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    Final Farewell

    i don't entirely know where to begin. four years ago when I started playing WoT, I had no clue the amount of time, energy, and devotion I would pour into it. Fast forward to now and I'm barely five months away from moving out of the house and starting university. WoT moved from being a fun game that I played in my free time to something that consumed my time. Part of what made it so appealing was the competitive nature and e-peen measuring, I wanted to be the best there was. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, despite all the relationships I've formed through this game and all that I have done in this game, I have missed out on so many better opportunities in real life. Moving forward into this coming stage of my life, I don't think that WoT is the best thing to be spending my time on. As an extension of WoT, there is Wotlabs and the tight knit group of Chatwhores. Cutting out WoT and staying here is like getting rid of all my alcohol but still hanging out with my alcoholic friends. As much as it kills me to leave the wonderfully great and crazy people here, I need to be able to step back and get perspective and line up how I'm spending my time, who I want to be, and ultimately what I want to do with this life I have been given. I will miss you all and wish you all the best. Keep sticking it to SerB and get arty removed.
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    Get ready. You wont believe this: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wot-wg-devs-considering-the-removal-of-the-artillery-class/ Yes. Thats right. WG is considering to... r e m o v e a r t y " On an official WG RU stream, the developers are considering the removal of the artillery class if the stun mechanics currently being tested on the Sandbox server are received negatively. "
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    Species report: Jagdpanzer E100 Scientific Name: Werhmactus magnificus Common name: The "Mighty" Jagerü Habitat: Less than 100 meters from the allied cap circle Temperament and Behavior: Appears docile at first glance. magnificus have been known to enter a state of apparent "false death" for long periods of time, not moving one bit except to occasionally sniff the air with their long, prominent snout. Do not be fooled. When aroused from this slumber, they anger quickly without warning. Due to their poor eyesight, they cannot discern at whom they attack and will fire blindly at the nearest target. This researcher had the misfortune of observing a stunning 45% magnificus specimen during a chance encounter. However, the researcher abandoned caution and was fishtailed by the mighty beast while driving full speed. The creature proceeded to attack him in the rear with a High Explosive round (his first round of the match), setting him on fire. (Included: one requisition form for a new vehicle. Please don't cheap out and get a Chinese one again). Light vehicles take extreme caution--playing passively in the presence of the Jageru will tend to arouse its temper, regardless of the tactical situation. Intelligence: Minimal intelligence observed. Wild Jagerü seem to operate on pure animal instinct. They do possess a small capacity for communication, but our greatest minds have attempted to decipher the utterances to little avail. One of the few deciphered phrases (for which the scientist was featured in Nature) translates roughly to "LIGHT TANK GO SCOUT." Population: While there is no clear estimate of the total population, it appears to be healthy and stable. These are hardy creatures and will likely survive well into the future. Breeding: [REDACTED]
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    Stepping Away

    Due to my deteriorating mental condition, I am stepping away as Lead Admin, I'm not leaving just taking more of a consulting role (I will continue to have the title but Enroh will be tasking up the full-time duties) while I undergo my various therapies to improve my condition.
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    Absence and going forward

