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    C A L C U L A T E D https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientAbstruseParrotBudStar?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
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    Thanks for clearly explaining the etymology of Roller's 'joke'. Perfectly explains how someone could mistake a tired racist cliche for humour.
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    Draw Battle: Mines Vehicles: 121 Experience received: 1,712 Credits earned: 98,792 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "I Class" 92-95 8 games
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    Oh shit!! Its going down!
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    This is just another chapter in the WG book of shittery. They've made similar bullshit moves over a long period. To me the core of the issue is how flippant they have become with the notion of balance. Business model impact aside, you can't have a competitive game yet go around releasing shit that isn't balanced. I tend to post the odd comment in this thread when this flippancy rears it's head, probably rips could tell you what page, but to me some of the really obvious bad signs were (in no particular order - not even sure of the chronology anyway)... Using the t22 as a lure, stating it is better than everything else, then releasing it better than everything else. Stating that prem tank X should not be as good prem tank Y because it doesn't cost as much. Money should not buy performance. Shifting to a model where prem tanks were even on par with tree equivalents was risky, then to ones where they were arguably better, and now to tanks that are literally better. The sta2 was probably the most obvious early one with many more to follow. Acknowledging the e5 model was a mistake... then taking a year to fix it. Their refusal to balance premium tanks after release... more retarded is they don't appear to balance them prior to release either. All this maus/type 5 bullshit. More recently their statements and nerfs such that lights will not be able to compete with mediums. ytf not? (have i mentioned the accuracy on lights lately? cnts) This new MM that prescribes which classes should be balanced, and which ones not. That's not balance, that's acknowledging balance is broken and putting in a shitty and arbitrary fix to avoid the cause (maps, meta etc.). There are probably more but cbf'd thinking on this much further. The topic frustrates and annoys me to contemplate. Or to quote foch, fuck wargaming, fuck their terrible way of making these premium tanks lately... GG wargaming, and fuck you.
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    Foch played this one brilliantly tho. From a publicity point of view, he just couldn't lose. If WG stays silent, he becomes "the man who stands for the common people" If WG acts, he becomes "the oppressed hero" Worst case scenario is losing CC status, which doesn't really mean shit as far as youtube views go. Now lets just see if anyone tries to one-up him.
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    Yes. I also like it when WG want to make CW great again and then release tanks which are instantly meta in CW that you can BUY with REAL MONEY and skip ALL the GRINDS. I also like it when you can BUY a tank that is flat out BETTER than ALL (bar IS-3 because that's a medium/heavy/td/spg all in one) other tanks in the same tier for pubs giving you no incentive to actually grind tanks because fuck that, I'll just buy something better than what i need to earn. Its a game that rewards the grind. Or was. If they want to make money long term, this wouldn't have happened. It seems their business plan has shifted to short term profits at the expense of game longevity and this outcry is because WE ENJOY THE GAME and don't want it to die. edit: Seriously though, what the fuck is the point of actually grinding when you just play a tier 9 in tier 8 which you can buy which renders all your other tier 6-8 obsolete since MM will be full of OP tanks which you can't do anything about?
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    opinions on sirfoch being censored?

    Once again, Youtube is not the government, Foch posts content on Youtube and gets paid for it - WG attempting to convince Youtube to issue a Copyright Strike was a bullshit move, but its not censorship. I'm not arguing that WG is not being shady as fuck, but censorship is what North Korea and Iran do - when we try to hang that tag on some gamers having a quibble over a Youtube video - we diminish the weight of the word censor.
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    I think perhaps people need a lesson on what censorship means. If the state restricts what you as a consenting adult can communicate with other consenting adults - that is censorship. If an entity that you enter into a business agreement with restricts what you, as their business partner, can say regarding matters of their business - that is called work. WG did not censor Foch, they terminated a business relationship - which either party can do at any time with or without cause. Now, we as customers also get a voice in the matter because we also enter into a voluntary business relationship with WG which either of us is also free to terminate at any time.
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    If you like arcade-ish spaceship/spacefighter shooters, or just want to play a decent game no matter the genre, check out Strapoint Gemini 2, it's for free on Steam right now, along with the Origins DLC, and will be until tomorrow (24th 10PM pacific IIRC).
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    Say what you want but Foch has brought so much entertainment to the table
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    Post patch thoughts

