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    It's finally done. Can't believe it took so long... if it weren't for the god-damned losing streak that made me lose 6% overall in this.
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    Hello all, After 8 years of wot, i give up. I started playing wot during the closed beta in augustus 2010 (so almost 8 years ago) and while i was often mad, the core of the game was so good, that all the small things WG did for the good or bad didnt change that much. The overall direction the game was goiing was also good so slowly the game grew more and more on me. This was the game i always wanted: tanks fighting tanks, without all the other lame ass crap** (except arty, arty was, is and will always be c****r) All i wanted (and did) was bashing random bobs in randoms while platooning with stronk pleyers. Hence i have been in 322 / 247/ FAME / 322 for 6 years, not for worthless cw trash, but for stronk plutons. Over the years WG showed the amazing abibility to: Make the worst maps in gaming history and despite rewoking some 4 times (cough *komarin* cough) still failing in making them playable Too retarded to fix the elephant in the room that killed the game as a whole (arty) Total lack of foresight when adding things you cant undo (tier 10 TDs and later on arty and light tanks) Toss in the fact the only person in the whole company with both common sense and real power was siderailed (our lord and saviour ) And the game never mananged to live up to its full potential. OP tanks were originaly always nerfhammered, to keep the average the average, and most ridiculous forum suggestion where ignored, and when they didnt ignore it, like gold ammo for credits, it lead to a shit show, which ofc took a year to fix (m4 sherman with 150 pen and 350 dmg anyone? etc etc etc. However despite all of it, the game roughly stayed the same: The real problems, gold ammo and arty got ignored OP tanks dont get fixed fast small all round improvements Yet, the past 2 years, it started to change. the core strengths of the game got slowly ditched: The menus / garage where updated, making it a cluster fuck of chaos, instead of a clear easy to read menu for missions (which the game always had!), the menu became worthless, i simply stopped following missions, too much work / clutter Historical accuracy got ditched, leading to fantasy tanks and bs armour models new OP tanks dont get nerfed, insead old models got buffed, leading to powercreep Due to the above, all tanks slowly become the same, they all got dpm and gun depression buffs, all tanks started losing weakspots The real changes, which would have totally revived the game, sandbox, never happened, while heavy tanks got better, they did it by buffing them, not by nerfing what makes them crap in the first place (gold ammo!! and arty) Toss in the awefull map reworks, and a physics patch which makes driving TDs a pain and the game went for me downhill fast and as cherry on the top, still tons of arty to ruin your game. The game is now back to square 1: camp 2 win, and you try? you die! It was fun the all the time i lasted, i think i never played a game longer as i played this one, but the game simply turned to shit because WG was unwilling to remove arty in 2012 and reduce dmg of gold ammo 20% in 2013. And now the player numbers slowly start to fall, ``forcing`` WG to milk the playerbase for as long as they can, ruining the game entirely (see all the new russian super tanks) I always said the only company capable of killing wot is WG, and for me they succeeded, after playing daily/ weekly from august 2010 till jan 2018, having 6 years of non stop prem account and playing more as 50.0000 games during those years, WG managed to make me basically quit. (i do have enough credits to keep playing for ever, but i probably wont even bother) Imo its a shame WG fucked the game up so hard, but so be it, i still got 6 months of prem left, so gonna play a bit. ps: perhaps the gold ammo changes + inevitable rebalance that will follow 3 months later will magically improve everything, but i somehow doubt that, ever since Serb left, WG never had the balls to really change something, they always backpeddled like coward weaklings... Wotlabs is also almost dead, so thats why i made a topic GehakteMolen, the biggest arty hater to ever play ps: something that always bothered me: unlike all the wannabe arty haters, my arty hate knows no limits** there are only 2 players who hate it as much as i do, everybody else i just pretending to hate arty. I never defend(ed) arty from scouts rushing in nor protect them in anyway way or shape, and the only reason i dont mass tk them is due to the ban system, anyone who helps arty win a game is a traitor for the good cause: trying to ruin the game for arty. All arty deserves is curses and friendly fire, they are the scrouge of this game and the reason everything is the way it is (open maps not working , heavy tanks badly balanced, TDs they way they are and so on and on). I also never platooned with arty (for 2 players i made and exception) and never told them gg or anything other positive (i thinkg, perhaps i made a mistake) what i always did do was report them for unfair play, untill WG disabled that feature, due to unicums getting falsly reported aswell.
