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  1. Assassin7

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    Not even I have been able to get in decent contact with never in a while, so yeah.
  2. The high tier brits dont need any sort of buffing at all - any of the branches. The Super Conq needs a nerf if anything. The churchills and black prince could do with a buff, Id say Gun dep and gun handling on the churchills, and a bigger gun on the BP (at least) Ive spent the last few weeks grinding up the brit heavy line, So I feel im qualified to comment lol. (Ok I skipped the BP because fuck that thing)
  3. Assassin7

    Personal Missions 2.0

    But i dont even have the 260 yet qq
  4. A mahou player pushed me out into enemy fire yesterday in ranked and caused me to lose 1700hp. So yeah, I figured he was doing it because it was me in my STB for a bad meme, though in clan chat after people said he had been doing it to everyone. w/e I got over it and went into my next game, and thats all you can really do unless WG decides to hand out bans. (which they should with extra severity for anyone intentionally TKing or pushing people out in ranked. Pubs I dont care about, but not in ranked. however WG is WG.)
  5. After 3 days of bashing myself against the wall of Rank 8, I managed to jump right up to rank 11 today, phew

    1. Vindi


      as in: evening? yesterday at 11pm i managed to get to 9, but Im afraid whats going to come next.. I want the permanent 15 though, maybe I'll get it..

    2. Assassin7


      no, day. Ranked for me starts at 12pm and goes till 5pm. I got to rank 11 at like 3.30pm.

  6. the more I play ranked the more obvious how unbalanced tier 10 is becomes.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      The problem I have is with the Type 5's. I've been having matches with one team having like four or five of these things, usually driven by some shitters and that team always wins because they simply HE everything to death. Hull down Super Conqs or 430U make no difference. They just suffer from HE spam all the same.

    3. Assassin7


      I dont even have a problem with type 5s at the moment. Just heat through the turret face and try not to get hit. Shit doesnt work with super conqs and 430Us...


      Hell, the 268v4 isnt even a problem, not many people are playing it.

    4. mati_14


      That thing of who has more S. Conquer wins, it's not completely true in my experience, got 15 last friday full IS-7, and the only issue with S. Conquer is the speed, some maps like Malinovka, Redshire, Arctic Region and Live Oaks are dominated by the tanks that can take the brawl area first because of the positional advantage, and here is where 430U shines, along with 5A and 277. Still agree that SC concept is completely wrong. Why would we need an armored 215B?. In any case, I feel like all tier 10 2016/2018 should be nerfed a bit, reduce 907/430U/SC/5A/277/STRV DPM, nerf 268V4 armor even more, put IS-7 at 2200 HP, etc. It's funny to me how tanks  like 113/260/E5/STB are now utter trash because of this retarded powercreep.

  7. dude not even all tier 10s are even close to being on equal footing lol. Hell, tier 10 balance was BETTER 2 years ago than it is now, by a large margin. You know something is wrong when the pre nerf E5 would be considered worse than the Super Conquerer if it was in the current meta, according to everyone I've asked.
  8. Assassin7

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Im pretty sure I've seen that gun mentioned before in games and im pretty sure it was part of the AA suites on Japanese Ships in WOWS.
  9. So, last ranked season (and the season before that, funnily enough) I was having major issues with packet loss, like, unplayable levels of packetloss. Then, when the ranked season ended, so did the packet loss issues, like, almost to the day. These issues never happened again...

    Until today, when I started playing this ranked season. And now im getting packet loss again.

    Tinfoil hat time?

    1. NightmareMk9


      WG gave you a free boat, not they have the right to kick you in the balls for 3 months :)

    2. Assassin7


      Hey man, I totally wasnt expecting a random massachusetts to appear in my port one day. I didnt even know that that contest was a thing that existed until I went looking to figure out why I was given the ship lol. 

  10. Assassin7

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    dont own either tank, but from my experience it seems both are being used equally in CW now.
  11. Assassin7

    What is your FoV?

    115. No particular reason. Just feels normal
  12. I log in to ships, find a random massachusetts in my port. be like "wtf" go to forums, apparently I won it in the Damage Dealer event that I didn't know even existed. ha.

  13. Pro ships players, tldr of how2play Yamato in current meta? 

  14. So, researched and bought the caernavon. Only 2 games but Its actually pretty good. 280 alpha with a 5.4 second reload, decent mobility, decent armour, decent gun handling. This thing got mega loved. 

