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  1. hey look who is back and is still garbage dpgs you say? haHAA
  2. Ya, and we are telling you how to enjoy the game even more. We've been in your position before. Stop worrying about WN8.
  3. If you don't have 450 VR + with Vents on the Pattons you have something wrong with your crew. I know off hand with a proper crew and vents the M48 can achieve some stupid VR, like 520 ish. You should have no trouble using vents are going past 450. Personally, in this meta, I prefer vents over optics as there are very little vision maps left. However, if you are planning on marking tanks, optics helps supplement damage. M46 with 60% recon/ 90% sit + vents: 450 / food 470 M48 with 80% on both : 460 / food 480 Both crews are BIA. ok skill4u
  4. I can attest to all of these points on the level of playing better and having more fun. BUT For christ sake stop playing this game for WN8, work on winning more, work on raising DPGs. WN8 is a dead metric that nobody that matters gives a shit about anymore.
  5. Marked this tonight with an insane session. Top server for 100 games, probably won't play it anymore as pubs are too cancer and I can't be asked.
  6. 113 Marked 

    4770 dpg 102 games :gachi:



    1. Fulcrous


      3/5/7 makes me wish I waited before playing the 113 xd.

      The DPGs you can get while soloing are absurd now.

    2. Rspctd


      The ten games I had now were probably my best ones though. Mice players are so fucking dumb and 340 HEAT is god tier. 

    3. Fulcrous


      The best part is 7 8s to bully:gachi:

  7. For all that ended up grinding through the swamp that was ranked, what did you end up spending your bonds on? Obviously, the equipment isn't insane enough to warrant massive changes in tanks but it'd be cool to see what everyone bought. I personally got a rammer and put it on my 113 to mark. Extra DPM is pretty dope I suppose.
  8. This ^ My 1070 can max WoT at 1440p 144hz. 1060 should be more then enough for 1080p 60hz.
  9. glad I could help
  10. This is interesting as it could be either really good or really fucking trash. Either you get devs that know what they are doing or devs that are even more so disconnected by the game. Hopefully, they listen to the Russian pro players. Who am I kidding though, its WG.
  11. No and no. Marks on test server literally mean nothing as nobody try's whatsoever.
  12. Pretty good 113 session minus the WR. Teams just fell apart and the final game I get shot by a teammate when I go to peak a Tiger 2. 10/10.
  13. 140 is still pretty gud :feelsgoodman:



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    2. simba90



    3. Kolni


      440 avg assisted you fucking redliner :serb: 

      never been so proud :cri: 

    4. Rspctd


      you see that 8k fjords game? it was from the boost kiddo :gachi:


      you taught me well dad @Kolni

  14. Wait where the vert stabs?