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  1. fochyou just did a pretty entertaining review. I haven't played it though, so I can't claim it's OP, but foch does a good job convincing people that it is. It has some pretty crazy armor, with decent gun depression and decent pen.
  2. I'm pretty interested in the replies here, I've actually been thinking about posting the exact same topic until I saw your post. I have trouble making myself relevant to the game in a medium on arctic... Hopefully someone can help us out.
  3. Hey guys, with the upcoming armor nerf to the E5, there is a vacant role for the fast heavies to fill. The current obvious replacement is the 113, however it is a situational replacement due to the poor gun depression and weak lower plate, so it will not be a good option for certain maps. The IS series don't really stand a chance either. To add on top of that, the armor buffs to the superheavies make it even more difficult for fast heavies. With things shaken up a little bit, do you think there will be a gradual shift of tactics that include a more slow paced and static kind of play for maps where mediums can't dominate on their own?
  4. I agree but lowe is a 92 ton tank so it gets the superheavy spall liner
  5. I've personally played the lowe more than any tank I've ever had. It is a very simple, calming, and reliable tank once you get to know the role it plays as well as the weaknesses/strengths it possesses. I bought it before all the buffs and to be honest I didn't think this thing even needed a buff, it's the best value for the dollar if you're looking to buy one of the more expensive tier 8s. Regarding the armor, which people have complained about, you'd honestly be surprised how many uneducated pubs bounce your front/sides when you play around with angles and side scraping, its not that much of a paper tank that people suggest it is, you just have to put some work into making it perform. Along with a high powered and accurate gun, you can consistently get damage for nearly every shot you put out, making the DPM seem pretty good when it isnt. Arty does fuck you up though, just get a spall liner and play careful though and it shouldnt be too much of a bother. However I do have to say that 75 dollars is a ridiculous price to pay for this tank. I got it for 45. If you already have a nice moneymaker, stick to it, wargaming is too greedy with their crap.
  6. thanks for the insight guys. For me its just a question of whether the hulldown advantage it possesses is valuable enough to compensate it's defects. It wont be able to stay hulldown forever, and eventually that advantage will have to be abandoned in order for it to support other lines of combat.
  7. You're welcome to sort it out with me, I sent you an in-game PM. I'll do my best to make it right, I personally don't like people who resort to game disruption, I just want to confirm some things. Hopefully we can both handle this smoothly and with respect.
  8. This is a question I figured would belong here since the vehicle is discussed specifically. I am a noob caller and planner in my own clan, and although I've been working hard to get things going I feel like I don't have enough experience to analyze the effectiveness of certain tanks I'm unfamiliar with. I'd like to know how viable the kranvagan is as a specialized clan wars tank, positioned to use the most sellable feature of it to full advantage, which is the turret armor and gun depression. I've thought of using it to provide a crossfire on tanks that try to rush positions by placing it on hills the enemy cannot reach easily, which may make it vulnerable to arty, but has the potential to do some serious and unexpected damage to an assault. I realize that it holds weaknesses with its lower DPM, weaker gun, and long reload. I've thought of minimizing the long reload effect by having a TVP or STB accompany it to provide consistent support. Since our clan does not possess one of these tanks yet, I've only been able to look at theory, rather than practice, and I'd like to grind it out myself if it would be useful. I'd like to ask if any higher tier clans have had practical experience operating this tank in special roles within CW battles. I don't consider the question too generalized, since it's obvious that the thing should only be set up in a position that is completely hull down and can take advantage of peeking, and unloading without being damaged. I'm mainly looking for the impressions that it gave upon actual use, but I appreciate discussion as well. I've been wondering about how useful it's abilities really are against an organized team and if it is viable to use compared to other auto loaders. All the best to you guys!
  9. I am going to provide you guys a two small scenarios regarding usage of an especially slow heavy tank, spawning on the southern end of serene coast, such as a KV-4. I have been wondering how to deal with this and how to do the most damage control as to mine and my accompanying teammates survivability, ignoring the abilities of players that are not nearby. This is mainly just variations of the game where a lemming train rushes through the western path, leaving way too few tanks on the eastern brawling area because of either not enough heavies in the first place, or a number of heavies simply ignoring the needs of the team. I know the usual idea is to help the train, but in a super heavy tank thats not possible. 1. If the choo choo train occurs, but one player in an important high tier tank, like an e3, decides to go straight into the usual brawl area, should I go with him to support? If so, should I stand shoulder to shoulder or should I stay back behind some of the sloped hilly areas and shoot the guys that try to flank? I am also looking to see how a number of TDs sniping from the back area would influence this decision. 2. If I am alone, besides arty and possibly some TDs, should I camp near the base entrance, or another spot where I can still provide effective resistance? Again, With or without TDs around me. I really appreciate all the help you guys provide for free, thanks a lot!
  10. A while ago i grew bored of World of Tanks and decided to start a number of lines of my choosing. It didn't help and as a result i went inactive for some time because for some odd reason, I am just utter crap in lower tiers. My recent WN8 dropped from 1500-1600 to 1100. I'm not the best player ever but I consider myself to do alright in higher tiers with more skilled players, which is why this is frustrating. I think the issue is that of timing and unfamiliarity with the lower tiers, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Is there a different flow to lower tier games I should follow? I don't really plan on sealclubbing, I just want to be able to find enjoyment in the low tiers as i grind through them when I do. EDIT: tiers in question are 2-6
  11. Looking for a player/casual teacher who I can platoon with for tiers 8-10. I don't mind playing with somebody close to the same skill level as me, but I'm really hoping to find someone who can show me ways of noticeable improvement through platooning. I play on NA East usually, but I rarely see the difference in playing on the west server. Hoping to make some good friends here, have a nice day
  12. Recently played a game where two 110 heavies simply rushed from the northern base to the dip on the left of the southern base, killed the five tanks that met them, and kept the other four hiding while they worked their position. How do you handle this kind of strategy? It's somewhat important as I see this happening pretty often on Malinovka.
  13. Got it, lol. Gonna try to keep at it, my goal is to get mastery on any new tank I tackle.
  14. Sorry, just wanted to show the text so that it is clear that they are not my words, but that of XWEAZELX's.
  15. It was made most likely for players who are not yet fully familiar with WN8 or other stats. I only found out about that at 6K games. It isn't an effective way to measure skill, but it is one well recognized, and either way as he said most of the decisionmaking is decided through personal evaluation