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    "In its current state, the pref mm tanks often fails to ensure proper rotation between the top/middle/bottom of the list. Getting matched at the same position for several battles in a row slows down progression and degrades the overall experience for absolutely all vehicles. Unfortunately, simply tweaking the algorithm has proven to be impossible. We artificially lowered the probability of getting preferential Premiums in +1 Tier and same-tier battles. However, this created more problems by increasing the number of single-tier battles and waiting times for not only Tier VIII and IX but tanks tiered VI-X and we're too stupid to know how to fix it. So we looked into redesigning the underlying matchmaker rules to improve 3/5/7, 10/5, and 15 template distribution. This was to to prevent cases of spending 80% of in-game time in 3/5/7 battles at the bottom of the list. Now you spend every game bottom tier unless you're a BR. As you can understand, to find the optimal solution is simply... impossible! We simply can't and won't try anymore. We have already laid down a plan and work on the matchmaker has failed. We will give more information on how you can go fuck yourselves at a later date." Already wrote the article for them 6 months from now.
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    Mahou truly did gods work.
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    My first ever three-mark AND i got my goal of doing it before i hit 2k battles in it Feels. Good. also i blapped @Trobs in this while he was streaming and that's always good too
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    Found DirtyAce7 with the one of the most downvoted comments lol The moderators comment is also gold
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    dude not even all tier 10s are even close to being on equal footing lol. Hell, tier 10 balance was BETTER 2 years ago than it is now, by a large margin. You know something is wrong when the pre nerf E5 would be considered worse than the Super Conquerer if it was in the current meta, according to everyone I've asked.
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    Sounds to me like WG had this grand utopian vision- superheavies all over the place, tight corridors to funnel them into close combat, bottom tiers in total awe of all this armor they simply can't pen (desperately reaching for dad's credit card so they can free exp superheavies of their own), gold being loaded left and right, and every single shot bouncing. Every time a round is fired, cue cash register sound effect. And the players, they love it! Look at muh armuh! I am steel! I am invincible! Just a minor hiccup along the way that those damn pesky players actually want to pen the enemy sooner or later. And they don't like being bottom tier? Heresy! The one thing that's so odd in all this isn't the disconnect between WG's desires and ours, but rather that they have been in such utter disbelief that we didn't like 3/5/7. They were so sure that it was going to be a success, that being bottom tier was still fun, that taking away premium MM would be easy, et cetera. They just can't handle the idea that 3/5/7 is cancer, being bottom tier 80% of the time sucks, and that at the end of the day, potato and unicum alike want to put rounds on target and see positive damage numbers without breaking the bank.
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    T34-3 gets anothet buff. And still has to face only T9s. Meanwhile even the last T34-2 drivers commit suicide. This two tanks are the perfect example WG does not care about balance in any way.
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    WoT aint fun no more but watching WG flop around like a fish out of water sure is entertaining
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    oh hey thats me check out my stream Twitch.tv/exo__xd Thanks
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    Hi I'm a retired MAHOU member and world of tanks player and I endorse this message! Cleanse Ranked Battles
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    I think he is right. The game was cleansed. I got banned for a similar thing today. I got TK'd 3 times in today, pushed by some liberte french moron so I decided to take out my other account for a spin where the only t10 is a shitbarn. Then I roamed around the battlefield looking for allies blocking other allies or pushing them. Rear penned almost one shoted one retard e75 and then the next game found another moron in the is3. This acc has a one day banned but I never felt so good.
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    That's why we are PBKAC - People's Itteh Bitteh Kamikaze Action Committeh (Dun in Paint, plz help).
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    https://imgur.com/a/yIbdD0u o7 200IQ
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    https://gfycat.com/GlisteningEntireAngora Heckin bamboozled eat shit and die pubbie nerd
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    You have to be quite insane to be still playing this game, but you'd have to be a bloody cretin to be still playing this game and playing arty.
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    A mahou player pushed me out into enemy fire yesterday in ranked and caused me to lose 1700hp. So yeah, I figured he was doing it because it was me in my STB for a bad meme, though in clan chat after people said he had been doing it to everyone. w/e I got over it and went into my next game, and thats all you can really do unless WG decides to hand out bans. (which they should with extra severity for anyone intentionally TKing or pushing people out in ranked. Pubs I dont care about, but not in ranked. however WG is WG.)
