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  1. So apparently nobodies clan or stats show under their avatar anymore? Did I accidentally change a setting or did Never sell out to google?
  2. Name and Shame Thread SEA: Showcase of why Wargaming are fucking retards, and this is why I don't even play this game anymore. Also Hopey got an EKO and hit the sauce early and shat up the thread for a whole afternoon and then passed out at like 4:30
  3. One of the upsides of living where I live is we were among the first cities to get NBN and we got Fibre to the Premises instead of just the node. 100/40 Mbps, unlimited data for a c note. Had mine for a year or 2 and love it, never had an issue. Downloads most stuff at 10-12 MB/s (except WoT ASIA for some reason) Although I understand it hasn't been such smooth sailing for others.
  4. Got April fooled twice, both online. First they messed with the Warfarm wiki, changed the fonts to comic sans and made all the images look like Second was that Gasai 10k High Caliber thread Edit: Just saw what Warthunder did, pretty good effort.
  5. 1.06 trees per game
  6. I'd installed it a couple of times over the years but never made it past the first 2 or 3 missions, this time I'm giving it a good crack and quite liking it. Still confused as fuck but that's what wikis and stuff are for so I'm reading up here and there as I go. Got a basic idea of what I'm doing, ranking up my first frame (excalibur) and the starter weapons, got a bolton going in the foundry and 2 out of 3 bits for the Rhino frame, got my first sentinel (the one that starts with X, not on to check atm). Also got first piece of Archwing but those missions are pretty tough at my level. The game is pretty shit at giving you any kind of defined progression path, but thankfully google brings up plenty of guides and stuff, same as other games, those that put a bit of time into research will always have an easier time than those that just log on and pew pew with no real plan. Being carried by OP randoms in co-op is a nice change from being let down by random clueless shitters in WoT.
  7. If they won't remove the class alltogether then something along these lines would be a step in the right direction imo, was going to post pretty much the same thing. Remove all AP/HEAT rounds, give them HE with reduced alpha for damage, plus 5 max each of smoke and illumination rounds. Something that turns them into a team support class instead of a "delete your tank from the other side of the map" class. Also make counter battery a lot easier (like AW) so they have to dodge enemy clickers at the same time.
  8. Yeah cyclones suck. We could have used the rain up here, but all the other crap that comes with them not so much. Queenslanders are pretty hardy and used to them though, hence the almost non existent loss of life. Even then I think the link between Debbie and that tourist that died is tenuous at best. Hopefully everyone else is ok.
  9. That's the same clown with the huge blocklist that lost it after I called his suggestion a shit idea. As for Debbie, she turned me down without so much as a kiss and went further south. @spacewolf is down that way I think, probably saw more action than I did.
  10. VN2.0 KR2.0 uninstalled. NA Reinstalled. So if I'm not around it's probably not because I got taken out by Debbie, probably gonna roll on NA for a bit until things settle down here.
  11. Not a lot to do here except sit and wait to see where it crosses and hope my roof stays on.