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  1. WG fucked up. gave some people at least, including me, 200% credit boosters for 3 hours for the chat server compensation.

    200% credits. X4 credits. 

    I made a million in 3 games. 

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    2. leggasiini


      actually isnt that "only" 3x credits

      still, holy shit man, and for 3 hours?

      You can play ~30 games in 3 hours, more if you play ultra aggressively. You can make like what, 10 million in 3 hours?

      Now imagine if you said that in face of complete F2P player without a reserve who has to grind weeks to get credits for tier 10 tank :serb: 

    3. Assassin7



      Yes, I played like shit lol, but thats 14 games. 2 mill credits. would of been 2.5 mill had I not played the T30 game and 13 90 game, or ARL V39 game. or had played better in a couple of them. or had played the FCM instead of the Type 59 meaning I hit more shots and fired less gold.

    4. Veo


      holy shit man, i hope I have one when I get back to check. and if I do I hope they don't remove it by the time I get back. :feelsgoodman:

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