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  1. Bart has been in MIT for a few weeks. Don't know why that is not showing here. Hey Bart, join us on TeamSpeak again. Lots of good players in the clan who will help and there are opportunities to platoon, skirmish with MM guys too!
  2. I've been in MIT nearly a year and gotten and made steady progress thanks to the training sessions, platooning, mentoring, and strongholds. Great bunch of guys and very willing to help each other get better while having fun and sharing some laughs too. No drama, no politics. Wide range of players spread over three clans, there's bound to be one where you will fit well and benefit.
  3. You have started the greatest adventure of your life. It will be the most challenging and rewarding thing you will ever do. All best wishes to you and your wife and baby.
  4. As a poor player myself, QuickyBaby is good to watch but he plays a very aggressive style I don't have the skills to match. But I like how he analyzes what he may have done wrong when he loses and what tactics may have been better. I think Zeven and Junkers are most helpful in explaining.