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  1. Uhm.... Not even close. Tortoise was most horrible experience in tier 9 so far, well 704 gets close. Sure STRV can be frustrating at times (gun isn't really as good as it is on paper), but Tortoise is pure pain. You can't push (no armor), you can't clean up (no mobility) and it's not even that great "bunker" to hold a flank or something. If it would be a bit faster, it might be useful, you would actually get in fight before half of the team is dead already. Praying for defend in assaults is all it can do. Somehow I ended up with almost 68% winrate (I was at 72% before yesterday though), wasn't sure as hell me playing it well. Also because we won that many games, it straight up effected a lot to my dpg, this pos can't really clean up at all. Damn, I actually used like 160k free xp (60k on gun and rest to get it done) on this shit to get 183 yesterday...
  2. Kharkov rework

    So the town circle is inaccesible now? Any change to this map must be an improvement, it really is that bad. Stalingrad and Paris next pls.
  3. T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    It's been horrible so far (only 18 games, but most of those fully upgraded), the tank is still so slow, that half of the games just goes by when trying to get where action is. Not to mention it's 80% of tier 10 games where this armor means shit and you can't even reliably snipe with that gun. Should probably start using only APCR in tier 10 games, would make sniping a lot easier (pen and velocity).
  4. Caernarvon

    I finished BP in 41 games (about half of those platooned), I'm sure you can do it at same, if not even faster. It's really not that much, just use personal reserves and platooning (for wins and extra xp).
  5. Light tanks on Siegfried Line

    It is also dogshit on assault. Attackers have very low chance, if defenders have slightest clue how to play.
  6. Wohoo, finally a new map, which is not corridor... oh wait, it is.
  7. I got mine along with Epic medal (Kolobanov's in this case). But it was my first of kind (and I got it in tier 10 :)), so that might affect too.
  8. Wut? My tier 10 Kolobanov's only gave me 20% coupon, what the hell you did to get 30%? And yeah, don't really know where to spend it, probably some premium + gold package.
  9. Caernarvon

    Ok, I have now played three games in this tank (got everything free xp'd except top engine and radio) and it is utter garbage. How the fuck am I supposed to play this tank? Medium to long range sniper?
  10. Fixed that for you. Tier 8 is such garbage atm, it's like 90% of the time you're bottom tier.
  11. That's what I have been told by few different people. Never really followed it though, so this may require a little research, if no one can confirm?
  12. Tell me how to do TD mission "deal at least 5000 damage and crit (destroy/kill) 3 enemy vehicle modules or crewmembers (don't end battle with destroyed modules or dead crewmembers)"? It's easy in theory, but problem is that it doesn't count fixed modules or healed crewmembers and now the kits are multi usable... basically impossible unless you happen to destroy module or kill crewmember with your killshot. So, some very high alpha gun is only option? JPE? 183? (I don't have either though)
  13. 9.19.1 - The Great Russian Rebalance^TM

    Knowing WG, they probably buff ROF of RU tier 10 meds...
  14. Ranked Battles Discussion

    I actually made credits yesterday playing only BC (20/10 loadout and no food). Didn't really have much troubles getting few chevrons on ranks 3 and 4. Today I'll get time to play and will try to reach rank 5. Is there any reason to play further, if I can reach that?