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    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Can we go back to discussing polska fantasy tanks or at least WoT Blitz and not this wehraboo clothing stuff?
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    Did you ever work for a big company? The guys actually doing the work like balancing, MM and such, are probably 3-4 level below the managers, who make the calls. If some information is misinterpreted/misrepresented on any of those levels, then they will make a bad decision. This can happen quite often. I can make a possible scenario easily just to illustrate what I mean. Lets say someone made a case study right after the introduction of the 3-5-7 asking 1000 players if they like it or not. Lets say based on their answers one could conclude they like this MM if they are top tiers, and bad players like it more. The manager stored the information in his mind: "The majority of the players like the new MM." A year later on a meeting Data guy (joined the company 2 years ago): "Guys we are losing players since the introduction of the new MM". Manager: "No that can not be. There was a study that showed the players like the new MM. It is because of something else." Senior data guy (6 years in the company): "It is because of those pesky unicums. They ruin the game for the rest. Lets release a high skill floor tank. That always increased both the income and the number of active players." Data guy: "That is not a solution, and it will have a bad effect on the long run." Senior data guy: "You weren't there in the past x years. It worked every time." Manager: "That is it then, gj Senior data guy for figuring this out." Higher level meeting: Manager: "We lose players, because of the unicums. We have to introduce a high skill floor tank." Bigger manager: "Good idea, but we also should make base camping spots on the maps and discontinue WGL to fight this unicum culture." Manager: "That's it then I will give out the tasks." And kids that is how big companies work. I am not even joking.
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    Truth be told, I rarely saw an issue in being the bottom tier in the old match-making. Few things gave me as much glee and fun as wrecking tanks that were supposedly superior to mine, because back in the day, you generally still could deal with top tier tanks' better performance parameters thanks to skill and knowledge (of weakspots mainly). I've come back to playing the Chi-Ri for a bit recently and this tank is a good example of that phenomenon. 57% Winrate in it over a length of 227 matches. Mostly by playing it back in the day when the first iteration of Pearl River was still a thing, along with a today-rarely-seen friend of similar skill-level to mine (fuck reallife, really). We knew where to shoot and despite the many drawbacks and weaknesses of the tank, it wasn't unplayable as long as you knew what you were doing. Today though? No chance. The maps don't regularly give you the opportunity to ambush and outmaneuver the enemy anymore. It's a front to front slug-fest for the most part and here two, maybe three things count: Penetration, frontal armor and alpha. None of which the Chi-Ri offers, few to no ways to let skill compensate for raw number-advantages thanks to map-design, which puts it even further back and then you have to consider the tier differences and super-heavies on top of that. Tier progression was bad in the day already, but it only got worse between powercreep and abandoned balancing-attempts. Not even all T8s are on equal footing yet, about two years after they started to balance the T10s more properly to each other. Same for the 59-16. I fucking three-marked that thing with the autoloader, simply because I had fun driving the tank and I never felt overwhelmed by the enemy tanks even if I had to drive behind them and ended up on maps like Ensk all day. In fact, some of my most memorable games in the little pest were on Ensk and Himmelsdorf, as the lowest tier tank in the match. Today? It has a better gun, better mobility, technically less punishing matchmaking and still, you just can not do anything good in it. In fact, driving a light tank is one of the most sure-fire ways to actually loose a battle. Just WTF?! I had more influence on the outcome of the battles when I was three tiers below the top tier tank for crying out loud... What is wrong with you, WarGaming?! It's just a giant shitshow and it gets worse the longer they drag their feet about the glaringly obvious issues of the game and I am willing to bet, that 3-5-7 wouldn't be half as bad as it is, if they had come around and fucking balanced the entire line-ups better and not half-arsed it so badly. That it takes the better part of a year to even begin balancing the T8s after they powerbuffed T10 and T9 left and right was bad enough already. That they haven't come down to T1 after over two years, considering that this is where the long-term player-retention begins, is beyond belief. That they haven't even made it down to T7 by now, is just... I am at a loss of words.
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    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have removed template MM within 9-12 months max of introduction after realising that nothing they were going to do was going to fix it. If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have found that general player consensus about OP and broken tanks are correct 90% of the time and that they don't need to wait 12 months to nerf a tank they introduced OP. If WG actually listened to its playerbase, the playerbase would not have dropped as steeply as it has over the past 12 months.
