~11 months now and went full time living as a woman near the beginning of this year but had forgotten about this thread for a bit. I want to thank Bun for starting this thread years ago and everyone else who's participated. Without it I think I would have been in denial even longer and it's bad enough I kept myself in denial till I was 30 already. <3
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    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    We invented it, thus it is called Football. Your version always has to be pre-faced with the word 'American' to note it's the non-original (and crapper) version.
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    It's finally done. Can't believe it took so long... if it weren't for the god-damned losing streak that made me lose 6% overall in this.
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    A Wargaming-Code for WOWS: 177514557196516 It will give you a free premium container that contains flags or a free ship.
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    The K-91 thread

    Didn't see a thread on this so thought I'd start one as I am really liking this tank so far. So have only played 8 games in mine, so bear that in mind. I'm averaging ~ 3.5k DPG with ~ 1.1k assistance so far, which is above what I can generally do with tier 10s these days (more around the 3k DPG area) but of course it's a small sample. Playstyle wise I have been approaching this tank in a sort of Bat Chat/light tank playstyle, i.e. early spot if you can (base camo can hit 38% stationary, over 29% on the move, plus you have 410m base view range), support/snipe where possible and then when the game opens up you can start to become more aggressive DPMing that crap out of people (also sidehugs are a thing, this is a very low profile tank). I have improved vents + improved rammer + food + BIA for the 4k DPM and 4.8s reload memes. Yes it's only a little more than what you can say get with a 140, but I think when you add in the accuracy, gun handling, shell velocity and high base pen of this tank, you have some of most reliable DPM in the game. It can get quite scary at times and you feel sorry for the peeps you catch out in the open or perm-a-track. I have also noticed the turret is not as bad as it first looks, it's viewable now on tanks.gg (presuming this is correct) - Certainly not reliable, though that is against it's own gun so about the highest medium or heavy gun around and there are still plenty of autobounce zones. Mantlet will bounce most stuff in places, though there are armour holes there, but the rest of the turret ranges from around 220 - 230 up to over 370-400 in places, so against some tier 9s and most tier 8s hull down play is fairly reliable giving it some bully potential and certainly at medium to long ranges you'll get more turret bounces than say a Leo. There seems to be no hull armour on the tanks.gg model but from experience it's just about HE proof and that is about it. Mobility wise it's good enough, certainly very agile but still feels a bit sluggish at times. The gun is a dream though, dispersions are not quite Patton levels but again when you add in the accuracy, aim time, shell velocity and pen it's a great combo. Also with -5 to the front, -9 to the side it's probably the least awkward rear turreted tank in the game. Overall a fun tank, if not maybe a meta tank, I particularly like it because it's a bit different and it makes you think a bit more about your options and decision making. I could probably do better and carry more games in something like a 430U where you just go smash faces in brawls and bounce everything but the K-91 gives more satisfaction when you do well. A quick summary of this tank would be that it feels kind of like what a tier 10 light should feel like without the hyper mobility.
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    Lucky 11 game session in the leo 1
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    Casual 12k assistance on Karelia and 3rd MoE
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    Is russian, da? Not OP. Historically accurate! Nastrovje. Seriously though, I am currently operating under the impression, that the russians as a whole are suffering from some sort of national inferiority complex, thanks to the setbacks they suffered through various historical events, liek wars and civil wars and failing leadership and are just overcompensating it collectively, which finds it's expression in stuff like this. One would think that comfortable gun-handling is a sort of NATO-tank thing in general, given how much NATO-nations tend to have an eye on creature comfort in their tanks, as opposed to the sardine cans the russians tend to build en masse, but hey. Why shouldn't the tanks that are generally designed to be more mobile in even the roughest infrastructure-lacking terrains and, who on top of that, are designed to not cost a lot and be easy to maintain at the cost of creature comfort, not also be the tanks that have the best armor and gun handling? Makes perfect sense, that sniper-oriented tanks, who are generally less mobile, larger and designed to be hulldowners as opposed to brawlers, get ifnerior gun handling, because the crew can actually move in the fucking tank, I suppose. Let them aim every shot even at 50m for half an hour and then give the L7, which is used by so many NATO-meds in the game, also the tendency to drop it's shells everywhere except center reticle for good measure (hello Charioteer). *rants*
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    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    It's football. It's called soccer in the states because of A. Football and its easy to confuse between the two when both are called football. I love both sports. I just hate the term soccer.
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    I called scammers. Hilarity at 2:50
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    TL;DR I've been full time for well over a month. Had a date with the one male that I've ever had feelings for which turned out well. I pass only sometimes but I get compliments both to my face and to my friends. So id say things are going well.
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    Hehe England

    Hehe England
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    Its funny, seeing the game that I used to play with fps enhancing mods now in a actually somewhat pleasing way. Props to SerB, thank God there has been noticeable improvements, but on the flip side its all essentially the same, just new tanks, mods have been absorbed in to the game, all that. Servers seem a lot less populated, but it was inevitable. If I could see how many hours of teenage years I put in this game, its several 1000. I was a chronic shitposter here but in all fairness to you guys, most of you gone, it did help me mature. I recently finished school and still cringe at my old posts, one of the wonders of growing up with internet. Coming back I miss that nostalgic music and graphics, but change is for the better. Yes, I have had good times here but it's hard to commit yourself to the long grinds of WarGaming once more. I think that's what will eventually got to most of us who left. Truly a one of a kind game. For all its faults I loved it, the drama each update, pressing r when you were fed up with playing but wanted to grind, test servers. Yet, I wish that someday, a new tank game will rekindle my passion for these rumbling iron beasts.
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    Oh goodness that is amazing! I'm really happy for you and how quickly you were able to start full time. Most of us have moved beyond this thread to discord servers. *squeezes*
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    In my experience, the majority of my fires are from fuel tanks, not the engine. The fuel tanks get hit really often on the T-100, hence your burning a lot. It's not worth dropping food though on a tank that needs it so much for the camo/viewrange. Run the fire-fighting directive, it costs 2 bonds per game, which at tier 10 you should still make a profit, and makes you burn a lot less when you are lit on fire (around 4 ticks?). Also, since kits are reusable now, pay attention if your fuel tank gets damaged and repair that asap.
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    The only reason colonials use the name "soccer" instead of the original name football, is because they couldn't think of a better name for a game played with a foot long ball. Which brings us to the next issue I have with 'muricans and company. What's with the measuring system, wouldn't the metric system be much more logical to use? How about SI-system? Atleast they drive on the right side of road in the new world, so that's nice.
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    earth's deadliest animal

    earth's deadliest animal
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    Amazon Prime Members can pre-order the Standard version for $48 Also gets you BETA Access
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    King peach fuzz