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  1. If they won't remove the class alltogether then something along these lines would be a step in the right direction imo, was going to post pretty much the same thing. Remove all AP/HEAT rounds, give them HE with reduced alpha for damage, plus 5 max each of smoke and illumination rounds. Something that turns them into a team support class instead of a "delete your tank from the other side of the map" class. Also make counter battery a lot easier (like AW) so they have to dodge enemy clickers at the same time.
  2. Yeah cyclones suck. We could have used the rain up here, but all the other crap that comes with them not so much. Queenslanders are pretty hardy and used to them though, hence the almost non existent loss of life. Even then I think the link between Debbie and that tourist that died is tenuous at best. Hopefully everyone else is ok.
  3. That's the same clown with the huge blocklist that lost it after I called his suggestion a shit idea. As for Debbie, she turned me down without so much as a kiss and went further south. @spacewolf is down that way I think, probably saw more action than I did.
  4. VN2.0 KR2.0 uninstalled. NA Reinstalled. So if I'm not around it's probably not because I got taken out by Debbie, probably gonna roll on NA for a bit until things settle down here.
  5. Not a lot to do here except sit and wait to see where it crosses and hope my roof stays on.
  6. Was reading the weatherzone forum thread on TC Debbie and came across this interesting story.
  7. Going to do something completely out of character and not follow that up with a random fail gif. Nah fuck it....
  8. No idea, probably disagreed with him/her in some way, quite thin skin there I suspect. The list is a who's who of forum regulars (and trolls) but even a few people there that are quite level headed and reasonable. My spot on the other hand I am sure was quite deserved. Interestingly for people that didn't notice, the original version of that screen wasn't trimmed (that was me) and had a facebook tab open with a name that matched a zero battle wot account that I believe was the stolen name in question. So I suspect either that poster doxxed herself or is obsessed with/cyberstalking someone by that name.
  9. Not sure what the milk sandwhich meme is all about, but living in cyclone country we are usually well prepared. Yasi took out our power for a week but we had enough fuel and a Yamaha genny that we had TV and internet and all that stuff the whole time. Don't think I needed to go out for anything until 4 or 5 days after, the only things I really missed and wished for was a hot shower and air conditioning. Cash is something ppl tend to forget as most shops open the day after unless they are severely damaged but are often cash only due to lack of EFTPOS and ATMs. Hope the NBN can hold up vs a cyclone, that hasn't been tested as far as I know. Yeah, would be nice to not have some shitter whining about scout MM during the countdown of every 2nd match. Doubt it will fully alleviate it though.
  10. Looks like I better make sure I finish the marathon missions ASAP, friggen cyclone headed my way possibly Looks like she will be named Debbie so looking forward to all the Debbie does (insert town she fucks up here) jokes. Been out this morning getting fuel and cash just in case. Also 5 or so hours left until Defender/252 gets yoinked from the P2W shop, still tossing up whether I want one.
  11. So should I be unlocking/buying as many tier 8 lights as possible? I have no idea what happens when they introduce these new LT's and what criteria need to be met to maximise benefits when they arrive. Have. T49 researched but never bought, went back to T37 WZ-131 researched but never bought. 13 90 unlocked but sold and moved crew to baby batchat. 54LT is in garage so g2g there. Don't think I've even unlocked the SP1C in the German line Probably should get to work on at least the fascist and chicom lines I guess.
  12. No idea on the lights, I rarely play mine anymore with all the corridor maps and cloaking rail guns.