    Hi everyone, So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that. In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree. Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future... Which leads me to WoTLabs... Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not. That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
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    I was thinking about making a thread about some common metagame questions I've learnt to answer during the 4 years I've played this oh so terribly bad game. Let's start off with the most common and perhaps the easiest one (at least for me) to answer: I'm bottom tier - what the hell do I do? It's pretty obvious actually. First of all is that you absolutely need to know what your tank excels at and where you can fight tanks that you can excel against and that is just something that comes with experience. After that you need to put it into practice, read the enemy lineup and try and predict where they're going. A lot of people have played the game for many years so some form of intuition should develop here, especially on some maps where the entire thing is really predictable. Take the standard El Halluf, or Erlenberg. It's really easy there. You won't know the exact spot they'll be playing but you should be able to tell what area they're going to be in because like you (hopefully) they're going to what is either meta, or what suits their tank. With this in mind it should become much clearer how areas are going to play out before they have played out, and how aggressive you can be without overdoing it. As a tier 8 in a T10 game this is really important because the amount of opportunities you get to really play anything but 2nd line are few so knowing where these situations are going to open up in advance is the key to being able to be there on time and capitalise. However you're going to be wrong, nobody's perfect and it takes time to get good at, but you'll always misjudge situations or the people you play with/against at times, so the next thing that occurs is that you also need to be able to think on your feet. You should have a sense of what you want to accomplish and a strategy for it, but something happens and it doesn't pan out so you need to rethink the entire thing and start over. Luckily this gets easier and easier as the match progresses because you'll get more and more information to use. Whatever you thought that wasn't right will get corrected as the minimap tells you all the info, so what you thought from the start is rarely what you'll end up doing for more than 2-3 minutes before shifting focus to something different. Stubbornness kills game potential all the time, and so does greed. If something doesn't look favourable, why run straight into it? It's Chess (with some roulette thanks to god almighty SerB) and not CS:GO. The clutch potential in this game is so incredibly low that you're simply better off doing nothing than doing something bad, especially when you're playing against tanks that are most likely stronger than yours. Gameplay has sped up quite a bit in just a year as I personally feel the average battle time has gone down by at least 45 seconds (probably a minute) but you still have plenty of time to rethink and make a different move on whatever new info you got. This is why full on aggression doesn't work; it's blind. Obviously in situations where you're supposed to be outmatched you need to play more passively because mistakes end up more dangerous. I'll take the 110 for a few examples since it's a tank that's been an issue for many people lately (at least here on labs): Bottom tier as 3-5-7 on Serene Coast, south spawn: You're useless, right? You can't fight heavies on the peninsula because your pen is lacking, and C1 is a gamble that's seemingly 50/50 (which is why I've stopped going there almost completely regardless of the tank I play). Both main areas aren't great situations for you no matter what happens. C1 is probably the best bet here but your mediums are going to outpace you both in mobility and DPM so what you'll end up doing is mostly useless driving if they win it, and if they don't then you're committed and 100% going to die also doing close to nothing. The odd game where it stalemates and you might be able to use your armour a bit might happen but is that really something you're going to commit to? The stars aligning? Of course not. Stay passive. I normally end up redlining with the TDs. You can't really impact either of these situations directly but what you can do is simply getting whatever free shots you can, and think about the progression. Where's your team winning vis-a-vis losing? Just after 2 minutes your options should open up much better. I normally end up crossing down into the bowl only to drive up as I see that my team most likely end up winning C1. I'm now ahead for the next situation and while there's damage I lost out on, I'm now in a much better position to keep up. TD shots should open up either through myself or through the mediums closing in. Afterwards you're better positioned to deal with whatever tanks are left. It might not be a great game, but as a tier 8 in a tier10 game even 2000 damage games that are considered low for the tryhards is still more than alright. I can personally attest to that settling for safer plays that don't net you as much will help you in the long run. Risky plays rarely work out 100% the way you wanted so just don't push the odds. If they don't win it then I'm still in a much better position to react, because I'm not dead. Simple as that. Then it's all about figuring out where you can go, the game is likely to be lost because C1 was lost. However the everything to win mentality is a bit stupid, as a tier 8 on that area you're really not going to make much of a difference regardless of player skill. I'm not saying that you should accept the loss, but if they're going to win that flank then why give your tank away as well? Bottom tier 5-10 on Steppes, south spawn: Once again, you're going to struggle and pen the heavies on the 1-2 line. The main decider will be what you'll think will come out of the east engagement, if you're likely to win it then you should commit to it. It gives tons of area control and usually ends up winning the map (just as C1 on Serene Coast) so it's obviously important, but the same thing applies here. If the odds are stacked against you then don't go there. Simple as that. The progression on Steppes especially makes it really hard to come back once you've lost areas, or really defending anywhere, so just reinforce wherever your chances are the greatest of winning. 1-2 isn't as good for winning, but it's not without enough terrain to allow you to fight it, you're stuck with a slower fight against tougher targets but your chances of winning and having progression from there on instead of a burning wreckage are still better off with you alive. I can't really help with the progression because it's different every game. If that doesn't work out either then why not just camp it. If I see 2 minutes in and that the enemy mediums have completely control over 9-0 already and that might my team is losing the heavy lane I'm going to drive up the K-line and redline like a piece of shit because that's about as useful I can be. Playing for the win is stupid when you don't have the factors to go through with it, you're going to basically throw yourself away for nothing anyway. With a score of let's say 1-8 and you should be running full chai redline mode in pretty much anything already. You still have a decent chance of increasing your damage output for that game as long as you're alive and uncommitted, but the second you commit somewhere where you're likely to lose you've basically just decided to add to the bonfire of what used to be your team. On the other hand, if you actually have a winning progression (unlikely that this is the common problem) then passivity is the worst thing you can do. Even as a bottom tier. The second you have teammates to work with and tanks to outplay through terrain, vision or through numbers then the second you're not there you're going to lose out. I personally have this issue because I'm so focused on minimizing my losses rather than maximize my profits. Basically the shittier your tank is for the MM and map the more important it is to know where you have to be well ahead of time so you actually be there and capitalize. Playing bad tanks Similar to playing bottom tier, coming from an inferior position into an engagement means you’ll have to cut corners. Minmaxing really disappears when your tank won’t really let you play what you’re comfortable with. Obvious example is the Churchill GC, considered as one of the worst tanks in the game. You have two workable attributes but everything else is worse than pretty much every tank you’re going to face. So how do you use it effectively? In this particular case your gun is the one trait where you really excel compared to your teammates. You have very high penetration and some gun handling + depression to help with poking. Where are you useful? This is as simple as it gets, basically as long as you’re in a position to keep shooting you’re going to be useful because your gun is potent. The drawback is that you can’t just yolo in, you have no armour and you’re slow so if they can shoot back at you then you’ll not be able to shoot for very long. Snipe it out. Move up accordingly when you can progress and you can probably move up to 2nd line when you have info. Playing safe in a tank like this is all the more important because once you’re in over your head your mobility and armour won’t be able to help you bail out. What you need to accept is that you probably won’t be able to hold your standards and go in with a decently open mindset. Your capabilities of good games are lower than normal so frustration from a poor tank just adds to the fire that is a tilt from all the other circumstances as teammates, RNG, artillery and whatever else. Identify what your tank is good at and try to utilize that strength at all costs because you can’t really be effective any other way. If your gun is your only good asset then I recommend that you stay back, and if you’re in a tank who is only considered armoured to same tiers and below (O-Ni) then you simply have to give up the map control. You can’t fight tier 9 heavies at all, so why bother? Rely on info and find tanks you can actually bully and take it from there. Once the map opens up at a bit more you have a lot more options so you just going to places where you can actually fight without getting outtraded 3 to 1 is a really good start. Armour is very relative from game to game pretty much regardless of the tank you play so when the odds are stacked against you trying to use it is pointless. Play against tanks you know you have an advantage against, whether it’s numbers, HP, skill, terrain and so on. Seize the opportunities as they come, because you’re at a disadvantage from the start meaning you have to find ways to level the playing field before being able to engage and actively contribute to winning games even in the most awful of tanks. Playing general tanks There’s a general playstyle that most top players try and adapt most tanks to, it should follow the meta very well and there’s a lot of tanks that play very similarly in the broad sense and only really differ in certain situations, even though their armour, HP, DPM and alpha might be different. What is probably the most important here is the mobility, as in you want to know where you can be at what times, a lot of tanks luckily move at around 50km/h at tier 10 so you can normally get to the positions you’d want to in another tank. Russian mediums, heavies and chinese ones share a lot of traits together. You can play them almost identically in a macro sense but where the good players really stand out is in the micro play here. All tanks generally have at least one unique trait to their combo of stats (IS-7 has it’s turret, M48 has on the move handling, russian mediums have their DPM and so on) so the doing the small things really matter. An IS-7 benefits from hulldown much more than any tank in the game because it’s almost invincible until pushed, but place a 140 there and it’ll be the same thing. Not because of it’s turret but because of the fact that it can dish out much more damage instead, at the risk of taking damage. Similarities arise and using them to recognise a playstyle that you’re familiar with means a lot and by doing so you’re going to be more seasoned in what you’re likely to be able to accomplish. Just by recognising traits that should work out similarly even though they might be different in other situations (IS-7 is for example much better at tanking hits, and can initiate pushes much better, where a 140 really need teammates to snowball with in a push) will help you play much better. Recognising where they differ and being able to swap in to a committed play that is good for your specific tank from a general play will make you an even better one. By learning this and being able to do it well you’re going to win much more. If there’s a situation where you recognise that you can commit to it’ll help your team much more, and you’ll develop some confidence in your micro ability along the way. Macro play takes much longer to learn, but it’s something that should already be on good progress because it’s something that happens every game. Playing mostly mediums/fast heavies help with learning this, as they’re the ones that are the most similar. A Maus and an IS-7 also share traits so there’s something you can draw from having played the one to the other, and so on and so on until you’ve developed a decent ability and a general sense of macro play as a whole. Playing specialized tanks For this I recommend you throw everything above out the window, because while playing very niché tanks it won’t work. Autoloaders and turretless TDs are the most common ones, as they simply can’t play as a single shot and turreted tank. So how do you get around it? As with anything else, identify what your tank is good at and know your limits. If you have no experience with what you're playing then it's going to be a rough ride because you'll misplay constantly. Being turretless means you want as slow games as possible in long lanes where you can keep being effective no matter if the enemy team is pushing or falling back, and with relatively low risk of getting punished. Some maps have these spots and they're broken. It's ideal for a turretless TD but it's also horrible for gameplay because it requires zero effort. On the maps where you actually need to have a brain to really be effective then you have to create crossfires and long lanes on your own. No matter how the game's progressing there's usually a position you could be in that would have shots, and with limited gun arcs you need to see these things coming. A slow push from heavies will net a T10 TD two shots, meaning anywhere from 1000 to 2000 damage, so being there and ready for it is the most important part about it. If you're playing far back already then you can keep falling back and make those two shots into three or four, and that damage should matter and hopefully contribute to a closer game. TDs are the most useful on the losing end, and so their snowball ability is low along with their carry potential, but what they're really good at is stalling and counters so I really suggest that this is something you do often. There are a lot of useless TD players, and most of them are simply clueless but there's something to the passive gameplay that helps TDs since playing close up mean that if a tank gets on your side there's very little you can do to retaliate. Playing far back and low risk is the only way to really ensure your safety, but what differs the good from the bad is that you're hopefully going to play in the right places. Generally TDs work much better on a losing flank than a winning one, so trying to lock down the losing lane rather than help to push the winning one should be a much better option, even if you're going to die eventually. In blitz play this becomes more complicated as you can't be effective for very long unless you have teammates around you that make you hard to push, and so your options are reduced to either going on the lemming train or staying at the back of it. From there on it's really just a matter of preference and what comfort. I personally like to move up because camping is boring, and it can certainly work out but most times I'm sure the defensive play would have been the better one. Stalling an enemy push lets your team gain map control and lets the game progress everywhere around you but where you're currently locking down, that's the ideal situation for a TD and how to benefit from upsides that come with downside of being turretless. When it comes to autoloaders it's a bit nicer however, as you're normally decently mobile and it lets you macro like normal. But once it comes to actually engaging it's totally different as playing an autoloader means you have to be the most selfish piece of shit wherever you engage. Don't take hits. You're biggest asset is your clip and if your team keeps you alive you can keep capitalizing on every situation much better than your teammates can. They've got the edge on macro play and for slower games but when it comes to a head on engagement you're going to shave off enemy HP much faster than anyone else, a result of your teammates taking the hits for you so you can speed up the engagement and increase your chances of a positive outcome. I'm not even joking as in if you can't trade at least triple what you'll take then it is not a good engagement in an autoloader. You run constant risk of getting rushed whenever on reload and you have serious downtime where your teammates can catch up, especially if you're moving for crossfires and get caught in mid reload before getting into position. Your HP should be an asset of getting an extra shot off for taking a hit, or for moving in for better positioning but you shouldn't take hits that teammates could have. Your tank has more value and as the game progresses it becomes more dangerous. An autoloader in a game where it's just 7v7 left means a lot less area control mean movement and ability to single out targets come by much more often. Autoloaders excel at this because once you get to these situations there's very little one can do against an autoloader with a full clip, your going to take the damage and the odds are that you won't deal nearly as much in return. In the case of BC25t it's very likely that you're not full HP anymore and that it'll be able to clip you out and kill you for very little damage taken in return. So stay alive, don't take hits and hit your shots. Autoloaders are generally described as hard to play but they really aren't. They're different but the gameplay basically boils down to the same as it always does; how good you are at reading the engagements and knowing where to be. Once you get the hang of that then anything should click with you once you're comfortable enough to factor in your tank into that as well. Digging out a camp https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188016992 Here's a pretty good example. I'll walk you through the entire thing, First off, reading the map and MM. The team comps are really standard and shouldn't really be an issue. Most likely some idiot will be left alone on the the west side of the river like normal so there should be some damage to farm there. But there's not. What's important however is that the enemy team skipped out on pushing the 9-0 and just went straight to middle. That IS-7 is really hard to dig out without arty in the game and pretty much denies my normal play on the map (win west, cross mid and play outside the 9-0 line for a solid win) so we're currently stuck. I don't know what to do. What's good however is that while we can't really do anything, the enemy team's not exactly doing anything but baby steps either. TVP is staying passive, so is the JgPz, Tortoise is obviously going to die for free and so is the Mod1 as they're both way too exposed and easy to shoot once 9-0 is won. This does leave me some time in the north to just wait it out and see what shots I have, only 2 minutes have passed. Patience paid off. VKB pokes side out so I can do something productive while the IS-7 is currently winning the game for the enemy team. I pay a lot of attention to that IS-7 because if he dies then we can still win this. At this time the CDC and 12 t finally crossed over. So I have to go back. We're stuck on our side and can't let them get control of that. Thankfully the T25 Pilot is doing gods work and deny them the area. Here's where the magic happens: I now have a play where I can finally cross over, grant my team vision without any real danger. TVP is camping, IS-7 is in middle and the JGPZ is most likely defending the base. The amount of tanks that are actually here are limited so this is a risk I can take. 215b is following which is helpful. Their camp is now broken. I have an angle on their IS-7 now that he can't really get out of. I waste some of my HP to get him out. But he's down. The camp is broken. My team can cross over now. The kicker is that it took too long. The IS-7 bought them so much time that we have a minute to clean out 5 tanks. Never going to happen. Especially after the JgPz pins me down. He goes down eventually but it's also costing the only time I have to work with. This is an issue with assault games in general, but I picked this one because the real play is pretty easy to spot, and identifying a problem and then doing what's necessary to try and solve it. This was obviously getting that IS-7 down. It obviously took too long to do it, but the reason it worked is because of the information I had to work with that wouldn't have been available beforehand. I would've run into a 12 t and a CDC, most likely wound up killed by the two french autoloader heavies. When it comes to digging out a camp you need to find where you can press so hard that it'll break. It's a camp after all so you should have plenty of time doing so considering that enemy team is generally not going to move anywhere. Information that is 2 minutes old is most likely still pretty accurate. You just need to think past the first engagement. I knew I was going to fight tanks crossing over, maybe even take damage. I knew I had to to get sideshots on the IS-7 because no one else did, and this game it was what broke the camp by denying the enemy team the vision of middle so we could close in. Every camp has a flaw, use the time and their passivity to your favour and find it. It's there somewhere. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, Kolni REMOVE_XVM_FROM_THE_GAME
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    He knows...  

