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    oh boy who is this I spy?

    oh boy who is this I spy?
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    Lest it be forgotten what WG thought was a good idea.
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    WOT Codez each one gives 3 XP, Crew and Credit reserves BRACEYOURSELVES cc4tankersdec The 4 Tankers Code is part of a set. See video
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    lol, met whistling_death in a pub match. I.E the guy who does the exposingwot website. hes as entertaining in game as he is on the forums:
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    Petition to Give Alex Jones WH Credentials, Seat Him Next to Jim Acosta
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    India should be at least cut off from the internet. 6:53 - oh shit, guess the little table I was making in html got hacked at some point! "I'm sorry, I had to delete my homework Mr. Teacher, haxxorz haxed it!" But honestly - fucking scumbags are evolving, they didn't use w3 validator before.