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  1. Guess when Im playing... :-/ At least 2 minute queue times are better than 7 minute queue times i guess.
  2. My issue is queue times. Even with the server merge, queue times are still quite long, especially for platoons. That needs to be remedied IMO. The second issue, is it needs to balance the number of heavies/meds. Giving one team heavies and one team meds never makes a fair game. It should at least even the team comps out so both teams are equal in classes. Oh also they really need to make it so that arty is equal again. One team getting arty and the other team not is dumb.
  3. The TLDR of tanks balance currently is that if they rolled the game back a year to when you quit it would be a much better balanced game. Per WOWS: BBs are basically the pushing force of the team. If you play a BB you HAVE to be aggressive, because you have all the health, and all the armour. Dont look at those huge range numbers and think you can just snipe with them. Thats how you lose. Also, make sure you stay front on. Dont drive out broadside to enemy ships, thats how you get citadeled. A lot. Also, up to tier 5, yeah BBs all have terrible accuracy and dispersion. Stops them just deleting everything that they shoot, but it can be frustrating. You get more accurate the higher up the tiers you go.
  4. mfw hit by arty for over 1K 2 games in a row

  5. I just watched a full health IS-4 bounce off a 200hp type 4 heavy, and then drown himself presumably out of protest. 

    1. king_spaniel


      well, according to WG, the entire game needs to be rebalanced to assist dumb fucks like him (per every major change that has occurred - to accommodate the shitter population).  All he needs to do is start another nonsensical bullshit rant on the official forums which will rally the troops

  6. Geez, play 4 games at 5.5K combined, mark goes up 1%. Have 1 2K game and it goes down nearly as much. :-/

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    2. Assassin7


      first game tonight was pilsen where they out mediumed us and our heavies just completely folded, 1600 damage yaaay 

    3. Gr1nch_1


      Im gonna get out on a limb and guess you overextended without/despite enough intel

      And im only saying that because that was my main problem i had to fix to become consistant

    4. Assassin7


      nope, I played passive. our heavies literally just folded too fast for me to actually do any damage. 

      third game was live oaks and their team was full of meds and half of our meds decided to go town. I didn't even over extend and I was pinned the second the game started, 700 combined.

      queue 2% drop I assume, haven't looked

      edit: started playing Eurobeat, everything is guuchi now


      edit2: got pilsen again, they out med and out heavied us. I did 800 combined. niiiiiiiiice

  7. one of the reasons I don't bother 3 marking shit:  -2,222,077 cr

    1. mati_14


      you are the problem then cuz the most expensive mark i've done, is the T55A and i lost like 1M at most? you don't need to gold spam with every single tank in order to mark it

    2. SaintLaurentius


      But it sure helps to do it?


      @Assassin7 At least your reason isnt as dumb as QBs   :QBSeal:

    3. Assassin7


      Im marking the STB, which runs food. And the superheavy spam is fucking real atm. I keep having to fight multiple Mauses/Type 5s/JPEs and shit. Marking my E5 and T-54 werent this expensive. But I marked them before the retarded Maus/Type 5 buffs.

  8. so apparently people are getting perma banned with no strikes left right and center, for things said in chat. A la johnmarada

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Johnmadara? Nazis?

      What's the difference?

    3. Strigonx


      one's a retard being a retard in a dying cykatank game

    4. hazzgar


      @Android25 you have a clear anti left bias in your post and you basically asume any extremism = left (though that's evident by your previous post where you layed all the blame on one side of the political divide). Nazi party was anti bourgeois but not big business. Also what they did matters more than what they preached. Using your logic Trump is a leftist since he preached anti establishment stuff and attacked Hilary for being in the pocket of Wall Street. The thing is NSDAP was against big business only because they were not in control of it. It exactly mirrors the modern day movements in US, UK and Europe where frustrated people vote for antiestablishment populists who offer drastic change and revenge on the establishment that wants to keep the status quo despite there being a recent huge recession (especially in Germany). I'm far from Calling Trump or UKIP a Nazi but they chanelled similar rethoric and played on the same feelings to get support for their cause. Funny thing is I don't blame the right for it. The problem is the weakness of the left. FDR understood this with the new deal. He warned his big business friends it's better for them to find a compromise with the people fast than wait and deal with a much worse situation. This is why I never understood the anti left sentiment. You may not agree with their policy but the left is a very important stabilizing factor in Politics. Otherwise populism takes root. 


      To get on topic though - I see no problem with the bans. I rage in chat all the time. I've been chat banned maybe for 1 day in 5 years. Just don't call people jews and faggots. Instead ask them if they parents got a tax break on the account of their intelectual disability and you are fine. 

  9. Nah, i literally didn't care enough about it to want to spend gold. It shows in my stats, I dropped from 3100 to 2600 recent AND lost my purple overall lol.
  10. Which is why I completed the foch grind without spending a single piece of gold, not even on crew retraining.
  11. Ok they need to stop replacing tier 10s, and then making them special vehicles, before I start asking for my tier 10 4202 back... Like theres no point removing it if its just gonna stay in the game.


    first ever chat ban in 6 years of playing this game. and its this. 

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    2. Assassin7


      I did submit one and got a canned response. "You said bad word, you are banned"

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      How long is the ban, anyways?

    4. Assassin7


      It was a day, it was over by the time I started playing yesterday. I didn't even play pubs during the time of the ban, only strongholds for credits where it didnt matter so it didnt effect me at all.

  13. I havent looked at the ranked changes, but based on my current schedule im unlikely to be able to play, which sucks because I want that second equipment piece on my STB lol. As for how fun it is, i found the games themselves to be really fun. It was really competitive and really immersive. What wasn't fun is what everyone was playing for, and the rage when someone lost. But ill tell you what, not having retards refusing to leave spawn and actually having everyone TRY to win rather than "playing for fun" made the realistic quality of the games much better compared to pubs (if you looked at them and ignored the rankings)
  14. Ill be honest, ranked seems to be designed from the beginning to be a competitive mode for high level play. Sure they let average players in, but to me it seems designed with the intention at least, of rewarding skill. I cant argue with the good get further ahead. But there needs to be a carrot to dangle for people to actually play the mode. But rest assured, its just as cancer for good players as it is for bad.
  15. I didnt actually know or understand just how bad this will be until reading this thread. Stay safe guys