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    Whips the dust off his banning wand.
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    First time today where the team is actually balanced and
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    Hey folks. Been playing a bit more WoT recently, liking the new T8 mode. Can be really fun while playing a LT or a HT. Anyway, I would like to share my most recent WIP - Tamiya's 1/35 Tiger I Initial Production, as deployed in Tunisia. Still not happy with the dust on the wheels and hull. Will probably work on it again during the weekend. Would appreciate any constructive criticism. Thanks for looking!
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    Step 1. Grab a ice cold stubbie Step 2. Crack open stubbie Repeat until at required level of zen.
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    If you can rename the radioman to Murazor, would you still want to drive backwards?
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    When you're top tier with a T29

    We have a section called Recent Status Updates where you can spam all you want
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    When you're top tier with a T29

    Wtf is this GD?
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    This is just the countdown to: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_279 LOL
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    I love how they are introducing a new op game breaking tank every other day nowadays. We went 277 > Chimera > 726 in like a week.
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    I just love how this vehicle, which would be nigh impossible to traverse at any even remotely sensible rate, somehow gets better traverse rates than most T10 heavies.
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    Don't worry. Many of us already said that. But we all came back like the Crack addicted we are.
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    Gets the highest alpha of any medium tank in game including tier 10s... And it somehow gets good accuracy and aim time as well?? It also has good armor and is faster than most tier 8 mediums. What is powercreep?! Ps. Just noticed it gets -10 gun depression as well lmao
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    I've woke up with a woman who looked like this. Made good pancakes though.
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    Halo SPV3

    The problem is, of the 10 topics contained in the recent topics section, 7 of them belong to you. Of that 7 new threads you've posted, none contain anything of interest regarding the game. It's just your mindless drivel. I think it's already being pointed out to you but I'll say it again. USE THE FUCKING STATUS UPDATES FUNCTION. that way I can just completely ignore you and your useless information. Is that too difficult for you to get your head around?
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    Arty Stun Mitigation Skill

    That whole stun mechanic shouln't be in the game to begin with.
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    if they make it historical then it will be able to withstand nuclear explosions, but will be balanced by 24 ammo count. neat.
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    Thats all well and good, but the closest I generally come to rage quitting is when I am fully aimed in at a stationary target 350m away and my shot pounds into the dirt 20 ft from my barrel. Thats frustrating as fuck and decidedly NOT good for the game - anytime you do everything right and get punished for it, its money out of WG pocket.
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    That would actually be interesting. Or slower. So slow you could dogde it. We need more dodging in WoT, It's clearly a market WG is missing out on.
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    I have come to the conclusion that every tank looks better in Italian base coat. I give you the Arika Korps VK ...and because there are no Syrian, Egyptian or Iraqi flags a Jordanian 62A.
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    When you're top tier with a T29

    i can take a joke just fine, yours just happen to be about as funny as having your wrists slit while subjected to sarin gas
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    When you're top tier with a T29

    Been a while since I used my unlimited downboats.
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    Holy fucking shit great video. You litteraly ate the enemy team like cereal.
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    I think the concept is problematic partly because of the tank value goes onto it being a pref, regardless of it shits or not. People went full alarmed as they have to pay extra money in order to make the tank worthy only because WG fucked up balancing and matchmaking and has to take away its pref value. Basically saying its "trading" in a way trying to fool people for extra credits. First they sell it as something else then they turn it into something else entirely that not everybody originally wanted, only refer it as "Situation has changed", to make sense for an extra "trade". This sounds more like a business trap where the sellers pushing all the responsibilities to the customers but in fact they are manipulating the environment for them to grasp more. Let's say you bought a phone, advertised to have a nice front camera. In fact also comes with a flawed monitor. Few years later the company announce a "fix" for the monitor which is to get rid of the front camera completely, service charge a hundred quid. No a particularly good example but there you go. Its not the value for gold that posed questions, its a good excuse for creating illusions the point is still, not selling what originally as advertised that fools people into the deal. Now people have to make another decision to pay more otherwise a possibility to lose advantages over the paid ones, forced decision. If that is the case KV-5 owner originally thought to happen it makes complete sense, but clearly we are not. I own quite a pile of pref-mm prems, I still remember how much it cost for the big-head Mutant6, their price tag comes along with their pref-mm. Once they are allowed that strategy to happen for once, there is nothing to stop them to apply that to all other pref-mm, nasty business strategy.
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    Murazor is kill

    He should have never said he wanted to buff the Tiger II . . .