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  1. Perma'd from tanks. 

    It's over boys, its fucking over. :MingLee:

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    2. Hellsfog


      Here is your solution.  You play on my account, you get xvm camo and I eat the next ban. Since I hate chat, it's a win/win.

    3. Rspctd


      I have almost little interest in playing again unless people need "services" or my account is unbanned. \

      @GloriousPotatoes I've never had a strike or warning, this was an instant permanent ban that I am unable to repeal. 

      This whole ordeal started with me being banned from pro-league without a reason. I attempted to get an answer from the people that banned me, was ignored and presumably permabanned so they didn't have to deal with me anymore. 


    4. GloriousPotatoes


      From a business point of view I don't understand why they'd hide their reasoning (because people will be people and make up their own reasons why, guaranteed negative ones), unless it's completely asinine and would only do more harm if exposed.

      It's sad these sorts of things are usually limited to smaller forums or in-group conversations, never making it to the ears of the people able to mobilize players; WG's bottom line. 
      If you feel WoT is worth it despite this all, and more so your account, try to get in conctact with one of these dudes, or people whom can get in contact for you. I don't know if I would bother, if I got perm'd from tanks as well.
      If not, and you used a service like paypal, or even if you didn't, try to pull your money out that you've spent at the very least recently. The mate of mine I told about, who was banned due to suspicions of selling accounts, was able to get the money he spent throughout the final year of his playtime back.

  2. If you aren't even getting to a Bio's splash, it's most likely that somehow the Mobo bricked itself during the cleaning. Obviously, follow what the others said about checking the odd shit with Gigabyte boards but I'd start planning for a new one.
  3. Yea, I ran Bat+Optics and spotted a shit ton of damage. Either way, you either get tons of assisted and your team wins or you do tons of assisted and become top exp on the losing team.
  4. Unlike the Foch 155, I actually want the FV215B. Time to free xp to the conq.
  5. hol up, I thought you liked this shit lmao
  6. WG fucked something in the micro patch the other day. People were getting 5A/907 3 marks for free because the req's dropped insanely low to like the tanks default values when they are first released. WG then decided to freeze them entirely.
  7. I can attest to what Carbon has said in all of his points. Isn't too good for credits but otherwise isn't your typical dopey Tier 8 med. The nutty accuracy for 390 damage is pretty fun to wop people with.
  8. Wait is @Daerlon skill4u? Serious note, they are frozen cause WG broke them in a patch.
  9. So somehow with the new patch, the marks for most of the difficult tanks (907,5a, etc) have become completely broken. People are marking 907's with 3k games that are shooting up double digit percents. Pre-patch the 5A needed 5.5k at 90%+ to not drop, now people are doing 3k and 100% it. Well done Wargaming.
  10. nice forum man wtf
  11. So somehow with the new patch, the marks for most of the difficult tanks (907,5a, etc) have become completely broken. People are marking 907's with 3k games that are shooting up double digit percents. Pre-patch the 5A needed 5.5k at 90%+ to not drop, now people are doing 3k and 100% it. Well done Wargaming.
  12. hey i know a guy that maybe interested in these positions can he get a link
  13. 907 probably would be easier then. The 5A is good but you can get royally fucked with ammo racks and bot idiots yolo'ing you.
  14. If I had a 907 I'd let you know. Mark on this was around 5.5k to not move.
  15. Victory! Battle: Arctic Region Vehicles: WZ-111 model 5A Experience received: 1,895 Credits earned: 139,193 (compensation for damage caused by allies: 1,575) Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "I Class"

  16. Striker from Bulba did it a few days prior.
  17. Mahou if you are a weeb or Vilin if you like dads are really the only remaining clans on the server that your reqs. would get you into. If you speak spanish, maybe R-7.
  18. Stalingrad Mines Stalin game was fed to me.
  19. Hey everyone, long time lurker, and shit player. Recently, I came back to the game after about a year or so break and finally feel like I've got a grasp of it enough to help others. I've marked a few tier 10's and 9's as thats what really keeps me playing. This thread will be for high sessions or meme'y games. Probably will only post good games from 4k sessions or mark finals. As a start, here is a Skoda T50 session that I had the other day. Recently I three marked the TVP and figured I'd buy this back to also mark it. I just so happened to finish it this morning on a 4.6 dpg session but there really isn't anything special there. 5 games, 5.6k Skoda T50
  20. No. There was a specific time where the MM was good. The first patch that was introduced to fix it. Then WG fucked it and changed it the very next time so that 3,5,7 was more apparent compared to single tier and plus one.
  21. 3,5,7 is a dogshit system even more so on NA where the population is terrible. Prior to forcing 3,5,7 more often, NA was amazing. It was always almost +1 games and tier 8's would almost always see other tier 8's and some 9's. Rarely would you see 10s. Now, you play tier 8 and its always 3,5,7. If you are in those bottom seven tanks, you can't do anything. Tier 8s can do literally nothing against almost all the tens (99% of the time which are Maus/Type 5). The game is won by whatever team has better players in tens that can farm the other eights or who has Mice. Pref is the only way to play now or just to succumb to standard prem mm and get ass fucked by tier 10s. WG's whole "You can always find stuff to fight in 3,5,7" is utter bullshit. Tier 8's hide in the back or go out and get farmed by the nines and tens. It's a race to see who gets farmed first.
  22. It's annoying but whatever. Hopefully, it doesn't raise the req to annoying levels where you get fucked out of games in 15v15.