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    Hehe England

    Hehe England
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    I still think your best bet is a refurbished Thinkpad W530. Yes a bit older but CPU performance hasn't progressed that much. a top of the line Ivy Bridge i7 (4 cores 8 threads). I mean an i7 3820QM still blows an i3 7100U out of the water. (and i3 7100U laptops start at 500euro) Then you got 8GB of RAM stock, easily upgradable, FHD 15.6" screen and stuff like fingerprint sensor etc. You'd probably need to upgrade the HDD to an SSD also. I've had a couple of friends buy refurbished thinkpads before. They're basically indistinguishable from brand new ones. Not even a blemish but they weren't bought online though. I'd ask if it's A grade or if it "looks and feels like new" before purchasing. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fsrp=1&_nkw=thinkpad+w530&_sacat=0&_from=R40&LH_PrefLoc=5&_sop=10
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Glacier is a great example of a type of map WG seems to love to make.... the "bowl style" map. The middle is a giant no go zone other then a few hills/rocks and all the fighting is concentrated along the flanks usually in 2 corners. Basically 90% of the map is useless and fighting is reduced to a group of tanks headbutting each other in the corners, seriously think of how many maps simply break down to which side i need to go camp. Also https://bt13.itch.io/wg-sim thanks reddit
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    3-5-7 combined with shit balance, increasing power difference between the tiers is a problem, and if there is something that will make me leave the game, its that. Arty is cancer but its always been there and unless it becomes somehow worse (which wont happen cus arty was so much worse in 2013 and earlier) it wont be the main reason to kick me out of the game. I want to highlight a recent big issue - the maps. These days, the maps are overall FUCKING AWFUL. This game always has bad maps, but 1.0 made it MUCH worse - Almost every map just got worse. There are actually just a few, literally a few maps that are kinda consistently enjoyable (and even then, you could get cucked if you play certain tanks - two some of the best maps in the game IMO - Redshire and Himmelsdorf, can both cuck you, Redshire north spawn is aids for non-fast heavies and Himmels is bad for paper TDs and LTs that lack good firepower, tho every map should not be completely equal for every tank class). Here is a few of poor map designs: - maps that are basically a corridor simulator (mountain pass, abbey) - maps that are technically not too awful otherwise but becomes a shitfest the moment it has too many arties (prokho, sand river, steppes) - maps that are clearly unbalanced (mines, live oaks) - maps that are overly campy (malinovka standard, prok with a lot of arties, erlenberg (lol still a campfest, but hey, its different now so is fine!)) - maps that heavily favor one class and puts some of them at disadvantage (a lot of the maps, but Paris is a good example because anything that isnt a heavy sucks here) The worst maps, that I would to call ”the craptastic four” are combination of those traits mentioned earlier. Its fucking insane how these maps even got into the game. I almost want to legit kms when I get one of these maps. Here we go: - Fishermans Bay AKA Shittermans Gay: Such a joke, used to be alright but now its fucking terrible. City is even harder to reach and push without dying, 1-2 line is also harder to push without dying. Everyone just go middle and its literally abusing a hugeass lane of bushes. The moment someone spots you from an awkward angle, you’re screwed. It’s super campy, its super boring and unfun to play, and it becomes twice as bad with arties. Oh yes. - Glacier AKA Gaycier: This map is hilarious. You got the north flank, that is fucking garbage - if someone goes to middle, you get spotted and there is legitimately no way to avoid it and get shot at if you play a heavy and try to go to north. Not just that, you cant push from north because of the campers. So north is trash, just trash. South takes forever to reach and push, middle is a clusterfuck with zero arty cover whatsoever, the aircraft carrier makes things even more retarded. It results in a super poorly made campfest map with limited possibilities to push and you get shit on by arty 24/7. Its fun only when ur playing a tank that is fast, has turret armor, has gun depression and when there isnt a single arty and next to no TDs. And like thats never gonna happen. - Province: This map can go fuck itself and everyone who designed it can also go fuck themselves. Its absolutely horribly designed in every metric. Everything about it is bad - its campy AND corridory, its hard to push and do anything, capping is completely impossible, arties can shit on retarded spots where they shouldnt be able, both spawns have most retarded superbushes where you can hide anything reliably so pushing is impossible there, and its unbalanced. More often than not it lasts more than 13 minutes. Woohoo. - Fjords. Its unbalanced as fuck, even after the changes. Its