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    Absence and going forward

    Hi everyone, So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that. In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree. Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future... Which leads me to WoTLabs... Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not. That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
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    Well, i've officially peaked, its all downhill from here bois!
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    Honest mistake!

    Honest mistake!
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    Yay, first ever 3-mark! \o/ So it's only the VK 3000P at tier 6, but given I've never been anywhere close to 3-marking anything else (and have only managed a handful of 2-marks) I still feel pretty happy lol.
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    This is turning into official forums more and more every week.
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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    I made a thing

    I made a thing
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    I got my first tier 10 3-mark! Thanks goes to all of you here. I lurked around wotlabs for about a year, and then finally made an account when I wanted to ask a question that seemed to have not been asked yet. I love all that I've learned and continue to learn, and appreciate all the work and content you all have contributed. Special thanks to @CraBeatOff for taking time to platoon with me, being patient with me, teaching me things that I still strive to learn and master, and especially for introducing me to my favorite tank in the game, the glorious T49. You've helped me enjoy the game so much more than I could have on my own.
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    \o/ First 2-marked Tier 10! A minor accomplishment but an accomplishment none the less(for me anyways).
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    You know what feels good? TK'ing an arty player. Then his platoonmate TK's you. But his low alpha gun means it takes multiple shots so he turn blue and gets 1hr banned. Am I an asshole? Yes. Do I regret it? No.
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    Wotlabs end of day (24 hr)

    You should absolutely not press battle until your stats are perfectly in synchrony across all known web sources, tracking mods, and ESPECIALLY if there is a tank with 0 or placeholder WN8 values. You can never be too safe when it comes to preservation of these numerals, so exercise caution and stick to training rooms, stronghold skirmishes and team battles if there is ANY doubt, drift, mismatch or late updates.
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    53 games to 3mark a tier 9

    53 games to 3mark a tier 9
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    Would pay!

    Would pay!
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    Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.
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    Obj 260 is get!

    Obj 260 is get!
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    Hundreds of game in the Tier 9 Strv, they all sucked, but this one one pretty okay:
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    First tier 10 3rd mark!

    First tier 10 3rd mark!
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    SO.... This game happened last night. Highest base XP and damage game I've had.... at tier 8 while grinding credits.
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    60 games on Sunday, 36 on Monday, marked in less than 100 games.
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    You probably don't know this but these tanks derives from the fact that like 1/4 swedish households own a caravan and go camping every summer We're pretty good at camping overall
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    Oh fuck yea. Ivstab is equipped!
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    Fuck arty.

    Fuck arty.
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    There are going to be a lot of people that can not Even...
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