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  1. the more I play this patch, the more I realised exactly what I feared would happen with this patch has happened, and WG has completely fucked every single map in some way. I haven't found a map I like more than before yet

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    2. DHP


      @leggasiini oh shit you are right they removed sand river assault which was one of the best to farm pubbies.. I have been playing this tank for like 3 years and ALL THEY DO is remove maps or gamemode from some maps... And people were defending WG because "but listen they are working on HD maps"... Lol plz this update is the worst by far, they should have kept making new map but all they did was remove map after map after map while only adding like 2.. (and one of it is fucking Paris...)


      And also can someone explain to my why the haven't added a second entry to the hill on mines ?? It would seriously solve the entire situation where one side get there first..

    3. Assassin7


      You cant add a second entry to the hill that doesnt favour one side of the other. You'd have to add two extra entries.

    4. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      You could change the western entry so it could only be accessed from the north and add an entry on the eastern side and it would balance it out. Honestly I've been saying for years the biggest problem with Mines and Ensk is the need to be tier limited. 600m maps are too fucking small for tier 8+ 600m maps need to be tier 6 top and 800m maps tier 8 top. Five fucking years I've been saying it.

  2. glacier is fucking trash...

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    2. Balthazars


      I'm not minding it, but usually I tend to get it in low tiers and when I'm driving something that can go middle. Had very few that were complete camp-fests (at least while I was still alive). It's terrible with 3 arty though.

      Fjords is by far the worst map in the game now. Seems impossible to win with the north-west spawn unless the other team is completely idiotic (and even then...)

    3. Assassin7


      I am taking the mid. It seems to be more biased to the north side so far though. its definitely better than paris, but I've only played fjords once in pub matches (and got the biased spawn which was ridiculous) but it just seems really hard to push anywhere because TDs just have overwatch without having to even leave their base

    4. nabucodonsor


      That's why  you should support north since base camping tds dont cover it and if you win it, you can put the enemy base in a crossfire. South with all those bushes and one corridor is a nightmare but if you manage to push it you have a big advantage altough i do not recommend going there

  3. Currently CW meta is pretty fucking great guys.

    whoever has the most 268v4s auto wins, or at least is at a massive advantage. 

    10/10 so much tactics, so much strategy, much variety. 

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    2. simba90


      6 hours ago, TAdoo87 said:

      It will get nerfed soon. WG wanted everyone  to spend all their freexp on it, so when they introduce the italian tanks people have no free xp left to use. They will say it was a mistake and they will nerf it with the italian patch. 

      Its almost as though we've seen this kind of thing before...

    3. MatzerMike


      Do you think ver. 4 it's still worth grinding considering the future nerf? I'm at the tier VII now and it will be on top of the tree next month on EU. But man.. You need to unlock a lot of guns at tier VIII and IX to get to X... Was it the same before the ver 4 was introduced, or they just did it to make players to throw more money at the OP tank?

    4. Assassin7


      I think it was similar before. And if you are in a competitive clan and play CW, then yes. 100% grind it out. It is the entire CW meta now.

      If you're just playing pubs, eh unless you want to go roflstomp some pubtards for a few months before it hopefully gets nerfed to the ground then its not needed.

  4.  never expected that owning a fast looking car would turn other drivers into idiots around it. I watched some morons last night in a legacy nearly earn themselves a darwin award trying to "race" me, and then overtaking me on a stupidly short straight, before taking a blind corner on the wrong side of the damn road way too fast.

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    2. Assassin7


      I haven't had an issue with the cops yet. but I feel like that with a car like this:


      even though its *mostly* factory (and sounds factory) and is completely legal, I probably will get some cops wanting to check on it at some point. Though I also have a clean record and am a safe driver. 

    3. simba90


      In my experience with NZ cops. If you don't act/drive like a complete twat and don't have any skeptically legal mods done to your car. you are pretty much invisible to them until you go through a static check site (BAC/Rego check sort of thing). 

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 the thing is - it's not necessary as it wasn't for mine. Doing anything that makes you confident and look competent is good. Ffs Balet Dancers get tons of girls and that's hardly a conventionally manly job/hobby (it helps that they are ripped though) 

  5. Sigh. Attempting to make a thread on the official forums discussing ping is impossible for me. All that ever happens is one or multiple mouth breathers turn up screaming "Its nothing to do with WG its all your problem because you're on NA and playing from new zealand so its your problem because you chose to not switch to ASIA!"


    Meanwhile other people from fucking NA itself are agreeing with me and saying "oh yeah I have these issues as well"  BUT WE GOTTA IGNORE THAT FACT AND FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT FAR AWAY = BAD = ALL YOUR PROBLEM HURR DURR

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    2. king_spaniel


      I only stop by the official forums for a laugh at whatever nonsense conspiracy theories nimwit pubbies are parroting.  Nonstop pure radiation dosages of average-low IQ individuals, encouraged by WG.

