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    Tfw no more blue

    Tfw no more blue
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    Get ready. You wont believe this: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wot-wg-devs-considering-the-removal-of-the-artillery-class/ Yes. Thats right. WG is considering to... r e m o v e a r t y " On an official WG RU stream, the developers are considering the removal of the artillery class if the stun mechanics currently being tested on the Sandbox server are received negatively. "
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    Gorillaz HYPE, 4 Singles dropped at the same time, and new album releasing on April 28th! http://imgur.com/gallery/Ure7j
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    Their vocabulary is expanding
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    Species report: Jagdpanzer E100 Scientific Name: Werhmactus magnificus Common name: The "Mighty" Jagerü Habitat: Less than 100 meters from the allied cap circle Temperament and Behavior: Appears docile at first glance. magnificus have been known to enter a state of apparent "false death" for long periods of time, not moving one bit except to occasionally sniff the air with their long, prominent snout. Do not be fooled. When aroused from this slumber, they anger quickly without warning. Due to their poor eyesight, they cannot discern at whom they attack and will fire blindly at the nearest target. This researcher had the misfortune of observing a stunning 45% magnificus specimen during a chance encounter. However, the researcher abandoned caution and was fishtailed by the mighty beast while driving full speed. The creature proceeded to attack him in the rear with a High Explosive round (his first round of the match), setting him on fire. (Included: one requisition form for a new vehicle. Please don't cheap out and get a Chinese one again). Light vehicles take extreme caution--playing passively in the presence of the Jageru will tend to arouse its temper, regardless of the tactical situation. Intelligence: Minimal intelligence observed. Wild Jagerü seem to operate on pure animal instinct. They do possess a small capacity for communication, but our greatest minds have attempted to decipher the utterances to little avail. One of the few deciphered phrases (for which the scientist was featured in Nature) translates roughly to "LIGHT TANK GO SCOUT." Population: While there is no clear estimate of the total population, it appears to be healthy and stable. These are hardy creatures and will likely survive well into the future. Breeding: [REDACTED]
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    I feel bad for seld-avertising here, but giveaway so maybe people pardon me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f95ZJQ_Z8zA
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    When your best friend doesn't respond to your texts for days and you get really worried, then remember they're on a cruise. Fuck you for having fun, I hope you get sea sick Schnitzel is lonely now
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    root canal treatment after party with my cataflam and redbull vodkas.
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    I just watched a video on Nasal polyp removal and im equally disgusted and intrigued
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    The fact that 9 out of 10 arty apologist's reason for keeping arty is "to make people mad lul" is just fucked. Why do you have to go and fuck up something nice for everyone else? What the fuck is wrong with you? There's a special place in hell for those shitlords.
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    so our favorite purple text anime spamming E25 player got ban on offical forum, took them long enough
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    [NA] LF Advances

    You guys wanna turn this into a thread for any potential legionaries to advertise themselves? To be honest I only discovered advances just now and it looks pretty fun, I'll play with whoever is willing to have a green
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    T-103, Soviet T8 TD

    and yet, still no American or British tier 8 TD...
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    When there's a new receptionist at your psychiatric practice and she's gorgeous meanwhile I havnt slept since Saturday because mania and have the brain functionality of a raisin. I said "Hey.... You, me, living on this world together. Sounds pretty nice" *shoots self* She laughed at least, tho it was most likely due to the combo of sounding like I'm tipsy, body language of a sedated person, and the fact I was resting my cheeks on my hands which prob made my face squish up. LOOK OUT BOIS. SCHNITZELS PICKING UP CHICKS AT THE PSYCH WARD.
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    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Another awful chinese tank
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    Object 252U

    Tank Is extremely hard to play. Occasionally I'm forced to sidescrape instead of simply rolling my face across the keyboard. WG please fix this bug
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    Got permabanned on the official forums without even having 1 strike. The reason?
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    tbh if type 5 and o-ho didnt exist this would be by far my favorite tank in the game
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    My two newest; the AMX 50 120 and the T54E1. Both very AIDS, 2/10 would recommend.
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    So there I was, minding my own business, drinking a lot of rum, shooting mostly AP, when I figured I would check my MOEs... I'm not sure which is more impressive, doing that while drunk or maintaining an amazing 58% win rate while getting 100% MOE
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    Cap point mechanics

    Capping is such a simple concept that I am frankly shocked it's even a question that requires discussion. However since it's something not really touched upon, I can see where confusion comes from. Wrong. 3 is the physical max you can have on cap for standard/atk + def modes. Any other tanks accrue 0 until it is their 'turn' to cap (determined by resets or getting of cap). You accrue 1 cap point/second per tank on the capture circle in standard and atk/def modes. You can accrue a maximum of 3 cap points/second according to the wiki. Consider this situation: You have 5 tanks on cap that go on at all different times. Tank A goes on cap and accrues 1 cap point/second 1 second later, Tank B goes onto cap and also accrues 1 cap point/second for a total of 2 cap points/second. 1 second later Tank C also goes onto cap and accrues another 1 cap point/second for a total of 3 cap points/second Tanks D and E (D goes on before E) goes onto cap shorty after but both accrues 0 cap points/second due to the physical max of 3 tanks accruing points on cap. Let's say this process takes 10s in total. This would mean the following: Tank A accrue 10 cap points Tank B accrue 9 cap points Tank C accrue 8 cap points Tanks D and E accrue 0 cap points This accounts to a total of 27 points. Now if tank A gets hit (penetration/module damage)..the counter drops from 27 --> 17 and the following occurs... Tank A's accrued 10 cap points drops to 0 and is put at the end of the capturing queue. Tank B still has 9 cap points and continues to accrue at 1 point/second. Tank C still has 8 cap points and continues to accrue at 1 point/second Tank D begins to accrue points starting from 0 at a rate of 1 point/second. Tanks A and E now accrue 0 cap points but tank E now has priority for beginning to accrue points when Tanks B, C, or D gets reset. The same concept applies of Tanks B or C gets reset first/later. Their cap points become nullified and the tank that accrues points shifts based on order of who got on cap first. The tank that gets reset gets lowest priority for capping until it comes full circle again. This is why in a competitive situation (or clan wars/advances/absos) you see UP TO 3 capping. Any more tanks are designed to screen or act as bait to confuse the enemy to falsely reset a cap that accrues 0 points/second. That should not be the case. It might be different because strongholds/WG coding lul. Was this an advance?
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    Give me upvotes to feed my soul since its 4am and I havnt had dinner and the house has no food
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    E50m 4.6k overall dmg session

    i like how you imply that "it's carbon, so it doesn't count"