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    T62A 3 MOE

    T62A 3 MOE
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    Looks like a shit batchat that will never be used in any situation except to bring out of the garage to show 29 other people the mistake you made in getting it.
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    Maybe that's my inner Kewei speaking but I don't have the slightest doubt that I could dominate average unicums if this game was league based. But honestly, why would you complain about teams in this game? Yeah it's annoying for a second if your team dies in 3 minutes. Apart from that though the de facto PvE nature of WoT always made the game for me. It's like beating highscores in Tetris, you're just playing against yourself. And that's the toughest opponent there is, right?
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    So far imo 1. Sheridan. Best all around, doesn't suck in any aspect. 2. AMX 13 105. Clips are always fun and 24 sec reload allows a level of flexibility that larger clip autoloaders don't get. Worst traverse. 3. T-100. Pancake tank \o/. Jesus level gun handling, mediocre DPM for the lower alpha it has. Acc sucks soooo hard. Basically a useless tank at range. Can be difficult to control on uneven terrain because it drifts everywhere. Shittiest ammo of the bunch 4. WZ-132-1. Gun handling kinda sucks ass. Turret surprisingly isn't that garbage. Most of it is 50/50 against 250mm APCR. Gun dep is limiting. The overall package is just underwhelming. 5. RHM Pzw. Why is this thing so nerfed... Almost a full sec worse reload than the Sheridan, worse aim time, gun handling that belongs at tier5, crap ammo count that would have cost me games in the Sheridan. Best acc tho, hooray.
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    Am i unlucky or is AT 15 really fucking trash? It has literally no fucking armor, SU-152 pens me with 122mm AP from 400 metres, then Pilot pens me from similar range...with AP, IS-3 snapshots my mantle, and finally Skorpion yoloes me and pens me. Game before that im on prohk 1-2 line but everyone just goes through the armor like its nothing. Like, wtf? Dont tell me its literally AT 7 with bit better ROF, wider gun arc and better depression for being entire tier higher. I didnt like AT 7 that much either to begin with... I guess that making both 183 lines absolutely cancerous grinds is good thing in the end tbh
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    @PityFool I want to enjoy gasai thread a little longer
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    Hey, I will be on tonight to let you know. If your going to be on. GF is out of town so i can play all night yaaaaa.
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    New Arty Mechanics in CW/SH

    relevant thread is relevant: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/520518-cheating/
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    Interesting test server feature: platooning outside your tier (even tier 9s with tier X's) is now impossible. You are unable to ready up in a platoon. While there are a few situations where this might be annoying, fail platoons are no more!
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    I may have a new favorite tank

    I may have a new favorite tank
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    NA players play against bulba platoons all the time so we should be better at fighting unicums
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    The combination of a bunch of tards driving tier X LTs around like PZ1C with 500m view range + faster firing more accurate arty is going to make trying to get a slow tank out of spawn a LOT more exciting On the other hand, a lot of herp-derp arty players are going to quit clicking when they can't one shot shit while eating cheetos and fapping. Plus the 3 arty per game cap should slow down arty ques a bit. Had a tier X 9 v 3 heavy game tonight, THAT shit needs to be killed with fire
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    I'll shame myself, tonight I raged quit and for the first time in 20ish years (I'm 32 now) broke something because of a video game, yes I snapped my keyboard in half. It's a shame I've had that keyboard for like 8-9 years (old style too that clicks, I can't stand the new 'soft' press keyboards). Long story short I was having a rough night, I took my NC out and got in a match on North with the worse team, we had a promising division that derped it early, the rest of the team ran to a corner leaving all caps uncontested and I was getting getting a death of a 1000 cuts by a bunch of cruisers because I tried rallying the team for a counter attack and something just blew in me, I picked up the board and snapped it clean in half and proceeded to unplug my computer. I don't know what to say for myself, usually if I'm having a bad night I shut the game off and do something else but this got me by suppose and I left before my ship even sank. Not to happy right now that I lost my temper at a game
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    This game is simply going to die faster after this patch
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    Type 5 and Maus are gonna be fun with no arty to worry about and plenty of tier 8s to farm.
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    3 biggest REAL issues: 1. Arty. 2. Lack of balance. 3. Shitters.
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    more money on kolni \ /
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    The secret is to not check your %, just play until you get it. Like xena said, if you believe that you can and you have the ability to do so, you will get it eventually. Be patient. That was the best thing that helped me, but in the end everyone is different
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    I'm more or less an anime historian and these are my precious commodities These are basically vinyl sized disc sleeves that have art on both sides and have a lot of inserts with things like cast interviews, more art and adverts from their time. This is a boxed set of Photon, a show that Shinya Takahashi was character designer and chief animation director on (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=3568). Here's some of his more recent work too.
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    Euroslut seeks seamen

