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  1. strimming for a lil bit if anyone cares to watch or taunt me~

  2. awoooo friend Welcome to dat lab lyfe, son.
  3. WOOF Welcome to wotlabs btw.
  4. lfc

    On a srs note, I can show you how to T57 sometime, I really enjoy that spectacular tank.
  5. lfc

    sold* When I decide I've made enough money off this game.
  6. lfc

    Thanks, cpt obvious. When are you going back to 5line, tealsmith?
  7. lfc

    He bought his account? Oh dear.
  8. lfc

    Maybe you should include that you get your recents mostly from non-tier 10s with those 2100-2200ish recent dpgs across the board I jest, but it does look better if you have a higher average tier/recent dpg.
  9. New status update: Teal E-50 Clopper BMs someone on their shitty thread while he changes his linked account to one that doesn't have green E-50 stats