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    for being such an op tank this mark was pretty easy
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    Boats and codes. WEDIDITREDDIT20K 15x Zulu flags 15x Equal Speed Charlie London flags 20k credits
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    TD Meta is back on EU

    >Playing Cancer TDs in all screenshots >Reporting higher numbers of cancer TDs >reptile is shit posting with meme arrows/greentext on wotlabs
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    '121' successfully sold. Received : 3,061,920 Spent : 30 Goodbye useless piece of trash that I only ever played by accident
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    Desperate for help

    I just wanted to post about how much WoTLabs has helped me improve. I still remember posting this thread when I was just under 1500 for WN8 and feeling desperate and out of ideas. Then I joined M-I-T and subsequently M--M and also got much help (indirectly) from various purple players on here and here I am now. Still have so much more to learn but just thinking about where I used to be. I also want this to be another example to those who are struggling. Keep at it, don't ever give up. Watch plenty of replays and ask plenty of questions but the main thing is to just keep going with persistence and you will improve. I guarantee you!
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    apparently having a discussion on the ARP ships on the WoWS forums is like having a discussion on arty on the WoT forums. man, some people really hate it despite the fact they have the ability to completely disable it and not see a thing. i have no idea what their problem is.
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    good old mailand dished out this game yesterday..
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    [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah

    why are my stats so shit and why did i join a clan 1 night before
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    So, for everyone that keep having broken status updates. On the front page there is an option button to the right of the status update bar that you can click. Enable status_content_rich and your status updates won't be broken anymore.
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    A New Old Noob

    Hello, I haven't posted on WoT Labs much at all since I didn't play PC, but now I've returned so might as well start doing it. Why did I stop playing PC? Well, for 7,050 battles, I played this game on 5 FPS, yes, five frames per second on my 7 year old Acer laptop. I also got to Tier 10, I feel sorry for the poor guys who's teams I was on. Playing at a slideshow was an awful experience in terms of aiming and movement and it's the reason why my stats are so horrendously bad. The perfect opportunity to stop playing hindering every team I was on came when WoT Blitz (Yes, the mobile version of WoT for when you're having a dump) was announced in early 2014. Finally, I can play on 60 FPS, I thought, and instantly quit PC. Since I knew every mechanic from PC and all the tanks at the time I was instantly a Blitz Unicum upon release, and played for 2 years. A few days ago, I got a monster Gaming Laptop for college, and started playing PC WoT again. Upon coming back I said to myself "What was I thinking?" when I saw the AMX 50 B; one of the hardest Heavies to play correctly (IMO) in my garage. No, I didn't jump straight in to it, instead I started off with the M4 in order to relearn old, reworked and new maps and tanks and worked my way up the tiers when I thought I was ready, so I don't screw over my teams at Tier 10 instantly (All solo BTW). It's felt so good outplaying and completely destroying Unicums in my T34 when they're in their T110E5s on 3/4 health, so I'm happy with how I've been performing. I don't know what to say about my recent stats, since I know that what Unicum players think is average/good will differ from what average players think is average/good, so I'll leave it to you to decide whether I'm good or not (Lemme know what you think if you don't mind ). So that's pretty much it. I'm gonna stop so it doesn't look like I'm posting my life story, but I'm happy to be back in WoT and am hoping to stop looking at red in my overall stats! P.S Yes, recent WR sucks. Was on a massive losing streak which I then ended with a 7K AMX 50 B game, but I had 70% the day before.
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    Tfw everyone is playing gold league and im just https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBiew4z_p7Yc6D5qusfwx8w
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    How To: T44-100 Marathon

    I finished up the German mission with 150,140 damage and 150 kills for a Damage:Kill ratio of 1000.9333333333. Who can beat it? (D:K ratio of 1000 is perfect)
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    Here's bae, had her just over a month now. IRL cars > vidya tenks.
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    Finally got Ace in the Skoda T50 but never carried a whole game like this before. http://wotreplays.com/site/2911464#winter_himmelsdorf-crapcannon-koda_t_50
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    At least he posts replays you shitter
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    Hey all, So I decided to take a plunge and throw myself to the wolves of WOTlabs. I was never one to care about stats, to be honest for a very long time I didn't even know about WoT stats let alone worry about playing the game even remotely seriously... the T-50-2 saw fit to ensure that I suicide scouted a large portion of my early games!!! ... but then I joined WoT way back in closed beta when the game was only a handful of tanks and the biggest thing around was the Tiger 1! So it was a very different beast to what it is now, thats for sure. I only started playing because I'm a bit of a tread head and like WW2 history... the fact I also enjoy playing games was not a bad bonus too. So I've played WoT on and off for about 5 years, so it may be surprising that I "only" have 13k odd battles. It's only recently where I have taken steps to try to actually learn and improve in the game and have about doubled my WN8 since I joined the Havoc-X community (W-UNI) thanks to their tutorial videos and training sessions. I know that many people scoff at that community in particular but its been a great help to me and full of "semi-serious" to "serious" tankers of all skill levels, from low WN8 players wanting to improve all the way up to high WN8 who aren't scared of the hit their stats might take as a result of playing games with people who aren't as good as them! However, I am also looking at other ways and sources to help me improve further as I feel as though I can increase my improvement rate with help from people with broader experiences etc. One tool I'm looking forward to using is quick access to unicum streamers! Ultimately, whilst I might say that I was previously "against" stats, I'd probably more accurately say that I am against the simplistic overview that stats give. Such as when a really great player rages because someone with worse WN8 has the audacity to kill them (obviously using some form of hacks). So I suppose what I am against is actually idiots... no matter their skill level. I have a YouTube channel which was recently featured as a winner Jingles youtube subscriber competition, but I don't want this to turn into a veiled promotional attempt (but you can subscribe here:https://www.youtube.com/c/oinked lol). I don't really do game replays because I fully understand that I'm simply not good enough to be "schooling" others but I do feel that I can at least put forward my experience of learning and give an average guys opinion on things (such as what an "average" player could expect to achieve in a tank or how an average player struggles through the personal missions!). Mostly, my videos are about having fun and a chuckle... but also bringing a bit of my historical interests to a wider audience... looking to see if history can help me play! Ultimately though, whilst I am using stats to gauge my level and progress my main aim is to continue to have lots of fun... and for me that doesn't always need to mean that I need to be winning... but I certainly need to be laughing... if I can do both at the same time then all the better. I hope I've not bored you too much. #youvebeenoinked
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    Saying Hi

    Hi all, I started playing WOT a bit over a year ago (May 2015), but only found WotLabs this past Feb after winning the WGLNA fantasy league and meeting some players in person as a result. Since then I've been paying a lot more attention to how I perform in the matches I play and trying to learn from streamers like Zeven. I think I've improved a bit as a result, but I know there's room for more improvement as I still have tomato moments every now and again (last night was particular bad for those!) I've finally decided to stop lurking from the shadows and say hi. Hopefully I'll continue to improve with the help of the forums and maybe meet some people willing to toon up and show me how it's done!
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    Rebuild or canibalize?

    If you're not going to overclock the cpu then you can use the stock cooler. After my Swiftech H220 died I just put my 4770k back to stock settings and I'm still using the stock cooler with no problems.
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    Love that close range T95 bounce! Upvoted!
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    First thing I was taught on wotlabs, the longer you keep your guns in the game, the better chance you have to win. http://wotreplays.com/site/2799113#stats
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    CPU coolers

    Hardocp always has thorough reviews and comparisons for cooling. Been going there since 2001. http://www.hardocp.com/reviews/cooling/
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