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  1. Lol honestly couldn't tell ya. If you speak english though, then i guess this works on EU as well
  2. Hello everybody, my name is Critya, i'm the commander of Stud Muffins and one of the primary callers for my clan. I've spent almost a year now, maybe more, learning how to call and what it takes. It's been a long and painful process but it's been well worth it. When I started there were very very very few tools open to new callers to help them learn just what calling was and how to improve. It takes awhile especially since the most important thing with learning to call is really just experience. Knowing what to expect when in a battle, what options are available to you and to your opponent in terms of everything from tank comp to terrain and positioning, timing and line of sight, etc etc. I started a YouTube channel for new callers. it's not perfect and neither are my methods, BUT it should act as a good foundation for new callers that want insight on certain maps or calling fundementals. This channel is not meant to be advanced. It is for those of you that want to become better and need a foundation to build off, like wargaming's "explaining mechanics" videos. These are simply here to give you decent strategies on maps you may be struggling with or some more information about a map you've never called before. Also I have a few videos on there that explain some of the more "boring" concepts like strat building and map control. I am trying to do at least 1-2 videos a week so expect it to keep expanding. I hope you guys find it helpful and interesting. Please subscribe if you like what I'm doing and wanna see more and hit that like button if you like what you're seeing! I'll put my most recent video on here for you guys and keep it updated. (Northwest) and here's my channel: Let me know what you guys think!
  3. This is a game not a job. You try to win games. Games are built so that people may have fun enjoying them. This clan is 1 month old!, 75 Active members, and already turning heads. Will you be part of the rise of Stud Muffins? Will you be here when it all began? PARTICIPATING IN THE 3RD CAMPAIGN We understand that most of the people that play games also have a life outside those games. We do this for fun, to relax and to socialize with like-minded players to keep us entertained. Here at STUMU, we look for players that don't just understand these principles, but also like to compete in the various game modes that WoT has to offer. While we are a Clan Wars clan at heart, we make sure we focus on what's important. Winning. I mean fun. Which means we do a lot of strongholds during the day, occasional tournaments when our players are in the mood, a ton of platoons and of course our favorite part, Clan Wars We do not have the usual requirements that every single other clan in this game has. For instance, you play when you get online when you want to get online, not cause you have to be online. We also don't have a tier 10 limit. If you're a newer player and you're still at tier 8 but you're doing your best to improve and your stats show that you have taken the extra effort to become a better player, we'll be happy to talk to you. We focus on team-oriented play. Which means, we don't necessarily care how many times you've derped somebody in an M4. We want to know if you can put the team's victory before your own personal glory when the time comes. Can you stick your hull out to save your clanmate while he's tracked? Will you lead a push knowing full well you'll most likely be focused first? We look for those kinds of players. On the more business side of things our experience in running a clan wars clan is quite extensive. Callers are all blue or better and have called for top 50 or 25 clans. Our recruitment method is unique in that we give you the benefit of the doubt, there are no trials or platoons or anything that you need to go through (unless you wanna) to get in. if you meet our standards, we'll send you an invite. It's that simple. Please feel free to contact any of our recruiters or officers for info on how to join our ranks. Roster slots are more than just a number. They're players with unique skills and personalities and we value that. Our clan page: Clan's Stats via Wotlabs: Clan Ranking 12/11/14: 102 Clan Campaign 3 Rating 12/11/14 : 116 Stronghold Stats as of 11/29/14: 129 battles, 62.7% win rate
  4. May I throw in Stud Muffins as an option? We are only a month old, but already breaching the top 100 and have 78 players currently. The clans average recent WN8 is 1650 (there's some alt accounts in there for chips that are bringing it down so it looks lower than it is) Been growing together during the campaign and it's been an exciting time. We'd love to have you! Here's some links to our stuff in case you wanna take a peak. Wotlabs: Clan Page: Teamspeak 3:
  5. Stud Muffins. Cause.. well Stud Muffins...
  6. Went ahead and updated the recruitment info to reflect where we are now.
  7. Yeah our issue we had last night was they went SUPER camo and brought about 4 arty, 6 TD's, 2 scouts and 3 heavies. we played the whole turtle thing but got beat pretty bad. We ran 3 arty, 3 TD's, 4 lights, 5 heavies. But the heavies jsut got slaughtered by arty, even worse being that they just had to draw it out, it was an encounter battle set as a delay for their main clan so we had to go to them. Not sure what to do.