    He knows...
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    Tfw you call your therapist to tell him you're doing great and are thinking of discontinuing treatment only to find out he died 2 weeks ago. Rip John, the stories of your acid years in the 60's will forever amuse me.
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    Sorry Leggasiini, I need time before I can trust you again. It's not you, its me.
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    And now Jingles is gone

    Atleast we get the chance to create some dank memes out of this shitshow.
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    And now Jingles is gone

    WGNA are a bunch of retarded faggots. Just when the drama was about to be over they go full autism mode. You can't even mention anything about the drama on the WoT NA forums or else the mods will delete your thread within minutes and give you forum bans. They truly are the stupidest gaming company alive. If WG actually goes after Foch and this goes to court somehow I would personally donate money to Foch's case.
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    For continued updates and inclusion of the newer tanks, WoTLabs has switched to the XVM expected values for the WN8 scores. Cheers.
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    GOD IS REAL https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wot-wg-devs-considering-the-removal-of-the-artillery-class/
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    Well, i've officially peaked, its all downhill from here bois!
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    Best game ever in my Type 4 Heavy

    Just one of those nights when you feel so good after a loss. Like you did a service to mankind. Life is gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddd. http://i.imgur.com/i9oQpMf.gifv
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    After a thread on the forums about aimtime and how it works. I decided I wanted to figure it out exactly. All we know for now is that aim time is the time it take to reduce the aimcircle to 40% its size, dispersion is something that say show much the circle gets bigger and accuracy is the size of the aimingcircle when fully aimed. However, we do not know the exact relations between these 2 and how exactly they influence the size of the aiming circle at all times. So thats what I set out to do, finding a mathmatical description of the size of the aimingcircle. The method is simple: measure the size of the aimingcircle for different tanks and speeds in a trainingroom. Thanks for uglycousin for giving me a second person to set up the trainingroom. To measure the size of the circle, first I did the test driving in the room. Then I watched the replays and paused at certain moments. I then took a screenshot of my whole screen, makign sure I was always in 8x zoom. Then I took those screenshots into paint and measured the circle diameter in pixels. I will now describe the process and results of my investigation. But if you dont want to read that, scroll down tot he conclusion on the bottom. Disclaimer: the following formulas are NOT what WG uses, I made a linear model that describes the size of the aimingcircle as close as possible. Aiming circle bloom I assumed there where 3 variables that had an influence on bloom: speed, dispersion and accuray. I tried to do test in which I held 2 variables constant to see the influence of 1. I started with gathering data of 2 different dispersion numbers for which I picked 4 tanks with different accuracy and measured the size at each speedincrease of 10 untill 50 kph. These are the raw results: From that I made a graph of the dispersion in function of speed , and calculated the gradient of the graph assuming linear increase. Then obviously the aiming circle size = C*v+accuracy. With V=speed and C being the gradient, which consist of unknown factors. To check the linear approach was decent I plotted the model and experiment: As you can see the linear approach to the speed factor isnt perfect but not massivly different, only in the middle it differs. I am happy enough with this. Now we need to determine what the C factor consist off. Since there are only 2 variables left, it has to consist dispersion or/and accuracy components. As you can see in the data, with the same dispersion numbers, the aiming circle fort he same speed is bigger when the accuracy is bigger. So there has to be an accuracy factor in C, which is proportional to accuracy. Here you can see accuracy vs circle size: As you can see, the increase isnt marginal. We can now rewrite our formula as: Size=Acc(D*v+1) With D an unknown factor containing dispersion in some form. As we can see, size of aiming circle is directly proportional to accuracy. So an increase in accuracy of 25% will results in 25% better gun handling. This is why the E50/E50M have such amazing gun handling , their dispersion isnt great , but good, but due to the very good accuracy their gun handling is much better than at first glance. The WZ-132-1 has the exact same dispersion values, so you would think the gun handling would bet he same, but no, since it has 33% worse accuracy is will have 33% worse gun handling, which is massive! Thats more than a vstab! Next task is determining the factor D. The only variable left is dispersion, so I tested different tanks with differnt dispersion at the same speed, their accuracy was different, but thats fine, sicne we can normalise for that. These numbers showed that the factor D was proportional to the dispersion values, so D=c*dispersion, with c an unknow constant. Now the formula looks like this: S=Acc(c*d*v+1) Determining c was done by plottign the experminetal result and trying some numbers until the model best fits the experiment. I took c=0.68. The influence of dispersion can be see in this graph: Now we have a formula that gives a perfect description of aiming circle size in function of all variables. Next up is determing a the time it takes fort he circle to shrink, or the actuall aiming time for the tank. Aiming time: We know aiming time is the time it takes fort he circle to shrink by 60% its startign size. So we can write: S1=S2*(4/10)^(t/T) with T=aiming time, S1 size after time t, S2= starting size. Solving this for t we get: t=T*(log(S1/S2)/log(4/10)). We can now determine the time it take from any speed to reach any size we want. To determe the time it takes to fully aim, jsut replace S1 by the accuracy of the gun. Note this time is independant of accuracy! ( which is logical, since it needs to go to a smaller circle but also does it faster, these 2 cancel out) Plotting this for 3 different tank in fucntion of time comming to a stop from a speed of 50 (40 for conway) we get: Influence of equipment/skills etc. Now that we have every formula we need we can quantify the influence of equipment/skills/directives/modules. To do so simply multiply the variable that gets influenced by (1-0,01*improvement in %). Dispersion values only get influenced by vstabs and the smooth ride skill.Other equipment only influences the accuracy value. Note that the same improvement to acc or dispersion results in a bigger improvement in size for what improves acc than what improves dispersion. Vstabs for example do not make the size of the circle shrink by 20%, they make the increase in size less by 20%. Lets take a look at a common dillema:vstabs vs gun laying drive, lets try this on 2 different tanks: We can clearly see what the difference in vstab and gld is, vstab makes the circle smaller, so you start smaller but the decrease is still the same, gld starts at a bigger size but then starts to decrease faster, catching up tot the vstabs. In the BCs case, the time to fully aim is actually lower when equiping gld than when equiping vstabs. Mathmaticly, gld decrease the total time to aim by 10%, whereas vstabs decrease the total time to aim by subtracting 20% *initial size. To know wether vstabs or gld is better depends on the tank and how much you want to aim, you can determine this by pluggin in the numbers and plotting it for each vehicle, sicne i twill be different for each. As general rules however, these apply: · - Bad dispersion + bad aimtime: Vstab better, unless you fully aim from full speed. · - Bad dispersion + good aimtime :Vstab better, unless at high speed when fully aiming. · -Good dispersion + bad aimtime :Vstabs always superior · -Good aimtime + good dispersion :Vstabs always superior Conclusion and TLDR: · - Accuracy has a massive influence on aiming circle size on the move, they are proportional. · - Aiming circle size is proportional to speed/dispersion. · -To determine what gun has better actual gun handling: multply accuracy with dispersion, the lower the numbers the better the gun handling. · - Size of aiming circle= Acc(0.68*d*v+1) · - Time to fully aim = Aiming time*(-log(0.68*d*v+1)/log(4/10)) · - Vstabs is superior to gld in most situations. · - Influencing accuracy gives a better boost than influencing dispersion values. Whats next? Next up I need to investigate how turning the turret and hull effect dipsersion and work with the above formulas. I wil also try to combine this with my previous thread where I determined shot distribution in the aiming circle, then I can plot change to hit a target vs time and determine the optimal time to shoot. I hope you enjoyed the read and that i twill help you determinign how a tank will perform. I hope that youtubers do become aware that accuracy has a massive influence over dispersion, as currently reviews are misleading since they dont know what actually effects gun handling. Spread the word!
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    Ranked Battles Discussion

