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  1. Assassin7

    Most Value for Credits TK

    can I add one for Camp NA and nominate Wesley101 for the poll?
  2. Uhh, I cant. Im still new @ this moderating thing, just edited his posts, deleted his text and writing the mod text, which is how I figured you do that D: I dont remember what he typed.
  3. Ive never heard of you before in my life
  4. Not sure if I should delete this, or leave it up for great meme potential.
  5. Assassin7

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    it wouldn't happen to you. you have no idea how much the arty focused increased when I hit purple, even from blue. It was at least doubled. I have literally had arty players spend the entire game following me around the map shooting no one but me. it doesn't help them win in the slightest, but it makes the purple player they're doing it to want to uninstall the game. I've recently been grinding a friends account who is 52% and yellow. Im playing the same way I usually play. Arty focus? nonexistent. The difference is literally day and night.
  6. Assassin7

    Test, just a test

    in that case ima go on ahead and just remove this topic
  7. I think you're talking about the Name and shame thread found here:
  8. We havent done one of these in a while, and a lot has changed, so I think we can do another. Im choosing tier 9 because I feel that its currently one of the most balanced tiers in the game right now - I believe tier 10 would just end up being a shootout between Super conq/268v4/etc. But there are a lot of new tier 9s, a lot of old, rebalanced tier 9s, and not a lot of clear "best in tier" tanks. Along with this, from my searching, the last tier 9 one we did was back in 2016, with the winner being the Skoda T50. So lets see whats changed. As usual, Upvote your BEST tank by 1 point and downvote your WORST tank by 3 points. One vote per person per day. You must give a brief explanation for your choices. Please highlight your upvote in Green, and downvote in Red Ill do my best to track the elimination order. T49: 30 T54E1: 30 T30: 30 T95: 30 M46 Patton: 30 M103: 30 WT Auf Pz. IV: 30 Jagdtiger: 30 VK4502B: 30 Mauschen: 30 E75: 30 E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 30 RU251: 30 Object 704: 30 Object 263: 30 T-54 LW: 30 T-54: 30 Object 430: 30 Object 430 V2: 30 Object 705: 30 Object 257: 30 T-10: 30 ST-I: 30 Centurion 7/1: 30 Tortoise: 30 Conqueror: 30 Conway: 30 Foch: 30 AMX M4 51: 30 AMX 50 120: 30 B-C 25t AP: 30 AMX 13 90: 30 AMX 30: 30 Skoda T50: 30 Type 61: 30 Type 4 Heavy: 30 WZ-111G FT: 30 WZ-132A: 30 WZ-120: 30 WZ-111 1-4: 30 50TP: 30 STRV 103-0: 30 Emil II: 30 Standard B: 30 Elimination Order:
  9. Assassin7

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    So theres now even less reason to have the CDC over the FCM. sweet
  10. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    so I've completely lost track of this, whats been eliminated?
  11. Assassin7

    SEA CW is ded

    feelsbad these SEA memes I dont understand
  12. Assassin7

    SEA CW is ded

    around the time of campain 3, which was what? late 2014? 2015 maybe, just before CW 2.0 came out. IMO that was the peak of WoT.
  13. Assassin7

    SEA CW is ded

    Hey Mate Yeah nah yeah yeah nah yeah nah nah yeah nah sweet as mate
  14. Assassin7

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    sooooo..... what Im hearing is, I could play on NA and get 200 ping at all times, or, if I switched to asia, I could get 200 ping at all times anyway because no one plays on the aussie server and I want to play tier 8-10 mainly? Good to know that I made the right choice
  15. Assassin7

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Dude last week I went and played on SEA with a mate that transferred and there were 1k players online at AUS/NZ prime time, we couldnt get a tier 10 game. I felt so damn good about staying on NA with that revelation even if the ping is shit
  16. Assassin7

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    both are permabanned from Wotlabs, and the official forums lol. Im not sure garbad even plays the game anymore
  17. Assassin7

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    thats because you need one that measures in nanometers I vote kolni purely because Kewei has (presumably) been dead the last few years and would be rusty as hell and not used to the current meta, since the game was actually still balanced when he quit...
  18. WG have managed to make pilsen worse as well.... its mostly the same for heavies but for mediums is so, so much worse. the field is absolutely terrible.

