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  1. which is the best american arty piece to do the arty missions so I can get the orders from them to use them on the 260? I have up to M40 researched.

    yes, I know. fuck arty. I'd rather not play them, but I want the orders....

    1. mati_14


      M40 is good enough


    2. kreigermann


      US Tier 9.  (53/55) US cancer is very good for all damage and assisted missions running full gold. The ability to run vents, rammer and GLD + cola makes it stupid accurate and fast aiming. Swapping between that and BERT for the missions that require numbers of hits or killing higher tier stuff.  This was the least painful combo I found completing them all. 

      Oh, and BIA -> camo -> gun handling. SS let me get into dangerously close positions(well, as brave as it gets for arty) with it letting me know when to poop pants and run. 

    3. Assassin7


      Don't have it researched. I researched the M40, sold the M12, and never bought it. I don't expect to have to play enough to get the M53/55 from doing a few missions (or at least I hope not)

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