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    FOOD PORN WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU'RE HUNGRY AND LOVE MEAT I cooked this brisket for memorial day
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    This sounds extremely petty but I get so much fucking joy from ruining someone's game. Like every time I permatrack some idiot on a hill or corner, every time I catch someone out with no cover, every time I'm responsible for deleting the entirety of an enemy tank I get extremely aroused. It's like I get to channel all the frustration that this game has inflicted on me and put all onto someone else.
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    Lucky 11 game session in the leo 1
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    Casual 12k assistance on Karelia and 3rd MoE
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    I called scammers. Hilarity at 2:50
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    earth's deadliest animal

    earth's deadliest animal
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    Gigabit Internet achieved
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    Never has Bodged the No player data found bug, the tank list is still broken, he'll fix that when he can he said. @RealBattousai @jst2gr8
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    More WT memes

    More WT memes
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    So I decided to import my midlife crisis directly from Japan... Before anyone asks, no I don't know what an Initial D is . When I started doing a bit of research on getting one imported, the name kept coming up. I actually thought they were a tuning company or something at first like TRD. I then figured out it's a Japanese comic. This explains why all the kids have gone crazy for these and the prices have gone crazy. Lucky for me that it's the Trueno hatchback version they all want. I like the Trueno's but have always preferred the Levin Booter version... I struck gold with this car. It has had a complete rust proofing carried out on it. The engine came out and the bay was treated and primed as was the boot(trunk). It also had a complete engine rebuild. Toda Racing cams, Toda Racing pistons, piston rings, Toda Racing valve springs, Toda Racing head gasket, Toda Racing oil cooler. It also has a 2 way Cusco diff and a set of fully adjustable suspension. Attached is a few pictures of it sitting in the port in Japan waiting for export.
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    Last game before 1.0.2

    Last game before 1.0.2
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    RGB to greatness Need to update TR 1950X build log
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    Best game in my E100 yet, and the only example I could find where 3/5/7 worked in my favor since the update
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    Whew, I'm proud of myself

    Whew, I'm proud of myself
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    Fuck I brought a 1080 Ti

    Fuck I brought a 1080 Ti
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    It's been more than 3 years since this gold mine was posted: Pay your respects o7
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    Obj-277 has killed my last willingness to play Wot. I had fun playing with my clan so I got some competive tanks like the 5a, 113 or the E3. Now thanks to WG policy of "only Russian tanks good tanks da" most of what I have left is obsolete or useless. I have no reason to grind anymore as a) am to tired b) whatever i grind could be nerfed c) I have zero interest of grinding only russian tanks. I'd love to myself a Leopard or Stb-1 but what for? They are trash! Luckly if I ever feel like playing I have a friend's account (that he doesn't use) where I have a t49 to derp around and give zero fucks since no premium or effort is needed. Time to semi-retire my OG account hoping that things change (I might play some games on it but just SHs or some CWs for my clan and to not always play alone)
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    Remember Drinking while pregnant does have repercussions, just look at this cursed image!
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    Man, i'm sure he got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not gonna even mention she's just using that game for her self promotion as she just keeps fullscreen on her and not even playing the fucking game. But God forbid some guy goes shirtless on Twitch. Instaban. Fucking whores.