    I'm not entirely clear on how the whole system works, but from what I can see it looks like I need to spam lots of battles in another game mode just to stay competitive in any other mode. If I happen to not like the mode, well, I'm screwed. It'll be a lot of fun playing against someone with upgraded optics, vents, and 10% bonus vehicle camo when I just have standard equipment because I didn't grind the other mode enough.
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    Just another t8 premium.
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    The lowest 20% of the server (WN8 < 450) are either using a bot to play, are playing only for the fun of driving and shooting a tank(this is a big one), or have a disability hindering their performance. The 20% to 50% band (450 < WN8 < 750) are just learning where to pen tanks, what to NEVER do, and what the rolls of each class are. The 50 to 65% band (750 < WN8 < 900) understand the basic mechanics, understand the important parts of the map (but not usually where their tank would be best suited based on the enemy team), and generally know which tanks they should attack and which they should avoid if they can. The 65% to 85% band (900 < WN8 < 1250) are very similar to the above band but are starting to gain more map awareness and understand some of the more obscure mechanics. They generally know the armor layout of most tanks, and are starting to get an idea of where and how to position their tanks to be more effective. The 85% to 95% band (1250 < WN8 < 1600) are beginning to understand when they should pull back from a flank before it's too late, know some of the more optimal locations to position their tank, have a good understanding of the spotting and vision mechanics through experience more than just reading the wiki. Are starting to notice more opportunities to push or take a shot that lower skill levels would have been oblivious to. 95% to 99% band (1600 < WN8 < 2000) Starts to become obvious that players know not only how vision mechanics work but how to use them to their advantage. They identify opportunities to push and are starting to be able to effectively flex to different flanks depending on their tank. Starting to pick up simple but effective skills that keep other players from hitting them, like wiggling or hugging with certain tanks. 99% to 99.9% band (2000 < WN8 < 2450) Starting to be able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks and across open areas. Begins to be able to expect what other players will do based on their tank type and location. Starts to understand not only true strengths and weakness of each tank they encounter, but exactly where that tank would be best located and is able to take advantage of the poor positioning of other players. Is far more map aware and can usually effectively flex to another major flank depending on the tank. Are able to focus on shooting while the driving and armor positioning of their own tank is done more through muscle memory. Upper levels 99.9%+ (WN8 > 2450) Not only are able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks, but can usually do so from any point during transition to another flank. Greatly understand what damage trades are good trades and which they should avoid. Fully understand exactly where each tank on the enemy team should go and can easily take advantage of those not using their tank to its full potential. Are able to understand what a team will likely do based on their known positions and their own teams positions and can set up in unusual but strong locations based on that assumption. Are almost never just waiting for something to happen. If tanks are dark they're either getting themselves to a better position or actively finding the enemy. Understands how to keep calm in total loss situations and can slowly pick off the other team, even in some cases winning the game alone against what would otherwise be a loss. EDIT: I tried to all-encompass the unicum group in a single block that would give a general understanding of how they play better. I should have mentioned that it wasn't all or nothing, lots of people can play purple (and pull the WR for it) while utilizing lots of different playstyles. When I was writing it I was thinking more of unicums I've seen in batchats and the like that tend to abuse vision early and then use speed, timing and several other skills to take other opponents out when the time is right. I agree that the ability to abuse terrain and understand your tank enough to do so, as well as the ability to abuse armor and quite possibly other players lack of understanding of it, are all traits of different styles of unicum that aren't mutually exclusive.
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    LTG Find a Cure!

    "A d-d-d-date with Schnitzel-senpai??? (*≧▽≦) Uwaaa~~ I'm so excited!"
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    Haha, so actually turns out I'm beyond stupid, and it wasn't a PZ VII, it was a VK 72.01 K Somehow I just saw the 7 and my brain went to shit. Watched the replay 4 times to make sure I didn't miss anything, and I missed the name of the tank that did the damage. So, yeah, this is a complete /fail post. Sorry all.
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    Hello hello! Recently, @_Juris and I started writing articles for @dance210 and WGNA. We're calling it, for the time being "A Survival Guide: " and then attempt to cover in some (lel) detail geared towards players just learning or still fresh to the game. These are not meant as a be-all-end-all guide, but as a somewhat solid foundation towards simply improving your own beginner play. This is our second go around, more coming as we find the time and topics A Survival Guide: Playing Without 6th Sense (And other skills) Hello, and welcome back to “A Survival Guide!” Today, we’re covering a rather difficult subject, but one that all new players will (unfortunately) have to deal with: how to best play your tank without crew skills, particularly 6th Sense. It's possible to play very successfully without crew skills, but doing so can be exceptionally difficult especially for newer players who are still learning the fundamentals of general gameplay. We will explain how to best maximize your potential to successfully play World Of Tanks without even the most vital crew skills and perks. A Definition Note that we said “skills” AND “perks.” What is the difference between the two? Skills become effective immediately, with your current “percentage” in the skill being applied against the maximum possible benefit of the skill to determine the current benefit. For example, if you choose Situational Awareness as a skill for your Radio Operator, at 100% effectiveness, it will provide a maximum of a 3% increase to your vehicle’s base view range. Thus, if your current “percentage” in the skill is 10%, you will receive a 0.3% increase to your vehicle’s base view range. Perks, in contrast, only become effective when your “percentage” in them reaches 100%. They do, quite literally, nothing at all up until that point. This is why, as we discussed in our earlier article, unless you are STRONGLY credit/gold constrained, it is worth choosing skills first, and then once the skills reach 100%, re-training to get a perk (assuming that what you really wanted was the perk). The most common mistake we see in this area is that people will choose Brothers In Arms (a perk, usually referred to as BIA) as their first proficiency. This means that they receive no benefits whatsoever to any of their crew members until they have all reached 100% in BIA, which can take quite a long time. 6th Sense (Perk): “Am I Spotted?” + IS-3 hits you for 400 HP = Yup The first question I ever asked out loud in World of Tanks is quite simple: “How the &$*@#$!!! can someone see me and is shooting me?!?!?!” It was the map “Province”, and I was in a T1 Cunningham. It was a perfect illustration of the fact that when you are a new player, you don’t EVEN know what you don’t know. What I didn’t know was that: 1) I had no clue what View Range was; and 2) I had no clue what ‘spots’ on my tank would allow me to be seen View range, put simply, is the farthest distance at which a particular tank can spot an enemy tank. This distance is a limit, however, and not all tanks within the “circle” of your view range will be spotted because of the effects of camouflage. If the enemy tank is not moving (unless it’s a light tank, as the special ability of light tanks is that moving does not reduce their camouflage value), is behind cover, or has not fired their gun recently, then you may need to be closer than your maximum view range in order to spot them, as camouflage acts to reduce your effective view range with respect to the tank you are trying to spot. So how does your tank get spotted? On every tank in World of Tanks, there are 8 positions on your tank which the game server “checks” to see if it's within Line of Sight (LOS) of another tank. 4 positions are pretty simple: the middle of the front, rear, and each side of your tank. If any of these points are exposed to the LOS of an enemy, they can see you. In addition to the 4 positions on the hull, there are 4 more on the turret: the mantlet (NOT the gun!), the top of your commander’s hatch, and the middle of the left and right sides. Again, if these are positioned in a way which is within LOS of an enemy, they can spot you and shoot you even if you cannot spot or see them. So, how can you use this information to your advantage? First and foremost: always assume that if you’re moving, there’s a strong chance you’re spotted. Second, utilize the mini-map to your advantage! Most of the better players in World of Tanks check their mini-maps in the same way many of us hopefully check our speed limit while driving in an area known for speed traps! If someone is within 445 meters of you, and has LOS to your position, you’re probably going to be spotted and shot at. How can you tell if they’re within 445 meters? The white circle on your minimap is drawn at 445 meters from your tank, so if the enemy is within the white circle, they are within 445 meters. Now, this can vary for tanks of different classes. Scout tanks keep their camo ability at 100% on the move, so they can often move in the open freely to sometimes 400 meters. For medium tanks, the distance is about 425 meters, while most other classes can be spotted at the full 445 meters while on the move. There are other indicators that you’re spotted, and need to take “hard” cover (indestructible buildings, terrain, dead tanks, etc). First and most obviously, you’re being shot at! Second: If a tank you’re shooting at turns their gun towards you and pauses for a second, you’re probably spotted. Third: Sound. Loud explosion on a building nearby? Probably arty. Puff marks and sound on the ground nearby? They’re missing you. Fourth: Suddenly 3 or 4 tanks are visible within your view range? They’ve all probably started shooting at you!. There are exceptions to all of these, but you can successfully these principles in ~90% of the in-game situations you will find yourself in. Repairs (Skill): Tracks Are Gone… HALP! So now, you’ve ground out some low tiers and are now into the meat and potatoes of World of Tanks: tiers 5 and 6, where the differences between Light Tanks, Scout Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers becomes more apparent. You want to play your brand new KV-1, KV-1S, or T1 Heavy, for example. Since the previous tanks in those lines were Medium Tanks, you’ve probably bought a brand-new crew for your new Heavy Tank. With this new crew you should start training Repairs. Repairs is possibly the 2nd most important skill, as it increases your survivability more than any other skill in the game (with the exception of 6th Sense) for the majority of tanks. However, since your crew is new and you haven’t yet trained your Repair skill very much, your repair time feels like it takes forever, and you’re finding that you’re dying VERY quickly as you’re unable to repair your tracks quickly enough to get out of danger. How do you mitigate this problem? First, go into the “Controls” section of the Game Settings, bind your second consumable spot to the “5” key, and then make sure you equip your Small Repair Kit in the second consumable spot (which will correspond to the “5” key). Why does this help? Because when you activate your repair kit, your tracks are always selected for repair by pressing the “5” key. Thus, binding your keys and equipping your repair kit in this way means that double tapping the “5” key will allow you to select the repair icon, and then your tracks. Second, pay close attention to your positioning (and particularly the angle at which you expose your tracks and tank to the enemy) and how it affects track and vehicle damage. Lose your tracks to a shot? That’s ok much of the time - unless the enemy tank can fire quickly enough to keep you permanently tracked, you can just wait until your crew repairs your tracks and retreat. Lose your tracks and your health at the same time? You’re over-angled! Finally, if you have credits to spare or have utilized sales correctly, you can use the premium consumables “Large Repair Kit” and “Food” for your tank. If the large repair kit is un-used, it decreases your repair time by 10% for a damaged module. Food will decrease your repair time by an effective 5%, equaling a reduction in repair time of of 15%. WarGaming has indicated that they’re moving towards consumables having repeated use throughout a battle after a cool-down period, which will greatly help the utility of these consumables. Object 260 SU-122-44 There are other tips and tricks you can learn, but these can provide a solid base to start from. Camo (Skill): I Don’t Know How To Kemp Boosh, I Die Too Soon! Now you’ve ground to tank destroyers like the T67 or Hellcat, or to scout tanks like the Chaffee or T37, and you know you’re going to do a lot of sniping and scouting. In this case, the ability to not be seen is paramount, so Camouflage is an excellent first skill to select. The Camouflage skill increases the base camo value of your tank in all three conditions - stationary, while moving, and after shooting. Using the T67 (US Tier 5 Tank Destroyer) as an example, the base Camouflage values are 20.63 stationary, 12.36 while moving, and 5.36 after shooting (higher values are better). For a crew where all crew members have Camouflage trained to 100%, those values increase to 37.44 stationary, 22.43 while moving, and 9.73 after shooting, respectively - nearly double the base values! STRV-S1 without Crew Skills STRV-S1 With a Full Camo Crew However, like repairs, this can take a while to train and in the meanwhile, you’re getting shot at all the time, even when you’re pretty sure you’re safe since you’ve learned about your mini-map! Or, you’re in a scout tank and you’re attempting to scout effectively for your team. How can we maximize your potential? First, minimize your exposure over ridge lines where there is no “Cover” (meaning bushes or trees to help keep your tank hidden while you spot). Some tanks and tank destroyers have good gun depression (essentially, how far downwards you can point the barrel of the gun relative to the tank hull). With such tanks (American tanks, for example, nearly all feature excellent gun depression), you’re very often able to only expose your turret while firing. However, other tanks such as the SU-85, SU-100 will have very little depression making ridges harder to use. There are two ways around this. First, micro-terrain features can often allow your tank to be hull down on flat terrain, without needing to expose over a ridge. Second, you can learn to manipulate your tank with terrain so that you’re sideways on a slope, peaking over. Be careful, though, as this can allow your tracks to be exposed. And finally, if you can’t get the shot you want by moving forward, try backing up. Wait, what? By backing up the rear slope of a hill, you’re able to raise the rear of your tank hull higher than the front, and thus create “extra” gun depression as most guns in World of Tanks have much better elevation (the range at which your gun will point upwards) than depression. This can allow you to still fire over a hill while minimizing your exposure, even in tanks with poor gun depression (Chinese mediums i’m looking at you). Please keep in mind, though, this WILL expose some of the weakest armor on your vehicle (the rear engine deck and the top of your turret) and should be used with caution! Second, make use of bushes and trees. Both bushes and trees can increase the Camouflage value of your vehicle as long as you keep your 8 spotting checkpoints hidden behind the bush or tree. Two things to keep in mind - not all bushes and trees provide the same amount of camouflage (roughly, they provide between a static 10% and 50% increase in Camouflage, depending on their density), and trees provide Camouflage whether standing or knocked over, but in either condition, trees only provide Camouflage if you properly position your tank entirely behind the part of the tree that is providing Camouflage. What this means is that you should knock trees down perpendicular to the angle from which you expect the enemy to approach to maximize their effectiveness as Camouflage. It is also important to remember that bush and tree camo is additive - so if you are behind more than one, you get the benefit of Camouflage from both. This is one of the easiest ways to fire at other tanks while not being spotting - just sit behind lots of dense bushes. Third, pay attention to whether the bush or tree you are sitting behind is translucent or opaque. If the bush is translucent, that means that you are within 15m of it, and it will provide its full Camo benefit as long as you do not fire your gun. If you fire your gun, for several seconds all bushes within 15 meters no longer stack their Camo values - only the densest bush is counted, and its value is reduced to 30% of its maximum. In contrast, if the bush is opaque, you are more than 15m away from it, and you will not lose the benefit of its full Camo if you fire your gun. Of course, when the bush is translucent, you may spot through it, but when it is opaque, you cannot. You know now how to camo snipe from bushes - go forth and abuse your fellow tankers! If you really want to play around with camo values and how they change under various game conditions, http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator is an excellent resource. Fire Fighting (Skill): Wait… Why Is This A Skill? Just… don't. Don't train this skill. Not yet. This is like, 5th on the list of priorities and we hope that WarGaming will re-work this skill before you even get to this point! The only time this skill is really useful is when you get VERY experienced crews (and you’re very good at the game) and you want to run food (a premium consumable) instead of a fire extinguisher. And if you’re already that good, you’re probably not reading this guide. If you ARE already that good and are reading this guide, uh, hi Carbonward! Brother In Arms (PERK! PERK! PERK!): Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Often in discussions about crews or what someone’s crew looks like, all too often we’ve found players training “Brothers in Arms (BIA)” first, over other skills as they’ve been told it's a great Perk to have. Notice though, we’re calling it a “perk” instead of “Skill.” As a perk, that each crew member MUST have at 100% to be effective, this is NOT worth in the slightest to train immediately. As a rule of thumb, BIA should come after 6th sense, and either camo or repairs. I personally train my crews in this manner: I start with 6th sense, and camo or repairs on everyone else. When I'm ready to train a second skill, I start training repairs on my commander and then camo or repairs on everyone else. Once I am able to train a 3rd skill, I will then reset my crew for BIA on everyone, 6th sense on commander, repairs or camo on everyone else, and then select either repairs or camo as the third skill. The reasoning behind this is simple, but makes the most sense: The longer you survive, the longer you can deal damage. The more damage you deal, the greater your chance at winning. Improving your survivability as fast as possible is the best chance you have making the most out of World of Tanks.
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    Honest mistake!

