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  1. 2 weeks in a row I miss the same class because my alarm doesnt go off.

    Fuck my life.

  2. i love how the whole hype thing has turned from Zombie survival to just KoTH games lol I hadn't even heard of this game until like 3 days ago
  3. This post confuses me
  4. My personal opinion on the 4GB VRAM is that, at 1080p at least, it should be fine for the next few years. In all the games I tried (GTA, Witcher 3, few others) I couldn't even hit the 3.5GB threshold on my 970, let alone max out the full 4GB. Granted I think I was hitting 3GB on Wildlands beta. But beyond that? Yeah, probably not. I Think it would be fine for this generation, but not next generation.
  5. 121: 22113: 20TVP T 50/51: 23AMX 50 B: 21Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20AMX 30 B: 17-3=14 - Okay, I haven't really played much of the High Alpha guns/slow heavies, etc etc etc. Im going to leave that to the people that have played them to vote down, however, out of all the tanks I do know about. the AMX 30 is just a worse version of the Leo, and the Leo is just a worse version of the STB. a worse version of a worse version? doesn't seem like a recipe for a good tank.Jg.Pz. E 100: 14Maus: 24 E 100: 21Pz. VII: 20Grille 15: 22E 50 M: 22 Leopard 1: 17STB-1: 22+1=23 - the best tank overall? hmm, maybe not. but I would actually consider it as good or better than the RU meds. This is all fanboyism aside, but It really is just the most glorious tank I have ever played. nothing even comes close in terms of fun. Type 5 Heavy: 25 Centurion AX: 21FV215b (183): 14FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 18T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 24Obj. 268: 2Obj. 263: 20T-62A: 20Obj. 430: 20Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 11Kranvagn: 17Strv 103B: 20
  6. I took the Air filter off my Car to see how much more power It would feel like I was getting. 

    My 1996 1.6L ZC (Very much Non VTEC) engine in my Honda Integra suddenly started Revving much faster at around 5000 RPM in a VERY VTEC like fashion. 

    Im very confused. and yes, once I hit that 5000RPM band I felt like I was getting more power. (which is great because thats where its lacking mostly)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Assassin7


      that was the plan, apparently you can get one for like 40 bucks. As for running it without one, don't worry. trust me. I just ran it around the block to test and put it back on.

    3. BlackAdder


      Enjoy getting small particles in engine and fucking it up.

      Also if you have MAF and injection, added air will do almost nothing. Because ECU regulates AF mixture. 

      Maybe you hear more sound than real gain. 

    4. Assassin7


      Why are people having such a hard time reading ffs

  7. Im watching Log Horizon. im REALLY liking it.
  8. So, just ran tge Unigine valley benchmark to give it a stress test (I thought I might of fucked up the CPU cooler install and screwed the thermal paste) and, despite it having no case fans and relying only on the CPU/GPU fans for airflow, the GPU only hit 60C and the CPU only hit 50C. Granted, its more a GPU based benchmark test, but its good enough for me, for now at least. At idle the CPU is sitting around 35 which isnt too bad, and the GPU is a little hot at 43, but the case fans should help with that when I get them
  9. the fact pubbies in fucking TDs can shoot you TWICE and not turn blue is fucking retarded.


  10. I just bought a 1080ti.


    Im sad that its not mine. :(

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    2. Assassin7


      Exactly my reaction xD

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      What you do is buy one, and switch it out for whatever trash you have lying around. Not like most people will know the difference.

    4. Medjed


      Eventhough i'm quite a PC nerd, i'd take that girl over 1080 any time

  11. uhh. smoke. duh. Invisi firing without smoke is cancerous and im glad to see it gone.
  12. okay, so I really like that song.
  13. Literally fuck trying to mark. fuck it.

    Im trying to do my TVP, and every other game its some bullshit retarded happen. 2 games ago we lost the game in 2 minutes. this game I got yolod by a bot in a T49 at the start of the game, he penned my front for 1K and set me on fire, and killed me because food.


    this is literally not worth the rage. 

    1. DirtyACE7


      Repeat after me... Even though I walk through the valley of the shitters of trash, I will fear no tomato, for you are with me; your salt and your gold ammo, they comfort me.

    2. ChaosGod


      Your trying to 3 mark a tank during the ebola that is the T25 prem tank missions O__O?

    3. Assassin7


      No. Im trying to 2 mark. 


  14. Wow, you eat a dick. Rem was great. But just didnt have the waifu qualities for me. I never really considered her.
  15. I am getting 16GB. Im buying it off my step brother as hes getting new RGB RAM because hes richer than me xD. He just cant afford it till next week so for now im just borrowing one 8GB stick, so both our PCs run. But the fact of the matter here is: I had 8GB in my old PC and it had no issues whatsoever with this shit. So why does it suddenly have issues now?