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    This sounds extremely petty but I get so much fucking joy from ruining someone's game. Like every time I permatrack some idiot on a hill or corner, every time I catch someone out with no cover, every time I'm responsible for deleting the entirety of an enemy tank I get extremely aroused. It's like I get to channel all the frustration that this game has inflicted on me and put all onto someone else.
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    Glad to see people doing well! I've mostly lurked this thread since Bun first posted it, honestly it was an enormous help to me in finding myself. I finally accepted who I am in late March last year but there were people I knew IRL that I wasn't ready to come out to who knew this handle and I was paranoid. I've been on HRT for ~11 months now and went full time living as a woman near the beginning of this year but had forgotten about this thread for a bit. I want to thank Bun for starting this thread years ago and everyone else who's participated. Without it I think I would have been in denial even longer and it's bad enough I kept myself in denial till I was 30 already. <3
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    Lucky 11 game session in the leo 1
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    Wotlabs stats not working

    i have tried countless time's but since they changed the region from SEA to ASIA seems all i get is no clan found when trying to type my name, just started again and trying to see progress but i can't now sadly
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    Casual 12k assistance on Karelia and 3rd MoE
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    Never has Bodged the No player data found bug, the tank list is still broken, he'll fix that when he can he said. @RealBattousai @jst2gr8
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    AMD is offering a 16 core Threadripper to a few of Intel's 40th Anniversary winners https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-amd-sweepstakes-8086k-threadripper-1950x,37320.html If I won an i7-8086K I'd take the Threadripper swap deal, then resell the Threadripper to buy other hardware.
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    That is amazing.
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    Oh goodness that is amazing! I'm really happy for you and how quickly you were able to start full time. Most of us have moved beyond this thread to discord servers. *squeezes*
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    Is russian, da? Not OP. Historically accurate! Nastrovje. Seriously though, I am currently operating under the impression, that the russians as a whole are suffering from some sort of national inferiority complex, thanks to the setbacks they suffered through various historical events, liek wars and civil wars and failing leadership and are just overcompensating it collectively, which finds it's expression in stuff like this. One would think that comfortable gun-handling is a sort of NATO-tank thing in general, given how much NATO-nations tend to have an eye on creature comfort in their tanks, as opposed to the sardine cans the russians tend to build en masse, but hey. Why shouldn't the tanks that are generally designed to be more mobile in even the roughest infrastructure-lacking terrains and, who on top of that, are designed to not cost a lot and be easy to maintain at the cost of creature comfort, not also be the tanks that have the best armor and gun handling? Makes perfect sense, that sniper-oriented tanks, who are generally less mobile, larger and designed to be hulldowners as opposed to brawlers, get ifnerior gun handling, because the crew can actually move in the fucking tank, I suppose. Let them aim every shot even at 50m for half an hour and then give the L7, which is used by so many NATO-meds in the game, also the tendency to drop it's shells everywhere except center reticle for good measure (hello Charioteer). *rants*
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    In my experience, the majority of my fires are from fuel tanks, not the engine. The fuel tanks get hit really often on the T-100, hence your burning a lot. It's not worth dropping food though on a tank that needs it so much for the camo/viewrange. Run the fire-fighting directive, it costs 2 bonds per game, which at tier 10 you should still make a profit, and makes you burn a lot less when you are lit on fire (around 4 ticks?). Also, since kits are reusable now, pay attention if your fuel tank gets damaged and repair that asap.
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    Don't. My laptop can't handle post 1.0 graphics so I can only maintain wr over 55% in lights and the bobject. Fuck me I even average 2000 in t62a... Also there are better people than me to make you feel bad here I'm just a scrub who barely maintains light purple recents when his big pc works
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    More WT memes

    More WT memes
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    RGB to greatness Need to update TR 1950X build log
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    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    It's football. It's called soccer in the states because of A. Football and its easy to confuse between the two when both are called football. I love both sports. I just hate the term soccer.
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    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    *Football Mode
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    The Tragedy of Darth Arty

