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  1. Project CARS 2 is out, oh yes! And here I was planning on buying PUBG, yeah nope. 

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    2. Tman450


      Logitech wheels are nice for the price. I'm using an old Logitech Driving Force GT.. i think the Thrustmaster T300 is technically a nicer wheel than the Logitech ones though.

    3. Siimcy


      Yeah heard the same, apparently the Thrustmaster T300 is a belt wheel wheres the logitechs g29 isnt :thinking:

    4. Marty


      Sadly steering wheel prices are kinda stupid. If you want something with good build quality, good FFB and a stick shifter you're gonna pay over 500€/$. 

      Very cheap wheels are not worth it, and the cheapest reasonable wheels are G920/T150 Pro, both sitting around 230-250 mark. Without a shifter. You could get G25 for prices like this 10 years ago, with a shifter, and it was almost the same, quality, FFB wise.

      So yay, you're getting the same product you could get 10 years ago for the same price. Market's moved nowhere :feelsbad: