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  1. Please redirect all E-50 padderino meta and playstyle questions to
  2. Just curious if the STRV S1 had wn8 values yet? I noticed an account I was playing had an EXTREMELY low 24 hour according to wotlabs after a very good session (according to yasenkrasen, which I think assigns default values to tanks not on the tables based on tier/class iirc), as I had played a few okay games in other tanks that are on the tables for certain.

    1. Evelyn


      There's a premium seigemode tank... I kinda want it, but I don't really want to give :serb: my money right now.

  3. Jfc, are you 12? "DONT WANNA FUK WIT ME GAIZ ILL OWN U WIT MUH PRE-PUBESCENT EDGY COMEBACKS HUR FUCKIN DUR". I've still yet to figure out why you try to play it off like you're baiting and or trolling, then the next post you're unironically sperging about people harassing you.
  4. Super slammed, son. Just remember he's probably an account purchaser with low functioning autism to blame for his shitty playing
  5. China? Love all you guys, my eu bois n grilles here in BRAH are some of the most enjoyable company I've ever had <3 I just got through the first interview and am waiting for the second one, if I land this job I'll buy myself some gold and power grind the m103 this week and get dat E5, woo! Edit: Got em. Orientation tomorrow, le's goooo.
  6. Donate to solo or I will bite~ GL on crootin'.
  7. strimming for a lil bit if anyone cares to watch or taunt me~

  8. awoooo friend Welcome to dat lab lyfe, son.
  9. WOOF Welcome to wotlabs btw.