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  1. Someone say PTA? Anyway, here are the rest of mine.
  2. The dispersion is out of the siege mode, its more like .28 ish. Wargaming for some reason doesn't show these stats.
  3. Welp my DPG has gone to shit and hopes of keeping 3k are gone after two zero damage games. This tank is so frustrating to play on city maps and honestly, I've been half tempted to go garage after loading into Himmels and Ensk games back to back. Like you really have to be on top of your game playing this, like full 3 mark tier 10 focus or it literally doesn't work. Am I missing out of some secret to getting a good map rotation? I have assault and encounter on ofc.
  4. I want one of these but if it makes trash credits then why even. I can train UDES crews in T8 strongholds and the only other keeper in the line at high tiers is the T10. This is just truly a gimmick to get retards to try the new siege mode. (Which obviously was the intent of this.)
  5. VQYKYTZ.jpg


    DPG toward the end was sort of trash and started to trail off. Would have liked to keep it at 4.5k. This was 90-95%. Your turn @SaintLaurentius :MingLee:

  6. I've marked a few nines recently in 2 man platoon settings. Allows the security of your team not being rolled as easy.
  7. Much like you and @SaintLaurentius I'm having trouble with this tank. I'm sitting around 90%, will have a good streak and then just have an absolute trash game. The meta/missions are really working against its play style atm. The number one thing is trying to combat tilt and just stopping when you know you are on it. Recognize when you get angry and just play something else. Playing in a platoon(this can go either way depending on the other player since the Patton is trash for cleaning up late game and you may miss out on damage) is also nice to help with teams being steamrolled but past that I like to put some music on and mute ts to just focus.
  8. Shooting gold allows me to do a lot of things you can't usually do, like fight heavies straight on with a 62a or 121. Pressing 2 is not going to make you a better contrary to popular bad's belief. It will get you out of certain situations but so much more thought and positioning comes along with it. (Like fighting two super-heavies in a med.) Also 50B APCR only is the best thing in the game but I don't have a mil. to drop each session.
  9. Free xp'd everything on it and started playing it. I find it much better to play then the Udes even with the less accurate gun. The DPM makes such a difference and being able to bounce shit is nice so you can sort of play aggressive. It still has the problem of not being able to flex and if you really want to do damage on trash maps you need to be able to read the battle fairly early and get to the flank before everything dies. I'm trying to hold 3k but I'm just getting fucked on maps. You'll get Prok.or Mali and do 5k+ easy and then get Ensk or fucking Himmels after and struggle to do 2k because you have to fight braindead retards in Type 5's and Mice.
  10. Yea I meant the utility stuff after camo + reps. The nine and ten will constantly catch fire though when taking hits from anything larger caliber (IS7 trash and up).
  11. Girl crew fam, so he has BIA already. Once Camo + Reps. are done go for more utility things. Situational, Jack of All Trades (if you want to run food you need to drop medkit for it), Armorer or whatever the gun one is, and Clutch breaking.
  12. a9693473ca6da9e9de1f1e8d5ef2b616.png

    I cannot believe the absolute filth that is attracted to high tiers during these missions. You'd think that maybe 4k ish avg plt'd with another super uni would alteast yield a 60% WR. :MingLee:

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    2. Fulcrous


      Except he sits in base :serb:

    3. TheMarine0341


      Meh, finished them in 25 battles in the Udes

    4. DirtyACE7


      The tides always rise in the pubbie cesspool during these events.

  13. If this is your only current ten you are somewhat screwed. E100's really have zero place in the new meta with all the Maus spam and you are going to have a very hard time finding a reputable clan that can justify the usage of one.
  14. gPcvDtJ.jpg1ea4f2cedd5be938a28ad5265a283eb1.png

    Arty missions for Stug done in a day. This is my first time playing arty not on test or whatever ever for an extended period of time. I am the cancer. :MingLee:


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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      To be fair I don't think I was helping considering the fact that I was in an arl v39

    3. MAJEST1C


      @Rspctd you need to carry harder. Check out how to get 90% wr in arty thread  :trollface:

    4. zapyoug


      You can hit me up to play whenever I'm online @Fulcrous

  15. Yea its been only the past few days, maybe one or two after the patch. My worry though is that I've only heard people whining about it tonight from my group of guys. I'm hoping I'm having the same problem as them rather then something entirely different I guess.