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    2. sohojacques


      ps 5.37 sec reload with vents and BiA. No food. With food: 5.14.

    3. nabucodonsor


      T32 is bad because of its gun even 250 apcr pen is terrible for that anemic alpha and the dpm is shit tier.

      The Car is the  meta tank as @CarbonWard predicted a while back.

    4. De1tacu


      DPG reached 2.8k, has now dropped to 2.7k, 

      3.3k dpm is monster


  15. Never has Bodged the No player data found bug, the tank list is still broken, he'll fix that when he can he said.
    @RealBattousai @jst2gr8

  16. tier 5 is like, the worst tier to play these days purely because the LeFH18 exists. 

    such a cancerous arty. 

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    2. Assassin7


      I was grinding the churchill 1 because I need new meta tanks. That thing was honestly terrible. -4 dep was the worst. And I kept getting fucked by Lefhs constantly. 

    3. hazzgar


      Lefhs are cancer to low tier heavies but having finally gotten my hands on an account that has one - it's meh. Unless the target is slow and imobbile the shell flies to long to hit anything that moves above 15kph. 

    4. Strigonx


      i was trying the BDR Mordian and the KV-2 Ragnarok the other day with my friend's shitter account.

      mfw 3 fast firing clickers is absolute nightmare

  17. Assassin7

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    its called soccer here in NZ /shrug. (also I don't care about soccer either)
  18. Assassin7

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Could you elaborate more on that?
  19. Assassin7

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    oh, yeah I see that. though, does that still cover it? Its not "I agreed to buy the tank with these stats and changing them is not what I agreed to buy" its "I agreed to buy the tank under this contract, I did not agree to have the contract changed and to own the tank under the new contract" not arguing about changing the tank, arguing about changing the contract itself to terms I disagree with. Unless WG has a claus that states they are allowed to change the contract if they so desire after I have agreed to it, (which kinda sounds illegal in itself tbh) In New Zealand at least, I would imagine that there is some part of the consumer garuntees act that would at least have some form of defence against this. But Im not sure myself. And Im not sure whos laws would apply if im buying from an American company based in America and playing on an American server. though I am pretty sure that the Australian law Fox mentioned for digital goods is similar or the same in New Zealand.
  20. Assassin7

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Im not sure about how law and such works, but to me, if I say purchase a prem tank under the terms of the old contract, WG cant then just go and change the rules of the contract willy nilly at their will, at least without my agreement to consent to them again. To me that would make the contract completely invalid, and I should be entitled to a full refund, or at the very least some form of compensation. If I buy a prem tank with the contract stating "we promise we aren't going to change this" and then a year later they suddenly decide to change the contract and say "actually wait we are allowed to change it however we want". I didnt agree to that contract. How can they enforce it on me if I decide that actually, no, I dont like those terms, give me my money back and you can take your tank back.
  21. tfw you accidentally hit confirm instead of cancel when checking how much you can increase your 6th skill on your STB with free XP and spent all of it on going from 17%-38%. 

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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      268v4 btw
      super conq btw
      Obj 420U btw
      progretto btw
      5a btw

    3. Errants


      I'm almost meta, I've 3/5 of those!

    4. Assassin7


      Im closest to 5A and Obj 777 when it comes out. the rest im literally below tier 5 for. so yeah. 

  22. Assassin7

    WG Seattle is kill

    wait isn't meathead in the seattle office?
  23. aside from windows deciding its now going to randomly take up an extra 20-30gb of space on any given day or even hour. It just installed, by itself, with no prompting, the English UK language to my computer. and won't let me uninstall it. 

    Im thinking its soon time for a reinstall. this is rediculous. EVERY windows update feature, service, registry key, etc is disabled. and its still doing this shit

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    2. Assassin7


      I cant switch from win 10. But what I want to do is revert it back to a ~6 month old build. Seriously, windows update is disabled yet its telling me its got udates ready to install every day

    3. Medjed


      I think once i decide it's time for clean install that i'll go with LTSB version.

    4. Assassin7


      what even is LTSB?

  24. Assassin7

    Murazor is kill

    geez rita really ripped into him. but if he is really gone, thank fucking god. Maybe this game has some hope left in it after all
  25. Assassin7

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    ib4 next patch buffs the 121