    Honest mistake!
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    The Bond Farm

    It should be no secret that I want to fully outfit my T49 with improved equipment. This means obtaining 14,000 bonds, and with limited ranked battle participation that means a TON of pub battles. The patch that added bonds for medals was a nice bonus (WG really should do a 1 time retroactive medals payout, it'd be like maybe 1-2 pieces for most people...but that is another conversation). @dualmaster333 did some math a while back to check and see if anything except 10s are viable for bonds earning, and sadly the answer is no, not if your goal is to obtain 14,000 of them. Particularly because those same medals are worth much more at tier X. So this means we must play tier X. Since the change to LTs and the advent of 3/5/7 MM platooning 10s has been interesting. You either get to be super king shit (3/5/7), mostly king shit (5/10) or fodder for TDs in a super shitty campy game (15 across). But the problem is, the games where you're super king shit or mostly king shit ... you don't earn bonds. Sure you get 2 for High Caliber, but that's not going to get you to 14,000! And the super shitty campy TD fest at tier X means you aren't going to be winning or earning 400 base XP at what I consider a reasonable rate. And this is all solo, where maybe 35% of your games are straight tier X. So in your dice roll to get a bonds match you're now depending on not having a bad game - odds I just don't like. And finally, I'm realistically only going to play a LT, because cmon...GO FAST I played a whole bunch of solo X LT games to try to estimate my bond's earning rate. Playing well, I was seeing about 2 bonds/game. Simply because I couldn't always get tier X matches - but then I wasn't really always getting bonds from those games, because its fairly hard to win in those paint scratchers (thanks @Kolni for the appellation, ha!). Platooning a pair of derp Sheridans with dualmaster got me just under 4 bonds/game, and while funny, it wasn't particularly fun and yielded 55% win-rate. Plus then WG buffed the Sheridan 105mm gun to make the 152mm completely unjustifiable :-( Bond earning is a bit better in a MT or HT, but see point above. From the derp Sheridan experiment I did observe (and this is old news and well known now) that platooning Xs and particularly LTs forces you heavily into 15 across battles. Generally a good thing for bonds, except you know LTs being sucky at doing damage to get that 400 base XP. So all of this is to say - what platoon combo, including a LT preferably, gets me the highest win-rate in tier X games? This is hardly a new problem of course, as we've been working on finding winning combos for a long time. At various times we've had viable comps like 2x Batchat + 1 Bat arty (remember that @jacg123?), 2x E-100 and 1x WaffleE-100, 3x MAUS, 3x 50B, T-62A and 2x E4, etc etc. So what is the new meta comp? I believe we've hit upon it though, almost by accident. Strv 103B, Light Tank (T-100LT preferred), and Heavy Tank (IS-7 preferred but lots of latitude really, as long as it has some armor to hold). Over the past few weeks I've played approximately 160 games using this combination and estimated bond earnings. Because of the improved win-rate AND forcing MM to spit out 90% 15v15 tier X battles, the bond farm is real. I've averaged about 9 bonds/game! At that rate a full set of equipment is ~1,555 games, as opposed to ~3,500 or ~7,000 in the other scenarios I tested So how much are we winning? I'd put the floor at 70% (worst session), but we've seen 80% in the month of November and so I think its safe to say that 75% is realistic, and that 80% might be sustainable with 3 good players. Here is yesterday's session (not shown assisted damage ~2000 average) A little bit about how to play this set-up - I was explaining it to Illusion yesterday (one of the best players ever on NA!) in that its not a "winning" comp. but that its a "not losing" comp. Basically you're able to lock down the map to the point where its simply very hard for your team to get wiped out. The enemy simply cannot push enough to snowball your team and so you either create a Lanchester's derived advantage somewhere, or else you sit and grind them down. The hardest* and certainly most important role goes to the S-tank because that driver has to make the decisions about whether to support the LT or the HT in the platoon, and has to know their camo and engagements really well, plus he/she isn't allowed to die. But really no one is allowed to die, the whole point is simply to outlast and force-feed your S-tank. @thedivision (fuck why aren't my mentions working) has been my reliable Strv driver through all these battles, so I will ask him to post his thoughts but from my observations of his play and his discussions on TS he really focuses on staying alive, and being patient forcing the enemy into mistakes. He uses my LT vision, or the stalling HT to just annihilate the enemy OR simply deny them the lane. Oh and tracking shots, constant, brutal, punishing tracking shots. He'll got for tracking shot on the first 2-3 shots on any target, at any distance. And it pays off, the enemy just gets helplessly stuck in place eating 4k dpm. And he's not afraid to brawl when the engagement is right - this means little to no arty, guns under 122mm caliber, low flank chances (as the LT driver you can help with this) and hills preferable to "hulldown". He often says he's going to hulldown, but how you do that in a tank that is only hull...I do not quite grok. As we all know, an S-tank that you can't see can lock down half a map or more in many situations, so I guess you need to learn all those situations. The LT role is nothing special, except that you simply need to trust your platoon to live/grind the enemy long enough to make your tank really effective. You just scout a bunch, and then wait for things to open up and do LT things. The T-100LT is best because its the best. Fastest accel, lowest profile, best camo, 0.1+ armor effectiveness, 2800 dpm and fast enough reload to perma-track. The RhmPz or 13 105 are probably the next best as they are the next best scouts. The RhmPz has the very high VR and comfy gun and pen. When you get a mid/long shot you're gonna do more damage than the T-100LT's potato cannon. 13 105 works nicely because its got the high camo, and the burst for end-game. But its fragile and slow compared to the T-100LT and doesn't have the gun handling to hit tracks in close/medium distance like the T-100LT. If you get the first tracking shot in, you can be sure your S-tank is going to be following that up... HT role is an interesting switch from some folk's play style. You're literally just defaulting to denying space, playing defense and in the case of being rushed, doing as much damage as possible. In some cases you're just baiting stuff into the Strv 103B behind you. Its very much a slow-play style. You can push when you have an overwhelming advantage for sure, but the goal is first and foremost to make sure you don't lose the brawl, which means staying alive. Your S-tank and T-100 can bail you out of some shit, and at the very worst, they can ensure that your eventual demise is paid for dearly. That said, with armor and hitpoints and 75% wins you're still going to be surviving 60%+ of the time if you do it right. IS-7 works really well because of the strong armor, deployment speed and hp pool - its best role is naturally the one that compliments this platoon well (hulldown, defensive). We've seen similar success with SuperConq, IS-4, 113, T110E5. The Germans can work also, but are a bit less flexible due to speed. PzVII and VK7201 are pretty good though. Type 5? 215b? No one has tried them. But basically you stay alive - slow play - stall a flank, push if you can safely, otherwise keep falling back into your S-tank or wait while your LT flanks the things. Of note - none of these roles are going to be garnering the high WN8 you'd see solo. High damage losses are rare obviously. And you're not smashing on 8s and out armoring 9s like you might in solo play. And nothing quite gets the WN8 of MTs, but that isn't the point here, the point is to farm the wins to get the bonds. Charge for the community - can this be replicated? Meaning is it the comp or the players? @TheDivision and I have played these 160 games, with a variety of HT drivers @1stTanks, @meirzin and @Illusion, but he and I are constants. Who will test it? We need more data! *This statement may be filtered through my personal biases towards LT play, LT play might be harder, but I have to leave that up to others to decide @TheDivision @1stTanks @Meirzin @Illusion mentions since they broke in the first post
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    Yay, first ever 3-mark! \o/ So it's only the VK 3000P at tier 6, but given I've never been anywhere close to 3-marking anything else (and have only managed a handful of 2-marks) I still feel pretty happy lol.
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    This is turning into official forums more and more every week.
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    If you look on Tanks.gg you will realize that there are now more tier 8 premiums than there are regular tier 8"s
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    The chieftain is too historical for WG to bring back, plus it has weak spots in the form of its hull, both of which go against WGs balance policy.
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    French superheavy line confirmed?

    Something very interesting i found out today: I was bored this morning. I was surfing on NA forums, and ended up going into main website. When i checked media section, the tech trees pics were updated to contain T10 lights, only me to notice something weird on french tech tree: Better picture: Obviously i was VERY confused. When i checked the page again about half hour later, it was gone. For some reason they reverted EVERY updated tech tree image back to the ones they were before updates, kinda lazy way but they wanted to make sure that no other shit got left there, i guess. Now, looking at this, it looks like they accidently put in a picture that not only contains new LTs but also full French superheavy line up to tier 10. I was really, really unsure if this was true, even if it was on official site. So i ended up contacting my friend, who also plays WoT and knows how to datamine things. I went in and visited him and i asked him to datamine SB and test servers. Nothing was from found from test, and there wasnt anything weird on SB either, until we noticed something weird along folder where is all modules: https://pastebin.com/4Tnej3Tb (copypasted here) Those seem to be data for modules of the tier 10 vehicle. Nothing else was found, the tank itself wasnt in the game data, so those must be leftovers that accidently left there. --------------- So what it looks like is that WG is actually planning to introduce French superheavy line at some point. Given that there is already data about tier 10 existing, i expect them to reveal some of them soon. @User do you know anything about this?
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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    I made a thing

    I made a thing
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    WoT new personal rating system

    so WG is endorsing the use of XVM yeah once you've reached rock bottom why not take an oil drill so we can go even lower
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    And now Jingles is gone

    OP please all you have to do is post the link for the embed RIP though, I remember when I was a noob back in 2013 and found jingle's channel, I loved all of his old videos where he played the ISU 152 like an idiot but laughed manically when he one-shotted tier 6s. I haven't watched much of his content for the past 2-3 years, but I appreciate his contributions to the community, his general positivity, and his passion for his channel. I have no idea what kind of PR disaster is going on, this seems like some kind of KGB tactic to use the "SJW" trend to moderate negative content that goes against WG's policies and economic interests (as I have no doubt that WG doesn't give a rat's ass about the internet culture war). Whatever's going on, this announcement is HORRIBLE news for WG. I don't even know how you can recover from your #1 content creator jumping ship. Maybe Jingles will get a nice letter and check from Victor Kislyi and a Belarussian mail-order bride to bring him back into their fold? But this seems like a pretty definitive decision. I only wish I could see what is going on in WG internal emails and video conference calls right now... This is absolute mayhem and I have more than enough to enjoy the storm
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    When you randomly meet a really cute girl who you went to highschool with and she asks you how you are and what you're doing. I think I could add up all the lies ive told this past month and it wouldn't even remotely come near how many lies I told in one conversation
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    Banned and locked. April Fools!
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    Issue Updating Stats Fixed

