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  1. I've been purple for a week and already want to be blue again holy shit

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    2. Cronk


      Sitting on 1987 and slowly climbing, now I'm wondering if I should tank my stats a bit and stay teal4lyfe.

    3. Assassin7


      So like, I knew the arty focus is pretty bad, and focus in general, but holy shit, every other game, its being hit by arty, going dark, staying dark for literally 3 minutes, then getting lit again in a similar place (with no one near me) and instantly being artied again. Or getting arty safe and having the enemy arty move to a position to hit me despite there being other targets he can hit without moving.

      Plus the number of tanks that have just flat out killed themselves to yolo me has pretty much tripled. 

      I knew it was gonna get worse but I didnt anticipate just how MUCH worse it would get. Way bigger difference from say green-blue or any other increase. 

    4. Fulcrous


      trust me it gets worse