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  1. Gallery of WW2 pics in (i think original) colour:

    warning: some are graphic

    1. Tman450


      Sweet gallery.

  2. I hate Minotaurs, so good. I also hate Kutuzovs, so good. but DDs, eh. bad idea IMO
  3. Car peeps (especially JDM) I need some advice: I have a '96 Toyota Celica ST202. 180BHP,  manual, top spec model not the GT4. its completely factory. I really like it and its in spotless condition, however. I do want a Honda integra Type R (DC2) after owning my old car - an Integra DC1, but they are quite expensive. 

    I also want to mod my Celica, (wheras if I bought an Integra Id keep it pretty factory) and im torn between saving for an Integra, which would take a few years at this rate, or modding my Celica and making it mine. (Which would be a lot cheaper and a lot more achievable) im not talking about ricing it btw, tasteful mods. 

    What do. 

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Kind of related, but I really like the rally Celica. Its probably just the Castrol livery though since i prefer the look of the Type R over the Celica stock. 

    3. DirtyACE7


      My advice is to simply be patient and disciplined, and actually buy the car the you want. Seems like you want the Honda Type R much more than the Celica. Save up and get it. Don't make hasty/impulsive buys when it comes to cars or you'll have buyer's regret and a car is one thing you don't want to regret.

    4. Assassin7


      Dont get me wrong,  I dont regret buying this celica at all. And a Celica was actually always my second choice after the Teg lol. 

      One of the reasons I want a Teg so bad is because my first car was an Integra DC1. So, 1.6L non VTEC, Auto, boring. But I adored it. And then I crashed it. And its written off. Its still sitting in my driveway, broken and depressing. And I miss it every day  despite the celica. So i decided if im buying another Integra, its gonna be a Type R. 

      I bought the celica because I knew after that Integra, any new car I bought had to be cool and I had to like it. I simply could not deal with buying some boring corolla or something. And I do love the celica. And im thinking that maybe, if I just at least get new wheels for it, It should be fine if I keep the factory ones, then If I sell it I can sell it factory and sell the wheels seperately or something. 

  4. I finally got around to doing this: Motherfucking 94-95 took longer than 88-94 because I kept getting fucked by pubbies/arty/MM/RNG right as I started hitting that.
  5. 94.7% on T29 marks. start game. get fucking yolod by enemy superpershing who just flat out counters my deployment position and he kills me because hes wiggling and I cant pen him and hes a tier higher and I have no cover against him. Fucking bullshit. he died for no reason other than to kill me. 


    this is why I dont bother fucking 3 marking. ugh. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      Could be worse. I got cucked for quite a few games in my Maus and kept playing when I should've just taken a break. I had one 0 damage game from getting ammo racked and died earlier than I should have. Another because I got focused out by a platoon (don't really blame them). 

      Ended up killing my overall dpg goal of trying to maintain 5k for ~ 50 games and gradually ease out at 4.7-8 at 150.

      Edit: I recall in one of my paris games (under the heavy bridge), there was a jpe in front of me but couldn't like for sone reason. Half of his tank was sticking out but apparently wouldn't light him because spotting check mechanic sucks dick. You can guess what happened after.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      The spotting marks on tanks are only a few, middle front, middle sides, middle rear, commander's hatch, joint between gun and turret..

      If none of these points is in your los you won't spot the tank.

    4. Raj


      shouldn't have gotten yoloed

  6. Dunno about low/mid tiers. At high tiers its AA. They are all massive AA ships. They're also fast at high tiers, dunno how accurate/innacurate they are
  7. I just got this email from the WOT RU server:

    Dear player!

    We noticed that for a long time the account was inactive.

    To save the current nickname, you must log in under your account in the "World of Tanks" project within 30 days from the receipt of this letter. Otherwise, the account name will be changed to technical one and returned to free access for use by other players.

    Translated obviously, but does this mean this might be happening on other servers as well? *hoping I can make my name the correct spelling*