      Every genuinely reliable source of information on this game has been something non WG-affiliated (, this forum, etc) because, after all, they don't even play their own game.

    3. Fulcrous


      tbf it could easily be the lines in the water being damaged/repaired.

    4. Assassin7


      It could be, thats one of my primary theories.

      Today its back down to a much more manageable 230, so idk. 

      I wasn't actually blaming WG in the OP, dunno why he got that impression. My goal with that thread was seeing if anyone else was having the issue, and if there were any ways to fix it.

    1. Errants


      I don't get it...

    2. Assassin7


      I was behind the wall he shot at. He shot at and killed me through the wall, with no reason or realistic knowledge that I was there, as he was accross the road and didnt see me cross behind that wall. And then, he barely went around the corner to even see, shot me directly through the wall, one hit kille me, and turned back to run out the door. 


      Tldr most obvious hacker I've ever seen

  6. why the fuck is my ping fucking 400?

    the last few patches my ping has just gone up for no reason. no difference on my end. but it went from 200 when the central server went live, up to 230, then 250, then 280, now fucking 300, and then today its 430 ffs. no packet loss or anything. just "this is the connection speed" 430?????

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    2. ZXrage


      Not on WG's end, my ping has been fine for a while now and I play from the PH

    3. Assassin7


      it has to be on WGs end because my internet is fine to every other game and server, including NA servers. 

    4. Balthazars


      Hmm, I'm still getting fairly consistent ping from Melbourne in the 220-230 range. Bad days it goes up to 280ish but just played and was getting the standard 220.

  7. So this just happened in WT:

    4 head ons in 15 seconds. and I won 3 of them. (I got credited for both the 190 and the spit but they didn't show up on the replay)

    1. SaintLaurentius


      How's the ingame balance compared to what it was the last time I played(2 years ago) in WT planes? Back then Allied planes were superior to germans in high tier props and especially in jets. Like Komet/ME 262 vs. Sabre/MIG-15. :MingLee:

  8. so is Vbaddict officially kill now?

    1. mistervanni


      i think the ADU problem is killing it for all the new tanks since it stopped working :( i really miss it for all the data on tanks usage...any more deep info would be awesome

  9. @Folterknechtmy has started being woken up out of sleep randomly, at like 1-2am and shining bright light in my face while im trying to sleep. it seems to be coming from the update orchestrator service. (I've had windows update disabled for about 6 months) I disabled the service, and then I went and disabled wake timers, neither have worked. any more ideas? 

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    2. Assassin7


      The same process. I physically disabled the prosess so idk.

    3. Folterknecht


      To clarify: Did you just kill the process or did you set it to manual/disabled (incl. start up)? These are two different things ... .


      Is it running after a restart?

    4. Assassin7


      i set it to disabled. just checked it and it is re enabled. ugh. 

  10. guys, I bought a thing the other day :D






    its sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood

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    2. SoliDeoGloria


      Send me the Celica. I'll go find a 3s-gte for it.

    3. Assassin7


      It already has a 3S-GE lol, just shove a turbo on it and boom.

    4. SoliDeoGloria
  11. what is wrong with WG's servers.

    my ping, which is normally 230 on central, has gone to 320 about an hour ago, and is now 380.


  12. "marked your STB yet Asassian"

    >clicks battle in STB

    >999 ping

    >close game, restart

    >game wont connect

    >close game again, restart

    >game is now downloading a 6.5GB patch..???

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer
    3. Tman450


      It's the preload, the actual patch doesn't drop for another week.

    4. Assassin7


      well, its working now. but im at 300 fucknig ping.

      why? I play at 230-250 fucking ping. fix your fucknig shit WG

  13. Ha, I have the third least life on this forum. Go me. I think. 

    1. Kolni


      4th if you count Garbaddie :doge: 

    2. EndlessAgony


      Garbad has long since transcended this forum. He now resides in the ether, the primordial fabric of the universe, as one of the plethora of Gods who govern existence. Such mortal measurements as time, or up and downvotes, have no meaning to him anymore.

      Also, congrats purple-haired-elf-girl-avatar guy, I believe you will achieve 1st place one day if you give it your best.

  14. Today, I got the sacred call from Microsoft telling me my Computer is gonna crash.

    If I wasn't about to head out the door I would of tried to fuck with him, but unfortunately all I had time to do was give a sarcastic "Ohh really is it now?, Im sorry Mr Scammer but Fuck you" *click*

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Grandma tier?.... pls. I work IT

      Almost 100% guarantee, if you're having issues w/ Windows 10 and needed to do 5 clean installs in the last few months: You're either downloading a BUNCH of porn/torrents, or theres a hardware issue. My bet is PBKAC

    3. Assassin7


      same here, grandma tier, on my custom built gaming rig? you're kidding right? never had to reinstall it. 

