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    100% MoE on the Mutz and a staggering 56% win rate after 200+ battles. T8 in a nutshell.
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    I'm sure @JOC469 won't, and now neither will you...
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    Arty players are just like hitler - they both shoot you all game and commit suicide once your team gets close enough to kill them.
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    It's hard to notice signs of degradation until your chip starts acting unstable while others work just fine. Harder still if you aren't constantly taxing the chip at full power because because how are you going to notice any difference if you're not using it 24/7? I mean, I can push my 2500K to 5.2GHz with 1.46v and have it pass PCMark, but I wouldn't want to use that as my 24/7 overclock when I can be stable at 4.8GHz with 1.35v.
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    1) He needs a new PSU, doesnt matter if he buys a 1060, 970 or 1080Ti -> might cause problems, if HP opted for proprietary connectors somewhere in the system 2) GPU clearance ... this being a of the shelf PC, room for GPUs is often very limited. Some of the bigger custom cards probably won't even fit into that case!
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    British lights are not a question of finding the tanks, just a question of them actually getting around to putting to them in. On the note of the A45, there are a whole range of improvements they could give the tank due to it being a longer running project. Additionally, the depression over the front is restricted to 8 degrees because wargamming wasn't able to code the depression being 8 degrees just over the machine gun blister. That picture of the caernarvon floating around with the different mantlet? That was a resilient mantlet trialed on a centurion along with mounting a 32 pounder. The 32 pounder underperforms dramatically from it's historical performance in game. It was both more accurate and penetrated more than the 20 pounder in real life. Regarding the black prince, there is a historical basis for mounting the 32 pounder, or one of the guns which proceeded the development of the gun (IE 3.7" or 37 pounder). As for top speed, the planned mounting of the meteor engine included a redesign of the transmission allowing the tank to hit mid 30's. Sadly, wargamming did exceptionally little research on the initial British tree, and many of the numbers, such as penetration is almost universally too low. There are more than a few sources which confuse @30 degree penetration with @0 degree penetration. For instance, the Mk VII is 171mm pen for standard ammo, where the ammo that the gun uses in WOT was actually 190mm of pen.
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    LT-15 for the T-55 FUCK YEAH!!!!! After probably 1.5 years I can move on to the Obj260
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    Hype 59 gets gun handling buff so gun is less derpy. Yay? T-34-3 gets aimtime buff so it doesn't take 10 years to aim, only 7 years now. But it also gets armour to bully lower tiers if you ever meet them. YAY! Might bring me back to the game because i fucking love the derpmobile. 59 patton still gets shat on because its shitty still, no amount of pen buff is going to save the piece of crap. 9.20 is the great rebalance patch i guess. A lot of it unnecessary...
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    Yup, among other guns, and applique armour upgrades. The British made a lot of different tank shells for most guns. Often times a gun might have 5 or 6 different AP/APDS/APCR shells all with different shells. If you've ever noticed the firefly in game having several guns, it's more just each gun "using" different rounds. That said the 32 pounder had shells which ranged from high end 17 pounder AP pen (around 190mm) to high 200m (like >280 high) for APDS rounds. Potentially even higher too. All depending on which rounds you are looking at. The 32 pounder also has weird damage considering the 3.7" howizter on the cromwell (which mounted the 95mm, not the 3.7") has 280 damage HEAT versus the 240 AP and APDS. Shell velocity isn't entirely accurate either, as I recall, though I would have to go searching the numbers again. How the 32 pounder is presented in the game, however, is as it was on the tortoise. I have a document of firing trials comparing the 32 pounder (tortoise) APCBC to the 20 pounder APDS (I'll check later to see exact mark of the APDS). Among other things, the accuracy of the 32 pounder was noticeably better than the 20 pounder, and it penetrated more armour at 1400 yards than the 20 pounder did at 800. For gun progression, if you introduced more gun marks in the form of different ammo it could easily end up being (in terms of progression of pen) 17pdr->3.7"->17pdr->3.7"->32 pdr->20 pdr->32 pounder->105mm->120mm And this is without even touching the prototype guns, which the British almost have none of in WOT. These would include the 21 pdr, a 120mm (designed for 20 pounder mount), 17 pdr squeezebore (the British designed squeezebores all the way up to 152mm), APCR rounds for the 17 pdr and 77mm, 8 pdr, 13 pdr, 37 pdr, and the variety of demolition guns, to name a few. Then there are modifications to existing guns, such as the David gun or the extended again barrel of the 6 pounder, and the 6 pounder squeezebore. I do somewhere, but I have to find it again. As I am aware, it was the redesigned transmission in concert with the meteor that would allow the speed to reach low-mid 30's. As for the British guns, it wasn't quite fair of me to say that it was simply a matter of different angles. One of the people whom I do some research with, noticed that on more than a few occasions, the penetration numbers from a primary British gun document for a 30 degree angle would be or virtually be identical to the numbers listed in a book. Further confusing the mess is the number of shells for each gun. For instance, technically it's not incorrect to say the 6 pounder could penetrate some 137mm of armour, but that particular shell would generally shatter after 114mm. And there are at least 6 other AP shells. The numbers wargamming used (back when guns tended to be roughly historical pen numbers) just don't line up with the primary British documents and fall quite close to the numbers which seem to be more of the @30 degrees numbers.
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    Best TD for td15 T55A mission