    Recently we had an issue updating the statistics. This was caused by the database server running out of space due to a logging error. The database has been cleaned up and statistics should be updating again, with plenty of room to spare.
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    I got my first tier 10 3-mark! Thanks goes to all of you here. I lurked around wotlabs for about a year, and then finally made an account when I wanted to ask a question that seemed to have not been asked yet. I love all that I've learned and continue to learn, and appreciate all the work and content you all have contributed. Special thanks to @CraBeatOff for taking time to platoon with me, being patient with me, teaching me things that I still strive to learn and master, and especially for introducing me to my favorite tank in the game, the glorious T49. You've helped me enjoy the game so much more than I could have on my own.
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    The Case Against The 3/5/7 Match Maker (updated with a 400 game sample size in each MM) A few months ago I studied the changes to the match maker (MM) implemented in patch 9.18 and noted that it pushed players into more matches as a low tier vehicle, as would logically happen with a template that is built like a pyramid with more tanks at the bottom than the top. Initially I was neutral about this change and was only curious about how it would affect the game in general and more specifically me as a player. After a few months of playing and studying the effects of this new system I find it to be an overall negative to the game in general and a frustrating bore to me as a player. I wanted to make my viewpoint about this issue clear from the start so that the player reading this who is invested in defending Wargaming's new system can take a moment to pause and consciously listen to my arguments with an open mind instead of becoming defensive as you read. This is difficult for most of us to accomplish, including myself, as our egos are involved, but I am hopeful that some readers will overcome this hurdle. My arguments for removing the 3/5/7 template system are straightforward and backed up with numbers. My main points are that the system failed to achieve its stated goal and that the tradeoffs we surrendered to get this system were not worth giving up for what we received in exchange for them. We lost some obvious and some not so obvious aspects of the game when WG implemented this policy. As a side note, I will use "3/5/7 template" to describe the new system even though it also has other variations (such as 5/10 and all the same tier matches) since that is the name WG has given it and since most matches are in the 3/5/7 format during game play. As I said above, I was open minded about the new template when it arrived in 9.18. It was bundled with a lot of large changes if you remember. In the same patch we also received tier 10 light tanks, reusable consumables and vast artillery changes (stun effect, limited to 3 per side, and removal of artillery from platoons). WG didn't exactly sneak the 3/5/7 template into the game since it was a featured change in their communications to the player base, but since it was part of a larger bundle of changes, I think the player base noticed it less than the other changes and they simply believed the company line that the new template would bring more balance to matches by ensuring an abundance of bottom tier tanks. How would a higher amount of bottom tier tanks in a match create more balanced games? To quote WG in their 9.18 Update video, they said "this will guarantee that you find your target," and this is the only reasoning they gave to us in North America (as far as I know) on how flooding the bottom tiers of a match would balance teams and make more competitive games when this change came out. People have since claimed that they made the change to help weaker players by giving them more targets to shoot at. While this may or may not be true, the original stated purpose of this system to create more competitive matches has not materialized to any significant degree. By their own standards, this template was a failure and that alone should be enough to reverse their decision, but don't hold your breath. In an article titled "Matchmaking in 9.19.1 and the Road Ahead" published on WG's North America website on June 28, 2017, they have doubled down on the 3/5/7 template and have stated that it is successful. How did they come to this conclusion? They arrived at it by reading forum comments about how much happier players are with the new MM. After reading this statement, I had two issues with it. First, only a small minority of players actually post on the forums and the players that consistently post on the forums generally tow the company line on most issues for whatever reason. And second, the weaker players that post seem to be happier because they supposedly have more targets to shoot at in matches. It is the side effect of the 3/5/7 template that players are happy with and not the main objective that was stated by WG. In that same article mentioned above, WG is now pushing the 3/5/7 template more on allowing players to contribute rather than on balancing games as they did back in April. They have shifted their emphasis. They write, "remember the less-than-desirable scenario of playing Tier VIII and getting matched against Tier X? Now think how it feels in the game as it stands today. Having a few top-tiers on the other camp no longer makes you question the point of battling." (Apparently they have missed or ignored the angry complaints on the forums about the new system and being bottom tier all the time in tier 8 matches). So WG has changed their stance from balancing teams to allowing players to contribute more as a bottom tier tank. This shift in emphasis is rather peculiar, but in their defense, they are trying to sell us an idea in this case and a product in general and they will do it however they can. Now if we look at the unintended (or intended?) side effect of this 3/5/7 template change, that of helping weaker players as a bottom tier tank by giving them more targets than they had before 9.18, it could still be a good change and not a total failure. The perception that many have now is that players always have targets to shoot at and players feel that they can always make a difference in this new system. That is what WG told us and that is what they believe. But is it true that these weaker players are now better off or does it even matter if they are better off if the overall gaming experience is being ruined for the greater population? Let's take a closer look at what happened when they implemented the 3/5/7 template. The biggest and most obvious change was the frequencies of being selected top tier, middle tier, or bottom tier in a match. To get information for this I used WoT Replay Analyzer to inspect 400 games from tier 5 to 8 before and after the 9.18 update. I excluded light tanks and tanks what get special tiering. Otherwise, I selected the matches in four separate 100 game periods from before 9.18 to collect that part of the data set. I took an old sample of 100 games that I had under the 9.18 update and added another 300 games from under the 9.19 update to also give some diversity to that sample. Due to the new system having 6 likely breakdowns instead of the old 3, I combined those 6 into 3 to match the old system.* For top tier, I combined 3/5/7 and 5/10 matches as a top tier. For middle tier, I combined middle tier (3/5/7) and all the same tier matches since they were closest to each other in dynamics. For bottom tier, I combined bottom tier games in the 3/5/7 and 5/10 formats. Here is the breakdown of what I found: top, middle, and low tier in the old system were 36.0%, 35.5%, and 28.5% respectively and in the 3/5/7 template system they were 7.0%, 36.0%, and 57.0% respectively. Before I gathered the data I guessed that the old system would break down into about a 1/3 for each tier. This perception was wrong on my part. The middle tier games were slightly greater at about 36% and my memory of being top and bottom tier were also off by a little. I was shocked that bottom tier only occurred 28.5% of the time. I thought it would have been a little more than that. This shows how faulty our memories can sometimes be. As regards the 3/5/7 template, I already had a good idea of what those numbers would be since I had studied them already and posted them here a few months ago. My greatest curiosity was in gathering the second set of 3/5/7 numbers (another 300 games) and whether or not they would still mirror the old numbers. They generally did, except that there were more overall bottom tier matches, but mainly in the 5/10 set. Those numbers essentially speak for themselves in what we had to give up to get this 3/5/7 system. The general player lost almost 30 points of top tier matches and gained about 30 points in bottom tier matches. If the general player base was better off with these changes, then maybe it would be a good tradeoff to have this 3/5/7 template, which leads us to the question: is the general player base better off being a bottom tier tank 57% of the time now as compensation for more bottom tier targets in those matches, and are the weaker players, the real supposed beneficiaries of this policy, even better off now (keeping in mind that being bottom tier was their struggle in the first place)? The general understanding of this issue by weak players can be summed up in a recent quote I have from a response I received on the official game forums. It was written by Pipinghot and he said, "players have been complaining for years that they don't like being bottom tier when there are only 2 or 3 tanks on each team that are bottom tier. Lots of people have been saying for a long time that bottom tier would be more fun if there were more tanks on both teams that are bottom tier, and this would allow all of the bottom tier players to be more relevant to their battles, and be able to contribute more to their teams." I think he did a good job of summarizing the concerns of weak players. While he is correct in understanding why a player would struggle as a group of 2 or 3 bottom tier tanks, he is misguided in thinking that the old system had a great frequency of matches like that and also that the current system is better for weak players. It is at this point that you may say, "now hold on Liberty! Bottom tier players are guaranteed at least 7 tanks and that is much better than being in a pathetic group of 2 or 3. Of course the new system is better for these players!" If those are your thoughts, Pipinghot would support you as he added to his post saying, " Many (many, many) people hated the old system that limited your ability to help your team when you were bottom tier, that problem has been significantly improved now that there are more middle and bottom tier tanks." Let's see if this perception that weak players or players in general are better off now or has WG pulled the wool over our eyes. When I analyzed those 400 pre-9.18 games for information, I also recorded the team breakdowns and my positional tier. This took some time, but I think it was worth it. I wasn't sure what I was going to find either. Perhaps players were getting crushed as bottom tiers before this 3/5/7 template and I was all wrong about this. What did I find in those 400 games