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  1. I originally started off with the 907 and STB. 907 because its a 907 and STB because its my fav tank and I know it inside and out. However, i got sick of the 907s more derpy gun handling, and the STB doesn't have the survivability to contest in all maps, especially against all the superheavies. So i ended up switching to playing the E5 and 140. I dont have a super conquerer, but the E5 is still the E5. I play the E5 as a medium in most cases so Its seriously good at stomping face out in medium flanks, its got the survivability, the ability to push, and the comfort gun handling. As I stated in a status update the other day, I much prefer the 140 to the 907, and its been much more reliable for me than the 907 is. I managed to easily make it to rank 7 alternating these two tanks after being super stuck in rank 2/3. (Im only able to play an hour of ranked a day because I have to go to work an hour after it starts qq)
  2. Unpopular Opinion: 140 is better than 907. 

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    2. Darvek


      If it works better for you, it works better for you. The poking style of corner fighting is nice in tanks with good frontal armor and forward mounted turrets. I used to love doing that in my Super Pershing back when it had armor.

    3. nabucodonsor


      I agree 907 is good only at sidescraping. The frontal armour is easy to pen. You can just autoaim. Also 140 can sidescrape with the similar efficiency. Also 907 turret is worse.

    4. Strigonx


      After having played the 140 after the turret buff, the 907 huge overmatchable plate triggers me way too much.

  3. So, I've replaced the Mobo, CPU, and RAM. It also has a new HDD, only old things are GPU and PSU. it worked fine for a couple weeks, until just now where it crashed again. same issue. I put both the GPU and PSU into my PC, and ran them for a weekend playing all sorts of games, and did some stress tests in my PC and they worked completely fine. im 99% sure its not either of them, but if it is its the PSU most likely. we can't afford to throw any more money at this..... what do
  4. my old gaming rig, which is being used by my brother, is constantly blue screening with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. it does it with almost every game he plays, but most often Rainbow Six Seige and BF4. (which both reliably crash whenever you load into a game) however Arma 3, Payday 2, and War Thunder don't crash it. So far Ive done the following: Format Drive, fresh install windows 10 (it had an illegal copy of windows 7 on it before which I originally thought was the issue) Update and reinstall as many different drivers as possible Reset BIOS to default. My current suspicions are that its a hardware issue. Im thinking its most likely the HDD, PSU, or GPU in that order. I can test the GPU fairly easily, and possibly the PSU. But not sure how to test the HDD. Specs: i5 3570K 8GB G.SKILL ARES DDR3 ASUS P8 Z77V-LK GIGABTYE Windforce GTX970 Aywun megapower elite 650w (sketchy brand, which is why im suspicious) Seagate 750GB 7200RPM (its nearly 9 years old, which is why its my main suspect) Win 10 home 64 bit
  5. I want SerB back. at least he knows how to fucking balance the game. 

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    2. Assassin7


      They did fix those issues though, almost all of them with SerB still at the helm. And quite frankly Id rather have all those tanks back, if it was the tradeoff to the current game direction of make everything unpennable...

    3. EndlessAgony


      Murazor is a fucking tard... He used to be an arrogant cunt waaaay back in 2014, don't even wanna imagine what working at such high position at WG did to his already overinflated ego... Though it sure as shit did nothing to enlarge his brain...

    4. Medjed


      I'll take broken T6 KV-1S with a 390 alpha any day over current game balance and horseshit like 268v4 or w/e it's called.

  6. is every tank in the game now HD? I'm checking through the tech tree and think so, the AMX 40 was the only tank made HD this patch

    1. Darvek


      Tiger I was also given an HD model this patch.

    2. ZXrage


      Yep, AMX 40 was the last.
      Also TIger I model was revamped.

    3. mistervanni


      now that we got the maps coming soon, only the players miss HD revamp...

  7. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    It totally counts

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    2. Errants


      Lulz, didn't see it was test at first... still eluding you?

    3. Assassin7
    4. Daerlon


      Test is so bad...

  8. knowing WG, good luck.
  9. I want to play tanks, but I dont want to fight all the new stupid unbalanced bullshit from this patch.


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    2. Assassin7


      Dont have one. want to play my STB, but I feel continuing the marking will end badly :(

    3. simba90


      Download the test server and check out the new graphics.

    4. Assassin7


      I am, and I highly wish WG could make a damn updater that doesn't completely destroy your PC's ability to function while its updating. 