    VKB got its LFP nerfed so it's not that good anymore. I struggle to think of many other tanks that have workable armor and low-ish. Maus still might be the best bet, despite the high hp pool.
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    So Happy to see JOC has finally found someone. Enjoy.
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    Random BSOD caused by overclocking?

    24 hours just to be safe. There's technically no guarantee any overclock will be 100% stable, just that the longer you can run the chip under full load the more certain you can be it won't roll over and BSOD suddenly (and that's not considering low-power states yet, it might still crash if the mobo decides it doesn't need that much power while not bringing the clockspeed down first). Post complete specs, specifically the chip stepping (use CPU-Z), mobo model and any setting you touched in the BIOS that isn't on default. Also check temperatures while running Prime95. My gut tells me you gave the chip too much voltage on your OC that it's starting to kill itself, or the VRMs on the mobo is on its way out. Or overheating because summer. Examining event viewer is mostly useless because it doesn't tell you what the crash was caused by, usually. Go to the BSOD event and copy down everything it tells you. Extra points if you can provide the dump file for easy reading.
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    That sounds rough, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. Stress can be really hard with eating and diets I know I stress eat quite a bit. One thing that has helped me with that is when I'm really stressed and would stress eat I go walk a mile or two and that normally helps relax me and clear my head. Losing weight is hard and requires quite a bit or work and dedication to maintain it. Don't try to lose it too fast or you'll just make yourself miserable and only lose a bit of weight and then give up and likely gain it all back. A little bit of cheat good is also helpful just don't go overboard. You can do it!
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    Best TD for td15 T55A mission

    Hmm.. Find some idiots in wot... That's going to be tough....
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    Well, there's already one empty vessel in the pic.
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    The V8 of the RB7 was alright. The V10 noise though... Oh so beautiful. Especially though the tunnel.
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    WT auf E100, the comeback ?

    I'd only accept Ho-Ris if they are broken OP so every time they start shooting, you start shouting in japanese accent "ho-ri-shit"
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    It feels a bit like the T44 buff... Needed AP buff... got turret armor.
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    XVM snipers should be hung from their toes until they rip off and hit the ground
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    WT auf E100, the comeback ?

    Make it a campaign tank
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    Madner Kami