    I was just in a game with my Leo. I got shot at three times by one arty and none of them hit me, just all near misses. Nothing else hit me the whole game. In those three near misses that pos motherfucker killed me. Arty is just as bad if not worse than it ever was, just in a different way. Maybe in heavy tanks its a little better but tanks with little to no armor its much worse. Fuck arty. If any of you here enjoy playing arty then fuck you. Just sayin'
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    TFW you re-read your text after getting some sleep and notice all the mistakes you made
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    Relic Gaming Community

    RIP 2013-2014 Rel_3.
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    Europa Universalis IV

    I've been slowly messing around with a colonial game. Basically I made an 800 point custom nation with ridiculous ideas, replaced all of Portugal's territory so they weren't in the game, then killed off Castille. France and Britain have done a little colonizing, but not a whole lot. In Europe I've taken over the Genoa trade node and am steering tons of ducats into it. I really didn't want another European war game so I've been avoiding fighting or expanding too much here. In Africa, I took enough of the Ivory Coast to steer trade into Sevilla. France still has some land down there but I'll be cleaning that up before too long. I colonized all the land around the cape. France managed to settle some islands in the Indian Ocean and were working east, but I smacked them down and took all the land. Thus I have effectively kept all European nations from colonizing past western Africa. I also conquered enough to completely control the Zanzibar trade node so everything I steer into it heads to Europe. This was my first time doing anything in the East Indies and I've learned just how rich the area is. I made a push to colonize most of it while also doing some conquering. Eventually I'll clear out Borneo and possibly Malacca to steer more trade out of this node. Malacca is a tributary under Ming though; I'm feeling too lazy to fight Ming so I might just ignore it. After all, my main focus this game was supposed to be in the Americas: I've been sealing off land to prevent European powers from getting a hold of too much. I allowed the Brits to get some land on the east coast; I couldn't keep everyone out and the trade value in that area doesn't end up in my trade node anyways. But I've cut them and everyone else off from the interior now so I am free to slowly fill in the gaps. I colonized the Caribbean heavily early on and with the new age bonus that gives +3 development for each new colony they're actually pretty strong. Well, at this point the sum total of all my colonies is pretty strong. In South America Scotland has their last remaining land. They are locked in though and won't be expanding anymore. One easy war should clean things up. Then I just have to fill in the interior. Overall plans involve some wars with GB to claim the rest of NA. In the East Indies I'll grab a little more land, maybe colonize more of the islands and such. But mostly I want to fill in all of the Americas. Good thing I can still turn a sizable profit while maintaining 10 colonies....
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    opinions on sirfoch being censored?

    Better question is how did he even get CC or even kept it for shittalking WG all the time on his streams, calling RU developers retards/subhumans multiple times I was surprised he even kept it for as long as he did. I do agree with Foch in every regard really, WG is fucking retarded and is just cash milking until the game will rek itself. I really used to enjoy the game but they fucked it up massively now.
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    Allow me to tell you something about CC standards. One of Polish CC drinks a little pool of beer almost every time he streams. Several times he fell asleep. Still CC. Another one has been caught on promoting cheaters - several times. Still CC.
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    Hate Playing the Benson

    8 months ago approximately, you could cap and out brawl most any DD in the Benson. With radar, spotter planes and sonar as well as many accurate long range shooting CAs, early capping is very dangerous in any ship. So my play style is changing with the meta to prevent the red team from capping. I am trying to learn how to contest caps by spotting and torping likely choke points. Early capping seems impossible unless red is asleep or has abandoned the cap.
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    Bun is featured a new movie where she breaks out of prison.
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    T95 - The Brick of Tier 9

