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  1. Yeah I get that it doesnt work for removal but I dont think WG would uphold the policy of never nerfing a premium, otherwise all premiums from now would be complete garbage
  2. You guys wanna turn this into a thread for any potential legionaries to advertise themselves? To be honest I only discovered advances just now and it looks pretty fun, I'll play with whoever is willing to have a green
  3. I'm looking at all this chatter about the light tanks and I reeally doubt any of the meta will change, including CW. These light tanks are only good for active scouting it seems, so they'll be restricted to maps where they can scout all game, like malinovka. They won't really rock the boat either, they'll just be replacing batchats and objects, simply doing the same job as before. In any other CW map scouting is often just something you do in the beginning to figure the enemy out. It's a secondary role for the mediums that get sent out to do it, and once complete, those who scouted have to take on a combat role. The fact that clans can pull of strats in the more closed maps without scouting at all is testament to that. LTs, compared to mediums, would be the inferior here, and not used.
  4. looking at the CW meta, everyone either spams maus tanks or at minimum has them incorporated into every game. So go for the german heavies if you care about that. Otherwise you can go for russian mediums. They're pretty damn fun and you can get 3 of them in just one line!
  5. ah assassin, you remind me of the good old days, when I was the little brother that filled up his older brother's PC with viruses by trying to get video games for free.
  6. I'm normally a heavy driver who plays some mediums, but I decided to get the LTTB because it was on sale and the tier ten lights are finally coming out. I have played lights before, but I never excelled at them. Every single play I made I had a severe uncertainty that I don't have with other tanks, and when i pulled off a really nice play, it felt more like luck than anything skill related. I was wondering if anyone here who enjoys light tanks could take a look at my LTTB replays and help me out a bit in pointing out my mistakes, as I've just been playing really crappy in it. I have trouble recognizing what I did wrong when it comes to light tanks. http://wotreplays.com/site/3434638?secret=348424b186467bb35e511e444c671600 In this one I tried to avoid situations that would just flat out be bad for my tank, and ended up hiding, doing nothing and dying last with 0 damage besides that lucky shot I made in the start During the game I felt like I should have been more proactive in seeking out opportunities and helping the team, but I couldn't find any. http://wotreplays.com/site/3434650?secret=348424b186467bb35e511e444c671600 I did better here, but thats only because I realized the arty was unguarded. I played pretty sloppy in most of the game, and the only reason I got to kill the arty was because the team carried. I died poorly, I realized that, lol. Is there anything I could have done to play more aggressively and help the team?
  7. I'll sprinkle some Russian in here
  8. ah, if only you were NA... Good luck buddy!
  9. looks like it's time for a training room
  10. I think what happened with Kislyi was that he got high off of the fact that Belarus actually did something better than Russia and couldnt function for a while I say that as a proud Belorussian
  11. that explains all the visits to Dr. Happy Fun Time
  12. Is this table suggesting that greens dont have IQ?