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  1. streaming some shit game called tanks for a bit this morning

  2. And then you discovered E-50Bae
  3. Implying you've actually successfully even gone on a date with a girl, you gayboi.
  4. You realize that the reason for there not being as many actually useful cheats in WOT as there are in other games is because EVERYTHING on WOT is done serverside and all the reasons many cheats don't exist is because they're simply physically impossible with how WOT mechanics work and because of being server side like I said before? The reason you can't aimbot people who aren't spotted or have a cheat that lets you see unspotted people is because that information is not relayed to you in anyway and tanks are physically unloaded from memory when they go unspotted/aren't lit. The reason you can't have infinite ammo cheetz and 1billion armor is, once again, due to it being server side and even if you were to gain access to these values for pen, reload, armor, etc etc, changing it would change it for ANYONE playing the tank you modified and not just yourself. The staff who handle bannings and such play absolutely no role in this and thus they have their focus narrowed considerably as many cheats you could think of simply cannot exist on a server side game such as wot. The closest thing that we've ever had to deal with was when tracers rendered from unspotted targets who weren't arty and people had tracer mods that made giant colored lines replace the default tracer effects in addition to redball/etc that would put a big 3d red ball where the tracer came from an unspotted target and people could just sit back and blind fire where they saw them coming from. They changed the rendering system so that only spotted targets and arty if you are near enough to them or are looking in their square in artillery mode have their tracers rendered whatsoever. Again, absolutely nothing to do with the staff who are responsible for banning people using such mods whatsoever. After knowing these facts, why it's so hard for them to actually review a ticket and see what is CLEARLY a fucking bot and permaban it is beyond me. The only cheats I can think of that currently are even slightly advantageous are tundra (the typically used one just makes all vegetation transparent when you go into sniper mode, which only makes it easier to place your shots through foliage and doesn't affect camo values at all as, once again, they are server side values. The other is the tree knockdown mod which puts a ping on the map anywhere something is knocked over, which is VERY useful and is probably the 'cheatest' mod of them. All of the aimbots that exist generally just aim at modules or attempt to aim at weakspots, which as we all know simply aiming at weakspots from ranges doesn't mean you'll pen until you have all the factors and player skill will trump these practically every time. Most of these aren't extremely obvious unless you're watching someone's replay in first person. So again, please explain to me by not banning a program that plays for someone, albeit HORRIBLY, and drags down their teams immensely at the higher tiers especially while being INCREDIBLY obvious while doing so, that NA (Can't speak for the other servers) WG's enforcement team are doing "a good job". That's not doing a fucking job at all, infact they even did ban him for small amounts of time and apparently just called it good and he came right back, giving no fucks and continued botting and pissing people off. Just because there are less cheats in a game doesn't mean the company is actually doing a good job keeping cheaters banned. A bot is like a cheat in the sense you're cheating your teammates of a tank that could be played by a person rather than a bot that plays shittily and throws the match.
  5. The fact that there are far less cheats in the game than others and even fewer that do anything beneficial that actually being good at the game trumps over every time means that WG should have more time for their Enforcement Department to actually look into the things that actually damage the game, like bots. They're not fun to have on your team, especially the ones who sit in the cap and shoot whatever comes near but never move.
  6. inb4 Gasai__Yuno click-ins tonight again

  7. Weow, no shoutout to me for pointing you to these forums? ;_; I'MA BITE YOU UNEROTICALLY Welcome, friend pious! This place is plenty o' fun even without the tanks specific portion of it :3
  8. Anime is fucking trash and you are a degenerate weeb who should be gassed. <3
  9. This is what you get when someone gives moderator perms to the poor kid with downsyndrome who probably eats lead paint chips. Unfortunately, many streamers seem to enjoy modding the most autistic people they can find and letting them run free off the leash.
  10. Pubstar E-50 Horse Fornicator has been exposed, bois. #1ClopperAMA #GasaiYunoofTier9