taken from tier 5-8 tanks I was in? Well, first I should define what I was looking for. I sought out battles that had 5 or more top tier tanks and 3 or less bottom tier tanks, as defined by Pipinghot. I chose 5 or more top tier tanks since 3 is apparently the current magic number and I figured that 1 more wouldn't be much of a change from 3. With those parameters, out of 400 matches, I found 102 instances of these horrible match ups. 102 out of 400 is an alarming number too, but before we faint, we need to remember our rough frequency breakdown of 35% top, 35% middle, and 30% bottom. Out of that 102 we would probably see only 30% of those matches as a bottom tier. After taking that 30% into account, we get 13 matches. So out of 400 matches, players would get horrible matches about 31 times, which equates to 8% of our matches. Although, after getting these numbers, I realized that the more high tier tanks in a match, the less likely it would be to get stuck as a bottom tier tank. That 30% of bottom tier matches is the wrong percent to use to find out the frequency of horrible match-ups. So now I instead individually counted the actual matches that I was bottom tier in that set of 102. To my own shock, I came up with 6 matches that I was bottom tier out of that 102. So out of 400 games, I was put in a horrible match 6 times (that is 1.5%). Even if I were lucky, the likelihood of someone getting a horrible match would probably still be very low, probably no more than 5% with the worst luck. If you think the criteria I used is too extreme and I should have broaden the numbers, I did. I looked at matches that had 5 or more top tier tanks and now 5 or less bottom tier tanks. This criteria gave me 185 matches out of the 400 and I was bottom tier a total of 29 times in these matches, only slightly over 7% of the time. In general, if I look at the frequency of matches that had 3 or less top tier tanks, it came to 18.5 %. Matches with 4 or 5 top tier tanks was 37.0%. Added together, 55.5% of the old matches had 5 or less top tier tanks, a decent majority. Matches with 6 or 7 top tier tanks had a frequency of 30.75% and matches with 8 or 9 top tier tanks was 10.25%. Matches with 10 or more top tier tanks was at 3.5% (and of that 3.5%, 4 matches, more than a 1/4 of them didn't contain any bottom tier tanks). Now I ask again, are we helping players by making them bottom tier tanks significantly more of the time because they had bad experiences about 2% of the time in the past (or even 7% of the time!)? We must remember when addressing this question that most of the bottom tier matches in the old MM had a good mix of tanks already without a 3/5/7 template. It was only a tiny amount of matches, as defined by Pipinghot, that players struggled with. And if weak players struggled with 4 or 5 top tier tanks in the old system then what difference would the new system make for them? They will actually be struggling more because they see bottom tier matches 57% of the time now instead of about 30%. These weak players and the player base in general would be better off having 35% top tier matches instead of 7% as they can control their fate more in those matches. In top tier matches players have more armor, hit points, firepower, etc. over their opponents. When we strip them of these top tier matches, they are not better off, but worse off. While being bottom tier 57% of the time is bad enough, we also sacrificed some other more subtle characteristics of the game when we moved to this new MM. These tradeoffs may concern players that otherwise don't care about this issue on a top or bottom tier perspective. These other issues are more about aesthetics, but still affect our interaction with the game greatly. One new trend is that the current system becomes tedious after a while. We are constantly thrown into the same match-ups game after game. We get either 3/5/7, 5/10, or all the same tier. I have seen other variations than these only 3 times in over 1000 games, so these 3 are basically all that is expected. In a game that is repetitive already, we don't need mechanics that make it worse. This system encourages a boring environment. The old MM, with its flaws, was able to create over 130 different team lineups in a 3 tier pool of tanks (tier 8, 7, and 6 for example). When I did my research on pre-9.18 games, I identified 114 unique team lineups out of that 200 games. There was a certain beauty in seeing that mosaic of different teams listed across my Excel spreadsheet. There were matches that were 1/8/6, 2/10/2, 5/3/7, 8/1/6, 12/3/0, and everything in-between. After 9.18, in those 400 games, I saw 3 different team lineups over and over. Maybe it is just me, but I find this to be on the lame side. They took a dynamic way of making teams and made it strictly uniform now with no chances of an exciting or odd lineup of tanks. Flat out, this is boring. On top of being dull, the new 3/5/7 template takes an element of chance out of the game too. I find that as much as I dislike random number generation (RNG) consciously, humans have a subconscious affinity for games of chance and keep coming back to them. There is an element of excitement when you get what you want, whether it be a top tier match or you high roll a Skorpion G with an HE round. It keeps us coming back for more despite the disappointments in-between our triumphs as long as the odds aren't that bad. That aspect of the MM is now unfortunately gone. Another issue that we have is also connected with the new monotonous format that we went over above. WG is "dumbing down" the game. In the article on the MM mentioned earlier, there is a line that caught my eye on this topic. They wrote, "It’s much easier now to analyze the power balance and the situation before the countdown is over, meaning there’s time to think over the enemies’ moves and plan your own." I'm not sure about every player out there, but this was not an issue for players that cared about doing better. I never had a big problem with this skill in the past once I consciously tried to master it. I recall watching the old DeathsArrow video series called "WoT I'm Thinking" and listening to him go over the team lineup and that in turn prompted me to do the same thing and improve as a player. When a player decides that they want to get better, they will figure it out without the help of WG. Also, WG should have higher expectations for its customers than what they wrote there. They make it seem like players weren't capable of doing this in the past. And the players that didn't analyze the teams in the past will doubtfully all of a sudden start to do it now. The most helpful tool they could give, and did give to the player base was the list of tank classes at the top of the screen which is not dependent on a 3/5/7 template. These issues in the new system, being mundane, taking away an element of chance from the game, and dumbing it down, are secondary to my main concern about tiering and how that affects the player base, but they are still serious concerns. Many of us have enjoyed playing this game for years and I would hate for us to be pushed away from it because it became boring due to a failed MM change. The new 3/5/7 template isn't helping the vast majority of players in the game and it is leading to frustration and creating a dull playing environment. Many players seem to have been given a false impression by WG and the player base is falling prey to the myths created that support the company line. WG wants the players to think that this new system is a runaway success. Perceptually to some players it is, but in reality It isn't. This system hasn't fixed the problem of team balance that it was stated to have been created for and it also doesn't help bottom tier players. The old system usually had a good spread of tanks in each battle and the few battles that didn't should have been bearable compared with the current 57% of bottom tier matches we now have. The old MM certainly needed to be altered. The old MM needed to be tweaked to make sure that there were the same amount of top, middle, and bottom tier tanks on each side, and also to make sure that each side had a similar amount of tank types (TD, Arty, etc.) per tier, with a +1/-1 differential for variety and to cut down on MM queue time. It also needed a cap on top tier tanks in tier 1 and 2 battles to help protect the new players a little, but beyond that it was pretty good and dynamic compared to what we have now. These changes are simple and would please most of the player base, if not all of it. To conclude, I will leave you with two quotes that are related to this topic. One is from a great player, LemmingRush. He recently stated in one of his videos after he was destroyed at the end of a difficult match, "so when you're bottom tier like this, it's very difficult to actually come out on top, but you just have to understand that, you have to go in into battle with the expectation that you are not going to win and still understand that and be okay with it. Because when you're bottom tier, you know, you're bottom tier." The other quote is from, well, a lesser great player, Claus Kellerman (who essentially represents the average Joe World of Tanker). He said recently when ranting about the old preferential matchmaking premium tanks (IS-6, KV-5, etc) that are getting into too many bottom tier or same tier matches and only seeing tier 8 and 9 tanks now, "shouldn't you be able to make some credits with your IS-6 or KV-5 without being frustrated as f**k, just getting owned by every f**king tank in the game now and having guns that can't do s**t and facing tier 9s and 8s. Like what happened to the preferential matchmaking? What happened to playing against tier 8s and 7s and 6s? I don't know." Constantly being bottom tier is becoming frustrating for many old players and especially our new players. Let's get it back down to 30% bottom tier matches and bring top tier matches back up to 35% so more players can enjoy the game again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * The complete numbers for the 3/5/7 template broke down as follows: Top Tier 3/5/7: 4.25%; Top Tier 5/10: 2.75; Middle Tier: 18.5%; Same Tier: 17.5%; Bottom Tier 5/10: 12.25%; and Bottom Tier 3/5/7: 44.75%. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appendix: Other charts I later created with the data A more specific chart of player position frequency. Frequency of top tier tanks in a match, but with a players percent of games in those matches from their total matches. These next two are the amount of games in the 400 game sample that the players were bottom tier in a select number group of bottom tier tanks in the match. One chart is the exact number, and the second chart is that percent out of all of a players games. Finis
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    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    [tangent]It's not that the chariot needs buffs, it's that everything else needs nerfs. Everything that wasn't absurd a few years ago is now mediocre at best, and the chariot is no exception. They can keep buffing tanks all they want, but all it's doing is feeding the cycle that continually makes their game less enjoyable.[/tangent]
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    The April 1st joke is that WG will actually do what they say they will.
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    Do you EVEN 90?