    What crewskills do you recommend to this thing? Just started grinding towards E3 and put fresh crew with 6th/camo in it, what for 2nd skills? Was planning to go for repairs but would gunhandling be better? Also what equipment should I run? Currently Rammer/vents but still wondering between optics, spall liner and GLD as a 3rd choice. Or even a toolbox? Few games I've had with this I've found myself spearheading assault up close and personal so not really gaining anything from Binos/Net. Oh, and it's already fully upgraded so weight isn't a problem.
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    Tier 9 even more god tier now

    13 90, T-10, PTA, and even the T50 and 50 120. There's not much reason to play their tier 10 counterparts until ranked battles come along.
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    My first ever Radley-Walters medal. I almost feel sorry for that arty... Almost. http://wotreplays.com/site/3578319#sand_river-ruuhkis-strv_s1 And Ensk with Strv S1, slowly getting some damage in this map/tank combo. http://wotreplays.com/site/3578351#ensk-ruuhkis-strv_s1
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    How does a negative forum reputation affect me in here? Will I get banned if it lowers enough? Oh well, gotta have atleast one red stat I suppose...
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    Some Strv.S1 action: http://wotreplays.com/site/3518254#erlenberg-ruuhkis-s22_strv_s1 My first Ace Tanker with this machine, and nice profit too. http://wotreplays.com/site/3509367#sand_river-ruuhkis-s22_strv_s1 Fun game with Mr.McKiipeli, Strv. S1 platooning was fun! And as a bonus his view of the game: http://wotreplays.com/site/3509350#-mckiipeli-s22_strv_s1 Enjoy and comment, that makes me a better player!
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    After grinding Swedish TD's I decided to do some crew training with T-62A... http://wotreplays.com/site/3283050#mountain_pass-ruuhkis-t-62a 1. Good start for a day. After getting Batchat I got bit confused what to do but until then it was a good game by me, can't really figure what I should have done fifferendly. http://wotreplays.com/site/3283060#fisherman_s_bay-ruuhkis-t-62a 2. This game was odd... I got some nice free shots in the beginning and all looked good. After our flank collapsed in 11 min mark I should have bailed out from there... But game was 7-4 to us and I choose to buy time to team and stay. I already noticed that my ability to find good spots to shoot because of lack of gundepression is costing me and in the end, that and my lack of situational awareness killed me. Did I screw up because of my decision to stay? http://wotreplays.com/site/3283072#live_oaks-ruuhkis-t-62a 3. The trend continues. For my part I played badly. I should have gone faster to help our E5 I suppose. Then I messed up with AP/HEAT and ended up shooting non damage shots. Any toughts? http://wotreplays.com/site/3283079#sand_river-ruuhkis-t-62a 4. This was a win but I had no part in it. I took hits from AMX in the first place and didn't make any in return. Then I completely missed shots that were fully aimed against him. And when finally noticed E100 and Type 4 Heavy yoloed against them. Question, when in med that lacks gundepression is it even worth going to middle ditch? http://wotreplays.com/site/3283090#fjords-ruuhkis-t-62a 5. Another prove that I suck. Took position where I tought I can do something... And failed. Basically got executed for nothing. http://wotreplays.com/site/3283107#pilsen-ruuhkis-t-62a 6. Pilsen, my favourite... Not. In the end I might have been more agressive, specially when the E5's rushed I could have followed them. Can someone explain me how did that RU251 survive from what looked like direct arty hit? http://wotreplays.com/site/3283114#erlenberg-ruuhkis-t-62a 7. This game... I did OK'ish damage but that gundepression got me again. I also should have bail out when flank was gone I suppose. I think it was winnable as a team. 268 sat in the corner for sure but that Obj.140 got me wondering... When you unicums play do you play to win or to farm dmg? I'm just wondering could he have done dmg where it counts more, like resetting cap?