  10. Eh, Ive been trying since october (fml) and its been 4K to stay and 4.5K to get it to move up at all.
  11. Glad you thought so. The tank has been power creeped out a bit these days, but its still my favourite tank.
  12. yup, thats me.
  13. long time since I 2 marked mine, I'd say ~2K for 1 mark, ~3-3.5K for 2 marks, and 3 marks is 4.5K.
  14. I've been good, though I'm starting to get to the point where I log in, go "I don't feel like playing this game" log out. Which really sucks because I still really enjoy the game and still really want to enjoy the game. arty is better, mostly. some people will argue that its even worse though. I prefer it, lt's much less likely to just delete you flat out. Limit is currently 3 which is at least better than 5. Oh and if you werent aware you can't platoon 3 arty any more. platoons can only have 1 arty piece which fixes the 3x bat 58 or 3x CGC bullshit. 9.22 is doing the same thing the last bunch of patches have done. they're swapping the 263 out for no reason other than they feel like it, introducing more new unbalanced stupid tanks. (seriously every patch now has introduced at least one stupidly OP tank or overbuffed something to absurdity since like 9.18) And every single good change they make is just ruined by the bad changes such as these OP tanks, And the biggest thing they're doing is overbuffing armour, its making gold spam mandatory, rather than just a nice bonus. At least, thats my biggest gripe currently.
  15. woah you're alive? o7 old friend. while you've been gone the games been getting worse IMO. every step forwards is accompanied by two steps back kinda thing. :-/
  16. Id rather have reskins to start with tbh. Itll be weird navigating the maps with all the new eye candy, and having to also relearn them all will be annoying.
  17. trying to win in ships is like trying to heard cats, that are all attempting to attack you. 

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Implying cats aren't already attempting to attack you by default


      source: have cats, get attacked

    2. Assassin7


      also have cats.

      however, fucking, finally


      getting wins is hard. but I finally completed the collection

    3. orzel286


      My cats don't attack me, all they want is food and hugs. What do?

  18. keep current stats the same + Seige mode that gives better gun handling and depression would make it good.
  19. if they make the STB have a seige mode that you have to wait for like the STRV, and then nerf its current stats. I will go and personally murder the person responsible for that change. It will literally ruin it.
  20. Its now cheaper to buy a GPU in NZ than it is in America.


    This is rediculous.

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Rule#27 on why I hope crypto crashes hard.

    3. Assassin7


      oh, the exchange rate for USD to NZD has crashed, 900US is actually only 1250 NZD

    4. DHP


      I heard that manufacturer were also selling cards at pre-inflation prices. Just got to be fast to get them (from what i heard from a random dude on the internet). Might be worth checking it out.

      edit: seems like it's Nvidia that's doing that (1080 is at 599€ on their website but out of stock), they even made a statement to resaler to only sell to gamers and not miners

  21. Wow, the conquerer (ship) is dumb. a BB thats supposed to spam HE, and has the german non citadel armour? thats stupid as hell

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    2. Assassin7


      I didn't even know it had a super heal. Im just sick of fighting it in my yamato and constantly taking 10K+ from it with 2 fires every salvo, through the front. 

    3. conjay810


      yeah its utterly cancer, theres no way to avoid incoming damage from it at all, while any damage you do back over 5 mins is erased within 10 seconds when he pops his autism heal

    4. Jaegaer


      As of now the Conq counters any BB hard over time and still isn't that weak to Cruisers. Sure, a Zao/Henry is a pita for each Conq as every HE salve deals a lot of damage, but most can be healed back and the super concealment menas it can also disengage easily.

      But looking at the stats doesn't really show a brutal winrate or something. So the Conq is at least strange.

  22. ok so the little Tier 5 Leopard is actually hilariously fun:


    1. Tman450


      So is the tier 4 luchs with the autocannon

  23. man, sitting in the port screen in WoWS and just watching my ship bob about while listening to the music is so calming for some reason

    1. NightmareMk9


      Until you click the Battle Button, then:

      All your DDs die in the first 1.5 Minutes

      All your BBs run for the edge of the map, because Hurr Durr I have 25 km of range

      Then the Enemy CV torps you for 90% of your life on the first Bomber Run

    2. Assassin7


      Yup :(

      Played a couple games and I literally watched about 5 teammates in each game literally try to kill themselves. Of course they all succeeded.

  24. Dragon Ridge - 33 Hidden Village - 30-3 = 27 - I hated this map from day one. it had one single brawl lane, and that was it. the rest of the map was practically useless because it was all open ground. Komarin - 15 Northwest - =28 Pearl River - 35 Port - 3+1 = 32 - I always liked Port. I still dont know why they originally removed it. Province - 27 Severgorsk - 21 South Coast - 31
  25. Would the Ryzen 1300X be good for budget gaming (replacing a 3570K with a burned mobo, cant find a new one) or would the Ryzen 1400 be kinda needed @Folterknecht wisdom required

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    2. Assassin7


      Hmm nvm, I've found a 4670 (non K) and a gigabyte Z97 mobo. this could work

    3. TohtoriP


      Why Z97 for non-K processor? Shouldn´t B85 or H81 be cheaper anyway? Or can´t you get them?

    4. Assassin7


      Im looking at second hand stuff for sale online. We cant get any new stuff past like 6th gen intel here. The Z97 is the only mobo up for that CPU thats not some cheap HP or whatever junk, and that CPU is the only one up. Also the mobo is $100 which isnt bad.