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  1. This Star Wars Battlefront thing is going to be the next No Mans Sky, and not because the game is particularly bad itself. But because of the business model.

    I hope this is a lesson to game devs everywhere

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    2. Marty


      Fair point, both Disney and Lucas want to maintain good image of SW brand. 

      Sadly, that doesn't at all stop EA and other publishers from having that kind of content in other games. Ultimate Team in sport games earns EA around $650 million a year.

      Plus, like I said, this system is far worse in NFS Payback, and it's not even getting proper media coverage and fan backlash because SW is overshadowing it. So I'd expect similar progression system in next NFS too.

    3. yoyoya2


      True sadly NFS games have been pretty shit for atleast 7 years now

    4. Fabunil


      I would boycott them but then again it has been about a decade since I last bought an EA game...

      The sad truth is that this debacle isn't going to hurt EA too much, many people will buy it anyway despite all the outrage (especially conditioned children who grew up with this kind of micro transaction bullshit) and even then most people will still happily buy the next yearly iteration of their favorite EA-game.

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