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  1. So I haven't been around the competitive scene in pkmn lately would this be a good team set up I forgot to remove will o wisp from gengar. *facepalm
  2. So wait a minute. If I can do this in my AT 15 There is hope for me yet :3 My W key and 2 Key are ready :^)
  3. That's what I did with my Foch B. I'll have you know I had great success slaughtering kids who think they can push on airfield.
  4. That feel when the 430v2's gun didn't change at all.
  5. I clip most tanks still
  6. I'm curious if the rebalanced Foch will actually be good next patch?
  7. AP for arta
  8. It was mildly disgusting spamming APCR out of this.
  9. Another tank for you to redline in FAME SHs :^)