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  1. I can play for a few hours if you want. Would prefer west though. Am i good enough? Edit: oh wait monday not today, shit thats tuesday for me. Never mind ill be driving down to my girlfriends then rip.
  2. hey, I was barely older than her when SAO 2 came out god.
  3. please help I found this and can't stop looking at it thats Yuuki as she would of been IRL. fuuuuuuuck
  4. *immediately starts hard grinding for it* Im nearly done with the campaigns. I didnt know it was that good, i've only used DDs in ranked and the Hatsu is pretty meh. (i used Akatsuki in last season)
  5. damn, tier 6. I used the Mitsuki back when it was a tier 6 for that ranked season, it probably isn't the best choice though. the Budovny might work as well. Fuso is also a possible but not sure.
  6. >in 13 90, with platoon mate in 30B on karelia. rush hill, get to hill. nothing. I cross to their side, platoon mate stays on the corner. enemy 13 90 drives up, completely oblivious. I fire all 4 into him, side shots. perfect aim. bounce fucking 2 of them are you kidding me. enemy 13 90 is still paying me no attention, hasn't fired. platoon mate pops out to kill him since hes on 300hp. IMMEDIATELY gets full health ammo racked by unspotted T30 at bottom of the hill that should of been spotted. 

    enemy 13 90 finally notices im there, clipping. then clips me out, pens all fucking 4 on the fucking move as he runs down the hill because pubbie RNG. he leaves, I start backing off to up the top of the hill, suddenly BOOM I die to that T30 who literally fucking on the move snap shotted me while still fucking unspotted, like he literally drove around the corner, fired on the move, then got lit, and killed me. 



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Assassin7


      you should of seen the night before last night, RNG repeatedly shat on me. like, T30 bouncing APCR off TVP kind of shat on me. 

    3. sohojacques


      What are you doing playing this shit game anyway. You should be out smoking the bags in your new rig.

    4. DirtyACE7


      The absolute worst thing about RNG is that it can punish good, smart play and reward stupid, awful play.

  7. Wohoo, getting a new car this evening. Ill miss my Poor Integra, but I cant wait to drive my new '96 Celica. which has MOAR POWEERRR (because I need more power)

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    2. Assassin7





      its niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

    3. Marty


      Just a thought, seeing it's in really good condition for relatively old car - Is rust an issue in Australia or are most of your cars rust-free because of the weather?

    4. Android25


      I'm really bored tonight... I think I got the location right.


      Not enough visual reference data in your second pic though so dun worry :P

      Also, I'm fairly confused about this location... is this where you picked it up? It's 20km away from where the picture in the ad was taken (51km drive)... I mean framing the car with the Auckland skyline is nice but is it worth that much of a drive?


      @Marty It's New Zealand

  8. I dont think the issue here that blew up so much was the tank itself. The tank is a problem, yes, but what caused all the outrage was the censorship threats. Thats what caused all this. So while it doesnt fix the underlying issue of the tank. At least they finally upped and admitted "we fucked up, we're sorry. We promise it wont happen again"
  9. I REALLY wish I was able to play tier 10

    1. ZXrage


      Are you platooned? I can run solo 10's alright in NA West.

    2. Assassin7


      I cant. half the time it just kicks me out of queue after 5 minutes. the other half its like a 3-5 minute wait. solo players all report the same problem

  10. what they should do is just flat out say "we fucked up, we're sorry" to be honest. this is a massive PR disaster and it would be best to just cut your losses and own up to get it over with
  11. the thing is, why the fuck is NA putting their input into it, its an EU drama ~_~
  12. I was more thinking a mix between the 113 and AX with the 215Bs gun. or the E5 and AX.
  13. My bet is it would be a heavium like the E5/113. Similar gun to FV215B.
  14. I was only playing tier 9 while fighting it. As it turns out, T30 AP and T-54 HEAT goes through it like butter.
  15. Yeah mobo might of given it a small OC automatically, I dunno.