  8. So, just remember the US BBs are all 20kn top speed till tier 8, which is a huge turn off for me personally (I have the Texas and its a good ship but I cant stand how slow it is, I cant imagine going through 4 tiers of that shit) Also 45 degrees is better than broadside but still not perfect. You want to be more like 30 degrees. Oh also Montana which is the tier 10 US BB gets frontal citadeled constantly. I have zero fear of those things at all and only consider them damage farms lol. NC and Iowa are good though. I think US DDs are considered the best, Gunboats with decent torps. Not sure on cruisers, they're all good in different ways. CVs, technically the Japanese are better, but im grinding up the japanese lime and even at tier 6 theres like 5 squadrens or something and its VERY difficult to multitask with them all, if you're not good at multitasking like that the american CVs are more friendly with less squadrens
  9. ^that was me. I put IVstab on my STB. Because fav tank. It has a noticable gun handling increase. Using the directive for Vstabs as well gives it pretty much Object 140 gun handling,
  10. First, St Louis is a really good ship. It was flat out overpowered in alpha/beta. I assumed they nerfed it but dunno, havent really touched the tier much apart to farm in my Iwaki A. Dont bother with the secondaries on low tier BBs, far too short range and far too innacurate/bad. You wont have the captain skills to make secondaries work until much later on. (You need advanced firing training basically), which means a 10 point captain or higher) The best way to play them, i think, at least, the Kawachi since i havent played the others is to just drive in, fire at the biggest and best targets you have, if you hit you hit, if you miss you miss. Just hang out to tier 5 I guess. What line are you grinding? i've only done Japanese, the Myogi is good (and a lot faster) when fully upgraded, but is still innacurate because tier 4. For BBs in general, you're the primary pushing force of your team. You are the tank and the main damage dealer. (Its not quite that simple but for the purposes of this it'll do) you need to be able to push in - but make sure you have support. An isolated BB is a dead BB, much more than a Cruiser or DD because you're slow and not very manouverable. When engaging, make sure you are front on or rear on. (But idealy front) Never expose your broadside (this is true for any ship anyway) sometimes its best to just pretend your rear turret(s) arent there and only use the front ones -some ships have to turn extremely side on to get shots with their rear turrets which makes you an easy prey for cits and isnt worth it. You WILL be punished heavily for going broadside in anything above tier 4. When aiming, if I have a choice of multiple targets, I choose based on first, whos the biggest threat, and second, what I have the best shot on. So say im in my Yamato, and I have a choice of 3 targets: another enemy yamato, an Iowa, and an Atago. Now, the biggest threat is the Yamato because the other two are lower tier. However he is perfectly angled to me so I have a very poor shot on him, the Atago is no threat, but the Iowa is my second biggest threat, and he happens to be completely broadside to me. Im going to shoot the Iowa because, not only are watching huge 50K damage numbers from quad cits hilarous, but because even if im not damaging the Yamato now, getting rid of his support quickly will make him much easier to kill later on. However if the Iowa was also angled perfectly I would go for the Yamato.
  11. Yep, thats a thing at low tier just so BBs dont constantly just delete other low tier ships. Most BBs at low tier have lots and lots of guns so if they were as accurate as they are at higher tiers you can imagine how often even a mediocre player with some experience would just farm 1 salvo deletes on the enemy newbs that drive broadside in straight lines.
  12. Florb, the BB aiming and speed thing you're seeing is true for only low tier BBs, once you get to like, tier 5 and higher they get progressively more accurate. Tier 3 BBs are all slow as hell and innacurate as hell. My Yamato is more accurate at 20km than they are at 5km. They also start getting way faster, with the exception of US BBs until you get to tier 8 (up to Collorado are all Dreadnaughts. = 20kn top speed) for example my Amagi can keep up with Cruisers and even my Yamato can nudge 30kn on a good day. Its to the point where, almost even moreso than WoT, low tier WoWS play is not representive of what high tier play is like, you could even make 2 teams of top tier 10 players into tier 3 and it would play entirely different.
  13. then theres me, Ill just finish watching all of last seasons animes in comfort knowing I wont have to keep waiting a week for each new episode.
  14. 10 solo games at tier 10 and I already want to uninstall. why the fuck do people even bother soloing ever?

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    2. BlackAdder


      Why people do drugs? It’s very nice for limited time, after that comes the pain. 

    3. Fulcrous


      Soloing enables me to play as many games as i want.

    4. Errants


      Because I play weird tiers, and at weird times, and usually can't talk when playing at night... and I'm bad, so no one platoons with me. ^_^

  15. can I just say, Junkers Hogging the Wotlabs host 24/7 with his Vodcasts is starting to get annoying...

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    2. Migizikody


      vodcasts are annoying and is why I stopped watching him in particular


      "Oh cool hes streaming" "Oh its this noninteractive shit again"


    3. Assassin7


      It prioritised junkers because he and Never were trying to do something about the NA twitch stream thing with WG, get them to notice or something, I cant remember exactly what. It made sense, but i assume they gave up and he forgot to change it back from the priority. 

    4. Errants


      Yeah, I wouldn't mind a chance to get there... especially since I'm broadcasting at off hours now... (0800ish EDT, most M-F, for at least an hour).

      Realize I'm not as good at tanks/streaming as others,but  I'd appreciate the visibility.