    This tank is not good. It is however funny. Its the size of a tier 1, with the firepower of the pre 9.18 SP1C, and the hitpoints of a tier 7 tank. But, it has god tier camo, which means a little something, and you can at least do funny things with terrain. Replays http://www.mediafire.com/file/yn3qq0ep1oencz2/20180125_1527_france-F97_ELC_EVEN_90_22_slough.zip Protection/Durability Good 46% camo, 11% firing Tier 1 size - hide in all kinds of bullshit spots, invent cover on the fly, abuse terrain Bad Absurdly low hitpoints - 3 shots from almost anything and you're done all HE will pen, and arty misses splash hard 6 tons of weight means all rams/bumps HURT Mobility Good 70 kph is nice It's a LT - your mobility and size make for nice protection Bad Low hp/t at 23 Traverse on medium terrain is marginal, large turn radius Firepower Good 0.33 accuracy is enough Depression -9 and a comfy +13 elevation 45 x 220 ammo is enough Autoloader! (220x3 2.5 between) Bad: Handling, aim-time, pen, interclip Abysmal 1238 max dpm
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    Madner Kami

    British TD changes

    And in other news of facepalming-facepalminess of things you should never publically admit to, I just had a look. I remember the Conway being rather sluggish as hell and I only played it a few days ago, so I now had a look. 13.something HP/ton, according to the garage-stats. Before I came back here to state my bewilderment at your and Fabunil's statement, I checked the tech-tree... I feel so stupid now. How the fluff did I miss upgrading the engine?! FML
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    You are not supposed to fight superheavies. Get around the flanks and behind those and keep them spotted for yourBWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face anymore.
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    Arty players are just like hitler - they both shoot you all game and commit suicide once your team gets close enough to kill them.
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    You just can't make this shit up. I just had a chat with somebody writing me that he just reported me for unsportsmanlike, because it is not very sporty to grind my T6 IKV TD. All my enemies are somewhat WW2 era but my tank is 1960 so I have an unfair advantage. Yep this just happend. And after I tried to explain him that I am not responsible for how WG is designing the tanktrees he just replied "you are obviously a retarded pedophile" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Y'all wanna hear the elusive schnitzelsuccess story? that girl I was going to Germany with, well yesterday was our first day together on our month long trip and we've already fucked 3x last night and this morning. im going to enjoy this vacation when you play less tanks good shit happens
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    What are an M48A1's weakspots?

    M48's biggest weakspot is how insecure it is about being called fat
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    Had to put my dog down yesterday. I've been through some shit, but nothing compares to this.
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    They should put the splash radius back to live size or revert aimtime and accuracy. Yes lowered damage is an improvement, no they didn't need compensation. This is also a ploy to get everyone to run all large and rep med kits at all times because they're 5x more valuable. I can't believe with the option of arty removal on the table, these kinds of replys exist. Its still an asymmetrical non retaliable damage source with orbital view, removal of the most egregious parts doesn't validate the rest.