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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.
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    MFW I was thinking this 183 can only kill me if he pens me with HESH. But he is a 42%er, so he loaded AP and ammo-racked me from full hp. Obviously.
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    guys, I bought a thing the other day its sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood
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    First tier 10 session since new computer, smoooooooooooooooooooooooooth. (65%-95%)
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    WOT Survey Would you like to change anything in the current conditions for obtaining chevrons? If yes, what would you like to change? Be as detailed in your answer as possible. "Make the conditions for earning XP transparent and make them more relevant to actual game contribution. Damage at any distance is more valuable than just close range damage alone. Ranked forces a very heavy brawling meta on players at the expense of medium tanks. More of your dev team needs to actually play the game to understand this. Quit punishing well played support tanks in favor of HE sling heavies." detailed enough? I'm sure it will never get read
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    https://i.imgur.com/wcOC5IT.jpg I BROKE MY CURSE
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    You should only be allowed 10 map pings per game, with no counter to let you know how many you have used. On the 11th ping your ammo rack should detonate . . .
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    Fuck, couldn't mark it in less than 100 games. But for reference, expected is around 5100-5150.
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    OH SHIT YEAH!!!! 3marked my favorite tank in the game AND my first 3marked tier 9. BOOOOOOOOOM! MURIKA!
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    When you go years without glasses and put on your first prescription pair. Holy shit... I can actually see leaves on the trees now. I wore them for an hour and took them off, felt absolutely blind, I had no idea how bad my vision actually was because I was so used to it.
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    >be me >lakeville north spawn, IS-M in tier 9 match >VK100.01P on our team "no arty push valley HARD and FAST" >VK100.01P >"fast" > >Tell him "I'll give you 500 gold if you push past the ridge at F2" >totally serious >VK spends entire game at E2 scared of a single Skorp G >p much everything is dead before he pushes, doesn't actually make it past F2 before game ends >no gold 4 u baddie
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    Love how these never disappear from your profile lol. 1 Being a shit troll Acknowledged Warning issued by Private_Miros November 24, 2014
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    Defender back on sale. Fucking hell WG you complete fucking morons.
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    Metallica, Mar 19th 2019 here in Indy. Floor tickets w/ early access is get. Amazing when you stop spending $ on this game...
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    I really thought I have been in the WoT 1.0 beta since 2012... but sure, let me join the 1.0 beta AGAIN
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    Just got a Kolobanov in an ELC Even 90. 3 tanks of the ones left were 2 shots. OP tank confirmed. Plz Nerf DPM
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    Windstorm is so fucking terrible we won't even bother restoring it into HD. But enjoy playing in Ranked Mode! Because fuck you, that's why,
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    Derp 49 Purchased: Equipment 'Stabilizing Equipment System' successfully purchased (1 item(s)). You spent bond: 5,000.
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    Just reached 2450 overall WN8. Finally, now that WN8 is useless, I'm there now time to fix my winrate.
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    IS-7 in Fiery Salient. No arty, no He spammers, the best kind of opportunity to get HT-12: It only took like 100 battles to get a decent map for the mission.....
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    #3 3 MoE, new high tier! Victory Siegfried Line IS-6 Experience received:5,044 ( x3) 88,274 ( +1,887) Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "II Class" Repairs: -5 933 Ammunition: -57 600 Total: 24 741 WN8: 2 821 (91)
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    Hooray. I'm officially a blue. Hooray. Now those with XVM can play 'wipe crapcannon off the map first....'
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    Japanese heavy tanks are balanced (140 turret roof pen with oho)
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    Q: How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing? A: There are a lot of voices, both good and bad, but that means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is improbable, but a buff very possible. Fuck you, WG.
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    I have 'won the day' 7 times, aka green at tanks and green at forums . . .
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    @Never are we going HD to celebrate Wot HD? Anyway it looks good.
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    Jesus the ELC EVN DPM means on fast battles you will always loose % on marks. Damn this annoys me. FFS 65% wr but can't 3 mark this thing
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    Today, I got the sacred call from Microsoft telling me my Computer is gonna crash. If I wasn't about to head out the door I would of tried to fuck with him, but unfortunately all I had time to do was give a sarcastic "Ohh really is it now?, Im sorry Mr Scammer but Fuck you" *click*
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    The Legendary AssHatinM18 spotted today playing with someone else from toon. Looks like they weren't informed about the hellcat nerf also his platoonmate drowned himself once the game started to fold lmao.
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    'Ere, he says he's not dead.

    'Ere, he says he's not dead.
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    So I bought back my 140. I don't know what it is, but I'm so much more comfortable in this than the T62a. Maybe it's the extra degree of gun depression, but I'm just performing way better. Shame the poor thing has 48% winrate and 1.9K dpg from when I first bought it.
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    I wish every single player were a damage whore. It is strange to say it out loud, but most of the toxicity of the game comes from players how "play for the win" with 47% WR. Most of these players have a specific mindset they are not trying to win, but they want to prevent the enemy from winning. 1. "I gotta shoot this bottom tier purple if I want to win. QB told me to focus good players." 2. "I must TK this bush camping light. We are losing, because he is not spotting." 3. "I have to defend the base because if they over run our base they are going to win." 4. "I will pre-aim this flanking position with my top tier auto-loader. If they flank us we will lose." It's not a rant. I am genuinely trying to better understand pubbie logic, because my predictions suck.
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    Love the people who do nothing, watch you push, watch you take the hits. And then sit on cap with 0 damage done, denying everyone else cleanup damage.
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    "marked your STB yet Asassian" >clicks battle in STB >999 ping >close game, restart >game wont connect >close game again, restart >game is now downloading a 6.5GB patch..???
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    Huzzah, we're back up, praise @Never
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    wat, wat is this place?

    wat, wat is this place?
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    It may seem like things are under control, but holy shit everything is kinda fucked up.
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    Streaming the French BB grind - and no I am not sailing the entire game in reverse. https://www.twitch.tv/maxl_1023
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    Story of my ELC EVEN 3 mark mm - get a good map = either top tier so no hp or you get 2x type5 who are afraid to push a type4 and oho so we lose with my top dmg being 2200. So I gain more % on himmels than on kampinovka...
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    So this scammer approached me on Twitch: Almost fell for it
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    Streaming the WOWS grind - its not as bad as WoT. https://www.twitch.tv/maxl_1023
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    >get to work >happy Friday everyone! >data center's down >Supposed to be a big day for sales >lol tax refunds came in >can't sell shit >data center's down >us devs get blamed somehow >"fuck you" I might get fired
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    Sometimes I wonder why people play World of warships when they clearly should play World of Ships. Such is their fear of sighting or shooting enemies or god forbid getting shot at. Just take the war out of warships and battle out of battleships and everything seems less out of place.
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    tfw you get your tokens in one go https://imgur.com/a/ao7Sd
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    Fuck 268 V4s also fuck weeb heavies lmao