    Shoot shit and rage in chat
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    Expected Values Updated to v29

    >When you have more warnings than brain cells, later trash.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    So, while Garbad is... away, I will be relaying his stories.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    The Threat Unveiled In the days that followed, AAA rallied down several hundred veteran troops along with large amounts of supplies. We were told to base out of RPS-OK, a fortress near the edge of the kerberz pipe. Massive amounts of war material were moved there in quick order. However, when we asked about the golden fleet, we were told the fleet was currently unavailable, and we should be able to easily handle the situation with conventional weapons. This perturbed us a good bit, as what could possible be more important than killing 1k+ russians? That ace could easily be a war winner, yet they simply refused to deploy it. But politics is what it is. We assumed the leaders had good reasons, and besides, secrecy is key in a weapon like the golden fleet. Most of us assumed the golden fleet would "suddenly" appear in a moment of need despite everyone being told it was far away. And besides, its well known that ubermench like ourselves were worth at least 10 slavic subhumans, so we could handle the numerical disadvantage, especially with our new reinforcements. But as our spies and analysts started seriously looking at the russian power bloc, it became clear we had made a serious error in judgement. We judged the russian economy to be pathetically stunted, since they had no measurable activity on the economic indexes...but we failed to consider that they lived in drone space...which drops minerals...not isk. They didn't need to buy materials, they could grow them at home. The russians had been quietly farming drone space without observation or harassment for two fucking years. And what's more, we realized we vastly underestimated the size of the russian bloc. Our 3 month data showed 25,000 active accounts...or more. We simply couldn't count past 25k, and they hit that in the first 3 days of the 90 day snooping. It appeared that literally every russian speaking eve player was in on it, with no internal power divisions or rivalries at all. It was hard to imagine -- even if many of them were bots, that was a staggering amount of people. AAA was considered one of the largest alliances in the history of eve, and they were at LEAST twice our size. What can 25k+ russians with two years to prepare for war build? We had no fucking idea, but it was plain they had truly staggering amounts of ships prepared...and who could even possibly predict their capital strength? As this sobering data became clear, two more disturbing realizations came out. First, the russians realized we were spying on them, and started to seal up the cracks. Before long, it would be hard to know where they were and what they were doing. Second, and far worse, the russians realized in the battle that we did things differently than they did, and that our way was superior. They did not yet conceptually understand how we organized for battle, but they were working on it. They assembled a group of several thousand of their best troops to crack the riddle and organize in the same way. Despite our massive advantage on combat doctrine/organization/leadership, it was plain the russians would soon begin chipping away at that lead. Both of these factors argued for us to force a decisive battle as quickly as possible...yet without the golden fleet, this would mean our smaller ships would have to rout a much larger russian force that had been stockpiling replacements for two years. But our size was growing rapidly as well. We anticipated that we could field fleets up to 1000 ships as well very soon, and ours should remain much more experienced, skilled, and battle worthy. Our leaders seemed highly distracted for weeks, but we grunts were rearing to go. We had continual small scale fights, and we universally pushed their shit in. We had nothing but contempt for the common russian soldier, and were confident we could force a decisive battle soon, and win it. Next: The Battle of Five Armies
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Brace yourself pubbies. This is powerful stuff.
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    Show Off Your Rig

    Still working on this beast. Case: Corsair 900D MB: ASUS Z87 Sabertooth CPU: Core i7 - 4770K (Delided + lapped) Mem: 16GB Corsaid Dominator Platinum DDR3 1866 GPU(s): EVGA 780 Hydro Copper x2 PSU: Corsair AX 1200i SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB(OS) + 512GB(Games) Abreviated worklog for those who care: [Case Modding/Painting] [building]