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    Churchill GC 3MoE @zapyoug do i have permission to kill myself
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    14 games played. Managed to fuck up the marks on the mod1, STB and CAX. Thx arties and tanks which get spotted in 20 meters. I am fucking saltier than the dead sea. Should fucking sell this shit account.
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    Some of you may know that I HATE SKYRIM SPIDERS WITH PASSION. I just finished watching the latest Jingles vid, thought that I could use a bath, just before I started to fill the bathtub I saw it. A little, white spider sitting inside. Oh. Fuck. A million of "fucks" came through my mind in a split second. Hoping that this little fucker can't swim (or won't explode) I showered him with a 69265863752775986786576523547528 megatons of water down the drain. Then took my quickest bath ever, constantly looking around for more of them (especially at the ceiling - those fuckers really like coming down from them). And the litany of fucks continued as I hastily took my leave from that cursed place. FUCK SKYRIM, FUCK SPIDERS, FUCK SKYRIM SPIDERS, FUCK MY BATHROOM, FUCK NATURE FOR GIVING BIRTH TO THESE FOUL AND CREEPY CREATURES. T_T
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    best reboot ever

    best reboot ever
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    3 Marked Is7

    3 Marked Is7
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    3 marked the M48 Patton.

    3 marked the M48 Patton.
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    Team Mystic are artillery players.
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    I suck so bad at Tier 9-10, I have no self worth in this game.
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    @Gashtag I expect an informative article about how Tinder managed to surpass WoT in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest ratio of bots to human players.
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    Looking for a coaching / teaching type atmosphere and want to have fun? Have a good WN8 and a few tier 8 tanks? Like tournaments and are over the age of 18? Kick ass at tier 6 play and like Clan Wars and Strongholds? We have something for everyone at the consortium................................ Minion Consortium/
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    And people wonder why shitters get the wrong idea about good players preemptivley acting like arseholes. There wasn't really a need to specifically call him out for being shit; by the looks of things I would me more irritated that you and your platoon mates only did that much damage in 9 fucking minutes, and you were the last tank alive for fuck sakes.
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

