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  1. PSA, incase somehow people are under a rock and still dont know:

    I, and millions of others, cant do shit. So its up to all you muricans to keep complaining about net neutrality.

    Seriously, pls do. Because if you dont its gonna effect the rest of the world no matter what and we cant do shit to stop it. 

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Americans can't do shit, either.

      Look at it as dems want neutrality, reps want to abolish it. There is a majority rep government in the states right now, and the only thing that can stop it are legal issues/concerns regarding the bill according to some of them. 

      Also, Russia wants neutrality in the states, so who knows what they'll do?

    2. Assassin7


      I honestly fail to see any benefit to this law EXCEPT for ISPs getting even more money. Theres no upside to the economy or anything, apart from the dozen or so ISPs out there. Which is like a fraction of a percent of the economy. And the money will totally go to their Executives, not to the lower level employees. Id be surprised if it even goes into their infastructure (and why would it? There will be less load on their networks when everyone is throttled for most sites unless they pay more)

      And in return, the economy suffers because the population is all having to pay more for literally nothing. Small businesses get screwed, working class gets screwed. Theres less money and less wealth in general. I cant see a single upside to this except a dozen odd multimillion dollar companies.

  2. ha its that guy. I've had him on my blacklist forever, and I can't remember why. obviously this is why
  3. Honestly im fine with WoT changing values for balance purposes. But I was expecting WoT to have higher values for the most part, and the quick skim I did of those values most of them seemed to be lower for WoT. Interesting. (Giving those 37mm M5/M6 guns their historical pen would make the Tier 3 american tanks a lot nicer to play against those tier 5s WG!)
  4. Except its working fine now, Im assuming the last ones after reinstalling were just related to drivers. Drivers installed and its good. If it crashes again ill try upping the vtage but I dont see a reason for fiddling with it if its working. (But that may be a likely reason why it wasnt working with turbo tbh)
  5. my old gaming rig, which is being used by my brother, is constantly blue screening with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. it does it with almost every game he plays, but most often Rainbow Six Seige and BF4. (which both reliably crash whenever you load into a game) however Arma 3, Payday 2, and War Thunder don't crash it. So far Ive done the following: Format Drive, fresh install windows 10 (it had an illegal copy of windows 7 on it before which I originally thought was the issue) Update and reinstall as many different drivers as possible Reset BIOS to default. My current suspicions are that its a hardware issue. Im thinking its most likely the HDD, PSU, or GPU in that order. I can test the GPU fairly easily, and possibly the PSU. But not sure how to test the HDD. Specs: i5 3570K 8GB G.SKILL ARES DDR3 ASUS P8 Z77V-LK GIGABTYE Windforce GTX970 Aywun megapower elite 650w (sketchy brand, which is why im suspicious) Seagate 750GB 7200RPM (its nearly 9 years old, which is why its my main suspect) Win 10 home 64 bit
  6. I would say tier 10 Superheavies myself, but Second I would put as the Tier 9 meds IMO. also this. I personally consider Tier 9 to be as a whole the best tier in the game Right now. it has the most diverse selection of tanks, and play styles, with the least underperforming or overperforming outliers, and is just the most fun tier in general IMO.
  7. I didnt have an OC on it. It was literally default bios settings. Stock speed. Also, after installing drivers and shit, its working. Brother played all night with no crashes. Also I said Ive already swapped the GPU out.
  8. Ok. New HDD, reinstalled windows. It bliescreened twice just trying to install basic graphics drivers. Furst was CLOCK WATCHDOG ERROR, then WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. And after the second one, its now telling me that overclocking is failing WITH DEFAULT BIOS SETTINGS AT STOCK CLOCK SPEEDS Edit: disabled Turbo and now its booting at least. Edit2: Bluescreenview says its now caused by hal.dll
  9. I want WG to go back to +/-4 MM just for a week to show all the pubbies whingeing about +/-2 MM how stupid they are. and if they did that they'd be doing it WITHOUT all the old tanks and gun options on those tanks that allowed them to better fight higher tiers.
  10. so basically throw the game back to 2011? but with the current MM and tech trees? ehhh, nah. if it was 2015 I'd be interested. (IMO 2015, about the time of the 3rd campaign was when WoT was at its absolute best)
  11. yup, same here. not even runescape lasted this long (and I played that shit for yeeeaaaars)
  12. what did they win it for?
  13. I hate being purple

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    2. Assassin7


      well it was pretty much my overall goal from like 2012, and now I finally have it I'd rather not be. feels pretty bad. 

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Just learn to deal with the XVM focus. (That's what you mean right?) Arta spamming you sure is annoying but usually I just laugh off at tanks yoloing to kill me. Especially if they fail in it gloriously.



    4. DirtyACE7


      I'm coming to terms more and more what it's like to be purple. Got one-shoted three games in a row by the same fucking deathstar. Checked his after match stats, he only made one shot in each of the three games. Fucking xvm focusing shit bag.

  14. You may all thank me for being the bridge between us mere mortals and our lord and saviour Neverwish in order to get our sacred forum land back up and running

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I thank the lord, not the servants.

      Thanks anyways.

  15. I tried a million different things. It'll all be deleted anyway. And windows reinstalled so it wont matter
  16. Working through my brother here lol, im at university and hes on the computer sending me the screenshots. Hes 12 so im working on it Edit, glad hes as computer nerdy as I am:
  17. im not sure either. But at this point I guess it can't hurt to try
  18. I fucking hope this fucking fixes it. Im having to let my brother use my computer while its not working AND IM SO FUCKING SICK OF IT ALREADY
  19. For me, im going to say win rate doesnt exactly change. However, one thing that I find DOES frequently happen is the number of blowouts increases. One team or the other just rolls. Not because of bad team comps or anything, or skill differences between teams. Just... Because. This makes influencing a battle or consistently doing damage a lot more difficult because either you're chasing damage all game before it all disappears, or you're fighting to stay alive long enough to do damage before you get rolled. Its a lot harder to stay consistent. These rolls can be triggered by someone taking an early position that just stops the team from wanting to play, or some lemming trains, even lemminging down the correct flank and pushing fast, being out lemming'd. Its kind of weird and only happens so often on these weekends.
  20. So, took it to shop. Explaining what is going wrong, they suggested Hard drive, as was my original suspicion. They said I could buy one, see if it fixes it, and if it doesnt I can return it for a refund within a week. So i guess we'll see what happens
  21. im taking it to a shop today because I just don't have the time to figure this out right now. im just going to get them to find the problem, not fix it. then ill decide what I want to do
  22. can't ditch win 10. just bought it new in an attempt to fix the issue (from a cracked win 7 copy) Win 10 is fine. Ill pull the GPU out and swap it in to my system I guess. see what happens. but im 99.9999999% sure its not a GPU problem. swapping the PSU is a too time intensive and complicated option for me to do until my exams are over, ill have to do that when they're done at the end of november. edit: if 2 hours of GTA is enough to go by, the GPU is fine
  23. fucking bluescreenview finally worked. heres the dump: unless you guys can tell me exactly whats wrong and how to fix it (I googled that driver and said it might be a memory error - memtest and the windows memory diagnostics reported no errors) Im going to have to take it to a shop to get diagnosed. edit: apparently its either Overclock (nope, I reset bios to default) Memory (Memtest86 AND Windows memory diagnostics came back with no errors) or Drivers. I just went and updated as many drivers in the device manager as I could, so lets see what happens now.