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  1. Yes you are correct. I get the equipment confused. I run the GLD for aim time increase and Rammer for faster reload. I get the equipment names mixed up. With those pieces of equipment the tank feels more comfortable. It is the 226 iirc pen on the AP rounds that i absolutely love.
  2. The more I play this tank the more I like it. I use a gld to make my reload faster. The AP pen in this thing is amazing . I try to hull down as much as I can in it. Some how in 71 games I have a 64.79% winrate. Which is uber good for me
  3. Ok. I was thinking that the expected values for arty were still way out dated. Glad to hear they were updated. Keep up the good work tankers
  4. I know that win8 for arty isn't updated and I know that it probably isn't going to be updated. I was wondering if there's something I can do to help get it updated
  5. thanks for the article. I am probably like most players. When the battle starts I generally don't know where to go to be most effective. I spend most of the the battle trying to get shots off. But i just have 2,100 games played and i'm still grinding up. I wonder how in the hell i manage to have 51% win rate. Siskel approves your post!
  6. to me this thing needs faster firing speed. I just seems sluggish for reload.
  7. Hello Everyone. I originally posted this on August 19, 2014. So I feel it is time for a new update. We have now donated over 40 years of computer processing time. Total Run Time (y:d:h:m:s) 40:242:10:44:02
  8. Just an update. Our team has now donated over 30 years of computer processing time. That is 10 more years that my daughter has been alive! You can view our statistics on this page: We have turned in 68,262 research results.
  9. Just letting everyone know. We are doing really good. We have donated over 27 years of what would have been wasted cpu cycles!!!!!!
  10. I'm new to the pc version of WOT. There are a lot of sales on the WOT web page now for gold and premium. I was trying to figure out how to best spend some money I have. I don't care about the silver addons, just gold and premium time. Is there an online calculator that shows a real money value per gold breakdown for each item wargaming has on their site? If not then how do I figure it out?
  11. I like the strong turret that can bounce shots. gun depression would be a bonus
  12. excellent, thanks for the info. keep the idea's coming. I'm just moving over from the 360 version so i want to refine the tanks that i'm going for.
  13. I know that the T-29, T-32, and IS-7 are considered excellent hull down machines. Are there anymore. As I've been playing i came to realize that I try to use this to my advantage as much as I can. So i figured that I'd find out which tanks are really good at it. It doesn't matter to me if they are TD's, Mediums or Heavies. I would just like to gather a list of the top notch Hull Down monsters.
  14. To maximize your crew xp... Retrain your Commander so he has "Mentor" and get an additional 10% xp for your crews. Use the gold heal ammo. it's cost effective (I haven't lost silver yet doing this) so heal teammates and do damage when you hit an enemy.