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Arty? I thought not. It’s not a story the Unicorns would tell you. It is a Tomato legend. Darth Arty was a Dark Lord of the Tomatoes, so powerful and so wise that he could influence the RNG Gods... He had such a knowledge of the way of the pubbie that he could even prevent his Purple enemies from doing their job. The way of the Pubbie is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice shelled him from the other side of the map when he wasn’t looking. Ironic. He could save his teammates from being killed by Unicorns, but he couldn’t save himself from his Tomato apprentice.
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    tank composition after last patch

    No it's pretty standard and has been like that for a while, especially at higher tiers. If you flood the game with OP armour, people will try and counter that with TDs
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    Famous Kolni post #2525253454545 Read team comps thoroughly - When there's a lot of big guns, which is fairly common on T10, you have to adjust to it. Pushing up gets riskier because you can get punished harder, even when there's only 1 or 2 of them they can still blap you if you play into them. This is something you need to learn to circumvent it and prevent it from happening at all. So how do you do it? Put yourself in their shoes. Where would you go? Where would you be based on this information that your team is giving and the info the enemy team is? Or are they windowlicking braindead mongoloids that won't ever move? Common camping spots should be considered, and that they could have moved up and what the maps allow for. On a map like Tundra for example there's very few places a TD can sit on and have tanks running into their shots. Those places are best left alone until you gain advantages elsewhere until the point where it basically doesn't matter if you get caught by it or take a hit. On a map like Ruinberg however where the big alpha TDs have an easier time not camping and actually playing the city puts you in a trickier situation, especially from the south where you're naturally disadvantaged on the field so playing city is the better option. Now you need to time reloads, not poke on corners you don't have vision on and constantly keep your micromanagement up to still deal out damage since it's a riskier angle. Even worse is that you're basically running against the clock due to the field being won sooner or later, so until you can time these things and put yourself in a situation that would counter yours and prevent it from happening you're going to get caught by these things. This is much easier on lane maps than open ones due to vision control. Follow up on information. Have they been spotted anywhere? How is that area looking in terms of winning/losing? Have they pushed up, stayed or perhaps relocated entirely? What's their mobility? How far can they have gone? Where should they be now? - These are all questions you should be asking and answering to deduce what the possibilities are. This basically goes for any tank, but keeping track of the really big guns is the easiest and also the most important since one poke can cost you everything. Keep track of the minimap constantly, treat the enemy team as a wave rather than single tanks and you can control it better. When the information is simply not enough you have to start taking more procautions. Avoid checking corners that nobody's checked. A trick to this I picked up from MOBA games is that treat all areas you have absolutely no vision of that anything can be happening there, the enemy team can do anything on areas you don't see. This is how people get blown up by five tanks pre-aiming a corner. Same rule applies to big guns. Don't check areas you don't have vision of, and if you must then figure out a route and way so you can stay as safe as possible. This means little exposure and cover to get into after doing it, just in case. Execution. Get good at fighting them. They have a huge alpha but also a huge reload, a lot of people won't rush shots and others will. Use both to your advantage. Give shots that can't pen, or just poke very quickly so they have to rush their shot if they want to hit it (play the odds pmuch). You'll notice that a russian medium can sink 3 shots into a TD still waiting for a good shot he can pen, it happens frequently. TDs hate missing shots over everything else, but not penning them is the same. Force them into bad-bad decision. On reload they're XP pinatas. 15 seconds is more than enough to get a positive trade out of it. For aiming, check your grip. If your mouse goes downwards while pressing your grip is probably poor. Your palm should block the mouse from doing any free movements combined with thumb and pinky. Palm should be on the surface you have your mouse on, and the actual grip is whatever's comfortable really. I run a claw grip.
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    Game was much better when serb was RNGesus
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    Except Serb has self awareness and didn't introduce broken tanks every patch + actually played his own game.
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    It reminds me the worst kind of official forum pubbies. "If u can kill it then it is not OP" Murazor, you are retarded.
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    PW for elitist channel can be obtained here
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    The Landship, KV4

    Anyone notice the turret ring/mantlet is bugged? The visual model shows the mantlet clearly stop before the turret ring, the armor model has the mantlet cover most of the center: RIP thinking I could pen that.
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    Man, i'm sure he got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not gonna even mention she's just using that game for her self promotion as she just keeps fullscreen on her and not even playing the fucking game. But God forbid some guy goes shirtless on Twitch. Instaban. Fucking whores.