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  1. 430v2 > T 54
  2. Listening to Val while watching his FapCam!

    I got better results after the game tho, and discovered that there are two kinds of people in this game!


    Quality people all around!! :jebaited:

    1. MAJEST1C


      I discovered even better results when tking arty

  4. Did people ever actually take him seriously?
  5. I miss Veit
  6. Optics + NA West Server + APCR = 3 marks damn that tank is fucking sexy
  7. I wouldn't bother with the speakers. Any monitor that has built in speakers will sound horrible.
  8. Best Team Boss Ever!!! I'm always down for more Palkia and Giratina! Hell yeah.
  9. The 100mm still has aids gun handling. The only bonus to the gun handling with the 100mm gun is the much better dispersion values when you move the gun around within its traverse field. And with that you sacrifice 100 alpha and less pen. Oh to shove it into the 100mm gun more. you get 100 less DPM than the 120mm. The tank is shit overall because unreliable armor, terrible gun handling, avg alpha, avg DPM. but hey at least it isn't slow as balls.
  10. "We will never sell this tank again" WG
  11. ZuP3MeA.jpg

    M60 is a symbol of peace my dudes. :trump:

    1. Ickus


      M60 is a symbol of American Imperialism*

      FTFY :serb:

    2. MAJEST1C
  12. Yes WG my 57 Heavy would like -10 degrees of gun depression. Wait T 57 Heavy stays at -8? Serb Pls