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  1. On the topic of SAO, Ordinal Scale in Cinemas here in NZ on March 9, hype
  2. may I please say, that if you are one of the assholes who has the Bright blue Xenon Lights in your car, then, on behalf of everyone else in the world that has been rendered completely blind due to the fact you have them in your car, please kindly go fuck yourself. 



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    2. SoliDeoGloria


      I understand they offer good visibility, but it is flat out dangerous, especially for people driving smaller cars, because even the low beams are in our eyes.

    3. Flaksmith


      Any time somebody tries to tailgate me I will break-check em. I don't even care if I cause them to crash, they shouldn't be that close to me to begin with.

    4. Greatspank


      Equally unfathomable sin would be driving at night with daylight running lights (DRLs) only.

  3. And FCM being voted out over other prem tanks like what. I dont even. I mean, the rev ffs. What? Sure it got buffed, but i own it, Ive played it. Its gone from mediocre to average. Its nowhere near "good" the Lowe is still a farm like it was before the buff, and the STA-2? wat? Did it get like a super ultra mega buff or something? Iike, literally, out of that entire list thats left the only tank that is actually good at grinding credits without pulling your hair out in constant tier 10. Im sorry, I just dont get it.
  4. eh, I can see what you mean about the script. I would be better if it wasn't so obviously scripted like it was in a few episodes, or just plain stupid. though the nambia special was far from bad. I dont think a heap of that was scripted, some of it obviously was but it was better than normal. my least favourite was that british army one, episode 2. that was just cringeworthy. the eboladrome? eh, Its not terribad. I can see their issues because if you remember back to when Jeremy reviewed the Zonda R on original top gear, he said how much a private race track costs - 6 billion, thats quite a lot so they obviously dealt with what they had. however what I find from the track is how narrow and dangerous it looks to drive on if you get it wrong. I agree with the american, hes annoying and boring. the same joke is only funny the first two times. I think it would be better if the driver actually gave intelligent thoughts about the car. you know, "this handles really well" or stuff like that. actually giving proper opinions. sure its not "funny" but why does the whole thing have to be funny?
  5. Germans are secondary oriented, and have a lot of armour and durability. but they have kinda innacurate guns. Japanese, right up until the Izumo/Yamato, are much more fast and mobile - the Amagi Makes 30kn, but at the expense of armour. they also have lower detection ranges, and worse secondaries. (though the Yamatos secondaries are nothing to sneer at) They take a bit more finesse to play, but can be more rewarding IMO. The Izumo, well thats just a pile of shit so ill ignore it, but the Yamato is more like a slow lumbering beast - though it does make 28kn. compared to the Kurfurst it has big giant derp guns which just punch their way through anything. in a front on duel, frankly a Yamato will beat a Kurfurst I would say just because the 460s on the Yammy will be able to overmatch the bow armour of the Kurfurst. though if you're both broadside to each other at sub 15km I would expect the Kurfurst to wreck face because the Yamatos citadel is huge, and the Kurfurst is extremely hard to citadel. TL;DR basically when playing my Yamato, I find the Kurfurst is the most annoying BB to fight. Montannas are just Damage farms, and a lot of yamato players I find aren't actually that good. (probably because the Yamato is like the Tiger 2 of WoWS, everyone wants a Yamato because Yamato) P.S: this is from only having played the Japanese BBs and fighting the others, since I havent touched anything not japanese yet lol also, +1 for the stock grind thing, just been grinding the Stock Kageroo, and I didn't feel very disadvantaged at all by it to be honest.
  6. CDC is worthless when the FCM exists. Id rather be in an FCM than a CDC in a tier 10 game. Its got trash gun handling, no armour, low camo, and isnt really that much faster than the FCM.
  7. Guys you've ignored my one, FCM should be 22 and 59 Patton should be 2. I did it in skittles quote because it wouldnt let me remove the quote or whatever on mobile
  8. mobile editimg is aids, wont let me remove the quote or change the colours.
  9. Yeah it got a lot better towards the end. I finished the last two episodes last night. From what I see, they've had a lot more freedom than they had with the BBC to do their own thing, i suppose because its on the internet and not on public TV. Their germany/austria trip through those amusing place names was pretty good, and funny. Which they probably wouldnt of been able to do with the BBC. I dont think it quite hits the mark of the magic that the original top gear had yet, but it comes close and if they do some more seasons i imagine they will get back with it. Also, i dont like the celebrety brain crash thing. Its kinda just pointless. They should get rid of that IMO.
  10. I was planning on rewatching it at some point in the near future so yeah
  11. SAO was the first anime I watched, and is literally the entire reason I got in to anime in the first place. I mean sure, I've seen plenty of shows since then by now. a lot of them were better than SAO, but SAO wasn't BAD. I don't think its bad enough to get this cult following of haters it seems to have TBH, and it IS an extremely popular show, if it was a *bad* show then it wouldn't be as popular as it has become, would it? I could be a little biased, I am a bit fond of it because of how it introduced me to anime. but eh. It has its issues, but when I watch a show, any show, anime or otherwise, I base it on how much I enjoy the show itself. if I am enjoying watching it, even if it has gaping plot holes, or shitty artwork, or whatever, I don't really care about the negatives. the only REAL criticism I have of the show is that they could of done SO MUCH MORE with SAO itself. we got 15 episodes of "SAO" and then its done, and everything else is just going forwards. I feel that if they recreated SAO progressive, and turned that into the Anime, and sort of merged it with the current Season 1, it would be hugely popular. IMO there was such a heap of content they could of written about with the concept of SAO itself, and they just didn't take it. I honestly would prefer that to what they're doing now, myself.
  12. when will WG fix it so you can preview fucking reward camos seriously

    1. nemlengyel


      they'll just end up banning you instead :kappa: 

      "No person, no problem."

    2. Strigonx
  13. Im actually really questioning the fact that the Jag88 was eliminated BEFORE tanks like the 59 patton or Kanonpanzer... Wtf
  14. if I run 98 octane gas in my car, compared to 91 which im currently running, what sort of performance gains would I be getting? like, any benefit at all? 

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    2. Assassin7


      Its not the engine jerking, its the gearbox. It sorta like catches suddenly into gear.

      I think its putting it in a better rev zone for the gearbox to smoothly enter the gear is whats happening. 

    3. sohojacques



      I'd punt that 99.9% of 4 stroke petrol engines built in '96 were designed to run optimally on 91 octane fuel. So I think Marty is on to something. But would a serious going over by a mechanic work out cheaper in the long run? Only you can decide Assassin7.

    4. Assassin7


      well, seeing as Im sort of planning to start saving for a (rather expensive) DC5 Type R integra, I dont think so at the moment.

      though it could do with a service. I should probably book one.

  15. <3 konosuba. this episode was beyond 10/10