super poorly designed. Its unfun with pretty much anything. Its either a super awkward corridor where arta can shit on (only place where it can even do anything, and that is when it positions correctly), a risky area in the middle that works from the better spawn anyway and a crossfire camp hell at the north. It has every shittyness mashed into one deformed abomination puked by a crayon eating mongoloid into a napkin. The only good thing about it is that it looks really beautiful aestethically. I personally get so triggered about the maps sometimes. If they keep introducing maps like the 4 I mentioned, I can see myself quitting the game sooner than I would expect. That and 3-5-7 is really fucking awful and at this point should be just reverted into old one with a few good thing taken like classes being matched against each other, arta platoons removed and limited to 3. Man I love this game, it would have such a fucking huge potential but the devs are retarded ;__;
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    1: whining implies im complaining about something thats not true / not a problem, only blind retards think arty was or is fine so im not whining, im mentioning a fact... 2: i was unicum before that term was even used, and what makes a unicum a unicum is beiing able to adjust and adapt to the new situations, the noobs will suffer, while the good players will kill said noobs regardless of the situation... 3: why should i even bother with elc? i dont wanna play elc, i want to play a tank, drive around and shoot people, like i could between 2010 and 2016/17, its not my problem WG fucks it up, i will just stop paying and do something else instead... Infact, its WGs problem: Wot is for me like watching tv, a nice filler, Wot is for WG their cash cow and their work and salery, people like me are the reason worthless developers like them even work in the first place... Pissing / losing your best and most loyal customers always ends in disaster, not short term, but long term, same with sports, if you loose the die hards fans / supporters from the first hour, your sport / club / team will be doomed, it might take 2 or 10 years, perhaps you can even keep exsisting, but you will never be what your where... and this is what WG has been doiing last 2 years, they made all the player who play for the sake of playing quit... death by a thousand paper cuts, and a big fat middle finger in your eye in the form of arty...
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Yeah, sticking your barrel in hes barrel means bb arty (and no punishment). Still, we need more hero`s like the E100 in this team He didnt say anything, he just turned around and killed the CGC, when other arty complained he said something along the lines of: get cancer arty, and also killed the other (he also wasnt banned, hurr durr) Due to arty, the maps are shit and shit maps + arty lead to TD hordes, this coupled with gold ammo makes heavys pointless unless they get buffed, making mediums crap (they now get shit on by arty, tds, bad maps and OP heavys) and its not heavys thats the problem, not is gold ammo helping meds, its arty fucking it, arty and nothing but arty. Arty not only always fucked my games and ruined my glorious wins, arty ruined the entire game. For every fucking dog that plays arty for fun, there is 1 player that left the game due to said arty, outright removing arty and giving only compensation in credits and free crews would have costed far less players as the constand arty shit does. im 100% certain that arty is the most common reason people quit wot, its not OP / UP tanks, russian bias, bad balance, ``low tiers beiing to weak against high tiers``, or all the other tanks people complain about, if people could pick 1 single option it would be fucking arty, every single person i know irl that played wot and quit wot quit due to arty, every single person in the clan that quit, quit partly due to arty, sure they might also dislike other things, but arty is always one of the main reasons what makes wot so rage inducing once in a while. to all arty players: FUCK YOU VERY MUCH
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    Super congrats hibachi! We're so proud of you. I don't like to talk about my life much, but things have been really rough on me for the past six months or so. Bad health, bad experiences, and losing my SO has made for a pretty rough year. I've gotten some things done that I've always wanted to, but there's one thing I haven't been able to do, and that's come out about my sexuality. I just can't work up the courage, especially knowing how some people dear to me would take it. I have gotten to talk with Bun more often though, and I'm trying to make some new friends, so things aren't all bad. Still besties with @Zytyx, who is a precious bean, by the way!
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    Plenty of fouls (first half was especially dirty), 3 corners, off-side where there wasn't any, come on... How many kilometers of dick did croatians suck to get fifa on their side? English didn't play all that well, but if refs are against you as well then there's not much you can do anyway.