  8. So i could seriously use some advice on a strat for Komarin. I'm not a huge fan of turtling up or camping but I understand that with Komarin it's almost necessary. Especially at tier 8 with all these RHM's. If anybody has any good strats they're wiling to share or tips to lend, I'd be greatful. I understand that people don't like to hand this stuff out so no hard feelings if you tell me to go screw myself haha. But yeah, this is the first map that has really just stumped me when trying to figure out an aggressive play. So far the best I got is a delayed rush up or down the 1/2 line once they spread their forces out, and try to overwhelm their army of TD's and Arties.
  9. When your team is failing and you feel alone, don't be afraid, just carry harder. If your heavies are hiding behind your arty, everything will be ok, just carry harder. When your west flank falls apart and you feel abandoned and helpless, please do not panic, simply carry harder. When RNG decides to mock you with more bounces than a rubber ball, have no fear, you can carry harder. - Be prepared to carry yourself to a higher win percentage "Carry harder" is more than a motto, it's a mind set. You make the choice to stay on a doomed flank and die, or you can relocate and continue fighting. Rather than blame your failure on the game, realize it is a limitation of your understanding of game mechanics. Use the resources available to increase your knowledge and exploit the mechanics to your advantage and overcome challenges. - At least 2 Tier 10 clan wars suitable tanks The key to winning isn't based on your team's performance or how lucky people get, but simply, understanding how hard you must be willing to carry. Picking up the slack and helping your team gain crucial advantages is the key to victory. This is the standard by which Silent Reapers carry out their gameplay! - Must be available 3 nights a week If you're looking for a place that thrives on personal improvement and teamwork with clan mates in the effort to be victorious in Clan Wars, Tournaments, Clan v Clan scrimmages, Tank Companies, Team Battles, or even pub matches, then look no further. SIRE- has what you need. Every day our members are given resource after resource that they can use to improve their skills in World of Tanks. From top to bottom, every player, commanders included, are looking for ways to improve. - Teamspeak is a must-have. Communication is everything If this seems like your cup of tea then please feel free to apply to the clan by responding to this thread or pming an officer or simply using the apply to clan option under our world of tanks clan page. We're looking for active and competitive players with a desire to always keep improving. We look for motivated and friendly players that enjoy a community based on team work and growth. - Activities include: Clan Wars, Training Rooms, Tournaments, Tank Companies, Team Battles, Platoons, and Scrimmages - 1250 30day or Overall WN8 rating We are a clan that comes from multiple influences. Using resources and player knowledge from all parts of the community. Unicums aren't lucky, they're made. They're not hackers, they're just better than you. And most are willing to share their knowledge, so stop blaming everything else, and understand that winning is in your hands, with a little practice, you can take as many wins as you want. Happy hunting and carry harder my friends.
  10. First off to the moderators, sorry I wasn't sure where I should put this, so I figured here was a good spot. If not I'm sure one of you will yell at me and move it, and my bad if you do xD Ok on to the point of this: I just want to say thank you to all you guys, the purples especially that have taken the time to either watch my replays or reply to my threads when I had questions. I have had something click the last week or two that has seen my daily stats be in the Blurple range and it's been in Mediums, Heavies, TD's and it's largely in part to the help i have received from this community. Both directly in my threads and in others that I would dig out to read. I hope my stats stay like this so that I can have it reflect in my 60 day stuff and that's my next goal. Not only have my personal stats been great this last week but all the stuff I've been able to share with my clan and my team mates has really gotten us over some major speed bumps these last weeks and we're seeing success in everything we do. So this is a heartfelt thank you to any and all of you that helped me find the niche in this game to really be a solid player. I have more to learn still, and always, but I'm at a point now where I'm not longer second guessing myself, I'm living in my battles, and staying patient to maximize that damage. My map awareness is at the highest it's ever been and I'm finding myself to be confident when I need to push and when I need to stay back and chill etc etc. So thank you WoTLabs for all the help! you guys kick ass.
