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  1. So, researched and bought the caernavon. Only 2 games but Its actually pretty good. 280 alpha with a 5.4 second reload, decent mobility, decent armour, decent gun handling. This thing got mega loved. 

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    2. De1tacu


      Same deal recently free exped and bought caern, Currently my favorite Tank in wot, including tier 10s


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    3. sohojacques


      And you can afford to miss a shot or two with the Caravan’s insane rate of fire. 5.34 sec reload without food on mine from memory. Track someone and they are fucked if they’ve used their repair kit. This and the elc Even are the only two tier 8s I have that I play for fun. My Conq. sits idle in my garage as it bores me to tears, despite me doing better statistically in it cause they basically get the same MM.

    4. Assassin7


      Ima play some more of it tonight, I think this tank would be new T8 CW meta tbh. It pretty much replaces the T32. 

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