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  1. Inb4 Jingles logs in and recieves a permanent ban message from a "rogue" employee for reason "Homophobic slurs/Stepping Down"
  2. Should boil down to telling the other regions: You follow our policy, or
  3. One can hope, but we'll see. The best solution in my opinion would be to start firing these people in WG who seem to be acting way out of line and establish a better communication inside the company. You can't have one part of the company taking serious actions and making threats then immediately have a different part offer an apology for what is "not their policy". WGNA, judging from what they said inspite of WGEU apologizing, needs a serious swamp draining. Just my thoughts, hopefully this situation is resolved and the game/community takes a steer back in the right direction ASAP. I'd rather not abandon this game and company just yet.
  4. Wow, WGNA publically taking a retarded stance on something for once? Why am I not surprised? Friend of mine was banned from the forum for 30 days for posting a screenshot his platoonmate took of him accidentally glitching outside the redline with all names covered aside from the screenshot taker's, though he appealed it and they gave some sort of apology that was probably a copypasta reply and even went to say that it was a "system" that "automatically" banned him and moved the thread to a hidden forum which is obviously bullshit. Here's the reasons listed: Name and shame, UNCONSTRUCTIVE, and apparently trying to start unrest by revealing a possibly massive exploit and asking WG to fix it. I really wish you could see the moderator who issued the strike/ban/etc's name on the warning. More on that here if you're interested. This isn't the first time WGNA has enacted absolutely retarded enforcement actions nor will it be the last as evidenced by what they said about Foch despite WGEU apologizing about it. What gets me is why WGNA out of all the servers think they can afford to be shitty to someone undeserving and who hardly even plays the NA server (atleast to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong) and making sure everyone and their mom sees it as opposed to their usual hush-hush style of moderation and banning. Ya know... because NA has the second lowest current population out of all the servers? Meathead even approached poshy and basically told him he'd be a Community Contributor if he toned down his language and insults, though according to poshy he said it far less formally than that and whatever he said apparently seriously pissed poshy off to the point of blocking him on twitch/ingame and kept on trucking with his charity donations and entertaining viewers. I detest that to be a CC you seem to generally have to be a super PC nice guy; IE fucking boring and not worth watching. There's quite a few streamers out there who wouldn't even have a viewer base if they had to abide by these strict set of rules and essentially be another QB. If WG wanted more people to be attracted to WOT, they'd go with the more outlandish and actually funny streamers who are entertaining to watch and not impose the threat of DMCA or straight up removal of CC status for their style of delivery. Who the fuck even wants to be a CC at this point? The main thing that gets me is how fucking hard would it have been to message Foch and say "Hey man, can you chill with the insults to our company in the future, please? We love your content but don't curse our name since you're a CC and all." and letting it slide this time? I never saw anyone mention that they warned him before hand in a reasonable way, seemingly just taking harsh action and making up that he "used homophobic slurs" that I've yet to hear in any video of his I've seen. It's sad that the fucktards at exposingwot are starting to look less like tinfoil hatted stay-at-home dads with mental deficiencies and more like they actually got something right for once in a way.
  5. It shouldn't surprise anyone that your recents went up, you've all probably played tanks that weren't included on the tables at all thus dragging down your recents.
  6. Post about me (Somewhat) on armoredpatrol, WOO I MADE IT BOIS!!11!1one! :doge:

  7. That mantlet just got 10feet thicker.
  9. Gasai is now perma'd off the main forums and apparently perma chatbanned in game due to all the racial slurs he'd spew in chat. Now he just platoons with other cancerous people and they essentially talk for him, atleast the last time I encountered (and tk'd) him on Prok in a pub match this was the case
  10. It took me a while to realize FOXEY had more than a fair share of beta brownnosing bads, as much as I loved them. Wasn't surprised in the least bit when a couple people went back on their initial statement of "Sure, you can come back to foxey if you leave/get kicked from pbkac for whatever reason" when that day actually did come, kind of expected it from such people. That being said, I still had a great time in FOXEY, even among the likes of Tesla.
  11. Wrong, on NA nobody had their tank removes afaik, a few people here and there got a week ban and were back in the game playing their riggity rigged t-22, ESPECIALLY the mongolian retards. I know EU and RU did take and ban people for t-22 rigging, unfortunately our shitlord mods would rather permaban someone on the suspicion of an "alt account" when it was just a friend playing at someone's house and no rules were even broken than build a wall to keep the mongoloids out.
  12. Maybe you could make a website and call it exploitingwot
  13. It was activated, sometimes when I boot up it's not there and it thinks it's activated, other times it does that shit -_- Fucking microkawk, shitting on windows with another "mandatory update" once again.
  14. Nah, you're just a monkey