    4. EndlessAgony


      I'm not a poorfag, so no torrents, and I'm not a degenerate, so no porn either. No detected hardware issues either. It's just garbage for me. If it works for you, great - but I'd switch back to 7 if I could.

  15. jeez ranked past rank 10 is just a constant swarm of super conquerers...

  16. Unpopular Opinion: 140 is better than 907. 

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    2. Darvek


      If it works better for you, it works better for you. The poking style of corner fighting is nice in tanks with good frontal armor and forward mounted turrets. I used to love doing that in my Super Pershing back when it had armor.

    3. nabucodonsor


      I agree 907 is good only at sidescraping. The frontal armour is easy to pen. You can just autoaim. Also 140 can sidescrape with the similar efficiency. Also 907 turret is worse.

    4. Strigonx


      After having played the 140 after the turret buff, the 907 huge overmatchable plate triggers me way too much.

  17. I want SerB back. at least he knows how to fucking balance the game. 

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    2. Assassin7


      They did fix those issues though, almost all of them with SerB still at the helm. And quite frankly Id rather have all those tanks back, if it was the tradeoff to the current game direction of make everything unpennable...

    3. EndlessAgony


      Murazor is a fucking tard... He used to be an arrogant cunt waaaay back in 2014, don't even wanna imagine what working at such high position at WG did to his already overinflated ego... Though it sure as shit did nothing to enlarge his brain...

    4. Medjed


      I'll take broken T6 KV-1S with a 390 alpha any day over current game balance and horseshit like 268v4 or w/e it's called.

  18. is every tank in the game now HD? I'm checking through the tech tree and think so, the AMX 40 was the only tank made HD this patch

    1. Darvek


      Tiger I was also given an HD model this patch.

    2. ZXrage


      Yep, AMX 40 was the last.
      Also TIger I model was revamped.

    3. mistervanni


      now that we got the maps coming soon, only the players miss HD revamp...

  19. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    It totally counts

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    2. Errants


      Lulz, didn't see it was test at first... still eluding you?

    3. Assassin7
    4. Daerlon


      Test is so bad...

  20. I want to play tanks, but I dont want to fight all the new stupid unbalanced bullshit from this patch.


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    2. Assassin7


      Dont have one. want to play my STB, but I feel continuing the marking will end badly :(

    3. simba90


      Download the test server and check out the new graphics.

    4. Assassin7


      I am, and I highly wish WG could make a damn updater that doesn't completely destroy your PC's ability to function while its updating. 

  21. trying to win in ships is like trying to heard cats, that are all attempting to attack you. 

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Implying cats aren't already attempting to attack you by default


      source: have cats, get attacked

    2. Assassin7


      also have cats.

      however, fucking, finally


      getting wins is hard. but I finally completed the collection

    3. orzel286


      My cats don't attack me, all they want is food and hugs. What do?

  22. Its now cheaper to buy a GPU in NZ than it is in America.


    This is rediculous.

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Rule#27 on why I hope crypto crashes hard.

    3. Assassin7


      oh, the exchange rate for USD to NZD has crashed, 900US is actually only 1250 NZD

    4. DHP


      I heard that manufacturer were also selling cards at pre-inflation prices. Just got to be fast to get them (from what i heard from a random dude on the internet). Might be worth checking it out.

      edit: seems like it's Nvidia that's doing that (1080 is at 599€ on their website but out of stock), they even made a statement to resaler to only sell to gamers and not miners

  23. Wow, the conquerer (ship) is dumb. a BB thats supposed to spam HE, and has the german non citadel armour? thats stupid as hell

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    2. Assassin7


      I didn't even know it had a super heal. Im just sick of fighting it in my yamato and constantly taking 10K+ from it with 2 fires every salvo, through the front. 

    3. conjay810


      yeah its utterly cancer, theres no way to avoid incoming damage from it at all, while any damage you do back over 5 mins is erased within 10 seconds when he pops his autism heal

    4. Jaegaer


      As of now the Conq counters any BB hard over time and still isn't that weak to Cruisers. Sure, a Zao/Henry is a pita for each Conq as every HE salve deals a lot of damage, but most can be healed back and the super concealment menas it can also disengage easily.

      But looking at the stats doesn't really show a brutal winrate or something. So the Conq is at least strange.

  24. ok so the little Tier 5 Leopard is actually hilariously fun:


    1. Tman450


      So is the tier 4 luchs with the autocannon