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    my g29 wheel platform/rig has been completed but i kept forgetting to take a pic of it. its nothing fancy but it works for how small my room is and the space it has to fit in. https://imgur.com/yo7Nj6G
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    High Quality M44 picture

    High Quality M44 picture
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    I T-49 derped 3 arty, plus 1 shit an ELC Even
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    "Because you liked "The Shining" we recommend you these movies and tv shows: Friends" - Thanks Netflix.
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    So last night it happened I got bored with this game. I was so bored i had to stop playing. It is not fun anymore. Always the same shit over and over again.
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    Every week or so I play a single game to remind me not to touch this game. I don't understand how anyone can keep playing this shithole of a game where XVM focus/yolos/bullshit RNG and MM is so prevalent. Even when I platoon with irl friends on occassion, they can see the blatant aforementioned bullshit. Honestly to keep playing this game frequently - in its current state - on a regular and consistent basis, you need to have some form of brain damage. I fucking miss tanks before XVM endorsement and shit MM teams. Even games like LoL with INTers are more fun to play than this.
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    Playing Patriot and Patton 46. Seeing less T10s while playing the 46. What the actual fuck?
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    I managed to one-shot kill an enemy T49 in my T49 by knocking out all his crew. This is the first time i have ever seen that happen. I smacked him for 940 and thought he was shot beforehand, but apparently not.
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    Trying to do operation excalibur where i have to cap the base and my team keeps getting off the damn cap. Idiot wg for making cap missions and pubbies. FUCK
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    About women

    About women