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  1. I'll give your ear a nibble.
  2. I think you're all just garbage and suck massive schlongs at tanks and are blaming your moe droppage on WG Remember when MOEs were first put in the game and there were maybe 1 or 2 people on the entire server who got 3 marks before they changed how it worked?
  3. Redshire, Windstorm, and Arctic Region come to mind.
  4. Wait, are you referring to EU pubbies or NA camping pubbies? I said I preferred the EU server because I don't have to deal with autists sitting in the most useless places you'd never expect someone to be and doing nothing all game until they finally see YOU and only you and immediately yoloing you and clapping to themself like the retarded drooler they are when they've killed or severely crippled you and did exactly or less than your HP in damage that match with no other contributions made because of where they chose to sit to punish you for trying to do something besides fight super heavies head on in your papery medium/whatever. There is definitely a difference considering Eu has a FAR larger playerbase than the NA as it currently stands which allows for a lot better sampling in regards to typical things you'll find. It's not really an excuse for anything, it's just that I personally prefer less cancerously campy environments, as well as XVM use and abuse, and have found that I find that more on the EU server. I couldn't do the damages I was averaging grinding up the american heavies on the NA server, no fucking way. Now does that mean that one is inherently better especially in regards to everyone's playstyle? Certainly not. And could I be very wrong when it comes to an actual statistical analysis of playstyles between the servers? Absolutely!
  5. You're on the EU server, you don't have the NA meta of people camping in THE most cancerous fucking places as bad. And yes, I play the EU server too and kind of prefer for this reason.
  6. Incase anyone thought the STRV wasn't I N S A N E, I'll just leave this here: I ran out of ammo (4 he shots left) else I actually might've been able to win the game. This was on Prok ofc, and then if you get shit like himmels with 3 arty who can pretty much only shoot at the one spot on the hill you can even use, you're fucking useless. So it's either MEGA cancer or it's practically useless, just love that kind of RNG depending on the map because everyone knows we need MORE RNG.
  7. Lovin' these cred boosters~
  8. Funnily enough, this is one of the TDs our good friend Gasai_Retardo couldn't play worth shit. Look at his DPG in it :^)
  9. c93Rn4m.jpg First game I've played in the 121 since buff, I like it!

    1. Veo


      you did a good!

    2. KruggWulf


      Fack u veo, accidentally posted before I could write anything kek

    3. TAdoo87


      A part of me dies every time, when I see an arty as xp/dmg leader of it's team. 

  10. A bit of estrogen? Are you a woman now? I'm sorry but the fact you have high estrogen levels (apparently) has no effect of me calling you a worthless shitskin or not.
  11. Or how about a simple go hang yourself.
  12. Someone is a non-funny retarded pubby. Fuck off, please.
  13. ayyyy
  14. How to deal with a pubbie on your side in a T95 :doge:

  15. Ran into that permablue Hello_Bang_Bye in a pub today, saw him in a team training room screaming at pubbies after that, kek. What was he banned from here for? I know he was a dipshit, though I forget exactly how much of one.

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    2. KruggWulf


      LUL. Right off the bat I could tell he was a mongoloid and wasn't surprised he was banned. He's like 14 and is arrogant af.

    3. Spec


      he was a mongaloid 

    4. Kolni


      He was making retarded alts and that's why he was IP banned

  16. Chatlogs are and have pretty much always been a thing since probably the alpha. It's kind of a standard thing to have in a text based game. Ya know, pretty much any program or game ever has logs for technical and in this case, social reasons. All they have to do is ctrl+f and find the time stamp that reflects when the screenshot or replay that the offender supposedly said such thing and confirm it based on their chat log file, and issue a ban. Oh, and not forgetting to copy and paste a generic response about how you won't know if they get banned :^)
  17. Oh, cw? Absolutely outshines it. Unless I misread, I thought you were talking about pubs mostly. My bad.
  18. Okay, I'm going to apologize for coming off like that, wasn't in the best of moods, I'm sorry. But my initial opinion still stands, 263 is actually quite 'competitive' in pubs, if anything can be 'competitive' in a pub match. It out does the STRV in a lot of situations that involve fighting heavies where there isn't ample room and space to be away from them as they tend to have guns that will pen you in the places where the armor isn't 60mms (which autobounces most everything it faces directly at even 150s) like the strip of 40 all up and down the gun and the lower plate which appears to be pennable by IS7's if it's not depressed downwards. 263 can utilize city corridor maps very well and also be decent at sniping. While I still believe the STRV 103B will outperform the 263 DPG wise more often than not, 263 does have it's distinct advantages and with the proper plays can absolutely shit on enemy teams. The HD model has made the mantlet cover all of the crew cabin now preventing people from shooting past it, usually by mistake since it's a narrow shot, and going straight into the crew cabin which tended to be devastating. I believe the mantlet was also thickened or perhaps angled as it seems to have slightly more effective armor when viewed in or tank viewer.
  19. "Not competitive in pubs" K, taking note of your average tier across the board I can see why you wouldn't know anything about tier 10s and pub meta.
  20. Because the swedes can't brawl in most situations unlike a 263 when need be. It also performs better, usually, on city maps due to the armor and such while the STRV is usually more successful in open large maps with good scouts.
  21. Quiet, small furry. This is not a discussion for the little yiffers (t28), but for the large ungainly ones (t95)