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  1. I posted this on reddit the other day.
  2. Why buy a Sensai when their new offering, the Rival, is insane? I returned the Mamba after realizing it was a trash laser mouse because I got meme'd and didn't read shit. Prior to that I had a G400/Mx518 or whatever the fuck that lasted like six years.
  3. We bought these last night after we all died in a yolo Leo plt. It's a good meme for sure. The gun is really fun to use and the mobility is just good enough for you to be able to do scout things.
  4. The 62a is a much nicer pub tank. The 140 after the recent HD update is basically useless in any hull down position as the roof is a massive weak spot. Furthermore, the argument for the 140 in CW is completely moot with the insanity that is the 907.
  5. Got a Type
  6. If my bot ass could do it, you should be able to. I got lucky with my map rotation on my final run, so maybe if you are getting shit maps, just stop or something.
  7. The reason people hate one or the other is when they attempt to compare them to one another when the tanks fill two different roles. 50B can flex and do med shit, the 57 just drives to the heavy side and face fucks everything gg no re.
  8. Literally, the easiest tank to play in the game. Turn a corner, clip, back up, rinse and repeat. This is rivaling my love for the 50B atm.
  9. T55A HT-15 Completed. 

    In a 57 Heavy :MingLee:


    1. TheMarine0341


      This is on the buy-back list once I sell all of my arty and scouts due to the upcoming patch:epicsaxguy:

  10. Oh yea, I'm just saying that I'll rarely play it cause it's such a credit sink. I actually sold it and a few prem 8's to buy the 57 and I'm already back down to 200k from the HEAT spam.
  11. sex appeal duh
  12. Here is my most recent. Wonderful tank but it's a bummer that to make it really work it requires full gold much like most of the other 9's.
  13. Anotha one


  15. I sold the Leo cause it was shit, then bought it back after wanting to try it again being I was a much worse player at the time. Contemplating selling it again, tank is fucking trash.