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  1. looking at the japanese tank tree looks almost like they literally copy pasted the WoT tech tree 0_0
  2. As a BB main, all i can say is fuck kutozovs. Literally fuck them. Fires everywhere
  3. I asked my GF what size her boobs were. I could hear the exasperation through the internet. she wouldn't tell me
  4. I have no idea how big my girlfriends boobs are. They arent tiny but they arent big. Overly large boobs look stupid IMO.
  5. So, how many Americans should I be expecting in NZ over the next few weeks? :P

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    2. Assassin7


      Yeah, but NYC has a higher population than the entirety of NZ so yeah :P

    3. saru_richard


      i thought NZ was 80%sheep, 19% man and 1% everything else

    4. BiggieD61


      Are people incapable of building new houses?  What kind of restrictions are in place that would prevent that?  And no, I doubt you will be seeing any large influx of Americans - because they are too broke to think of a move like that.

  6. >Tfw my guide doesnt count
  7. yeah that one looks weird, but not the picture Comrad Posted. I couldn't see a problem with that picture. also, I dunno, but Im just really bad at seeing these things. Like, I legitimately was looking as hard as I could for issues during Ep2 but I just couldn't find any. Im not saying they aren't there, just that I couldn't see them
  8. Ive got 20, normally I only use them to retrain commander on moving to new ships.
  9. I don't think I've ever posted this here before, so here we go, my very own Motorised Vehicle porn star: otherwise referred to as "my Mistress" by my girlfriend. directly after my computer, which is known to my girlfriend as my "wife" P.S the dark green door handle was temporary, after some wanker broke the lock on it trying to steal it (and failed) its now Blue again like the rest of the car
  10. I still can't see a problem with that. I saw some of the shitty animation from EP1 and yeah, it was bad. but I literally can't see a problem in that screenshot. her eyes are slightly off center? maybe? frankly, all through episode 2 I was literally watching for bad animation and I couldn't find any. I mean, ill admit it does feel a bit more choppy than S1, but it wasn't too bad IMO. and it still doesn't change the fact that the show is freaking hilarious
  11. @ComradeHX I literally cant see a problem with that. Though speaking of konosuba, I havent watched something thats had me in laugh so much in ages.
  12. the pubbie shitstorm that the MAHOU spotlight has caused is insane. 

    from the forum thread to the facebook post, every pubbie and their dog is screaming nothing but solid abuse at mahou for every single bad thing about this game ever. and none of it makes any sense because only about 5% of it is true, and most of what is true is no more true for MAHOU than it is for any other top clan. or any other clan full stop. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      I think the best part is when they ask for lesser clan spotlights. Then you remember they ended that with Cabra.

    3. Assassin7


      @DHP according to pubbies MAHOU are the most toxic people in the world which is weird because even before I joined it I didn't see them being any more toxic than any other of the top clans

    4. Flaksmith


      Well I think it's because mahou players are seen more often. In the short time that I've been playing again I see mahou players twice as often as I see players from other top clans.

  13. Well, 3 years later, the search for MH370 has been suspended. Still no trace of the plane. 


    Pretty sad really, its going to go down in history as a mystery story of a disappearing plane

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia
    3. Assassin7


      I mean, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I kinda have a feeling the plane was hijacked and was taken somewhere else and hidden. 

      The only other option is that it crashed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay away from where everyone expected it to have crashed. 

    4. PityFool


      The plane crashed into the ocean, they found a piece of the wing floating somewhere.