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  1. WG's response to everything: "HUR FUCKIN' DUR"
  2. Garbad still plays, speaking of talented shit talkers. Though he's all chill now which is weird, or atleast was the last few times I platooned with him a few weeks ago. All the 15 y/o weebs who were in clans like buneh and many unheard of clans back in the day are now in the 'top' clans and do most of the retarded shit talking. It's a sad sight to see :^( All of the clans except for -G- which suddenly got a lot better or so it appears recently, have taken a HUGE decline. Somewhat due to people leaving for other clans. VILIN is still shit, as usual, and OTTER is back but god awful and get bullied by mahou, youjo, etc while huck spergs out in slack. About it, really :/ bulls revival when?
  3. Trying to 3 mark a Type 64 LUL Padding is hard :^)
  4. streaming some cod WWII and maybe more tanks (was aids after a few games so I stopped)

  5. Lowe can be much more aggressive than it used to be capable of due to the great turret buffs, the gun depression buff (and massive elevation buff), it's speed/engine power buff, etc etc. It's a nice tank now. Also got an armor buff on the top plate (not sure about the lower plate)
  6. Inb4 you just needed to reapply thermal paste to cpu/gpu
  7. Been... a while since a poked around in here. I'm a bit reassured to see everyone progressing in their struggles in positives ways just like I am in my own. Just know that we're all getting there and one day we'll be where we want to be :3 It may take longer for some but it'll happen <3. Depression is a total bitch but sometimes it teaches you something important for later on. What that lesson may be is up for you to decide, but there can always be a positive outcome if you let there be one. Anyway, just wanted to say I wuv you guys, alesia, bun, fuzzy, etc, and hope you're doing better <3
  8. You're hopeless, no clans low enough for you, might as well uninstall Whatever you do, don't try to join YOUJO. Spare your sanity and time.
  9. M3 lee/Grant will become unstoppable
  10. Come on to dead forum to see what's new Oh look, it's a thread bitching about moderation of a shitty thread :^) Close wotlabs tab again I miss being mildly excited to wake up and check the labs
  11. I think you're all just garbage and suck massive schlongs at tanks and are blaming your moe droppage on WG Remember when MOEs were first put in the game and there were maybe 1 or 2 people on the entire server who got 3 marks before they changed how it worked?
  12. Redshire, Windstorm, and Arctic Region come to mind.
  13. Wait, are you referring to EU pubbies or NA camping pubbies? I said I preferred the EU server because I don't have to deal with autists sitting in the most useless places you'd never expect someone to be and doing nothing all game until they finally see YOU and only you and immediately yoloing you and clapping to themself like the retarded drooler they are when they've killed or severely crippled you and did exactly or less than your HP in damage that match with no other contributions made because of where they chose to sit to punish you for trying to do something besides fight super heavies head on in your papery medium/whatever. There is definitely a difference considering Eu has a FAR larger playerbase than the NA as it currently stands which allows for a lot better sampling in regards to typical things you'll find. It's not really an excuse for anything, it's just that I personally prefer less cancerously campy environments, as well as XVM use and abuse, and have found that I find that more on the EU server. I couldn't do the damages I was averaging grinding up the american heavies on the NA server, no fucking way. Now does that mean that one is inherently better especially in regards to everyone's playstyle? Certainly not. And could I be very wrong when it comes to an actual statistical analysis of playstyles between the servers? Absolutely!
  14. You're on the EU server, you don't have the NA meta of people camping in THE most cancerous fucking places as bad. And yes, I play the EU server too and kind of prefer for this reason.
  15. Incase anyone thought the STRV wasn't I N S A N E, I'll just leave this here: I ran out of ammo (4 he shots left) else I actually might've been able to win the game. This was on Prok ofc, and then if you get shit like himmels with 3 arty who can pretty much only shoot at the one spot on the hill you can even use, you're fucking useless. So it's either MEGA cancer or it's practically useless, just love that kind of RNG depending on the map because everyone knows we need MORE RNG.
  16. Lovin' these cred boosters~