    >still having 5th world web connection >playing t32 >1vs8 >randomly disc for 3mins >coming back >6.5k assist and still 50% hp left that could have been such a nice farm
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    I put a 5 Euro pricetag on it because I sincerely doubt nobody of you guys is gonna spend money on something this worthless. It's seriously some glorified Captain Obvious level advice most of the time Hard to say from that one replay, you put yourself in a nice position for ~4k-4.5k dmg without the unlucky bounces. From what I saw in that one replay I would say work a bit more on inconvenience and not drawing aggro, play a bit more with meatshields in mind and apart from that stay aggressive as you already are To really definitely answer this I'd have to see you play for a couple of hours to really get a hang of your tendencies. Pretty LOL that I managed to come third amongst all the low tier spammers with a T9 med I'd say there is a 95% chance I will never play a single battle in WoT again, since I quit my life has been legit twice as good as before
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    Still around, but started up GGM. http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000023991/
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    I think fundamentally WG could shit in a box, call it 10.0, and their player base would drop all of 25% tops. Nothing WG does to the game will really kill their cash cow because 75% of their players just want to mash buttons with their face anyway, so by that perspective their changes are fine. It's possible it could even expand their player base in the long run, as the game becomes easier in general. If they did this stuff to tier 1-4 they might even have players occasionally stick with the game for more than all of 100 games. But from the perspective of what made WoT a unique game for people who aren't entertained by a jingling ring of keys, they're mostly going the wrong way, effectively dumbing down streamlining the gameplay. I've been thinking for a long time now since the barrage of TD fuckery that WG has it ass backwards when it comes to a major aspect of their balance perspective, and everything about sandbox has mostly verified it. In general vehicles should be less specialized, while WG tends to make vehicles more specialized. Why were TDs a problem? Because on many maps they were OP balls when they could sit and kick from a bush and keep engagements to long range. And yet they still sucked on the heavy-centric maps. So WG nerfed them repeatedly, both directly and indirectly to the point they are no longer competitive. Yet what was the end result? The goofy contradiction that good players now tend to not play TDs anymore because of their complete lack of versatility, yet many players still hate them for being able to wreck at extreme distances. Statistically TDs were not overpowered other than some low-mid tier seal clubber machines, but people hated them because they were situationally OP, and individual games are what really matter to players. When you make a vehicle that is OP ballz in situation A and shit in situation B, it's one of those super frustrating, "fuck this game uninstall" aspects of the game. You see some 46% retard in a Pz I C in a tier 5 game and couldn't care less, but in a tier 3 game he may slaughter half your team with just rrr and RC LC. Playing tanks like that isn't a lot of fun either, because you spend most of your games knowing from the beginning you can't do shit. We already have 3 tier MM spread crapping this situation in our lap, the last thing we need is to finally get top tier in our paper TD and get fucking Stalingrad. Many of the changes to TDs were alright, but something should have been exchanged, like more HPs. It really makes more sense to tone down the god mode of massive view range and camo + huge firepower and exchange it for HPs so you have less OP ballness on open maps, but also more viability on close range maps. Reduce extreme advantage, but mitigate disadvantages somewhat so you always feel useful playing a vehicles but are also never monstrously OP just because of a map. The current sandbox light tank situation is the prototypical WG balance fuck up in action. You have a tank that is useless trash about half the time you play it, decent another 25%, and potentially god mode auto win the last 25%. They actually nerfed the fucking guns on lights, I shit you not. So no one wants to play this shit, yet it's OP balls on Prok, Camp, etc., and statistically likely comes out to "balanced". This is the worst sort of "balance" you can dish out, and it's a WG specialty: statistically balanced, yet miserable to play and situationally infuriating to play against. The current changes are pushing vehicles into more specialization. Be it sniping, front lining, flanking, any role your tank isn't designed for will now be harder to perform. A single goddamn medium tank left alive can literally circle a lone heavy to death, a single light tank can fuck up an entire team with spotting while no one can counter it, a single good heavy player can steamroll half a team of non-heavies on cqb maps. That sinking feeling of, "well, I'm useless here" is just going to become more common overall. Take this to its extreme conclusion of tanks circa 2020 where every tank is either a paper, rock, or scissor. I'm a rock, I meet a scissor, yay, I win! Another rock, oh, this could be tricky. We duke it out, but another rock comes around and helps me out. I move forward, but get ambushed by a paper and die. Wow! I got 2 kills, what a rush of a round! The mouth breathers love this shit for the same reasons they don't understand getting zomg 2 kills with a top tier heavy wasn't "doing my part". Then add to that some old problems which they are apparently adamantly against solving: gold ammo, artillery, policing their player base. Gold ammo never had a place in the game, it never will, but their MBAs won't let it go. I thought artillery might be fixable, test has made me think it can't be. Nothing you do other than a flat removal of artillery will keep it from being a plague, the only other choice is to nerf it to the point of being a weak gimmick mode which they would never even consider. They don't give two shits about player problems even though those are among the biggest issues. The bottom line is they're probably just trying to expand the appeal of the game by making it more like their vision of how a game should be: simple, accessible, giving every one a chance to be a winner. The primary motive really feels like marketing crap. Look at WoWS if you want to see the ideal, this was likely the original tanks 2.0 concept. When the dust settles the good players who still have the patience for this game will still find the loopholes to exploit, because it only takes one OP tank or game dynamic to fuck it all up and WG never has been able to iron out the outliers. If these changes went live right now purples would be rolling monster heavy platoons and just battering down enemies' heavy tank front lines with brute force as the ascendant strategy. Rinse, repeat, 70%+ WR. Personally if they actually ran these changes down all the tiers I would consider the game flat out unplayable. As it stands all they're doing is killing tier 9-10 which is already miserable as far as I'm concerned, YMMV.
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    Y'all are bullies Also it should be dark blue overall
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    How to drive Tirpitz better?

    Avoid norwegian fjords?
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    I watch quite a number of streamers, and honestly, i think the problem that leads to unhappiness is that they have a standard for pubs. There is no standard, and people who expect their teams to do certain things will ultimately be disappointed in the end.
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Triple FeelsBadMan of Excellence
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    I don't know, I heard Matross and drunk made for some entertaining tanking.
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    Didn't effect the economy? Some people got 20 mil, that's enough for 3 tier 10s. Keep rationalizing it though, you might convince yourself one day.
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    I'm done with this game. This is the last straw. I've been playing for over 3 years, been putting up with WG's bullshit, their snail pace development, their shit modes, their no-answer Q&A's. Their complete lack of knowledge regarding their own fucking game and what fans want from it. And then the NA Community PR person tells everyone "Oh we fixed the credit exploit, anyone who took advantage of it ENJOY! TROLOLOLOLOLOL" That just sends a message to me they don't give a flying fuck they just gave out $200+ worth of silver to anyone that took advantage of an exploit. In fact, cheat and exploit as much as you want, we don't give a shit about anything. Oh btw he's some pissy shit tank for your support all these years. Just go fuck yourself WG, GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A RAKE. I'm out, tell me how all the "promises" they have in the pipeline go in 10 years.
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    WG devs have massive amounts of data on the game and how it works. What you have is the statistically irrelevant opinion of the 3k WN8 player. You should probably pay a lot more attention to the 1k WN8 player, because there are thousands of him for every one of you.
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