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    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    An ASIA server unicum write up Defiant_Duck, on 12 July 2018 - 09:54 AM, said: The Object 277 vs the Wz-111-5A. Here we go! FIrepower: The 5A is the winner of this category. The 277 is noticeably more accurate, it doesn't donk as many of its shots. The 277 has better moving dispersion but the 5A has a slightly better aim time. The biggest difference between the two tanks would be their DPM. The 5A has a 1 second faster reload giving it over 300+ DPM than the 277. The 5A also has much better gun depression (-7 degrees) than the 277 (5.5 degrees) giving it more flexibility when working rigdes. Armour: The 277 wins in this category. The 277 has very good armour better designed for bouncing incoming rounds than the 5A. Both turrets are strong but the 5A has two large and annoying cupolas whilst the 277 only has a small flat one. The 277's hull shape is very similar to that on the 907. Its got a well sloped curved front and side armour that is sloped inwards giving it a "v" shaped hull. The advantage of the 277's 907-like hull compared to the 5A's pike nose is that the armour thickness is much more consistent and more troll as well. Regardless of what angle the 277's hull is angled at, some parts of the hull will always be at an auto ricochet angle. I've had HEAT spamming E-100s and T30's drive out and try to put off shots without fully aiming (clearly underestimating the capability the hull armour) and bouncing right off. The 5A's hull on the other hand is alright but is much easier to pen because its more rigid and it losses effectiveness when angled. Both tanks have spaced side armour which help absorb HEAT rounds and reduce damage done by HE, I won't go into detail but they both do their job. Mobility: The winner of this category is the 277 hands down. The 5A has considerably good mobility. 50km top speed with decent ground resistances, good traverse speed, and a respectable power to weight ratio of about 15. The 277 just throws all that crap out the window because its just proven to me it runs on magic. I'm going to digress a bit here but I think its going to help emphasis what I'm about say about the 277's mobility. The 277 and the IS-7 both have IDENTICAL ground resistances. However, the IS-7 has a higher top speed and a slightly better power to weight ratio. But for some reason the 277 runs faster in a straight line than an IS-7 (huh how does that work???). The 277 is ludicrously fast for a HT. It has great acceleration and a high top speed of 55km allowing it to out run a lot of mediums and relocate from one side of the map to another with ease. Overall Opinion: Imo both tanks powerful and formidable machines on the battlefield. However the 277 would be the better than in pub matches as it is slightly more adaptable than the 5A and I highly recommend new players to try grind for it as it more noob-friendly and helps teach and get new players into playing the role of a frontline heavy. But the 5A would be the better choice for more experienced players because it offers more of a challenge. When it comes to clan wars, the 277 has not replaced the 5A (5A is still meta yay!). The 277 (from personal experience) is used to take and hold positions during clan wars. For example, 277's were used (by a clan I won't mention) to storm up the hill on malinovka and hold the top. Because they got to the top before the 5As did meant that they had the battle in their favour. On the other hand, a battle I had on Ensk (which is a very flat map). The 5A's easily out brawled the 277s thanks to its better DPM. So both tanks have their strengths and weakness and I guess its up to you guys to decided on which one you think is better. Hope you guys found this useful. Pardon the formatting. 1 - Really doesn't matter, the 277 is more closer to the 5A though if they want something closer to a 5A. 2- IS-7 is more idiotproof and I don't think anyone is at a skill level where they will do better in the 277 as their first tier 10. IS-7 is still extremely competitive, it hasn't really been powercrept to oblivion because its armour is mainly in the turret thickness and sloping. Corridors have helped it more than anything and APCR goes through almost everything anyway.
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    Hitting a shot outside of your render range for 1173 HP in your t49 is great.
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    There is always a chance this is their way of caving with some shred of dignity intact. If they just increase the 10/5 and single tier games a lot at expense of the frequency of 3/5/7 it could be the game saver they need. Imagine if the odds were 1/3 for all three, that would be a revolution that would bring a lot of people back. Hahaha, j/k, they're idiots.
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    Just discovered in leftovers from California Office Move... the long awaited MM changes
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    WT actual fuck is going on?

    Wait, you only got this the last 3 weeks? How did you avoid it so long?