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      Hope this can help but you are so good that you probably know this stuff already

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      On 9/30/2018 at 12:43 PM, nabucodonsor said:

      Hope this can help but you are so good that you probably know this stuff already


    4. Assassin7
  19. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 30 T-54: 26+1 = 27 - Best medium tank at tier 9. best combination of armour+speed+gun+camo. T49: 25 WZ-111 1-4: 25 AMX M4 51: 24 Conqueror: 25 E75: 24 Type 4 Heavy: 23 AMX 30: 23 E50: 21 Skoda T50: 21 T95: 21 Leopard PTA: 21 Object 430: 21 STRV 103-0: 21 Object 263: 20 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 704: 20 Tortoise: 20 Mauschen: 20 T30: 20 50TP: 20 Standard B: 20 Centurion 7/1: 19 M46 Patton: 20 B-C 25t AP: 18 Jagdtiger: 18 AMX 13 90: 17 ST-I: 17 Object 257: 17 WZ-132A: 17 WZ-120: 17  Object 705: 17 WZ-111G FT: 12-3=8 Ill be honest, I haven't even seen enough of these being played to remember what its good at, where its armour is or what it even looks like. So it must really suck Conway: 14 RU 251: 14 T54E1 : 12 Foch: 8 T-54 LW: 8 Type 61: 8 AMX 50 120: 8 VK 4502 (B): 6
  20. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    I had that problem just making the list as well, which is why I used a bullet list.
  21. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 29 T-54: 26 AMX M4 51: 24 T49: 25 WZ-111 1-4: 25 Conqueror: 23 Type 4 Heavy: 22 E50: 21 E75: 22 AMX 30: 21 T30: 20 T95: 21 M46 Patton: 22 B-C 25t AP: 18 Skoda T50: 21 Leopard PTA: 20 Object 704: 20 Object 263: 20 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 430: 20 ST-I: 20 Tortoise: 20 AMX 13 90: 20 Mauschen: 20 STRV 103-0: 20 50TP: 20 Standard B: 20 Centurion 7/1: 19 T-54 LW: 8. Object 257: 17 WZ-132A: 17 WZ-120: 17 Object 705: 17 Jagdtiger: 17 T54E1: 12 Conway: 14 Foch: 14 WZ-111G FT: 15 VK 4502 (B): 9 Type 61: 11. AMX 50 120: 8 Emil II: 5 M103: 5 RU 251: 17 Updated list, added RU back. I feel its fair to keep it, even though its not going to win.
  22. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Of course. Everything is supposed to be subjective. but with lots of different people voting, and the way the voting works, a lot of the purely subjective votes such as the T49 get cancelled out eventually. the more subjective tanks that get removed, the more those players will start upvoting objectively good tanks. The way it ends up, the first ~10 tanks that get voted out are subjective votes, and I wouldnt trust the but after that it gets more accurate as to what is good or not. the top ~10 tanks you can count to be pretty accurate as to how good they are. one thing I will say I disagree with Kolnis points, is that playing everything "perfectly" to bring out each tanks absolute best potential, isn't always possible. with some tanks that line would be very, very thin, so in some cases Id say that, unless you are literally a top 10 player on the server, tanks with a little bit more wiggle room and a bit more forgiving would generally be considered better IMO.
  23. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well let me add mine for the first time T-10: 27 AMX M4 51: 24T49: 24T-54: 23+1 = 24 Great combination of mobility+usable armour+great DPM+HEAT memes for all those Type 5s and 268v4s. I agree with kolni on this, the best all rounder IMO.Conqueror: 23WZ-111 1-4: 23Type 4 Heavy: 22E50: 21E75: 21AMX 30: 21T30: 20T95: 21M46 Patton: 21B-C 25t AP: 21Skoda T50: 21Leopard PTA: 20Object 704: 20Object 263: 20WT Auf Pz. IV: 20Object 430: 20ST-I: 20Tortoise: 20AMX 13 90: 20Mauschen: 20STRV 103-0: 2050TP: 20Standard B: 20Centurion 7/1: 19T-54 LW: 17Object 257: 17WZ-132A: 17WZ-120: 17Object 705: 17Jagdtiger: 17Conway: 17VK4502B: 17T54E1: 15Foch: 14Type 61: 14WZ-111G FT: 14Emil II: 11AMX 50 120: 8M103: 8 - 3 = 5 I This tank is terrible. not enough armour, turret is giant and becomes auto pen if its even slightly angled away, giant cupola, and is the biggest arty magnet I have ever played. Id also like to point out, I kinda agree with Kolni on this topic.
  24. Assassin7

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Some are interesting, but generally its gone near as expected. T-10/T-54 etc gaining quick points. M103, 50 120 etc dropping off the fastest. I was most surprised by the 430v2 being the first gone, and the number of upvotes the AMX M4 51 has gotten. I havent played either but i would of picked at least most of the TDs to be dropped off before the 430.
  25. Assassin7

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    Well, last time I checked he was making enough from wotlabs to cover the running costs. I dont think its a massive overhead, but its enough to pay for itself.