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  1. imagine playing this thing in tier 10 games 80% of the time
  2. Fuck. This. Piece. Of. Shit.


    1. Archaic_One


      Yep, romulan cancer is the worst cancer in the game, especially if you are firing sub 120mm APCR and literally cannot damage the fuckers without resorting to HE.  SMH

  3. Absolutely correct. Played to it's strengths, the tank is second to none. The gun handling and 326 pen APCR means it's more than capable of delivering it's 3500 DPM, unlike say an AMX 30 B. Having that much firepower and 2400 HP means you can shoot yourself out of a lot of shit.
  4. How do I go about getting my name changed? I'd like it to match my IGN (dynamicGameplay or just dynamic.)

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    2. ZXrage


      He meant on the forum lad

    3. RC_Tank


      Lmfaooo thanks though

    4. sohojacques


      Ahhhhhh yes. I see that now. And I haven’t even been drinking.

  5. Fuck the "Feast", I'd pay $900 for a mode without Swedish TDs (mostly the 9 and 10.) I remember when people bitched about hulldown IS7s, well when one of these rolls up to a flank you can literally fuck off if you can't overmatch them.
  6. Man, if I had $900 to spare I sure as fuck would not be spending it on this game.
  7. I've run the traditional Vents/Rammer/VStab on mine and (with BIA) my view range is 417 which I find to be adequate in most cases. I wouldn't drop VStab on anything (except maybe the Maus) so I'd say drop vents instead if you're needing view range.
  8. World of Tanks needed competition, not for AW to imitate what we already have. Relevant:
  9. I have the T34 and IS6, and the black mutz already (would I receive gold for the mutz or? I don't understand the trading system, but I'd imagine the T34 would have the highest value since it's the most expensive of the 3?
  10. Super Conqueror on tanks.gg I'm really loving this tank, 10 degrees of gun depression and the famed L1A1 is an awesome package. Some games I had this morning:
  11. Yay for patch day retards


    rip dpg 

    1. kreigermann


      yay for patch pollution

    2. Audax_Bellator


      All night long with this bullshit


      RIP fun

  12. First game in the Super Conqueror and I get some retard complaining. This is going to be a fun tank.


    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:37 AM) Listen

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:31 AM) I will contact customer support

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:35 AM) regarding your account

    dynamicGameplay (10/18/2017 11:44:38 AM) lol

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:42 AM) I will seek an investigation

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:45 AM) as soon as possbile

    dynamicGameplay (10/18/2017 11:44:47 AM) have fun

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:49 AM) as I do suspect you

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:44:53 AM) of violating the game rules

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:45:00 AM) I will submit a case and report against you now

    Beirut_ (10/18/2017 11:45:05 AM) let me take your details

    dynamicGameplay (10/18/2017 11:53:41 AM) alright

    dynamicGameplay (10/18/2017 11:53:56 AM) make sure to tell them i'm playing in the super conqueror, which has the famed L1A1 with .3 accuracy

    1. crapcannon


      Is it me or can you actually side scrape in this tank? 


  13. Does anyone have a date for when 9.20.1 drops for NA?