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  1. Trying to 3 mark a Type 64 LUL Padding is hard :^)
  2. streaming some cod WWII and maybe more tanks (was aids after a few games so I stopped)

  3. Lowe can be much more aggressive than it used to be capable of due to the great turret buffs, the gun depression buff (and massive elevation buff), it's speed/engine power buff, etc etc. It's a nice tank now. Also got an armor buff on the top plate (not sure about the lower plate)
  4. Inb4 you just needed to reapply thermal paste to cpu/gpu
  5. Been... a while since a poked around in here. I'm a bit reassured to see everyone progressing in their struggles in positives ways just like I am in my own. Just know that we're all getting there and one day we'll be where we want to be :3 It may take longer for some but it'll happen <3. Depression is a total bitch but sometimes it teaches you something important for later on. What that lesson may be is up for you to decide, but there can always be a positive outcome if you let there be one. Anyway, just wanted to say I wuv you guys, alesia, bun, fuzzy, etc, and hope you're doing better <3
  6. You're hopeless, no clans low enough for you, might as well uninstall Whatever you do, don't try to join YOUJO. Spare your sanity and time.
  7. M3 lee/Grant will become unstoppable
  8. Come on to dead forum to see what's new Oh look, it's a thread bitching about moderation of a shitty thread :^) Close wotlabs tab again I miss being mildly excited to wake up and check the labs
  9. I'll give your ear a nibble.