  11. It's actually something I've become very good at in my E5, sadly, only my E5 haha. On topic though, A lot of you have raised some good points and I'm noticing some consistency with the answers. I've received some help from a few of your guys' commanders on the same topic before I even started the clan so the wide range of opinions and advice has all narrowed down to some simple rules it seems. 1: Take advantage and control of a majority of the map with the majority of your forces. 2: Focus fire on the same targets to maintain a numbers advantage 3: Practice practice practice (calling, strats, training, etc) 4: Learn the map inside and out 5: take advantage of tendencies and chokepoints. did I miss anything? And yes my eventual goal is to compete for gold. Statistically I realize my guys and I are not yet even in the Blue range, but we're training 4 days a week and doing LZ's the other 3. Only a month old so we've been dealing with the growing pains, but all in good time. Everybody's stats are on the rise including mine and We've only been able to focus on Fjords, but we've made land owners every night we've chipped or at least made Finals. Just can't seem to crack that final nut >.< haha but we think we've got it. thanks again you guys for the help. Great community of experienced players and I love being able to get help from you all. Happy hunting
  12. Hey again to you gods of tankers, I have another question after some Relic guys really helped point me in the right direction for my struggling medium play, so thank you for that, ok onto the topic. I have recently started a clan called SIRE- and myself and the co-leader have been the main callers for everything (for now) being TC's, TB's, and CW. Now, I am not statistically the best in my clan in terms of game mechanics (im working on that but camo is a bitch to get good at) however I have spent months and months and months working on understanding maps, locations, strategy, tactics, etc. I have moments of glory while calling and I have had just moments where I'm shaking my head in frustration at my own stupidity. So I was wondering if you guys have any advice for me as a battle caller, tips or tricks that you or your commanders use that maybe I've overlooked and need to really buckle down on. The things I have been doing to better myself in terms of calling have been: - Run Tank Companies and call, same with Team Battles. - Use training rooms to examine a map as much as possible and try to know its terrain, choke points, spotting areas, etc. - Scrimm against my co-commander using our clan mates as players (just pick teams like dodgeball) - Run "what if" and theory crafting scenarios with my co-commander and officers on specific maps pertaining to our CW schedule. - Watch replays multiple times on any battle that I called. So yeah, any advice or anything I'm missing. I feel I tunnel a bit too much in terms of my focus and I tend to lose my attention on the mini map once I get engaged in a battle
  13. So while playing TD's and Heavies I tend to do well, I know the general limitations and perks of my tanks. Statistically speaking (especially with American heavies) I have been on the rise, and quickly, but unfortunately, I'm me and I have to master every aspect of a game and while I have mastered none of this game, I feel confident in a few areas. Where i don't feel confident and my stats are backing up my lack of self confidence, is with Medium tanks. I flat out suck with these dang things... I've watched quite a few YouTube videos on medium guides, I try and read guides on forums, as well as watch some Twitch channels, especially QuickyBaby since I know he's a big fan of upper tier Medium play. Currently the medium or semi medium tanks i have in my garage are T-54, 13-75, and Pershing. Now, I did so much better in my T-44, and then I got my T-54 and i forgot how to play WoT lol. Lately In it I've been averaging about 800-1200 damage a game, I've also been dead pretty early in most games which is absolutely my fault, I'm just struggling to find places to park or maneuver for the early parts of battles. Afterwards I seem to have some trouble understand when to transition from passive to aggressive. Maybe I need to always be aggressive. Idk this is where I'm seriously struggling. My decision making is costing me my stats and my sanity lol. Any advice would be outstanding cause I feel stuck.
  14. Just wanted to say hi to the community and introduce myself a bit. I recently started a clan called Silent Reapers [sIRE-] which has very much given me another fun aspect to tanking, I'm also huge on always trying to improve my stats as i know they are the best tool I have to see how my play performance is. The commander of RDDT sent me here as a resource to improve my play and I have to say I'm glad he did because i'm very impressed. Hopefully I can find a bit more consistancy in my gameplay with the help of all the great players out here on WotLabs. Would be nice to only have my 2000+ WN8 battles stay and get rid of the 500-1000WN8 games i throw in there to bring my average down.... haha. So, hello to everybody and I'm looking forward to this. Thank wotlabs for having such a helpful forum community.