    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    Whenever I see that I'll regularly get more than two destroyers in the teams, i stop playing DDs. Especially in the Gaede, getting spotted too often while tons of battleships are around, is just suicidal. P.S.: I wish they'd have brought in the HP-buff for Gaede already, it dearly needs it.
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    Someone really needs to buy Adrian a tier ten arty so he can be "relevant" too.
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    2 weeks passed as being a unicum, generally get teamkilled/ pushed in 2 battles daily. Also, the almost-unbearable stupidity and 2+ bots in every team can bring out the rage for sure. +1 idea for wg: extend blacklist to 5000. At least. It's so tiring delete 1 guy to add another in every game.
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    Who else reports any arty that hits you for 'unsportsmanlike conduct'?
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    All these changes dont effect me in the slightest, infact, they make it only worse.... i have everything unlocked, (well, need Strv 103 and Kranv + lights, but fuck lights) i have more as hundred tanks, tons of spare food / garage slots / crews 80 million credits Which means the ONLY REASON for me to play / spend money, will be play 4 fun... (no need for any kind of grind) Yet WG is fucking with my fun: middle tiers suk dik, for ages tier 7/8 platoons suk dik grinding stock tanks with just some AP / bad crews, suks dik spamming gold ammo is a winning tektik soooo WG is both making sure i wont spend real money on this game, (bad for WG) due to badly balanced tanks / pissing me of with shitty ass gameplay (lights, strong premiums, tier 10 tanks getting buff after buff) AND at the same time forcing me to shoot a lot of gold ammo / play high tiers, this might all ``work`` for peasants, aka 99.99% of the playerbase, who wont be able to keep playing tier 10 full gold, WITHOUT also spending real money But for me? I wont renew my prem account and can keep playing for years to come while blazing HEAT in T54, my heat spam + unicunt skills will also drive a way a ton of people who wont like getting outplayer and outgunned game after game, and while others do the same, they are ``part of the community``, via cw / streaming / forum / whatever, but im not involved in any kind of community thing, because fuck WG so im as player a big fat sunk cost thing, i dont ``attract new players``, instead, i cause people to quit... Unicums, spamming gold in full IS6`s platoons are bad for the game, but the solution WG choose to fix this only makes it worse... ps: i rather not shoot gold, and instead collect MOAR CREDITS, but if WG tunnels the game into OP tank vs OP tank contest, so be it...
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    What is the mindset of these people? Why do they even bother? What do they think they can achieve by, what I can only consider intentionally, harming others?
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    I sometimes let my 4 year old play the mikasa in coop. She presses W to sail towards the cap and the secondaries do the rest. (She hasn't grasped mouse and keyboard coordination) Still comes top 2 in XP...
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    Stay down a bit longer, get yourself a T-34 and Easy8. Learn HT and MT differences and how to handle the other class. I personally didn't progress past tier 6 until I was able to solo 60% in the Easy 8. Caveat that was a very very different era. I'd judge that once you're able to solo 57% and 850-900xp/game for a protracted session (over 2 weeks, 150 games) then you're ready to rock. Take it from someone who took 10,000 games before purchasing a tier 10, there is no rush. If you're playing for you, then the best use of your time is on your own skills. Grinding is really easy when you've got boosters and you average 1100xpg. I power ground out the T-54LW recently. A conservative 1100xpg, plus boosters and platoon bonus - 1100 + 1100 + 165 = 2365 average. That's 115 games to grind 270,000 xp, less when you factor in doubles and it's one of the bigger grinds in the game. Plus, good crews are as big bonus and low tiers are more forgiving of less skills. I still tend to seed my new crews in mid tier tanks. So, take it slow, develop yourself, watch streamers (the good ones) and read guides (the good ones) and search this forum. If you're having fun and focusing on your skills you might wake up one day with 33,000 battles, 4 skill crews in every good tank in every tier 6+, some obscene wn8 and people might read your advice. (Wondering where your free time for the last 5 years went)
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    The wz-120 is one of my favorite tier 9 tanks
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    Quick Questions/Quick Answers

    Notip? ( `³')
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    You're writing in comic sans, at this point adding any more autism is purely trivial.
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    Maybe you should drink more rather than attempting to belittle people while achieving nothing yourself. So personal missions... About bot status. Ranked, worse than a bot. 2 years into game, no campaign rewards, just a big mouth jumping on bandwagons. As someone equivalent to a tomato with zero achievements learn your place or maybe learn to STFU. Like I said, you are irrelevant but it's fun to show you that :).
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    The only bit he got wrong was you could have been working. None of us here would classify pimping out thai ladyboys to your mates as working.
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    What has my wife (who is a Nurse) got to do with your fascination for Thai men? I understand you are a sad pathetic loner, maybe get a dog. Woof. Or bite the bullet and jump on a plane to Thailand to live out your fantasy with Thai men.
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    Fascinating. Like I said though I'm also a good judge of character and pick and choose who I get along with. Only 1 guy so far here I'd have a beer with, that's sad.
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    True. I do like my input to be heard at times. But if the people here stopped bringing up my name here and on other areas...I'd be quieter. But making friends? I don't care, I'm here to defend myself and talk tanking shit. Retards like JOC attempting to bring my family into this...on a gaming forum...Just Pathetic.
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    Facts are cool, lies aint. What do you think of JOC's latest attacks on my family? Thought this was a tanking forum, not a racist cesspool for belittling peoples heritage and families.
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